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“The righteous will flourish like a palm tree . . . .”
Psalm 92:12
June 2015
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Pastoral Staff:
Bruce Schipul, Senior Pastor
Peter Kyhn, Associate Pastor of Worship,
Music and Discipleship
Dave Gallagher Associate Pastor of Pastoral Care
2015 Diaconate
Moderator, Tom Mutton
Vice-Moderator, Ed Rife
Clerk, Rebecca Oaks
Treasurer, Chuck Crandall
Financial Secretary, Jean Farris
Columbarium, Larry Malewiski
Education, Dr. John A. Anderson
Fellowship, Diane Koziol
Care Ministry, Sharen Walker
Finance, Gerald Schmidtke
Inreach, John D. Anderson
Media, Christine Norman
Missions, Al Tyson
Outreach, Bob Reichert
Property, Paul Hoovler
Worship, Dorcas Van Horn
Page 2
Palm West Alive
Rev. Bruce Schipul
I know of no Christian who doesn’t want God’s protection,
strength, healing, guidance, support, and love. Every
Christian wants to know that God is helping them face daily
challenges; physical and emotional aches of pains, and the
fears and the anxieties of uncertain times.
I also know that while we desire all the benefits from God’s
relationship with us, we often do little on our part to foster that
relationship until there is a crisis. I am speaking specifically about prayer, a conversation that
grows out of an intimate relationship with God. This kind of connection is far more than a “Oh
God, please help” or one-sided plea, but a open dialog with someone who loves us so deeply
His son gave his life for us. Such a relationship leads to deep sharing, including praise,
thanksgiving, listening, and even writing down what we discover. When we hold back from
sharing our lives with God in a continual process, why should we expect that we will sense the
fullness of God in our lives? Or more to the point, the more we share our lives with God, the
more we will sense and experience how God is moving through our lives. As you grow in
prayer God will reveal more of Himself to you, breathing more of His life into yours. When we
see prayer as intimate contact, then even sharing brokenness and failure is a delight because
we are received by one who loves us and wants the best for us and can take the sting of guilt
away from us, who will never walk out on us.
If we keep God at arm’s length in our prayer, only telling Him our needs and
wants, we limit God to a “delivery person” like the pizza delivery person. We
expect to get what we order. We want it quickly and with no changes. When
it’s late we get impatient, or if it’s not exactly what we ordered, we can get
angry. We think that prayer is getting our requests in to someone who works
for us. And we can argue more with God for what we feel He is not doing or
not doing enough. Or that He is not doing the job we feel He should do,
especially with all the troubles in the world. Yet prayer is not making an order;
it is two people who love each other offering what pleases and encourages
both. We learn what pleases each other and discover we are more fulfilled and productive.
Our God yearns most to have a full and vital relationship with us, to reflect His glory in our
lives, to embrace us in trials. That leads some to make it a point to say something to God each
and every day, as a habit. But when our prayer is perfunctory and matter-of-fact, we may feel
less guilt, but we often fail to sense the closeness of God. I believe that is what we all yearn
The Apostle Paul prayed that the people would keep “growing in the knowledge of God”
Colossians 1:10. And Paul learned (even in prison) that prayer results in contentment
(Philippians 4:11-12); that we would have greater endurance and patience (Colossians 1:11)
and that not only our love would grow but we would be able to discern the best among the
good (Philippians 1:9-10). Intimate, transparent, honest conversation with God and God with
us is what every Christian wants but often misses out because we may think prayer must be
eloquent words.
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Palm West Alive
Page 3
Rev. Bruce Schipul
Now imagine an entire group of people seeking God with Lord, I want what you want, and you
want that we your people will receive the fullness you want to give to us as a church. This is
both in the Old Testament (2 Chronicles 7:14) and the New Testament (Acts 2:42-47).
A DAY OF PRAYER: On Sunday, June 7, the sermon subject is from Jesus’ Sermon on the
Mount (Matthew 6:5-18) all about Prayer and Fasting. Fasting is simply a way of putting aside
the filling of our bellies in order to fill our hearts with God’s spiritual food. It is setting aside one
form of nourishment for another. I want to encourage you to set aside either lunch or supper on
that Sunday and perhaps even both meals if you are physically able. This provides quality time
to converse with our Lord and Savior. In the worship service I will share prayer examples and
subject matter. The Worship Center will be open all afternoon for anyone to come and pray.
The Worship Center classroom will be set up for prayer. Prayer guides will be available. I will
remain in the Worship Center throughout the afternoon to receive any who come to the church
facility. You can find a quiet corner or do so at home but take at least 30 minutes to pray
specifically that God would show you what He desires of your life and for God to renew our
zeal for Him and how we can be “light and salt” in our community. (See Matthew 5:13-16).
Then we hope you will come back for the 6:00 pm worship time.
