Volume 3, Issue 5
Friday, May 4, 2012
Article and Photos by Gardenia Zamacona
Over five-hundred Grizzlies showed up to dance the night away.
Whether in a pair with their date in hand or a group of friends, Sadies
was definitely a blast this year.
Suspenders? Bowties? Stripes?!
A nerdy get-up? No! Far from it, it’s a part of this years Sadies
theme: 1920’s Carnival. With a Banda and face-painting, to a goldfish
toss and a packed dancefloor, Sadies was the place to be.
Don’t believe me? We have some pictures for proof, and to all the
Grizzlies who went, hope you had a roaring good time!
Who’s your Prom Date?
Tennis Ball Scavenger Hunt:
As the school year unwinds, the spectacle that for many defines the
school year has returned: Prom! In all its glory and drama, it once again becomes the focal point of high school life. But as the big day approaches, many
of us are still wondering how to ask that special someone to the Midnight Ride.
Here are some ideas from our fellow Grizzlies that experienced these ideas first
Fashion Show Proposal:
Juan Fuentes surprised his Prom date ironically during the prom fashion show. Juan
laid Hershey’s kisses on the red carpet leading down to the stairs into the quad. As they
walked the runway, she was confused as to
the chocolate’s purpose. When they finally
reached the bottom of the stairs, she was
amazed to see his proposal to “Prom.”
Message in a bottle:
Hugo Gonzalez planned placing a message in a bottle
and then planting that same bottle in the sand at the
beach. When strolling through the beach with his prospective prom date, he would then point out the bottle
and have her pick it up and open it. She would be flabbergasted to see the message read “Will you go to Prom
with me?”
(Photos courtesy of Monica Molina and Jesus Gonzalez)
Hugo Flores planted tennis balls in each of his tennisplaying prom date Fara Rodriguez’ classes. One by one
she was given a new tennis ball in each class, each with
a different letter on it. At the end of fourth period, she
had the word “Prom” spelled out when Hugo unexpectedly walked into class with the final tennis ball yielding
a question mark. Russian Doll Surprise: Juan Carrillo mesmerized
his date by giving her a Russian doll. As she opened the
different layers of the doll, she accumulated different
words to compose a phrase. When she finally reached the
final doll, she read the phrase “This is the longest way
ever to ask someone to Prom.”
Balcony Spectacle:
Jesus Lopez surprised his date by utilizing Ms. Kathy Ochoa.
She asked Jesus’ date Rita Orozco to help her carry a box to
the office. When they got to the office Ochoa told Orozco to
open the box. Inside the box were instructions on what she
was to do next. Orozco was told to go upstairs. When she
reached the top of the stairs and looked over the balcony she saw Jesus holding
a question mark, punctuating the phrase “Prom?” Of course she said “yes.”
These great ideas serve as a source, but there are plenty of different
ways to ask that perfect date in a manner that reflects you. No matter what,
always remember: just ask and you will be fine!
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Volume 3, Issue 5
Don’t Stress Over the Dress
Trekking to San Diego
Some of you Grizzlies may not be
aware that the Prom Couture store
is now open which is also known as
The Prom Dress Project organized by
the Girls Circle Club. It’s a great program if you’re on a budget in finding
the perfect dress. All the dresses this
program offers were donations from
our teachers, and past students. Most
importantly, the program is free. Yes,
you read that right, there is no cost to
Adviser of the Girls Circle Club, Mrs.
holding a dress (Photo courtesy
The program came about after the
first prom occurred. Only 100 girls of Susana Valerio & Samantha Herrera)
attended the first prom and the reason
There’s a variety of styles of dresses
why so few
that the program offers, like long and
girls attended
short dresses. “We get the dresses taithe prom was
lored, so girls shouldn’t worry if the
because they
dresses doesn’t fit,” said advisor, Mrs.
didn’t have
Laurie Jocham.
the money
They also offer accessories and
to buy their
purses for you to borrow. “Girls need
dress. That’s
to make an appointment in order look
when teachand try on the dresses,” said Jocham. ers decided to
If you’re interested in borrowing a
donate money dress for free, make an appointment
to purchase
in Mrs. Jocham’s classroom. Just
(Photo courtesy of Su- some dresses
keep in mind that it is first come, first
sana Valerio & Samantha for upcoming
On April 3,
2012, three
Grizzlies embarked on a biking adventure
to San Diego
for their Senior
Project. Little
did they know
it would take
them 14 hours,
burn approximately 18,000
calories, and
Ivan Hernandez, Timothy Kent, and David Rodriguez reflect on
would change
their senior project (Photo courtesy of Emilio Rodriguez)
their perspective
on biking forever. Passing the beautiful California coast, Camp Pendleton’s military base, and the Maruchan factory, Ivan Hernandez, Timothy Kent, and David
Rodriguez awoke at 6 in the morning to embark on their journey.
