PALM Reporter Issue May-June 2015

palm reporter
Center for Positive Aging in Lower Merion
May / June 2015
Volume 4 - No. 3
Older American's Month!
117 Ardmore Avenue
Ardmore, PA. 19003
Phone - (610) 642-9370
Fax - (610) 642-8873
Web -
Monday – Friday
8:30AM – 4:00PM
Joyce Mosley,
Craig Whitney
Vice President
Joellen Meckley, Esq.
Sharon R. Uter
Sherry Alltschuler, PhD
Joseph D. Boyle
George Hearn
Dr. Fredrica Mann Friedman
William Simon Leopald
Sandi W. Stovall
Executive Director
Felicia Howard
Social Worker
Beverly Miles
Program Coordinator
Nancy Godfrey
Receptionist/Data Clerk
Israel de Jesus Rojas
Building Assistant
Michael Sommerville, Jr
Marketing / Designer
Amanda Keeney
Each May, the Administration for Community
Living celebrates Older Americans Month to
recognize older Americans for their contributions
to the nation. This year, in honor of the 50th
anniversary of the Older Americans Act (OAA),
the Administration is focusing on how older adults
are taking charge of their health, getting engaged in
their communities, and making a positive impact in
the lives of others. The theme for Older Americans
Month 2015 is "Get into the Act."
Older Americans Month provides an opportunity
to raise awareness of the importance of community
engagement as a tool for enhancing the wellbeing of
older adults. Now is the time to "Get into the Act" to
make the benefits of community living a reality for
more older Americans. Together we can promote
healthy aging, increase community involvement
for older adults, and tackle important issues like the
prevention of elder abuse.
The PALM – Center for Positive Aging provides
programs, services, exercises and nutrition classes,
along with health and wellness seminars five
days a week for adults 50 years of age and older
living in Lower Merion and tri county localities.
These offerings are augmented with travel and
touring excursions, craft and painting classes and
seasonal special events that bring the community
together for fun and enjoyable celebrations. The
newest activity at the PALM is The Second 50
Years Meet-up. Active Aging Adults from the tricity area have joined our meet–up where they come
together with friends and associates for fun and
engaging events at the PALM or nearby locations.
If you are interested in joining the meet up to mix
and mingle and enjoy exciting events sign-up at Second 50 Year. Get into
the ACT. Remember being 60-ish is not a mid life
crisis, it’s a mid-life exuberance. You have 30 more
years to do what you want to do!!!! Get into the Act
of living, learning, loving and doing all the things
you have read about, studied about or yearned for.
This is YOUR LIFE …… enjoy it!!!
Congressman Fattah's
Staff at the PALM
We are pleased to announce that Congressman Chaka
Fattah, (Pennsylvania’s Second Congressional
District) will have staff on site at the PALM- The
Center for Positive Aging in Lower Merion, on the
Second Wednesday of every month. Constituents
of the Lower Merion community are invited to
meet and confer with staff representatives from
10 a.m. to 3p.m. No appointment necessary. The
Office can help with the following services:
Service Academy Nominations, Congressional
Like Us!
Internships, Flag Requests, Passports, Presidential
Greetings, Social Security and Medicare Benefits,
Student Loans, Small Business Loan Applications,
Immigration and Naturalization, FHA and VA
Loans, Internal Revenue Services, Disaster
Assistance Federal Grant Searches and Visits to
the Nation’s Capital. For regular updates, follow
on Congressional activity http//
or or
The PALM Center is certified by
the National Institute of Senior
Centers (NISC), a unit of NCOA.
Download your FREE copy of THE PALM REPORTER at
You can donate to the PALM
through the United Way. Our
donor number is 01616.
message from the director
May 10 is Mother’s Day and the PALM
extends to all our Mothers and Mothers
everywhere our thanks and blessings upon
you on this special day of celebration. To
those who have had to mother a motherless
child or nurture the life of one in need of
guidance and motherly love, we salute
you and honor you for your kindness and
service. In gratitude for all Mothers we share with you this poem
by G. Kenneth Dillard a member of the PALM Creative Writing
Would you be grateful for this Spring,
Had not you once felt Winter’s sting?