Prayer is vital and must come BEFORE we make our plans and start new ministries and seek
to make what can be positive changes, but will be ineffective without God’s blessings.
And don’t forget we have the Intercessory Prayer Gathering each Wednesday night in the
Hoover Hall Classroom at 6:30 pm (except for fellowship night gatherings) and then every
Friday the Intercessory prayer group meets at 9:30 am to lift up the prayer needs of the church
and individuals.
† † † † † † †
Summer Newsletter Issues Online
In the past we printed one issue to incorporate both July and August. This summer we are
considering NOT printing the PW Alive for July and August. Instead we WILL be posting news
and items on our website on a regular basis through the summer and in the bulletin. For those
who do not have computer or web-access, we may still send out mailings as in the past,
especially those who are out of town and unable to get to our website.
Listen to Sermons Online: Website has audio files of Sunday
morning messages. They remain on our website for three months. (older messages are deleted
to avoid filling up the memory we have available).
Page 4
Palm West Alive
Peter Kyhn
Lessons from Modern Worship
Since January we have had a Modern Worship Service on the fourth Sunday of the month at
6:00 pm. This experiment has been well received by the congregation – Boomer and Builder
alike. Here are some of the things we have learned and a glimpse of what might be ahead.
What We’ve Learned
1. Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) is not bad or good, just different - a matter of personal
preference. The rhythms and sounds of CCM reflect that of more recent popular music. It’s the
sound track of current culture. For those who are less connected to today’s popular music, it
feels alien. For those familiar with it, it feels like home.
2. Drums and guitars don’t have to be so loud you lose your hearing. Some people believe that
“successful” music must be loud, high, and fast. That is a thoroughly false idea. There are
many quiet and gentle songs that are very effective. And in the same breath I will state that
there is nothing inherently wrong with loud, high, and fast. But anything taken to its extreme is
rarely healthy. In our monthly modern worship services we have provided contemporary praise
and worship music at comfortable volumes, ranges, and tempos.
3. Providing a stylistic addition to our usual musical offering creates another gateway for
worshipers to engage with God. It’s a language thing. One of my former congregations was
founded in the late 1800s by immigrants from Sweden. Their gatherings for worship were led in
Swedish: hymns sung in Swedish, Scriptures read in Swedish, prayers prayed in Swedish –
Swedish was their heart-language. But their American neighbors and American-born offspring
did not speak Swedish. English was the language of their hearts. A dogged commitment to
worship in Swedish kept the upcoming generation and community from joining in. Worshiping
in a generation’s heart language allows them to engage with God. (By the way, during the
1920s most of these kinds of congregations went to all-English worship.)
What Might Be Ahead For Us
During the summer we will evaluate the successes and shortcomings of the past five months
and consider plans to use this successful additive in addressing the spiritual needs of our Sun
City West and Sun City Grand communities.
We will take a summer “off-season” break during June, July, and August and resume in
September or October (which month depends on what we discover in the aforementioned
evaluation time).
Modern worship is only one piece of the puzzle in nurturing followers of Christ. An increasing
percentage of new residents to this community were born within a decade of the end of WWII.
More likely than not they grew up in an urban culture, were the first of the TV generation, came
of age during America’s most prosperous years, and fell in love with Rock and Roll music.
The music of this generation, the sound track of their teen and young adult years, ranges from
hits by Elvis Presley to the Beatles to Michael Jackson – to name just a few. So for followers of
Christ in this cohort, drums and guitars in church are not an issue; it’s a very familiar
landscape. And yet, if they grew up in or around the traditional American church, they don’t
hate hymns – or meaningful sacred ritual or a sense of awesome wonder.
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Palm West Alive
Page 5
Peter Kyhn
The worshiper who is determined to adore, praise, thank, and cry out to God will do it no matter the style of the music, the temperature of the room, whether the choir is robed, or the
band wears jeans and t-shirts.
What we church leaders are trying to discern today is how to most effectively proclaim the
eternal good news of the Gospel of Christ in a way that people born between 1946 and 1964
can hear it and respond to it and help them truly become followers of Jesus. Pray with us as
we continue to seek God’s leading.
† † † † † † †
Dr. Dave Gallagher
Thank you for your concern for Mary Ann and me as we faced back and hip challenges. As
many of you have experienced injections for such health issues, we each had an injection and
that seemed to give immediate relief. This is not a complete solution but we may have the
injections several times per year.
We have also downsized our living situation and moved from Sun City Grand to Sun City West.
Our new address is 19803 N. Greenview Drive, Sun City West, AZ 85375. Our cell numbers
and email address remain the same.
Long-time members will remember Mary Ann’s mom, Bertha Wetzig, who spent winters here
and was a member of Palm West. Bertha is now in a care center in Crandon, WI and Mary Ann
spent ten days with her May 16-25. Bertha will turn 91 this summer.