Taking only tools, food, and their bicycles with them, they embarked on
the 114 mile ride. When asked why they chose such a feat as their senior project,
they answered by simply saying: “Adventure, curiosity, and the passion for biking.” In total the three burned over 6,000 calories each along their 14 hour ride.
Averaging about 20 mph, carrying about 35 pounds of tools and food on them;
they arrived at 8 P.M. to San Diego.
The three have had 10 years of biking experience, so they were ready for
what was ahead of them. When asked what they took, they replied, “bike pumps,
snacks for the road, and 3 hours of prep the night before.” The advice they would
offer if someone is interested in doing this, “Don’t over estimate things and just
keep riding.”
Photos by...
Bryce Kenzo Pagter is an
Aside from traveling with his
eighteen-year-old senior at GFHS
family, Bryce has been employed by
who has a profound passion for
30 professional companies that have
photography and traveling. He has
taken a serious interest in his photoghad the fortunate opportunity to
“Two years ago, I began talking
travel around the world with his
to people that told me that I can be
family, all while capturing each
something and that I can do something
country and all it has to offer with a
with my work.”
snap of a shutter.
Bryce’s passion for pho For the past two years, Bryce’s
photography has been featured in
tography was sparked at a young
countless magazines. He has been
age when his mother handed him
(Photo courtesy of Monica Molina & Jesus
his first camera. He snapped simple
employed by 30 professional comGonzalez)
pictures as he started off, but soon
panies that include clothing agencies
after, those simple pictures evolved
and skateboarding companies. In other
into a more sophisticated art. At age 8, Bryce had his first
words, he has photographed models and photographed
picture published in a Marine biology magazine.
Photography alone was not the only passion
As a result from his job, Bryce will spend a month
coined in his early childhood, traveling also became a pas- in Brazil shooting for clothing brands Etnies and ELEsion for him at a very young age. Throughout the course
of his life, Bryce and his family have traveled to over an
In regards with a future career, Bryce is considerestimated 30 countries, visiting six out of the seven contiing whether becoming a full time photographer or going
into the family business as an attorney at his father’s law
The first country he visited was Japan, but Bryce
firm. Whatever may be the case, this young man will conshared that his most memorable visit was to Indonesia.
tinue making a name for himself.
“Indonesia has to be my most memorable country
thus far,” he said. “The people of Indonesia are the utmost If you are interested in viewing more of Bryce
hospitable and incredibly friendly. That’s what I like about Pagter’s photography, visit his Tumblr page at
traveling - it’s different from our society and it is
(Photos courtesy of Bryce Pagter)
The Grizzly Gazette is published six times per academic year by students in journalism class at Godinez Fundamental High School.
Content is determined by the staff and does not necessarily reflect the opinions or policies of Godinez Fundamental High School’s faculty, administration, adviser or
student body.
Students are protected in their exercise of press freedom by the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States and California Education Code 48907.
Signed editorials and columns reflect the views of the writer.
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obscenity, material disruption of the educational process at Godinez Fundamental High School or violation of copyright laws.
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Volume 3, Issue 5
EDITORIAL: Outsourcing in Santa Ana
The economy has affected many Americans, it has taken a hit in
I remember the one place I went was when I was in elementary
Santa Ana. How is that possible you ask? Well, to be honest the city is
school, the New Hope Public Library which is one of the branches with
$30,000,000 in debt.
the Santa Ana Public Library. It is where I looked forward to going on
If you noticed, yes, there’s been some renovations in Santa Ana; every celebrated holiday with themes like Valentines’ and Christmas on
however, spending has been overlooked in my opinion. Along with
the recent changes Downtown Santa Ana has gone through, they have
In reality, there were three public libraries and it’s narrowed
attracted a hipster audience and in a way torn down some of the city’s
down to two. There is talk about outsourcing the smaller branch: New
Hope Public Library. Hours have been cut and it is closed on Fridays.