Or thankful be for Dawn’s first light,
If ne’er you’d seen the dark of night?
Would your heart be touched by a smile, a sigh
If you’d never heard someone cry?
Or treasure home at the close of day
If you’d never been away?
If everything on Earth was good
And all events we understood.
No tears, no pain, no mystery.
What ungrateful creatures we’d all be.
None could be truly grateful for the good our Lord does,
If no one knew what trouble was.
Each teardrop that falls in a time of distress
Can be a stepping-stone to real happiness.
So don’t fret when you see those morning’s shower.
Without them you’d have no tomorrow’s flowers.
For above each cloud there’s a sky of blue
And Sun just waiting to shine on you.
WITF, Central Pennsylvania's affiliate for PBS and NPR, is
offering an exciting initiative for Pennsylvania Department of
Aging (PDA) Senior Community Centers.
The project, called MindMatters, is a pilot program that
delivers a monthly series of intellectually stimulating lectures
by knowledgeable presenters on topics of most interest to older
May 13, 2015 - 12:45PM - 2:00PM
The Great War and The 21st Century
June 8, 2015 - 12:45PM - 2:00PM
Flying The Big Jets!
Message From The Director
Hot News You Can Use!
Classes at the PALM
Ongoing Activities
*Membership Form (2 Pages)
Take a Trip With Us!
Happy Mother's Day!
Sandi Stovall
For our March & April Lunch Menus, please
refer to our website at
The PALM is moving to electronic distribution
of our Newsletter. Please provide your e-mail
address to [email protected] to continue
receiving the PALM REPORTER
message from the director
The PALM Pays Tribute to Our Men &
Women Veterans of The Armed Forces
Memorial Day was formerly known as
Decoration Day and commemorates
all men and women, who have died
in military service for the United
States. It is traditional to fly the flag
of the United States at half mast
from dawn until noon. Many people
visit cemeteries and memorials,
particularly to honor those who
have died in military service. Many
volunteers place an American flag on
each grave in national cemeteries. The
PALM salutes those of our military
members who have died in service
to our country. We also salute our
members now living who have served
our country in various branches of the
armed service; their names follow.
Donald Helton
Jeffery Lewis
Harvey Short
Angelo Branco
Nathan Williams
Louis Muse
Walter Simcox
Lloyd Gardner
Louis Quate
Barry Sockel
James Boberson
John Burton
Lewis Burton
David Baker
Edward Ellis
Bertha Johnson
Congratulations to our newest members!
Gene Coladonato
Daphne Watson
Rachelle Nocito
Dorothy Sims
Harry Collins
Janet Brown
Deborah Bryant
William Sims
Joseph Johnson
Ernestine Holland
Barry Kochman
Marie Gee
Anna Reimel
Joseph Melchiorre
Andre Merojanian
Are you thinking about giving back to your wonderful community?
Are you retired and would like to spend your new-found free time
helping others? Do you want to meet/great people!? Then consider
volunteering at the PALM! We could use your help!
Answering Phones
Updating mailing lists
Marketing (flyer distribution/ calling stakeholders/ preparing newsletters for mailing, )
Refreshing and designing bulletin boards
Assisting with activities and programs
Lunch time helpers
Calling Bingo
Filing and updating files
Food Cupboard packing and distribution
Call (610) 642-9370 and ask how you can help the PALM.
hot News you can use!
Awareness is
the best defense
Beneficial Bank started with one idea in
mind: to do the right thing. That's why we
are pleased to bring you this educational
session on Fraud Prevention.
Join us to learn how to protect yourself.
May 19th, 2015
Center for Positive Aging
117 Ardmore Avenue
Ardmore, PA. 19003
Have a Beneficial Conversation today.
