Zizzerette Trending now: Unique Promposals

Volume 60, Number 7
April 28, 2014
Trending now: Unique Promposals
West Plains High School
By Morgan Light
Promposals: a current trend that involves asking that very special person to prom in a very special way.
Boys and girls, it is that time of the year to start asking that special person to prom! There are many ways to
ask someone to prom, including bringing them flowers, buying them little gifts, sticky-noting their car or locker, or writing it out on the fence with cups! There have already been a few promposals this month. Although
prom is not until May 10, there is no such thing as asking too soon!
Shelby Acklin has been asked by her boyfriend, Cole Turner. He bombarded her locker with sticky
notes and flowers. Of course, she said “yes!” There were around 123 sticky notes asking her to attend the year’s
last big dance!
Kendra Warren was asked by her very good friends, Levi Pankey. Levi bought a bouquet of flowers,
went to her house, knocked on the door, and asked her if she would go to prom with him. She replied with a
hug and a “yes!”
Alexis King was asked by her boyfriend of two years and nine months, Dillion Pitcock. Dillion and his
dad went to the fairgrounds and wrote the message on the fairground’s billboard. The billboard read, “Alexis
will you go to prom with me? –Dillion.” Alexis’s promposal was featured on two different radio stations and
the foucs of more than a few facebook statuses. Yes, folks, she said “Yes!”
Senior Ellen Hones was asked at lunch on the Senior Café by her boyfriend, Jacob Martin. Jacob
dressed up on April 9 and asked Mr. Hedden if he could borrow the microphone to ask Ellen to prom. He did
it in front of everyone. He asked her to go up to the Senior Café and when she got up there, he got on one knee
with a rose in hand and asked if she would go to prom with him.
Junior Morgan Light has been asked by her boyfriend of two and a half years, Steve Dow. Steve got a
ring with their names engraved on it, got on one knee, and asked her to prom. She said yes.
Kori Campbell has been asked by her friend, Jed Long. Jed used cups to put into the fence to ask Kori
to prom. The fence read, “Kori, Prom?” She said “yes!”
If you haven’t asked that special person to prom yet, you better hurry! Hop on the bandwagon! There
are many ways to ask! Good luck!
Hey, Zizzerland! We hope you had a wonderful Easter and that everyone found eggs that the
Easter Bunny obviously left for you!
Now, we are all on the home stretch! It’s
almost the end of the year. We can make it, guys!
Seniors: Please remember all of the important dates
coming up. And don’t forget to finish strong! Congratulations to Chloe Towell and Brandi
Snider for being named the speakers at graduation.
Be sure to study for finals. Enjoy these last few days
ya’ll. Make ‘em count, have fun and be good! We’ll
see you for our last “Chiefs Corner” in our senior/
prom edition.
Casey and Lindsay
2013-2014 Zizzerette staff:
Editors....Casey Buehler, Lindsay Randolph
Writers.....Shelby Acklin, Lindsey Hicks, Alexis
King, Morgan Light, Katey Smith, Kelsy Temple,
Chloe Towell, and Kendra Warren
Advisor...Mrs. Dianna Locke
Publisher: Mr. Scott Heidy
Senior issue on sale May 9!
By Kendra Warren
Everyone meet this month’s Senior Spotlight,
Colter Scott Reid. Colter was born on August 13,
1995. He is the son of R.D. Reied and Angie Howell.
Colter has three brothers and one sister, Bobby Reid,
Wyatt “Hoss” Reid (his twin), Sawyer Reid, and Payton Wies.
Colter is most likely going to buy a 1972
Winnebago and put it down by the river and chill all
day, every day, after he graduates. His favorite thing
about school is being around his wild friends. “We
like to raise a little Cain and do it right,” says Colter.
He says he is going to miss the lunch ladies
the most because they are a bunch of sweethearts.
His favorite color is Mossy Oak break up infinity or
John Deere green.
When asked where Colter would want to
travel to, his reply was, “Why would I wanna go anywhere but the good ole WP? LA? No way, too hot.
NYC? Nah, too cold.”
Colter said he couldn’t choose a favorite
movie but he likes every movie with John Wayne,
Clint Eastwood, or Tom Hanks. “John Wayne is the
manliest man there ever was. In a fight, John Wayne
would beat Channing Tatum every time,” claims Colter Reid. If you don’t know him, you are missing out
and you should definitely meet him because he is one
of a kind!