Mexican heritage.
In 2011, the city had to put Santa Ana Zoo, Santa Ana Fire DeThe Mac Fadden Public Library was closed down and it now serves as a
partment, Santa Ana Public Library and other services on the verge of
recreational space for police to work with troubled students.
outsourcing their services due to the debt. One item that was not put for Why is it that community organizations and other programs
outsourcing was the Santa Ana Police Department.
have to rely on grants and not the city? Our city is meant to serve our
At a recent meeting, there was an item of discussion to make a
best interests and this is not politically-wise, especially with health and
purchase of brand new cars for the police. Honestly, I was a bit furious
education, you know, like issues that do matter. They will benefit our
how the city this year chose to spend money on more cars and motorcommunity more than our city officials’ best interests. Investing towards
cycles for the Santa Ana Police Department. Along with the new gym
our next generation is crucial because the more we educate the more we
equipment that was also passed this year.
will advance as a community.
What is wrong with their current cars, do they really need to be
As a result of the debt, there was a recent meeting in city hall
that extravagant to fight crime? It does not make sense how it is reason- where the Santa Ana City Council signed a contract with the Orange
County Fire Department, which means the city would save 1.28 million
able for the city officials to sit there and approve such a purchase when
our city is in so much debt.
The crime rates in Santa Ana have decreased in the last couple
Money will always be an issue but why is it that education and
years and if we are going to be spending any money or should I say tax
health always goes underlooked by politicians? Why do city officials
money, then why don’t we invest it in our community organizations?
spend more than what we really need as a city?
Public libraries are more than just shelves with books or librar
Currently, the Santa Ana Public Library is safe from being sold,
ians, they are what makes every kid come back for more reading time.
however, the zoo has been privatized. These special landmarks are part
They offer more than just reading and tutoring services, they offer a
of what defines a city. Luckily, the city still continues to find ways to
chance to improve, like their Teen Space program.
solve the debt crisis so they will not have to risk filing for bankruptcy.
Godinez 2.0
After years of dealing with limited resources of technology, Godinez Fundamental has finally been approved to
receive new technology along with a few schoolwide upgrades.
As of the 17th of this month, Godinez students now
have access to the new computer lab. With the opening of this
new computer lab, there are three labs available for students
to use. The three computer labs are located in rooms 4-128,
4-131, and the library computer lab. (Mr. Eskow’s classroom,
who was originally in room 4-131, will now be located in room
These new computers will be upgraded from Microsoft
Office 2003 to Microsoft Office 2007 in order to give students
the best in the school’s reach.
When talking to Mr. Tonai he stated, “Coming from
our WASC recommendations, they would like for us to progress technology wise. We hope to have wi-fi next year but this
is limited to the district’s plans.”
Mrs. Terry Kling, our librarian, has recently placed an
order to obtain Nooks available for student use in the library.
Also, a mini iPad lab consisting of 20 iPads will be available
for research in the room down the library hallway. If the 20
iPads succeed, an iPad lab will open in the near future.
One of the goals for summer is to mount projectors
in the computer labs in order to make it easier for teachers to
give instructions to their students. Another goal is to upgrade
to Grade Cam, in which the student’s scantron is placed under
an Elmo and the system instantly grades tests and records the
score into the teacher’s gradebook.
This new technology will not only benefit students, but
teachers as well. One can expect that with this new technology,
the academic life of students and teachers will improve.
FOR $90
For details go to
Mr. Hess’ room (1-114)
Godinez Fundamental
High School
3002 Centennial Road
Santa Ana, California 92704
Marilynn Montano
Andrea Rodriguez
Joyce Feuerborn
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Anthony Ramirez
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Gardenia Zamacona
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Fara Rodriguez
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Fara Rodriguez
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Dear Gummy Bear
Dear Gummy Bear,
I feel like I have betrayed my best friend because I went to a party
once and I met a cute guy. He did what every player would do to target
a girl. He did his sweet talk and I was stupid enough to fall for it. That
night he gave me a ride home, walked me to the door, and kissed me.
Weeks later I found out he was my best friend’s boyfriend, but I did not
know this. Should I tell her or do I stop talking to both of them?
La Traidora
Dear Gummy Bear,
There’s a guy in school that I really like but he’s a senior and I’m a
junior. We have only talked a couple of times, and it was mostly me going
up to him. I don’t know what to do because I can’t help getting butterflies
in my tummy, and I feel like my heart is going to pop out of my chest
every time I see him. I know he is almost leaving and I wouldn’t want
this feeling to go away once he goes away too. Can you help me figure
out what to do?