Presented by:
Beneficial Bank Ardmore
20 Woodside Road
Ardmore, PA. 19003
Produce Vouchers
Produce Vouchers will be available in early June and only
Montgomery County residents are eligible for this subsidy. See
Felicia Howard at the PALM to sign-up for the vouchers Tuesday
through Friday 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Painting Class
Novice and or experienced artists are invited to join the PALM’s
Watercolor Class. Emphasis is on composition and values in still
life painting during the summer at local scenic sites. Students are
encouraged to proceed at their own level and may choose to begin with
Instructor: Sallee Rush, graduate of the Penn. Academy of Fine Arts.
Class meets on Monday morning at the PALM from 10 a.m. to 11:30
New Students wanted!
The PALM Weaving Class is looking for new students to join the class
on Monday’s from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.. Students will work on table
looms and create hand bags, IPad covers, place mats, scarfs, ties, and
other wearable art. Beginners are welcomed and seasoned weavers
Instructor: Barbara Parman
Bell Ensemble
Interested in performing with our Bell Ensemble or Merri Notes Show
Choir? Give us a call or stop in and we would be happy to sign you up.
There are many more exciting and fun classes at the PALM please refer
to the class schedule in this newsletter for more information. Sign up
today and welcome to the PALM, a friendly place where bones don’t
hot News you can use!
Volunteer of the Year
Awards 2015
The PALM, its members, staff and directors are extremely proud and
grateful to our volunteers for sharing their time, talents and treasures
to make our organization an excellent and enjoyable place for Active
Aging Adults to engage in life sustaining and life affirming activities.
The following Volunteers were recognized for their generous spirits and
service during the PALM’s Annual Volunteer Luncheon on April 17.
We also thank the families of the honorees for coming out and sharing
the day with their loved ones.
Volunteers of the year:
Phylinda Peters John
Alvin Saltzman
Bonnie N. Fay
Lloyd Gardner
Ann Marie Dean
Honorable Mention:
Sharon Bailey
Carol Merrill Bright
Minister Gerald Mills
Jessica Bitsko
We also took this wonderful occasion to say goodbye to Ruth Pillet.
Ruth has been a wonderful supporter of the PALM for more than 10
years serving as the Tap Instructor for the PALM Tappers. Ruth is
retiring from this position but not from the PALM. Our tappers never
made it to Broadway but they did bring a lot of joy to local audiences
with their delightful performances. Thanks so much Ruth we will miss
Thanks to Bryn Mawr
and Haverford
College Students
What a wonderful experience we have had the past several months with
student visitors from the Praxis Program of Bryn Mawr College and
Haverford College. Praxis is a community-based learning program at
Bryn Mawr College that integrates theory and practice through student
engagement in active and relevant field work. PALM was selected as
a Community Partner. PALM members have enjoyed meeting with the
students and discussing issues of aging and the joys AND COMFORT
of having the PALM as a place for them to be with friends, to become
physically fit and partake of a nutritious hot lunch including a tasty
soup and a yummy dessert. The students on the other hand documented
their visits, and had their perceptions on aging turned on its head. The
students learned that while PALM seniors might be up in age but they
are always down for a good time, a good laugh, a fancy two step or
modified hip hop move to the music.
PALM members were also enriched by the students’ Cultural Showcase,
featuring weekly educational presentations that included such subjects
as Martial Arts, history and demonstrations, Life on an Organic Farm on
Orcas Island, Swing Dancing, and Desegregation in American Schools.