Junior Junction
By Morgan Light
This month’s Junior Junction is the
amazing Audrey Jean Russell! Audrey was
born on October 9, 1996 to proud parents
Kelly and Bruce Russell. She has one
half-sister, Jessica, two nieces, Hannah and
Hailie, and one cat, Midnight.
Audrey is an all “A”student. Her
schedule includes Honors English III (with
her favorite teacher, Coach Quarti), concert choir, western civilization, Bible and
its influence, chemistry, library media, and
Honors Algebra III. Audrey says, “My favorite class is library media because Mrs.
Joice gives me cake.” Audrey is a very
outgoing person. She is the boys’ baseball
manager, a varsity tennis player, FCCLA
secretary, and a concert choir member. Audrey received a “1” rating on her solo and
her ensemble at districts; she will moving
on to State in Columbia, Missouri at the
MU campus.
Ms. Russell’s hobbies include
cooking, playing tennis, singing in chior
and at the First Baptist Church on Sundays, crocheting, and reading. In fact,
Audrey has 637 AR points, proof she loves
to read!
She graduated eighth grade from
Howell Valley with two of her best friends,
Morgan Light and the “amazing” Alexis
King. She has made two other great friends
in high school, Peyton Richards and Jordan Pilz.
If you see Audrey in the halls or
if she checks your book out for you in
library, make sure you say hi! She loves
meeting new people; however, she says
she is a bit socially awkward.
By Shelby Acklin
This month’s Sophomore Showcase is
Hunter Hubbard. If you don’t know him, prepare
to be amazed! Hunter was born on August 6, 1997
to parents Greg and Kris Hubbard. He also has two
siblings, Keegan and Kelli Bowen. Prior to attending West Plains High School, Hunter went to West
Plains Middle School.
Hunter’s sophomore schedule consists of
online foreign language, U.S. history, biology,
Honors English II, weight lifting, Honors Algebra
II, and leadership. When asked his best memory,
Hunter replied with “getting everyone to honk
their horns in the parking lot.” He participates in
football and track. Hunter was out of football for a
while due to a shoulder injury, but he says ,“I plan
to be back and stronger than ever next year!”
In his free time Hunter likes to sleep, eat,
drive, and shoot guns! This talented guy can also
ski and play the guitar. He enjoys hunting and
shooting guns. He loves pulled pork, but who
doesn’t? Hunter, who likes the color grey, enjoys
spending time at the family’s cabin down by James
When you first meet Hunter, he may seem
shy, but he is a really cool guy! Good luck on the
rest of your high school career, Hunter!
Freshman Focus
By Lindsey Hicks
This month’s Freshman Focus is the one and
only Abee Shelton. If most of you do not know Abee,
she attended Richards School. Abee is athletic, outgoing, has blonde hair, and beautiful blue eyes. She was
born to proud parents, Jay Shelton and Heather Moore,
on April 5th. Abee has one older sister, Kortnee Long,
who is freshman in college, and one brother, Bailey
Shelton that is a junior here at WPHS. Abee has one
dog named Buddy.
Abee is interested in basketball and hanging
out with her friends. Abee was involved with the
freshman and JV basketball team and participates in
track this year. She says,” My favorite sport is basketball, by far, because I just love my team, the sport, and
my favorite coach, Coach Campbell.” Her favorite
brand is Nike because she says she has grown up with
it all her life. Also in Abee’s free time, she likes to go
camping and hang out at Cloud 9. Her best friends are
Shelby Acklin and Erin Wolford. She said her funniest
friend has to be freshman Hadley Taylor.
Her favorite movie is The Notebook because it
has a great plot. Her favorite color is blue because she
likes guys with blue eyes, she says. Her hidden talent consist of clapping with one hand. The only regret
Abee has in her life, thus far, is that she hasn’t been
working hard enough in school; therefore, her grades
are not as high as she would like them to be.
Abee loves West Plains High School for the
learning experiences and definitely all of her friends.
Her favorite subject is science because she gets to
learn new things and do cool experiments. Her least
favorite subject is English because she does not have
any interest in it.
Her favorite thing about high school, so far, is
the she gets to see her friends that she went to school
with from Richards. One of the things she doesn’t like
about high school is that people are “DRAMATIC!”
One tip that Abee wanted to give her classmates is,
“When life gets you down…just keep swimming.” If
you ever see Abee in the halls do not be afraid to smile
at her or say “Hi.”
