How to Strip & Seal a Floor A BASIc GUIDE ON IntroductIon

A Basic Guide On
How to Strip & Seal a Floor
Please note the following factors may affect the result:
• Ensure that the surface is suitable for the application of sealer prior to commencement.
• Weather conditions will effect drying time and adhesion, as well as the difficulty in stripping.
• Previously laid sealer may require different stripping chemicals or methods.
• All liability to ensure a good result rests with the applicator or their employer
Erect safety signs (Wet Floor/Cleaning in Progress)
Use dust control mop to sweep floor area
Using a mop bucket and mop, mop floor with STRIPPER (Following any dilution requirements stated on
stripper label). Using a low speed Scrubber/AUTO SCRUBBER with a BLACK STRIPPING PAD (For best
results – use a High Productivity pad!), remove the polish from floor.
For corner areas, and against walls, use DOODLEBUG tool with black or High Productivity pad to remove
polish from these areas.
When finished, rinse floor with water and NEUTRAL CLEANER/NEUTRAL DETERGENT, ensuring floor is not
“sticky” after this process, if it is, rinse again. Ensure all polish is removed from floor before applying new
Ensure floor is dry without any residue before continuing
Ensure safety signs are still erected.
Apply (by POLYCOTTON MOP/SEALER APPLICATOR) up to (3) coats of BASECOAT, dry buff (when dry) after
second and third coats with a POLISHING PAD. Ensure each coat is dry before applying next coat and mop in
different directions for each coat (i.e. one coat east to west, second coat north to south). When mopping start
at an edge and mop in a figure 8 Pattern.
After step eight, apply (by POLYCOTTON MOP/SEALER APPLICATOR) up to (3) coats of TOPCOAT high gloss
polish. Ensure each coat is dry before applying next coat and mop in different directions (as in step eight) for
each coat, buff with POLISHING PAD the day after applying the sealer.
Note: On vinyl and some stone floors, depending on your maintenance regime effective results can be
achieved without the use of basecoat. If you are unsure of the best sealing method for your floor, please
contact the experts at Abco for advice!
Note: Guide only – no responsibility taken for incorrect application or adverse conditions.
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