We thank all the students and their Instructors for granting us the
privilege to host these fine young women and of course James, for an
eight week PRAXSIS assignment. We were blessed by the opportunity
to host the students and overjoyed to meet them and to learn from them.
classes at the palm - may / june
*classes with less than 5 students are subject to cancellation
Weaving Class
Wednesdays - 10AM to 11:30AM
Instructor: Barbara Parman
Barbara is a certified Occupational Therapist
and has taught Weaving at the PALM for 10
years. The class uses rigid heddle, 4 harness
and card looms. This class is particularly
appropriate for people with low vision or
limited dexterity. Student work is sold in
local stores and bazaars. Beginners are
Sewing Class
Tuesdays - 10AM to 12PM
Instructor: Barbara Short
Barbara is a consummate tailor and
seamstress who has for the past 20 years
taught sewing, quilting and crochet at the
PALM. Her Quilts are award winning and the
student work is sold locally at bazaars and
community events.
Advanced Sewing Class
Tuesdays - 12:30PM to 1:45PM
Instructor: Beverly Miles
Experienced students are encouraged to
bring their patterns, fabric and supplies and
sew their garments under the skilled eye of
teacher Beverly Miles.
Price - $5.00 a month
Quilting Class
Fridays - 10:00AM to 12PM
Instructor: Barbara Short
Create bed quilts, wall hangings and pillows
for personal use and for sale.
Mondays - 10:00AM & Tuesday - 6:00PM
We are knitters, crocheters and whatever
other fiber craft you like to do. Along with
interesting discussion, unwind with us!
Merri Notes
Thursdays 11AM to 12PM
Musical Director: Dr. Clyde Shive
This choir rehearses weekly on Thursdays
and performs year round sharing their
musical talents with audiences throughout the
metropolitan community.
Creative Writing Class
Mondays - 2nd/4th Wednesdays - 12:30PM
to 2PM
Instructor: Melisse Jean
Class is open to budding and published
writers. We are creating an Anthology of
all student work and will also participate in
local writing contests.
Price - $7.00 a month
Bible Study
Tuesdays - 12:30PM
A study of Biblical characters and social
mores and practices of the day.
Price - Free Will Offering
Chair Exercise
Mondays & Fridays - 11AM to 11:45AM
Instructor: Judy Gaul
Judy is a certified fitness instructor with more
than 30 years of training experience This
class is designed exclusively for older adults
who want to improve strength, flexibility,
balance & endurance.
Price - $2.00 Per Class
Bible Study
Thursdays - 10:30AM
A vigorous class in Bible study with in-depth
analysis of Biblical history, interpretations
of the scriptures, and discussion on the
application of the Biblical principles in ones’
daily life.
Price - Free Will Offering
Spanish Class
Wednesdays - 1:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Instructor: Gladys Saldana
Conversational Spanish for beginners
Price - $7.00 a month
Wash Clothes
Grilling Utensils
Dish Towels & Dish Cloths
for Kitchen
Lawn Chairs
Fabric For Quilting
Picnic Table
Beach Umbrella
Beads & Old Jewelry for
Jewelry Class
Recycled Plastic Bags From
Supermarket for use in
Food Cupboard
Filler - Wheel Barrel
Shade Plants
Watering Can (Small)
Plant Stand
Bathroom Spray
3-Fold Paper Towels For
Charcoal Grill
10 Gallon Iglo Water
Cark Stock Paper
Audio Computer Cable
Round Table Cloths for 6
Foot Round Table
Compost Barrel
classes at the palm - may / june
*classes with less than 5 students are subject to cancellation
Yoga With a Twist
Tuesdays - 9AM to 9:45AM ($2.00 Per
Tuesdays - 6:PM to 7PM (FREE Class)
Instructor: Lisa Bardarson
This class was created for the Working Baby
Boomer. Yoga exercise will help to loosen
tight muscles and relax the body creating a
more supple and tension relieved body and
relaxed state of mind.
Gentle Yoga (At Zion Baptist
Tuesdays - 11AM to 12PM
Instructor: Marie Roberts
Breathing, relaxation, gentle stretches.
All are welcome!
Price—$5.00 per class
Healthy Steps in Motion
Wednesdays - 10:30AM to 11:15AM
Instructor: Certified Trainer Gladys Saldana
A Fall Prevention exercise regimen to
improve flexibility and balance, increase
muscle strength and enhance overall fitness
and health. 16 week course beginning
October 1st.