New kid on the block
By: Alexis King
Meet the new junior on the block, Douglas Scott Gibboney! Douglas
(Doug) was born on October 1, 1996. He lives with his parents, William and
Jessica Hatcher. Doug has five siblings: Selena, Madison, Anna, Eva, and Emily. He also has a dog, Shotzi, and a cat named Sam.
In Doug’s free time he enjoys writing, listening to music, running
track, and wrestling. His favorite band is Silverstein.
Before coming to West Plains, Doug lived in Texas where he attended
College Park High School. His schedule this year includes: honors geometry,
Advanced Placement physics, honors biology, Honors English III, online
foreign language (Spanish), Computer Applications II, and American history. After interviewing Doug on his first day at West Plains High School,
he said, “It has been a fun first day here!” After high school, Doug plans on
joining the Air Force. Following the Air Force, he plans to attend college to
recieve a degree in theology and philosophy. If you see Doug in the hallways,
please make him feel welcome!
Random Act of Kindness
“Montel Hord sketches pictures for the students at
the ALC. He finds out what they love and goes to work
on the projects. For example, today our substitute teacher
saw him sketching a 1969 Chevelle. She commented that
she would love to have a sketch of her husband’s van to
give him for his birthday. Immediately, Montel began his
research to find her van. He’s in the process of sketching it
for her now. This young man is always the first to volunteer to help any place needed...great kid,” said Ms. Mary
Clubs & Organizations
Beta Club
Beta Club has been very busy this year. First off, Mrs. Joiner and Mrs. Martin would like to thank those
who have volunteered to work the gate/concessions at the boys’ baseball games. Also, they would like to thank
those who helped with the Walmart food truck fundraiser. Beta Club raised $180 for their Zizzer Beta Convention campaign skit.
Beta Club recently helped with the Easter Egg Hunt on April 12. The annual Dodgeball Tournament
was held April 25, 2014. All Zizzer Betas were required to work the tournament, a very successful tradition that
featured 28 local teams participating in a fast-paced game of dodgeball.
Concert Choir
West Plains High School Concert Choir has, yet again, proven that nothing can blemish the perfect reputation that it has worked so diligently for half a century.
Last week the choir packed their bags (and their voices) and took off to the big city of Nashville, Tennessee to participate in the Heritage Festival. Chamber choir, concert choir, as well as the men’s and women’s choir
competed and blew away their competition. The choirs won a plethora of awards, including sweepstakes, adjudicators, and outstanding sportsmanship.
Having kept their prestigious record going strong, one might wonder when and where they could watch such
talent perform live. The Concert Choir will be having their Spring Concert on May 7th and May 8th. They will
also be performing at Arts Alive on April 24th .
This month has been extremely busy for FCCLA, being that they participated in State Leadership Conference in Columbia. Sixteen students attended and did a variety of things, ranging from running for state office
all the way to competing at state STAR Events.
As for running for office April York, a junior, ran and received the position of Missouri State Vice President of Elections for the 2014-2015 school year. April is replacing this year’s state officers, Casey Buehler and
Mylee Coble. Speaking of state officers Casey and Mylee were also very busy not only visiting with all conference goers, but also rehearsing for all four general sessions and executing them.
STAR Event participants who received a gold included Whitney Caudel, Bobbie Roberts, Audrey Moss,
Kara Halford, Heather Pham, Casey Buehler, and Morgan Light. Receiving a silver were Heather Pham, Sara
Stewart, Samantha Rhoads, and Mikayla Lambe. Savanah Bailey and Kirsten Kays also received a bronze
medal. Bobbie, Casey, and Morgan will be advancing to the national’s competition this summer in San Antonio,
Texas. April will also be attending to leading the entire Missouri delegation and to show everyone there how
great Missouri FCCLA really is. They will be fundraising from now until the beginning of July, by running concession stands, having a rib sale, and much, much more.
If you see any of these great students make sure to say congrats and wish the last four the best of luck at
FFA stands for Future Farmers of America. FFA has many opportunities available for members such as:
scholarships, contests, petting zoos, traveling, and doing service. FFA is like one big happy family.