Junior Girl
Dear La Traidora, “Stranger Danger” has been a catch phrase for years for a reason.
You need to tell your best friend because if he’s done this with you, he’s
probably cheating on her with other girls as well. If she is really your
best friend, she will understand because at the time you didn’t know. If
she gets mad at you, then you still did everything you could to try to fix
the situation. If you friend finds out that her boyfriend was cheating on
her, and that you knew about it, and that he cheated on her with you, the
friendship will definitely crash and burn. Your friend did nothing wrong,
so you shouldn’t stop talking to her.
Good luck,
Gummy Bear
Dear Junior Girl,
It’s a difficult decision. Staying friends and keeping in contact
while he goes away to college would be the safe thing to do. It’s your
pursuit of happiness, if he can give you these feelings as a friend; it might
be worth trying to talk to him more and see how you feel about him then.
Find out what type of person he is before telling him how you feel, if he’s
the kind of person that makes things awkward once they know something
like this, you might want to keep it to yourself.
I know it’s difficult,
Gummy Bear
Dear Gummy Bear,
I’m a senior and I have a freshman crushing on me. He’s so sweet.
He always tells me he loves me and he always gives me a rose, but I
don’t want to be his girlfriend, but that’s what he always asks me when he
gives me a rose. I only want to be his friend. How do I let him know that
I only want to be his friend without hurting his feelings?
La Mas Deseada
Dear La Mas Deseada,
The best way to get him to stop asking you out is to have a talk
with him about it. The age difference is too much, besides that, if you’re
18, it’s illegal. You need to make it clear that he is a good friend, but you
don’t want to go out with him. If he doesn’t stop, you might need to be
clearer about it, and possibly stop talking to him, at least until he gets the
Some would love to have your problem,
Gummy Bear
AP Spanish
AP Biology and
AP Physics
Dear Love, Dance, and Shy,
If you don’t know the guy well enough to know whether or not he
has a girlfriend, I’d say that you don’t know him well enough to “love”
him. If he doesn’t pay attention to you then he probably doesn’t know
you like him. Get to know him better, and then you can make a more informed decision of whether or not to tell him you like him. Don’t ask him
to be your boyfriend because if he doesn’t pay attention to you now, he
won’t pay attention to you then, even if he says yes. Just wait a bit, and
see if things improve.
Gummy Bear questions continued on You’re not alone,
page 5
Gummy Bear
May/June 2012
AP Chemistry
AP Psychology
Dear Gummy Bear,
I have a problem with the guy I have a crush on. I don’t know
if he loves me like I love him. I feel shy asking him to be my boyfriend
especially in front of his friends or even worse if he has a girlfriend. He
knows that I stay after school to dance, but he doesn’t pay attention to
me. What should I do?
Love, Dance, and Shy
AP Calculus
16 AP Language
Physics Field
trip to Six
Memorial Day
No school
AP European
AP US History
AP Spanish
Spring Dance
Showcase @ 7
Senior Exit
Modified Day
Senior Showcase
Senior Awards @
GFHS Theater
Legacy Awards
Page 4
17 AP Macroeco-
Senior Exit
Modified Day
AP English
and Composition
AP Statistics
AP Government
What website do Godinez
Grizzlies use most?
Student STRESS on
upcoming AP exams!
Students not stressed
Students very stressed
Students somewhat
Taken from a poll of 100 Godinez Grizzlies
Gummy Bear Continued...
Taken from a poll of
100 Godinez Grizzlies
Dear Gummy Bear,
I am currently a junior and in all my
17 years of life, I have never had a girlfriend
or anyone that I liked. So some weeks ago
I wrote a letter to a girl I liked and gave her
time to answer back whenever she was ready.
Naturally since this was my first attempt to get
a girl to like me, I was confused. The problem
is that she hasn’t said anything yet and we
have started talking less to each other. Since
she doesn’t talk to me anymore I can’t help but
thinking she loves someone else. So should
I become the best friend that supports her, or
should I fight for her affection?
Dear Trying,
What’s meant to be will find a way,
I’m sorry that your first attempt played out
this way, but they won’t always. If you fight
for her affection, you’ll always be fighting. I
can tell you really care about her just by your
note, but maybe there’s someone whose pining
for your affection and you just can’t see them
because you’re too focused on this girl.