We are so thankful for our Stephen Ministers and Pastoral Assistance Team leaders who help
those in need. This may be a good time for me to mention that we need more PAT leaders to
help minister. PAT leaders meet every other month September – May so this is only five times
per year. PAT leaders make telephone calls to encourage people and say that we care and
they are not forgotten. As our church grows, the needs increase and more servant leaders are
needed. Are you able to help? If so, please send me an email: [email protected] or call my
cell: 602.509.1732. If you love people, enjoy chatting with folks and are comfortable sharing
God’s love, please pray about this opportunity.
Remember that Stephen Ministers and Pastoral Assistant Team leaders do not meet until
the fall. Because of Labor Day our next meeting will not be until Monday, September 14.
Stephen Ministers meet at 1:00pm and Pastoral Assistance Team leaders meet at 2:30pm
in Hoover Hall. Please continue to turn in your monthly contact reports.
Page 6
Palm West Alive
Claudia Smith
What a wonderful blessing we received as several of us shopped for the items to go into the
“Kid’s Kits” for Kid’s Camp at Neighborhood Ministries. Then six of us spent two and half hours
one morning in Hoover Hall cutting tags off items and counting to be certain we had enough of
each item to fill the bags on the 27th of May. The fellowship enjoyed while working on this
project is such a blessing, as we share with each other while working with our hands.
We want to thank each of you who helped with these 350 small bags for the children and the
outpouring of financial help which made the project possible. We pray God will continue to
bless every one of our family at PWCC the way He blesses those in our own backyard who
hear about Jesus and receive encouragement through our Hope Bags Ministry.
On another note: Jimmy and I are praying, and will continue to do so, for the Lord to touch
someone’s heart here at PWCC with the desire to understudy the workings of this ministry. We
realize from the outside it appears to be just two times a year that our time and efforts are
working. However, in reality, there are many days each week we are working on one area or
another to ensure the three missions we support receive the donations, (clothing, furniture,
financial, etc.) you so willing give to them. The blessings we have received over the years far
outweigh any work or time we have put into this ministry. Will you pray about the possibility of
inquiring about the duties, and see if it is a fit for you and if the Lord is giving you a desire to
work with us.
Hope Bags is the Lord’s ministry, not Jimmy and Claudia’s. Our concern is if we should
become seriously ill, that the mission will continue for the abused and underprivileged women
and children you support through PWCC missions. Please contact us and let’s talk about the
possibilities God might be opening for you.
The needs continue to increase in all three of these missions: Neighborhood Ministries, Sofia’s
House and Changing Lives Center. Each of these has expressed a deep gratitude for your
support and love in helping them to bring people to salvation in Christ.
God bless you. Look for articles in upcoming PWA’s this summer on each of these missions
and how you are providing in many ways to fill the needs.
Palm West Alive
Page 7
Sunday Morning Bible Study—8:30 am
Hoover Hall Classroom
June: Judy Blake will teach Themes from the Old Testament Prophet Micah.
Sunday Morning—10:00 am
June 07
Sermon on the Mount - Prayer & Fasting (Matt. 6:5-18)
June 14
Sermon on the Mount - Treasures in Heaven (Matt. 6:19-24)
June 21
Sermon on the Mount - Antidote for Worry (Matt. 6:25-34)
June 28
Sermon on the Mount – Judgment: Good or Bad? (Matt. 7:7-12)
Sunday Nite @ 6 in Hoover Hall
June 07 - Praise and Prayer Service
June 14 – Evening Communion Service
June 21 – Father’s Day, No evening service
June 28 – Summer Film Night – My Hope America (5:30 PM due to length of the film!)
My Hope America, showing Sunday, June 28
Produced in 2013 close to Billy Graham’s 95th birthday, designed to
be his last opportunity to share his great hope for our country. It is
so fitting to show it as we approach the fourth of July, 2015.
Dr. Graham seeks to empower Christians to sense the urgency and
for America to turn back to Christ and eventually the world through
genuine relationship with Jesus. It is a unique blend of new
production material along with clips from his crusade messages
over the past 60 years.
The entire DVD is 360 minutes! But don’t worry, we will be editing
various parts of it to fit into a 90-minute program.
Page 8
Palm West Alive
Diane Koziol, Chair
Greetings from the kitchen~
We have had a busy month of May with Memorial luncheons, Prospective Members lunch, and our Fellowship
dinner. Many, many thanks to those who have helped in
the kitchen, those who brought wonderful side dishes to
enhance our menus, and those who stick around to help
clean up.
I express my gratitude to Evelyn Burrier and Linda Baker who have offered to facilitate our July
Fellowship dinner in my absence. They have willing hearts and didn’t blink twice when asked
to step in.