As most of you know, West Plains will be getting a new Ag building eventually. Even though they just put down
the dirt for the building recently, we all are very excited to experience our new ag building, hopefully, by next
FFA has been competing in many contests the past month and a half. Contests vary from Livestock,
Poultry, Ag mechanics, Dairy foods, Horse judging, Soils, Ag sales, Poultry, and Farm management. All of these
contests contributed in the Districts competition at Rolla, MO. Several teams have already competed in their
competitions and have put in an abundant amount of work to compete at a very advanced level. All the hard
work from the Reporter, Audie Russell, put into the FFA scrapbook paid off; as her scrapbook will advance to
state as well as Olivia Power’s Secretary Book, Haden Smith’s record book, and Keith Kellet’s Treasurer Book.
Keith Kellet, Keegan Wilson, and Chance Barnes will receive their state degrees on stage April 24, 2014.
On top of the state degrees, Keegan Wilson and Keith Kellet will receive the Proficiency Award for their SAE
projects. After all the hard work the members and advisors put into being an elite chapter, we received the Silver
Emblem for being one of the top 45 Chapters of the state. Olivia Powers sang in the State Talent show and Advisor Jay Hale received an Honorary State Degree.
The officers this year include President Chance Barnes, Vice President Keegan Wilson, Secretary Olivia Powers, Treasurer Keith Kellet, Reporter Audie Russell, Sentinel Jarod Lung, Historian Madi McCracken,
Chaplain Caleb Wells, and Advisors Tonya Jedlicka and Jay Hale.
As the end of the year is coming, many FFA members were interviewed for being an officer next year.
These offices will be decided on May 5.
Speech and Debate
The Speech and Debate team has been working very hard all year and is now finished with its regular
season. The team is now turning their attention towards State and Nationals.
The team had their District Scrimmage at the Avenue Theater on March 25. It was a showcase of what
the team had been working on all year, and it was a great opportunity to present to their family, friends, and
community members as there are no competitions held near West Plains.
The team competed in Student Congress at MSU-West Plains on March 29. Student Congress is a congressional debate where students must pass bills just like our government does. The team competed in another
Student Congress on April 10 held at MSU-Springfield. These students had a chance to go to Nationals.
The State competition was held on April 25- 26. The team took six students in eight events: Caleb Gill
in original oratory, Gill in international extemporaneous speaking, Gill and Derek McGinnis in public forum
debate, McGinnis in United States extemporaneous speaking, Carlie Jones in poetry reading, Alex Cochran in
prose reading, Josh Campbell in storytelling, and John Nigliazzo in Lincoln Douglas debate. These students
earned 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place at Districts in order to advance to State.
Finally, the week of June 14-21 is the Speech and Debate National Tournament. Caleb Gill won the NFL
District Tournament in the event of original oratory and will advance to Nationals.
Random Act of Kindness
“DJ Kendrick has taken it upon himself to hold the East Wing door open for students each hour that he
has a class in this wing. Way to go, DJ,” reported WPHS teacher Mrs. Susan York.
WPHS places first in annual MSU-WP
Interscholastic Contest
Division I Winners:
Andrew Parks: 2nd Place in Physical Science: 3rd Place in Geometry
Adam Stasney: 1st Place Physical
Austin Beard: 3rd Place in Biology;
1st Place in English
John Nigliazzo: 2nd Place in Biology; 1st Place in Speech
Haley McCall: 2nd Place in Algebra
Alex Hoopes: 1st Place in Algebra
Caleb Gill: 2nd Place in Geometry;
1st Place in European History
Kate Froehlke: 3rd Place in Health
Chelsea Shearin: 1st Place in Health
Matthew McCall: 2nd Place in
Matthew Pavelka: 2nd Place in
Gerard Dietrich: 1st Place in Government
Carissa Peoples: 3rd Place in American History
Alex Abrams: 2nd Place in American History
Alex Eggert: 2nd Place in European
Marvin Berner: 2nd Place in Psychology
Kelsey Farris: 1st Place in Psychology: 2nd Place in Literature
Jett Sexton: 3rd Place in Geography
Ryan Evans: 1st Place in Geography
Riley Grennan: 2nd Place in Computer Technology
Keith Kellet: 3rd Place in Agriculture
Keegan Wilson: 2nd Place in Agriculture
Logan Hall: 2nd Place in Accounting
Kirsten Swenson: 1st Place in Accounting
Trey Whitsell: 2nd Place in English
Keane Harris: 1st Place in Literature
Overall Winners:
Alex Hoopes: 3rd Place in Algebra
Chelsea Shearin: 1st Place in Health Occupations
Matthew McCall: 2nd Place in Speech
John Niggliazzo: 1st in Place in Speech
Gerard Dietrick: 2nd in Government
Alex Eggert: 3rd Place in European History
Caleb Gill: 1st Place in European History
Ryan Evans: 1st Place in Geography
Riley Grennan: 3rd Place in Computer Technology
Austin Beard: 1st Place in English
By Chloe Towell
Having held a plethora of jobs in the past, Mr. Hanson can be referred to as the most experienced man in
the world. Okay, so maybe not the most experienced in
the world, however he has earned a lot of experience in
his relatively short amount of time on earth.