Stretch & Tone
Thursdays - 9AM to 10:00AM
Instructor: Lisa Bardarson
A moderate exercise program designed to
strengthen and tone the body. Participants
perform gentle stretches to increase mobility,
lubricate joints & improve balance.
Price - $2.00 Per Class
Art Class
Mondays - 10AM to 11:30AM
Instructor: Sallee Rush
Instruction in water colors and painting
of still life and composition and weather
permitting outdoor painting of scenes in
A Mother's Love
To some love is just a word
To me it's a feeling
A feeling I get every time I look into
Jewelry Making
your eyes
Wednesdays - 12:45PM to 1 :45PM
A feeling I get when I realize your
Instructor: Sun H. Joe
In the Fall, the class will design jewelry sets
my mom
for the Holidays.
A mom who loves, shares, A mom
Price - $2.00 Per Class plus supplies
who inspires
What's that?
That's love
TECHNOLOGIES A mothers love,
but only you would
Intermediate Internet
And me
Tuesdays & Thursdays - 12:30PM to 2PM
Instructor: Michael Sommerville, Jr.
You returned that love time and time
Learn how to send documents & pictures
through your e-mail messages. A perfect
Possibly to much, nevertheless you
brush-up for beginner-level internet users!
Price - $50.00 Registration Fee
Non-members $65.00 Registration Fee
Thank-you for being there when I
Introduction to the Computer
needed you most
Tuesdays & Thursdays - 1PM to 2:30PM
For being my rock when I should
Instructor: Michael Sommerville, Jr.
have been yours
Learn how to operate a computer using
for believing in me, even
Windows and the Microsoft Office programs.
when I doubted myself
Price - $50.00 Registration Fee
Non-members $65.00 Registration Fee
For being the one person I could
No matter what, no matter where
But most of all thank-you for being
you-my mom
Weight Wise Gourmet
am so proud to claim
Fridays 9:30AM to 10:30AM
I love you
Instructor: Registered Dietician, Katie
Now and forever
The class focus is on sound nutrition, healthy
eating and informs students how to create
balanced calorie conscious meals.
Submitted by Trevor Duggan
on-going activities
activities listed below ae held at the palm unless otherwise noted
• Art: ALL LEVELS - 10:00AM to 11:30AM
• BINGO: Mondays thru Fridays – 12:30PM
• Catered Lunch: Everyday at 11:45AM - $2.00 donation.
• Chair Exercise: Put pep in your step with this head-to-toe workout $2.00 per class. Mondays & Fridays 11:00AM
• Computer Lab: Drop-in computer lab with internet access is available everyday - (unless a class is held)
• Pinochle: 1:00PM
• Bell Choir: 12:30PM
• BINGO: Mondays thru Fridays – 12:30PM
• Bryn Mawr Nurse: Vital Blood Pressure check-up 10AM - 12PM
• Bridge (Intermediate): 1PM Please call prior to attending.
• Catered Lunch: Everyday at 11:45AM - $2.00 donation.
• Computer Lab: Drop-in computer lab with internet access is available everyday - (unless a class is held)
• Creative Writing: 6:00PM - 7:30PM
• Lawyer: June 9th - Appointments until September
• People of Color in the Bible: 12:30PM
• Sewing Class: 10:00AM.
• Unwinding: 6:00PM
• Yoga: Zion Baptist Church at Greenfield & Spring Avenues, Ardmore. $5.00 per session – 11:00AM.
• Yoga With a Twist: For people who have never tried yoga and want to learn how to gain flexibility. 9:00AM
• Yoga in the Evening: 6:00PM
• BINGO: Mondays thru Fridays – 12:30PM
• Catered Lunch: Everyday at 11:45AM - $2.00 donation.