We serve as unto the Lord. Blessings to each one,
† † † † † † †
Palm West Alive
Page 9
All interested individuals are welcome to join
our weekly prayer gatherings. We meet in
the Hoover Hall classroom on Wednesday
evenings at 6:30 (except on monthly
fellowship nights) and Friday mornings at
9:30. Newcomers and drop-ins are always
welcome. If you are looking for a place to
grow your skills and practice praying with
others, these weekly small group gatherings
are a great place to begin.
Contact Judy Blake, 623.271.2716, for
questions or information.
“Even so, I'm bold to ask: Pay attention to these my
prayers, both intercessory and personal, O God, my God.
Listen to my prayers, energetic and devout, that I'm setting
before you right now.” [1 Kings 8:28, THE MESSAGE]
Your Pastoral
Relations Team serves
as a liaison between the
congregation and the
pastoral team. If you have
questions, concerns,
suggestions or
encouragements for one
or more of our pastors,
please make such known
to one of the members of the pastoral
relations team. They are: Judie Amen,
Mary Ann Gallagher, Leroy Postma and
Dr. Ed Turns. Of course, you are always
welcome to come to the office and talk
with any of our pastors at any time.
Are you having
a hard time making financial ends meet? Did
you have an unusually
large prescription bill
that was hard to pay?
Are there times when
you have to choose
which bill to pay? Your
church may be able to help! Did you know we
have a benevolence fund that can help? We
have a fund set up to assist our people who
are in need.
The biggest challenge is that people
are afraid to ask for help. We understand
that. And that is why the process is strictly
confidential. You can speak privately to one
of the pastors. Only a pastor needs to know
the name and one key leader needs to be
able to co-sign a check to provide support to
you. If you are in need or perhaps you know
someone who is a member, associate member or regular attender who does need help,
please let one of the pastors know and they
will indeed follow-up on this. While there is a
set limit of the amount we give at any one
time, any amount we give is considered a gift
and never a loan.
Diabetic Support Group
A support group for
diabetics or those
interested in
learning more about
this increasing
nationwide health
concern has been
established. Questions or topics of interest
to you are encouraged so the meeting will
be practical for those who attend. Meetings
will be held the first Wednesday of the
month in Hoover Hall. The next meeting is
May 6. All are welcome.
Page 10
Palm West Alive
Every Sunday following worship, anyone desiring prayer for any need,
concern, or praise may receive prayer from the members of their Palm West family
who station themselves at the front of the sanctuary during the final hymn. All
requests for prayer are kept strictly confidential. If you’re comfortable praying aloud
with another person and would like to be part of the Worship Prayer Team, please
contact Judy Blake (623-271-2716) to join this ministry team. Members generally
serve for a month at a time as available. Individual men, women, and couples are
encouraged to join us! We can truly use your help as some of our regular team members leave for cooler environs during
the summer months.
“When two of you get together on anything at all on earth and make a prayer of it, my Father in heaven goes into
action.” [Matthew 18:19, THE MESSAGE]
Why do we ask you
to register your attendance
on Sunday?
The Worship
Registration form is not just for visitors to
our church, but all who attend. As the Body
of Christ we believe strongly in keeping
connections with people. This is especially
important as the church grows and it is
harder to know if someone has come to
worship, is away or in need of follow-up.
When you sign the register during the
worship service, we then can discover who
is present. We try to follow-up when we
discover someone has not been in
attendance for three weeks or more. There
are spaces to share address or phone
changes, email addresses, desire for a visit,
become a Christian, become a member,
desire baptism, or join a small group.
So we hope you will sign in each
Sunday as one more way we can provide
connection with you. Thank you!
Articles for the Palm
West Alive must be submitted to the church office by
the 15th of the month prior to
† † † † †† † † † † † †
If you have a prayer request you would like to
share with your Palm West
family, please send it to
[email protected]
We will be happy to add it to our email prayer update. We would appreciate receiving
an update or notification when it is time to
take the request off the list. If we do not
hear from you, the request will be left on for
one month. Thank you.
† † † † †† † † † † † †
The Quilter’s Ministry
will resume in the
Palm West Alive
Page 11
Jimmy Smith
The PWCC Discovery Team submits
final report to Diaconate.
The Discovery Team (Pat Anderson, Ken & Barb
Barborak, Mike Blake, John Burr, Tom Ferris, Ken Kliever
& Jimmy Smith) completed their report and provided it to
the Diaconate at the May 12th meeting. The report was
submitted and questions about the previously submitted
draft report were discussed.
The Diaconate stated its appreciation to the Team: “The Diaconate wishes to thank the
Discovery Team for all of the time and energy you have put into the research on this project. It
is a very impressive report.”
The Discovery Team is preparing a short presentation to be given to the church at the Sunday
night, May 31st meeting. The presentation will provide the scope, rationale, and methods used
to develop the report.
I personally wish to express my gratitude to the Team for their excellent work over this five
month period. I have been part of many teams over the years and am proud to say that this
team performed far better than those I previously experienced. Each member contributed their
talents and efforts which made this effort a success.