He is so dedicated to giving teenagers a positive
role model that he spends seven days a week with them.
“I love working with teenagers because I get to inspire
them to do great things.”
For the past three years, he has worked here at the
high school as a speech and debate coach and onlineforeign- language supervisor. On top of that, he also
works at the Spring Creek Community Church as a
youth pastor. Aside from his work as a teacher and
mentor to young adults, on Wednesdays he can also
be found dedicating his time to a small theatre troop
called, “Zizzer Pipers.”
Mr. Hanson loves theatre so much; one might say
he has theatre coursing through his veins. Throughout
his lifespan of 26 years, he has been involved in over 40
plays. When asked what his favorite play to be involved
in was, he quickly responded with, “either Little Women or Fiddler on the Roof” and then promptly burst into
Of course, school and theatre are not the only
things that he keeps busy with. During the summer, you
can find him selling fireworks across from Dairy Queen
during July. If you need a way to spend those hot summer days, Hammonds Mill Church Camp is the place to
be, according to Mr. Hanson who serves as a counselor
Magic is one of Mr. Hanson’s favorite past times and
should you ask, he would not say no to showing you a
few magic tricks. Clear is his favorite color unless, of
course, you don’t consider that a color, in which case
he will tell you that his favorite color is pink since it
contradicts the social norm.
Mr. Hanson has also spent a majority of his life traveling around the world on mission trips. His mission
trips have taken him to places such as Brazil, Mexico,
Thailand, Honduras, China, Russia, Japan and all
corners of the US, including Alaska. If you have been
inside of his classroom, one of the first things that you
will notice are the colorful flags hanging throughout his
room. Those flags are actually a small part of the compilation of flags that he has collected over the years.
Faculty Focus
Mr. Hanson attended SBU where he met
his lovely wife, Nicki. The couple has two young
children, Hadassah and Ryiah. For breakfast Mr.
Hanson is known to eat ice cream and eat either
lasagna or Thai food for dinner.
Those who are fortunate enough to know Mr.
Hanson personally- whether it be from school or
outside of school- all would agree that he is quite
the oddball. However, because of his love for his
students and passion for being an inspiration, the
world is a better place with him in it.
5th annual zizzer beta
club dodgeball throwdown
Senior Announcements
May 1 - 6:30 p.m. - Top 10% Banquet - Tenative location West Plains
Civic Center
May 2 - Senior make-up hours due
May 4 - 2:00p.m. Class Day - WPHS Gymnasium (wear cap and gown),
baccalaureate immediately following Class Day in gym
May 7-8: Senior Finals
May 10 - 8:30 p.m.-11:30 p.m. - Prom at Heart of the Ozarks Fairgrounds
May 12 - Seniors’ last day of school; senior picnic; graduation practice
May 15 - 1:15 REQUIRED commencement practice (seniors dismissed
following practice)
May 15 - 7:00 p.m. Commencement (Graduation) West Plains Civic
May 15 - 10:00 p.m. - WPHS Project Graduation
Varsity Profiles
Elite Image
Brandi Bell
Michelle Kight
Ashley Kittrell
Savanna Neal
Sheryle Campbell, nail
622 Porter Wagoner
West Plains, MO 65775
By Kelsy Temple
Junior Lauren Enochs is funny,
smart, a little crazy at times, and April’s
Varsity Profile. She is the daughter of
Joe and Barbara Enochs. Lauren has one
brother, Evan Enochs, and was born on
April 30, 1997.