• Computer Lab: Drop-in computer lab with internet access is available everyday - (unless a class is held)
• Creative Writing: 2nd & 4th Wednesdays of the month - 12:30PM
• Food Cupboard: Food distribution for low income individuals. 2nd Wednesdays, 1:00PM to 3:00PM
• Jewelry Making: 12:30PM to 1:45PM
• Pinochle: 1:00PM
• Weaving Class: 10:00AM.
• Bible Study: Interactive Bible study welcomes all – 10:30AM
• BINGO: Mondays thru Fridays – 12:30PM
• Birthday Party: Enjoy a delicious piece of cake donated by Viking Pastries in Ardmore. Every 4th Thurs. at 12PM.
• Catered Lunch: Everyday at 11:45AM - $2.00 donation.
• Choral Group: The Merrie Notes welcomes new voices and rehearsals are on-going Thursdays 10:30AM.
• Computer Lab: Drop-in computer lab with internet access is available everyday - (unless a class is held)
• Pinochle: 1:00PM
• Spanish Class: Group A Tuesdays & Thursdays 1:00PM.
• Strength & Tone Exercise: Stretch & strengthen class works your body through full range motion – 9:15AM
• BINGO: Mondays thru Fridays – 12:30PM
• Bridge (Intermediate): Tuesdays and Fridays – 1PM Please call prior to attending.
• Catered Lunch: Everyday at 11:45AM - $2.00 donation.
• Chair Exercise: Put pep in your step with this head-to-toe workout $2.00 per class. Mondays & Fridays 11:00AM
• Computer Lab: Drop-in computer lab with internet access is available everyday - (unless a class is held)
• Pinochle: 1:00PM
• Quilting: Fridays – 10:00AM to 11:30AM.
• Weight Wise (Gourmet): Great nutritional information
and delicious food to help maintain your health – 10:00AM.
daytime movies at the palm!
May 6
The Personal
May 13
Age of Champions
May 20
Cyber Seniors
May 27
Young at Heart
Wednesdays 10:30AM to NOON! Popcorn Served
save the date!
PALM 40th Anniversary
Awards Luncheon
Saturday, October 3, 2015
Springfield Country Club
Call (610) 642-9370 for more information
In Loving
Joe Senatore
Betty Perelman
Charlotte Simpkins
Diane mcGeth
Gertrude Johnson
Sick & Shut-In
Please remember our members
with your calls, cards &
Minnie Johnson
Elsie Fuller
Hazel Wright
Marie Booth
Rosa Bryant
Florence Fisch
Dorothy Foster
Ben Foster
Esther Harbison
Barbara Heisler
Mary Lawrence
Richard Mayo
Eldora Smith
Lloyd Gardner
Bessie Gandy
May 7th - Safety at Home for Bathroom
Bruce Johnson - BathMax
May 6th - U Financial Group - Subject on SSI
12:30PM - 1:30PM
May 8th - Mother's Day Celebration!
May 11th - Red Cross
May 12th - Dan Yody Caise Benefits
May 13th - Start of 6 Week Diabetes Class
5/13, 5/20, 5/27,
Call 610-642-9370 for information
May 19th - Beneficial Bank Fraud Prevention
June 9th - Prescription Caise Benefits - Dan
June - Father's Day Celebration
take a trip with us!
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New Hope Shopping
St. Michael's Island
Flemington, NJ & Western Railroad
Train Ride! Shopping at Liberty
Outlets and Lunch
July 11, 2015
Chesapeake MD Boat Ride
Cost - $105.00
August Date to be Determined
Men's Group Lunch
June 18th, 2015
Golden Corral
Lancaster, PA.
Cost - $20.00
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Or Current Resident
To assist adults, 50 years of age and older, to maintain a healthy, satisfying quality of life by providing services and activities in a nurturing environment
that enables them to function more independently in the community. The center is an advocate for unmet needs of senior citizens and a repository of
information to assure them their rights, benefits and opportunities. The PALM is a gathering place where aging is celebrated every day.