You never know,
Gummy Bear
Dear Gummy Bear,
My parents are broke and so am I but I
REALLY want to go to Prom. What can I do?
Too broke for Prom
Dear Too Broke,
The GBear is here for you! See the article below and on page 2 for wonderful ideas
that won’t break your wallet.
Good luck!
Inexpensive Prom Ideas
Worrying about spending too much money for a dress?
You can dress for less and look your best by considering buying
or renting a dress on the following websites.
Lending is the most recommended website
because you can wear a thousand dollar dress by renting it for
$200 or less. They also provide free shipping and dry cleaning.
The website carries a variety of current designers and styles. If
you want to stand out from the crowd, rent or buy a dress from
this website. carries many prom dresses for $100 or
less. They also have free shipping and returns if it doesn’t fit. And
if you don’t want to ship it back, you can return it directly to the
Try also these stores: Forever 21, Davids Bridal and Macys. These stores also offer a variety of inexpensive dresses.
Lastly Prom is not only about the outfit, but about dinner. Some
cheap ideas include: gathering a couple of friends and agree to
pitch in money for a Chinese food. Also, you can always agree
on having a potluck as well. Aim for bargain and hope these tips
Pictures from
the April 20th
Prom Fashion
Show at lunch.
(Photos by Eduardo Araujo)
Volume 3, Issue 5
Wild for Wings
Garlic. Overall, we were left full and felt
that the wings did what they intended to
do, which was to hit the spot.
To ease the spiciness of the
wings, I suggest trying one of the
lemonades including berry, mango, and
huckleberry, which are priced at $0.99.
Lemonade is not only what they offer
though the best. The also offer refreshing
ice tea and a variety of soft drinks.
The notorious and newly anticipated
Along with wings, tasty side
Buffalo Wild Wings has come to The
dished answer what you crave. Including
Outlets in Orange. Buffalo Wild Wings
potato wedges, onion rings, and buffalo
has created the ultimate of diversity
chips, which are all priced at $0.99.
of flavors offering over 14 different
The price is really low for something so
seasonings and sauces to feed what you
Don’t be fooled by the infamous
The Outlets have had its
name, Buffalo Wild Wings also offers a
variety of hamburgers to savory salads.
reputation of popularity at GFHS and
These savory burgers begin at $9.99,
Buffalo Wild Wings has become a new
addition to the variety of restaurants that but are well worth the money spent due
to the fact of the size and quality of the
The Outlets have to offer. Deciding to
eat at Buffalo Wild Wings is a choice
burger. The salads are priced at $9.00
well made, that stands out from the rest. but include pieces of chicken sprinkled
During the weekdays, Buffalo
all over the salad and other unique ways
Wild Wings offers two different promos. to make a salad even better.
Including, Wing Tuesdays pricing
Buffalo Wild Wings has
the wings at 55 cents and Boneless
impressed my friends and I and have left
us craving for more. If you’re looking to
Thursdays pricing them at 65 cents.
This gives everyone the opportunity
find the most savory and mouth watering
to enjoy the delectable wings that this
wings, Buffalo Wild Wings is definitely
establishment has to offer.
the restaurant.
Enjoying wings with friends
is no mistake. I recently had the
opportunity to dine at Buffalo Wild
Wings with Jonathan Alvarez, Jay
Jimenez, Gissel Segovia, and Brian
Linzaga where we ordered over sixty
wings and separated by 5 different wing
flavors. These flavors included Parmesan
Garlic, Sweet BBQ, Mild, and Spicy
(Photos courtesy of Buffalo Wild Wings)
Formula Drift
Earlier in in the month of April, the city of Long
Beach had to close streets to participate in an action
packed weekend of cars, drifting, and...[drum roll]
explosions! Introducing: Formula Drift.
With more than 60 drivers competing, this two-day
thriller can be renown as
not your ordinary race since
judging is all based on style
and speed.
Formula Drift has the most
diversity of age, gender and
race in the driving field. It
is the first drifting championship to be filmed and featured in 3-D, and is the first drifting championship in
the world to be sponsored by non-endemic companies
such as EA Games, according to F.D.’s website.
“It is really loud and smells like burnt rubber but
it’s awesome see all the action close,” said Conrad
Mostiller, a resident of the Long Beach community and
neighbor to the race.