† † † † † † †
Jerry Walker, Vice-Chair
The Worship Ministry members strive to make our worship time a pleasant and spiritual
uplifting experience. As you enter to worship, you are greeted and assisted if needed. If you
are a visitor, you are guided to our information desk where we provide information on Palm
West Church and we obtain information from you. We make an effort to have the worship
center orderly, giving attention to decorations, chairs aligned properly and pew racks stocked
with Bibles, hymnals and informational materials.
Some of our attendees are sensitive to fragrances. If you use perfumes or fragrances, we ask
you to consider the effect they may have on others sitting around you. Also, if you are one that
is sensitive to these materials and find that you are seated in an area where you are affected,
we will assist you in finding a seat in another area.
We have a few gifts left over from Mother’s Day. If you did not get one, please check at the
information desk and see if any are still available.
Page 12
Palm West Alive
Women’s Connection
Gini Baker
Women’s Connection – the Ladies of Palm West Monthly Lunch and Serve
At the monthly luncheon on May 11, twenty-three ladies of Palm West Community
Church had a glorious time sharing, networking, and getting to know each other with
a personal connection. Rosie’s in Sun City West had a delightful room and the food
was great with much variety. Be sure to mark your calendars now for the lunch and
fellowship June 8th at Lou’s Tivoli Gardens in Sun City West!
For May, it was suggested that a PIG be purchased with the $180 collected as part
of the “free will” offering at the luncheon. This brings the total farm to 11 ducks, 2
sheep, 1 goat, 3 rabbits, 8 chickens, AND 1 pig! In March part of a well was purchased for fresh water. The Palm West Community Church “virtual” farm is located
throughout the world with most of the animals purchased for African countries in
need. One pig will help boost family income and provide plenty of protein for undernourished children. One sow can produce 20 babies a year, and within six months a
piglet can weigh 200 pounds — and fetch a hefty price at the market. When any animal is given, a portion of the gift may also help provide watering sources, farming assistance, famine relief, and other related essentials as needed. I encourage you to
visit the World Vision website and look at the videos and read about the organization
… … this is a very transparent organization!
World Vision is a member of the Farming First coalition, which exists to promote sustainable agricultural development worldwide. The coalition recently produced an interactive infographic, "Africa's Agricultural Potential External Link," which focuses on
the many ways in which Africa can realize its potential to address hunger and malnutrition while boosting livelihoods and promoting inclusive growth sustainability. World
Vision’s Farmer-Managed Natural Regeneration External Link model is featured. See
more at:
The very loose agenda, as this is “just lunch and fellowship”, for June luncheon is to
collect suggestions for the charity for fall. June will be the last luncheon until October
12th! So you won’t want to miss the friendship and fellowship.
Put the next luncheon on your calendar now and join the “sisterhood” of Palm
West Community Church for a time of fellowship and fun on:
Monday June 8th, 11:30 am
Lou’s Tivoli Garden, 12555 W Bell Rd Surprise, AZ 85378
It’s just lunch – with fellowship, prayer, the farm, and trivia! We miss you!
If you can’t attend and would like to donate to the farm World Vision Project, you
may do so in the Sunday morning offering. Please mark the donation Women’s Connection – World Vision Farm. If you need a ride to the luncheon, please contact Gini
Baker, [email protected] or 623-243-9133.
Palm West Alive
Page 13
Following is a portion of letters we received from Community Bible Study and Community
Church At Sun Village.
Dear Pastor Schipul,
God has been abundantly good to our CBS class this year! We bless Him for a strong conclusion to our study and thank Him for a good pre-registration for the fall. The gracious hospitality of your congregation has been a key factor in our good ending. We’re looking forward to
September….May the Lord bless you, as senior pastor, with His Joy, Wisdom and Grace on a
daily basis.
Sherryl M. Van Cleef
Teaching Director
Community Bible Class
Dear Pastor Schipul,
On behalf of all who attended the baptism service at Palm West on Sunday, April 12, I want to
express our appreciation for the use of the facilities that God has given to you and your congregation. We greatly appreciate the hospitality of you and your staff in allowing us the privilege of celebrating the baptism of four of our ladies. …..Thank you so much for allowing the
Body to work in such a significant way through our baptism service.
Pastor Larry Goding
Thank you to all our church friends who
prayed for me, sent cards, and provided
food during my recent respiratory illness.
Tom especially appreciated the food. We
have never been a part of such a caring
church before, and feel I am truly blessed. It
is a pleasure to serve with such dedicated
and loving people. Thank you again.
Jean Farris
Thank you for allowing the GriefShare
group to meet in your lovely facility. Cindy
does a great job for us and it’s been a
wonderful place and program to work
through healing.
