Summer Top 13 - Palms Presbyterian Church

Palms Presbyterian Church Youth
Middle School Nights
June 1
June 24
with Wilson and Emily
Welcome Emily Party
All Youth Orlando City FC
Soccer Game
Location and time TBA
6:30 PM– 8:30 PM Fellowship Hall
Welcome Summer Intern
Emily Morrell
June 16
High School Nights
With Wilson and Emily
Depart Palms at 3PM
6:30 PM—9:00 PM Youth Room
Sign-up deadline June 8
Cost $40 + meal money
June 11
Potluck and Movie: The Breakfast Club
Potluck dinner, games on the beach, ice cream
July 1
June 18
All Youth Kayak Day
June 23
505 Guana River Road
Potluck dinner and BIG games
8:00 AM Cost $55
Movie and Mac & Cheese
Bring your favorite mac and cheese, we’ll be
watching a movie on the ceiling of Fellowship
July 2
Bring a lunch
June 30
Bring Your Own Dinner and movie: Junebug
Parents are invited to stay or sign a release
July 14
All Youth Turtle Walk
Jekyll Island
July 17
Depart Palms at 5 PM
Potluck dinner, program TBA
Cost $35 includes dinner
July 28
All Youth Beach Day with
Riverside Presbyterian
11AM—3PM meet/park
at Palms
Important dates for next year:
August 9: Back to school party at Davis Park with
other beaches churches
August 16: Youth Mission Sunday
August 30: Mandatory beginning of the year meeting
September 6: Rally Day and first night of Youth Group
July 30
Potluck and movie: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off