Hundreds of cheering fans enthralled with excitement
while gushing on various sports drinks stood
at the sidelines. “I wish
I could have gone!,”
said Chris Reyes,
junior, “The adrenaline
you get when watching
a drift race is like no
other. It’s really one of
a kind.”
(Photos courtesy of Jamilah Hosan)
Once you get over the outrageous setting, you will find that Lockout
is filled with lots of incredible actionpacked scenes. Directors James Mather
and Stephen St. Leger do an excellent
job of keeping up the pace of the story.
In the future, 60 years to be
exact, the United States has built a
maximum-security prison in space. But
of course trouble arises, and the inmates have taken over. The only person
who can handle the situation is exgovernment agent, Marion Snow, who
was wrongly convicted of a crime and
now he must complete this mission to
gain his freedom. Snow agrees and he
embarks on the mission to save Emilie
Warnock, the President’s daughter, who
is stuck in the prison and held captive by
the prisoners.
Although on the surface this film
comes off as a typical action film, it is
Page 6
sure to keep you engaged and your eyes
will be glued to the screen. The visuals and action that plays out during the
course of film are pretty amazing.
Aside from the action, there is
undeniable chemistry between the character of Marion Snow and Emilie. Snow
and Emilie are the typical bad boy meets
good girl relationship. They are complete opposites of each other, yet they
make it work and they team up together
to get out of a dangerous situation.
Lockout is visually stunning and
the action sequences are truly out of this
world. Although this flick may not have
you at the edge of your seat, it is still
enjoyable. If sci-fi is your thing and you
are looking to see a great action film,
Lockout is it. I gave it a 3 out of 4 stars.
V for The Voice
Volume 3, Issue 5
No Ordinary BBQ
Imagine a singing
competition in which the contestants
are judged on their voice, without
being seen by the judges? That is
exactly what is established on the
television show, The Voice.
The show was first aired last
year and its ratings have been rivaled
by other singing competitions such
as American Idol and The X Factor.
The contest consists of three
main parts: the blind audition, a
battle phase and live performance
shows. The blind audition is simple:
participants select a song to sing in
front of four judges. The judges are
seated in chairs that face the opposite
direction of the competitor, so that
their judgment is not based upon
appearance, but the quality of their
The judging panel consists of
famous singers: Christina Aguilera,
Cee Lo Green, Blake Shelton and
Adam Levine. Each coach selects
12 singers to have on their “team,”
which leads into the next part, the
battle round.
During the battle rounds,
the coaches choose two singers to
compete against one another with
preselected sounds. The coach then
has to choose which contestant gets
to advance to the live performances.
The live performances give the
singers the chance to express
their individuality and power as a
performer. They select their own
song and have the freedom to select
how they choose to perform the song.
At the end of the live performances,
singers are eliminated according to
votes submitted by viewers.
Season two of The Voice
began airing February 5th, 2012,
following Super Bowl XLVI. Much
like the previous season, it has not
disappointed. When it premiered it
is estimated to have about 17 million
viewers, which is six million more
than last year. Many famous songs
have been performed on The Voice,
which makes the show even more
interesting. What is even more
exciting, the singers tend to put their
own spin on the tracks, making it
truly their own and adding their own
style of singing to it. One of the most
unique spins I’ve seen is by Lindsey
Pavao, a contestant on season two.
She made her own classy, slow style
to Trey Songz, “Say Aah.” Another
favorite of mine, Jesse Campbell,
made the performance of Beyoncé’s,
Halo, her own. Sadly though, she
was eliminated by Christina Aguilera
and was sent home.
Overall, the new season has
appeared to receive only positive
reviews, and even as a viewer myself
I see much potential in a third season
to air. Many diverse types of music
are culminated into one, and with
each performance grow the question,
“Who will win this time?”
Goodbye Thunder
Walking into Lucille’s Smokehouse BarB-Que is like walking right into a Southern
BBQ paradise. Located on the corner of
Chapman Ave and Lewis in Orange sits
a restaurant that takes you from the OC
straight into the hardy South.
Right as you walk in, an aroma of BBQ
ribs, freshly made corn bread, and southern
hospitality takes over your senses. My partner and I were shortly seated on the outside patio where the sun was just
about ready to set and our waiter, Dakota, came to take our drink orders.
When our drinks came we couldn’t help but notice the unique décor.