Beth George
Page 14
Palm West Alive
† † † † †† † † † † † †
Dear Palm West Community Church friends,
There are not enough words to express my
gratitude for all the love and support I've
received from the PWCC congregation
following the loss of my husband. Many
thanks to Pastor Bruce and Pastor Peter and
Ruth Czach for all the help with the memorial
service that was a beautiful tribute to Dale's
life. Thanks so much to the Care Ministry
team for preparing a wonderful luncheon
following the memorial service. And, last but
not least, special thanks to all that sent such
comforting cards and for all the prayers and
calls that have helped tremendously to get
me through this difficult time. Love to you all.
Jennifer Dwiggins
I would like to thank the PWCC for the
outpouring of your love and sympathy in the
recent death of my son-in-law, Dale
Dwiggins. Many thanks for the calls, cards,
prayers, and many other expressions of
sympathy. A special thanks to the Care
Ministry Team for a lovely luncheon following
the service for Dale. God truly blesses this
church and I pray he will continue to do so in
the future.
Eloise Reynolds
I had a short hospital stay recently and
appreciated so much the visits of Pastor
Bruce, Pastor Peter and other friends. I also
appreciated the calls and cards received after I was released. This was all another reminder of what a wonderful “family” we have
here at Palm West Community Church.
Thank you.
Marilyn Ray
My heartfelt thanks to Dr. Dave and
Pastor Peter for seeing me in ER and to
my dear friends Muriel, Juli and Vera as
well as my wonderful church family for all
the cards, phone calls and support
during my recent hospitalizations. What a
blessing it is to be part of such a caring,
loving family of God.! I will never forget
your kindness. May God abundantly
bless all of you.
Trudy Siinnos
Words cannot express my gratitude for
your many kindnesses during my recent
illness and stay in the hospital. Your
prayers, cards, calls, meals, and pastors’
visits were so appreciated and
encouraging. It’s wonderful to be part of
our loving PWCC family.
Peggy Schoon
Palm West Church,
Thank you Pastor Bruce and Pastor Peter
for your visits to Jim and for being there for
me at the end. Special thanks to friends
Jimmy and Claudia Smith and Shirley Kesterke who were with me in Jim’s final
hours. I do thank the entire congregation
of PWCC as I know many more were praying for us.
Joyce Young
Our Dear Church Family,
Thank you for all your cards, calls, and
prayers. We felt your care, love and concern for us at such a heartbreaking time.
We claim God’s promises that He will give
us peace and healing. May God bless our
Church Family. In Christian love.
Dale and Lena Thompson
Palm West Alive
Page 15
John Anderson
The CE Team continues to monitor the Sunday School Teaching schedule; we are planning as
June: Judy Blake will teach Themes from the Old Testament Prophet Micah.
Library News
TNET is an organization in which lay people and pastors participate.
countries closed to Christianity to train other pastors.
They go to
Cameron Ullyat, who is the son-in-law of Jerry and Sharon Walker, is a member of this
ministry. As a result of his being in Tower 2 on 9/11, his life was changed and he makes two
trips a year to Uganda to train pastors. Some pastors walk days to get the training.
Because of the dire need for Bibles, our library is taking Bible donations for this
ministry. They can’t use paperback Bibles as they don’t last long. If you have Bibles which
you would like to donate, please bring them to the library.
† † † † † † †
June Book Review
Nikki Dancu
Book Reviews:
On Hummingbird Wings, by Lauraine Snelling tells a compelling story about an aging
hypochondriac bent on dying, and her helpless daughters who are at a loss concerning how to
pull her out of her depression. Gillian, the older daughter, has a high powered job in New York
City, has to fly to California to help because her younger sister who lives nearby, can’t manage
their mother alone.
Gillian restores her mother’s wilting garden and family through love and friendship of
friends along the way. You’ll see yourself and your family in this novel and perhaps find some
answers to your own struggles.
The Note, by Angela Hunt, is a story about second chances. Newspaper columnist
Peyton MacGruder is a single woman who writes a failing column called “The Heart Healer”,
which was ranked last in a recent reader poll. Her boss gives her three weeks to either change
her column or her job! Meanwhile, an airplane crashes into Tampa Bay killing all 261
passengers and crew. Peyton and others cover this national disaster for a week. However, a
stranger gives her gives her a note from the doomed flight, “ T – I love you. All is forgiven. Dad”. Peyton searches for the note’s owner and finds lessons about love and forgiveness.
The Note will help heal the hearts of all who read it.
Page 16
Palm West Alive
Essentials for Effectiveness
Rev. Patrick Neff, Church Ministries Director
The Friends of Israel
My wife was a frustrated gardener. No matter how hard she tried to grow a garden to feed our
family it just wouldn’t grow. We later found out that a farmer had sprayed the field next to us with a
chemical that killed everything but corn. This is why nothing would grow. Fortunately for us the farmer
took mercy on us and gave us free access to his bountiful garden.
Over the years we have encountered Christian workers who have been frustrated because no
matter how hard they have labored it seems that they see little return for their labor. Sometimes this is
just a matter of the sovereignty of God, “I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God made it grow.
So neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow” (1
Corinthians 3:6-7).
Having said this I also believe there is a divine/human cooperative that is essential to
effectiveness in the Lord’s service. “Then the disciples went out and preached everywhere, and the
Lord worked with them and confirmed his word by signs that accompanied it” (Mark 16:20). This
reminds me of a farmer who was told that the Lord had certainly blessed his crops. The farmer replied,
“You should have seen it when the Lord had it all to Himself!”
There are five essentials for effectiveness in the Lord’s work that I would like to share with you.
First, Conversion. Jesus said, “I tell you the truth, no one can see the kingdom of God unless
he is born again” (John 3:3). Church attendance or even Christian service will no more make you a
Christian than being a hostess or waiter at a fine restaurant makes you a chef. John Wesley tried to
evangelize others but it was not until he met some Moravian believers that he realized his own lost
condition and need of salvation. Jesus said, “Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not
prophesy in your name, and in your name drive out demons and perform many miracles?’ Then I will tell
them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’” (Matthew 7:22-23).
Second, Consecration. “Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your
bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God—this is your spiritual act of worship. Do not
conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then
you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will” (Romans
12:1-2). This calls for wholesale surrender! I know of few people who have demonstrated this more than
Mike and Susie Jackson. They are tent-making missionaries in Mexico. This couple sold their farm in
Michigan so they could take the good news of Jesus Christ to Mexico! And, after their personal funds
ran out Mike followed the example of the apostle Paul and became a tent maker so they could continue
to reach the Mexican people with the gospel.
Third, a Call. “Come over to Macedonia and help us” (Acts 16:9). First, one needs a call from
God. Christian service is nothing something we just volunteer for. It is something one is compelled to by
the Holy Spirit of God. I have seen many begin the race and soon drop out because they did not have
the staying power of God’s call upon their life and ministry. Second, one needs a call to a people. It may
be a call to serve in a local church as a pastor or to a people group on the mission field, but one should
have a burden, passion, and love for those to whom he or she is to minister. A passage that resonates
in my heart is Romans 10:1, “Brothers, my heart’s desire and prayer to God for the Israelites is that they
may be saved.”
Fourth, Compassion. “When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them, because they
were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd” (Matthew 9:36). Our Jewish friends do not
care how much we know, but they do know how much we care. And, because of that it is not unusual to
have them call us when they are in crisis. The most underused weapon of Christian armor is love. Our
motto at The Friends of Israel is “love them to life!”
Finally, Communication. Our communication needs to be two-fold: First, up to God. Prayer is
an indispensible tool for fruitfulness in ministry. We plant the seed, we water the seed, but we ask God
to make it grow and bring forth the harvest. Second, our communication must go outward to people. We
must love them by our actions, but we must also tell them the good news of Jesus Christ.
What is a missionary? Someone has said a missionary is just one beggar telling another
beggar where he found bread. As we share the Bread of Life may God grant us His hand of
blessing upon our labors. May fruit abound to the glory of God (Matthew 5:16).
Palm West Alive
Page 17
Paul Hoovler, Chair
Let me first comment on a few decisions that have turned out well.
The new fans over the entrance to the Worship Center are working well and doing the job
intended. Our faithful greeters and guests who linger in that area have a much nicer
temperature to work and greet in. We should all be thankful for those folks who are out there
every Sunday morning making folks welcome to Palm West.
Secondly, the new LED tubes in the cove lights in Hoover Hall are performing beyond what we
had expected. They provide better light than we had, dim down much lower than the previous
tubes, cost much less for electricity and are virtually maintenance free.
Another action that has paid big dividends was the heavy pre-emergent weed treatment the
campus received earlier this year. We have been nearly weed free and this has given more
hours for Nacho to tend to other chores.
I want to thank Vern Bogard for stuccoing the two vacant niches in the Columbarium. They
have now been painted and will have the artwork placed back in them. The original plywood
covering was not holding up and beginning to look quite shabby. Also, the planters in the
Columbarium have been replanted to summer foliage, which can take the heat of the summer
A roofing contractor has inspected the roof on Hoover Hall and found a number of tiles that
need to be replaced along with sealing around a number of vents. While doing the inspection
he found a beehive in the roof. We had the beehive removed and the problem has been
All recently planted palm trees are doing well, the cactus beds have been trimmed and the
rose garden is giving us a wonderful final bloom before dealing with the summer heat.
Please inform me of anything you see that needs our attention.
For those of us who spend our time taking care of God’s property, we find that although the
hourly wage may not be that great, the retirement plan is out of this world!
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Palm West Alive
Paul Nagelson
The Men's Fellowship 10th annual Mother's Day Luncheon was presented Saturday May 9, 2015 in
Hoover Hall to 158 ladies of PWCC and their guests, our largest attendance ever! Upon arrival, ladies
were served a cup of delicious fruit punch while enjoying a time of fellowship at their table.