Lauren is an all-star on the track
and cross country teams. She has been
on varsity since freshman year. The
events she participates in are the 400 and
800, and both the relays in those distances. Lauren’s hobbies include: running,
eating, listening to music, and spending time with friends. Her best friends
include Trevan Andrews, Sidney Wiggs,
Anna Grant, Kelsy Temple, Peyton
Bolander, Camden Barrett, Caleb Gill,
Hayley Baca, Ransom Nichols, Theresa
Harto, and Mr. Dudley.
The one thing Lauren loves most
about junior year is knowing that she
only has one more year of high school
left. Some things she is looking forward
to most about senior year is having easy
classes, cross country season, and all the
fun events planned. After high school,
Lauren plans to either attend college
or enter the military. She would like to
design prosthetics and bionics.
“Make your life worth your life”
is an original quote by Lauren. She is
warm hearted and is always welcome
to meeting new people. So, if you see
Lauren be sure to say “hi” because she is
not shy at all.
Varsity Profiles
By Katey Smith
Mr. Quentin Keller is this month’s Varsity
Profile! This intelligent young man works very hard
in his studies, as well as his extracurricular activities.
His schedule consists of cardio, concert choir, AP
Physics, Honors English IV, German II, AP Calculus,
and AP Chemistry. Quentin plans to attend Missouri
S&T to run track and major in chemical engineering.
Quentin, born on January 26, is involved
in cross country, track, swing set, madrigals, and
concert choir. He is the son of Daniel and Katherine
Keller and a brother to Stuart, a sophomore here at
WPHS, and Elijah, an eighth grader attending school
in Dora. Quentin’s best friends are Kameron Moss,
Ransom Nichols, Kayli Brower, Taylor Eck, and
Mason Falkenrath. He also has a beloved cat named
This year, the boys’ cross country team placed
first in all meets they competed in up to Sectionals.
The team placed second there and fifth at State. The
top seven runners were Quentin, Ransom Nichols,
Kameron Moss, Jordan and Jeremy Inman, Camden
Barret, and Dylan White.
His favorite event in track is the 800. “It’s
fast-paced and very exciting,” says Quentin. His
goals for this season are to letter in the 800 and 1600
and All-State in the 4x800. To keep himself sharp for
competition, Quentin runs about 90-100 miles per
week during summer and about 50-60 now during
track season.
When asked about life as a student athlete,
Quentin answered, “It’s boring, difficult, and I don’t
have a lot of free time, but it’s the most fun I’ve ever
had. I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. I’m
even going to Missouri S&T so I can continue to run
Quentin’s advice to underclassmen is “Don’t
be afraid of work. Nothing good in life is just handed
to you.” Make sure to come out and support Quentin
and his fellow track teammates in upcoming meets!
Spring Sports
By Kendra Warren
Track season is up and….running well so far this year for the boys! The seniors include: Bradley Bonham, Kameron Moss, Quentin Keller, and Logan Hall. Brad Bonham says, “I’m excited for this season because
it’s my last year and I have enjoyed the four years I’ve spent on this team and all the friendships I’ve made.”
They have meets May 2, May 5, May 7 and May 13th. Further competitions include Districts, May 17-23, Sectionals, May 24-29 and State is May 30th, so come out and support the boys’ track team if you can.
Girls’ soccer
By Lindsay Randolph
The Lady Zizzers soccer team held their annual tournament this past weekend. They played Affton friday night,
coming back in the last half and allowing sophomore Megan Biggers to score, making the final score 2-1 with
Affton unfortunately coming out on top. Then, on Saturday, the Lady Zizzers faced Valley View from Jonesboro, and although they played hard and well, they were defeated. In the final game of the tournament, the girls
played Waynesville, struggling to keep the energy up, they fell 10-0.
Although, they had a rough weekend, the ladies are looking forward to their games this week, they invite you
to come out and watch them beat Hillcrest at the end of the week! Keep working hard ladies!
By Shelby Acklin
It’s that time of year again: baseball season! The varsity team has kicked off their season with a record
of 3-10, participating in the Mtn. Home tournament and the Harrison, Arkansas tournament. The Zizzers are led
by two seniors, pitcher Dusty Harrill and short-stop Tyler Joyce. Head coach is Coach Chris Quarti. When asked
about his team he said “We are a fairly young group, so we aren’t playing up to level, but we will get there.”
JV baseball boys are 7-2-1 on the season, tying with Harrison, Arkansas. They are coached by Coach
Dudley and Coach Gurnow.
The boys have one home game left on May 1. Be sure to come out and support these boys! Good luck,