Instead of regular old cups, Dakota came out with jars filled with the
drink of our choice, pink lemonade and sweet tea garnished with a mint
leaf. Shortly after, Dakota brought out some of their famous sweet rolls
with a sweet cinnamon butter. The rolls were just the right temperature
and with the cinnamon butter it melted in your mouth.
As we began to eat the rolls, we were
surprised to find so many options to choose from
on the menu. The menu’s sides vary from macaroni
and cheese to cole slaw and corn bread. As the sun
set and the BBQ smoke filled our lungs, Dakota
walked toward us with two enormous plates.
One of the plates held my BBQ chicken sandwich
with macaroni and cheese; the other contained my
friend’s BBQ brisket sandwich with French fries
and a pickle. What we had thought were bottles
of decoration, were in fact bottles filled with their
famous BBQ sauce. The flavors were like no other. We
quickly fell in love as our taste buds exploded and the
hardy south was taken from the framed pictures on the
walls and into our mouths.
After dining and conversating, Dakota brought two
damp, warm towels. Wiping down the BBQ from our
faces with the towels we couldn’t help but compliment
their excellent customer service and food.
This home-style southern BBQ restaurant would be
a perfect place to bring family, friends, and even that special someone.
The welcoming feel, delicious food, and decorative space, is really worth
the money spent. The total bill of a BBQ chicken sandwich with macaroni and cheese, Texas style beef brisket sandwich with potato fries,
pink lemonade, sweet tea, with complimentary rolls came to $30.87. The
southern hospitality really makes you feel welcomed and guarantees a
dining experience like no other.
(Photos courtesy of Danielle Flores)
The cardio room, room
1-124 is now open to both
students and staff, Monday
through Thursday from 3 p.m.
to 4 p.m.
The idea was proposed
to Mr. Rankin by 2 students
and was then offered to both
Ms. Lisa Treen and Ms. Sara
Henderson. “This is a great
and healthy way students can spend time after school; and it’s
awesome that the amount of members keeps growing,” said
Henderson .
Take advantage of this opportunity, gym memberships
are pricy, ranging from $25 a month and charging an extra start
up fee from $100 and up.
Since summer is just around the corner and some
Grizzlies would like to lose those extra pounds to get their ideal
summer body, but don’t know what to do or how to get started.
Here are some helpful suggestions:
- Find a workout buddy
- Don’t skip meals, eat small healthy portions throughout the day
- Drink plenty of water
- Eat lots of fruits &
- And lastly, aim for
workouts at least 3 times a
week by using the cardio room.
Journalism working out as they wait for the next newspaper to be published.
(Photos courtesy of Daniel Bernal)
Page 7
Volume 3, Issue 5
Athletes of the Month April
Michael Rojas: “It feels good to get Athlete of the
Month. I worked hard and got results, no excuses. I feel
like I achieved something.”
Selina Prawl: “I felt important when I got Athlete of
the Month. I feel accomplished; being recognized as a
cheerleader feels good.”
Dolores Portillo: “Receiving Athlete of the Month is an indescribable feeling. I
was really surprised because on our team there is not just one great player but
rather one great team.”
Cirenio Gonzalez: “It’s a great feeling to know you’re appreciated. Yolo. The team is my family and swimmers like Colleen Sloan and Lan Tran are my motivation. It’s awesome to
be in CIF consideration and after I’m going to Shakey’s.”
Lan Tran: “I’ve been swimming since I was five. I was surprised receiving Athlete of the Month because I’ve only been here for a short
time. I like keeping busy so balancing my AP classes and swimming forces me
to complete all my work quickly. I look forward to CIF but I try not to take the
compliments to my head; I appreciate them.”
Jose Loredo: “All the hard work paid off. Tennis isn’t known but it’s fun. My
team and I are making school history.”
Kenia Torres: “I felt very successful because I
worked really hard. This is my third Athlete of the
Month in total. I’ve become the fastest girl on the
team and I’m excited for CIF.”
Vicente Robles: “Vicente is becoming the best that
he can be, he has set personal goals and objectives
for both academics and sports,” Coach Payan said.
Zachary Huizar: “I took a lot of pride in receiving
Athlete of the Month because I felt recognized by my
coach. Doing my job as captain makes me feel mature
for a 16 year old. I credit the team for my accomplishment because they’ve respected me as a captain. I’ve
worked hard and played harder.”
