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The Northwest’s Haunted Hot Spots:
Sumpter B&B & Baker City Sites
344 NE Columbia St. Sumpter, Oregon 97877
Friday through Sunday, June 12-14, 2015
Paranormal Insights is proud to bring you special classes in some of
the Pacific Northwest’s most haunted locations. These extended
classes will give participants the opportunity to develop their
psychic talents in fantastic locations around the Northwest.
Join me for a special class and psychic based investigation of this
Stunning, and very haunted, mainstay of Eastern Oregon mining
history. Built in 1900 as a state of the art hospital, it became a
brothel after the mining collapse in 1913, a Masonic lodge after
the great fire of 1917, a private home and now a stunning and
hospitable Bed and Breakfast.
We have set up a Haunted Hot Spots class and an investigation
focusing on psychic research with scientific backup at the B&B for
Weather permitting, we will explore an additional site in Sumpter.
Overnight space at the B&B is limited. There are 6 guest rooms. One room has a full and twin bed. One has
a queen bed and the rest have one full bed. The B&B will make arrangements at a local motel for those that
didn’t get a room at the B&B.
We will also be given guided tours of the Adler House museum, with its ghosts, in Baker City, as well as the
famous Geiser Grand in Baker City. And, we will be using our psychic skills in the Chinese Cemetery and an
optional excursion on Sunday to the old Chinese Wall.
This class is perfect for people with any level of psychic ability - from the beginner to the most advanced.
Cost for this fantastic weekend is $245 including room at the B&B with Breakfast, or the motel, all tour prices
and Psychic development instruction fees. Price for each additional person is $75 for tours and class fees.
Dinner both Friday and Saturday nights are on your own, but we have expert BBQ chef Robert cooking an all
you can eat burgers and brats with sides on Friday, and his famous BBQ ribs on Saturday. Cost is for supplies
and is $10 per person each night. Please pay with your registration so we know the numbers and can
purchase supplies.
The focus of the tours, training and investigation will be on using your psychic skills as the primary resource,
with hand held equipment as a backup.
Please Note: The entities of the B&B are very welcome there, and as far as we can tell, they are not
dangerous. We are invading their space. We treat them with the greatest respect at all times. We do not
provoke with antagonizing language or actions. The entities are there by choice. We are not there to cleanse,
clear or in any other way tell the entities what they do or don’t need to do.
Room #1 the Elk horn room has a queen bed and balcony.
Room #2 the Rose room has two beds accommodating three adults. A full and a twin
Room #3 the Wine room has one full bed
Room #4 the Bird Nest room is nearest the bathrooms and has one full bed
Room #5 the Den has one full bed
Room #6 the John Wayne room has one full bed. Nearest the back door.
Note: Due to the Historic nature of the building it has not been updated to accommodate those that might
have trouble navigating stairs.
For B&B, class and dinner reservations, please contact William at [email protected]
B&B, Class and Dinner payments may be made via PayPal on my website:, or
you may mail a check to William Becker, P.O. Box 3363, Portland, OR 97208. Please make payments by:
June 7, 2015.
All payments are non-refundable.*
* In the event the class is canceled, hotel, dinner and ticket price (minus PayPal service charges) will be
** Schedule is approximate and may fluctuate with the flow of the evening.
About William Becker:
William is an international psychic medium, paranormal investigator and researcher and author. His interest in
the paranormal goes back to early childhood when he saw his first full apparition. Along with investigating
with his team, William also does remote psychic work for clients around the U.S. and Europe, lectures at
conferences, teach classes and mentors individuals exploring their psychic voice, and gives past/between life
and other readings. He is NOT involved in fortune telling. His focus is on communications with paranormal
entities and past/between life readings.
For information on upcoming workshops and classes, visit
Birds Nest Room
John Wayne Room
Rose Room
Den Room
Elkhorn Room
Wine Room