At 11:00 am the program was opened with a welcome and prayer by Pastor Peter Kyhn, followed by
MC Tom Mutton's delightful reading "When God Made Moms". Following this, Milt Siebelts performed a
fine solo "You're Something Special" with Jan Turns on the piano.
The luncheon meal was then served at each of the 23 tables by our handsome waiters. Our menu was
developed and prepared under the direction of Larry Malewiski and his able kitchen crew. The
presentation included delicious Fruited Chicken Salad, Marinated Vegetables and Croissant, topped off
with Ice Cream & Berries with Cookie for dessert. Thank you Larry once again for your very creative
culinary dishes!
Milt returned again to center stage for another of his favorites "We are So Blessed", accompanied by
Jan at the piano.
Our guest speaker was Pastor Dawn Claudio. Dawn has served in ministry for over 28 years and with
her husband Pastor Billy Claudio, has traveled internationally and throughout our country ministering
through drama, music and teaching God's Word. In 2001, they founded Oasis Community Church,
Scottsdale AZ where she serves as Worship and Women's Pastor. She is an inspiring communicator
and her message entitled "A Reason for the Season", brought the Word of God alive for daily
application to experience progress, passion and purposeful living through Jesus Christ. In appreciation
for her presentation, the Men's Fellowship presented Dawn with an honorarium love offering of $200 to
help support her church special mission program going to the Dominican Republic.
The men presented beautiful orchid corsages to Dawn and her assistant Mica, several other ladies who
helped greatly on the program and to 23 happy women as table prizes, all to wear on Mother's Day.
Pastor Bruce Schipul then offered the closing prayer and the men assembled for their closing chorus of
"Goodbye Ladies".
Many thanks go to the nearly 40 volunteers who helped in planning and carrying out the program:
greeters, entertainers, food and drink preparations, servers, media support, clean up afterward and our
office staff for help with sign-up sheets, program printing and room setup. All of these individual efforts
and the appreciation shown by the ladies in attendance made this special event a joyful occasion for all!
Palm West Alive
Page 19
Christine Kyhn
Palm West Women’s Connection (PWWC) has a steering committee comprised of nine women
who are passionate about helping the women of our church connect with God. They are Judie
Amen, Judi Brook, Judy Blake, Jan Kliever, Mona Reeves, Cristy Shipul, Gini Baker, Carol
Brown, and myself. We met for a day last month to reflect, to pray, and to plan. I am so excited
to see God’s hand moving through and among our women. Together we can have a collective
impact on our world.
Women’s Connection offers several ways to be involved with each other and with God’s work.
Two groups were formed this past year, one continues on into its fourth year. All women are
invited to attend.
Mondays at Birt’s was the first small group formed by PWWC four years ago. This group runs
all summer long. Women meet every Monday at 10:00 am at Birt’s Bistro in Surprise for
casual, directed conversation. Food is available for purchase at Birt’s. This is a great way to
meet and connect with other women in our community.
Monthly Lunch and Benefit meets on the 2nd Monday of each month for lunch at a local
restaurant. The purpose is two-fold: to share a meal and also to help support a worldwide
ministry. This past year the collected funds have gone to World Vision. The location is
announced in the church bulletin and through an email newsletter a few weeks ahead. Rides
are available if needed. Gini Baker is the spearhead for this ministry. This group will meet on
June 8, break for the summer, and then reconvene on October 12.
Engaging Women meets every 1st Tuesday evening of the month. The location is Hoover Hall
classroom and the time is 6:30 pm. The purpose of this group is to inform women about the
pressing needs in the Greater Phoenix community for the light of God. Representatives from
ministry groups around the city come to share their vision and heart for God’s redeeming work.
This dynamic work will take the summer off, and then meet again on October 6. Judie Amen
and Judy Blake are the contact women for this ministry.
In addition, plans are in the works for an Autumn Tea to be held in the afternoon on October
23 and a Valentine Retreat to be held on Feb. 13. We encourage all women to plan to attend.
Bring a friend!
PWWC is thriving as women come together seeking the heart of God. We encourage you to
seek how God might want you to be part of the connecting
Keith Gilroy, Chair
The guest speaker for the June 12 meeting is Kristi Forino who is the F-35 Site Director at
Luke AFB and an employee of Lockheed Martin, the designer of the 21st century fighter aircraft. His presentation will focus on the aircrafts capabilities, its cost, flight simulators to train F35 pilots, number of F-35’s the USAF and 8 other partner countries will have, and specially designed see-through metal helmets. Bring a friend. For an hour and half you can worship Jesus
Christ, have fellowship, and enjoy a delicious breakfast. Please sign up in the Hoover Hall foyer
or in the Narthex.
Palm West Alive
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Happy Father’s Day