(Photos courtesy of Monica Molina)
Real Athletes Run,
Just Play
The heat. The wind.
The crowd. The finish
line. Those are the things
that the GFHS track team
members notice the most
while running. Running
as fast as possible without ever looking back.
And for a moment, leaving everything behind.
Stamina is a seven letter word that the boys and girls on the
GFHS track team are very familiar with. With tough practices and a
tight schedule, the team focuses on becoming stronger mentally and
physically at every practice.
There are fifteen events in each division: 100 meters, 200
meters, 400 meters, 800 meters, 1600 meters, 3200 meters, 100/110
meters Hurdles, 300 meters Hurdles, 4x100 meters Relay, 4x400
meters Relay, Long Jump, Triple Jump, High Jump, Shot Put and
Being part of the track team, there are many challenges to
overcome, whether you are a runner, thrower, or hurdler. So far, the
boys and girls in the track team have performed great. In order for
our track team to continue doing great, they have to work hard everyday. A Grizzly Junior, John Olivares said, “I joined track because
I wanted to be a part of something
big, like track and field. It takes
practice, lots of it. Six days a week.
That’s the key factor in why we’re
so good at what we do.” Thus, the
team has steadily been becoming
better throughout this year.
Sadly, some of the efforts
put in by the track team are not
recognized accordingly.“If I could
change anything about track it
would be the attention that each
event gets. As a thrower, we usually
help with earning the team many points, and it would be great to be
recognized,” says Olivares.
However, so far, it is known that at least 10 runners will go to CIF.
And in the past three years the team has had school records broken.
The track teams have also been noteworthy at Godinez for its rapid
growth and tremendous achievements.
(Godinez Head Track Coach)
(Track photos courtesy of Fara Rodriguez)
Page 8
Baseball & Softball at GFHS
It was the last inning on Monday, April
16th and the Godinez Varsity baseball team against
Saddleback was down 6-8. The crowd was tense
when senior Raul Rodriguez went up to bat. With
juniors Michael Rojas on first and Robert Morales
on third the team had a chance to take the game.The
stands were quiet when the pitch was released and
Rodriguez hit the ball into left field and into Saddleback’s third baseman’s mitt, concluding the game.
When asked how he felt about the game
(Photo courtesy of Jocelyn Alvarado)
Rodriguez answered, “ Well I’m disappointed. I know we could have won that game.”
Although they lost the game against Saddleback, with an ending score of 6-8, redemption was sweet for the boys when they beat Costa Mesa the next day.
The team started off the game with an early lead with senior Isaiah Valencia
hitting a double and scoring two runs. The ending score was 5-1, but this wasn’t the only
dramatic highlight.
During the sixth inning one of the Costa Mesa coaches was thrown out of the
game due to his overreaction over an official umpire decision. The coach was seen
throwing his hands up in a frenzy and screaming rude remarks toward the referee.
However, the team was not fazed by the unruliness of the coach and kept on
playing. Head coach Luke MacLennan said, “We want our guys to be able to play
proudly and aggressively. Raul Rodriguez played very well today with good defense and
pitching strikes.”
Lastly, junior Brian Hernandez says, “Every game motivates us to strive for
more. To play a better game.” With the team’s overall standing of 4-4 and Hernandez’s
attitude, there is no doubt that the Godinez Varsity baseball team can achieve greatness.
The Grizzly Varsity softball team dominated
over Laguna Beach at their home game last Tuesday
April 17th having to end the game early with a score
of 13-3.
Junior Dolores “Dori” Portillo pitched an
excellent game getting five strikeouts in five innings.
According to Portillo, the win over Laguna was
because, “Everyone worked together as a team and
nobody gave up when they made mistakes but most
importantly they didn’t lose faith in each other.”
The softball team is very much a family. It
was obvious that the team is supportive of one another.
The girls cheered each other on throughout the game.
Junior Marina Silva said, “I think the best thing about (Photo courtesy of Jocelyn Alvarado)
our team is our personalities. We are a team and stand
together like a family.”
The best play of the game was when junior catcher Rachel Parga threw the
perfect pass to Senior Samantha Plascencia at second base in order to get an out. Both
Marina Silva and Vanessa Palmer agreed that Parga is a great asset to the team.
With a league standing of three wins and no losses the lady Grizzlies are excited
at the chance of making it to CIF. Palmer stated, “ I’m looking forward to going all the
way and winning CIF.”