“It’s Gnocchi Time” 13th June 2014 volume 10 edition 17 Newsletter

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13th June 2014 volume 10 edition 17 Newsletter
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“It’s Gnocchi Time”
Gnocchi Reflections
In Italian class, it occasionally comes up that
we should make some Italian food. Last week
we made gnocchi di ricotta, or ricotta gnocchi.
Instead of simply explaining how to make the
gnocchi, Rocco
explained all the
steps in Italian. I
won’t deny it, it was
a bit of a challenge
to try and interpret
full sentences.
Overall our gnocchi
came out
wonderfully, so I can
only assume that we
followed the steps
Personally, I really
enjoyed this whole
experience because even if it did require us to
clean up and take responsibility for any mess,
being able to complete a task that I otherwise
couldn’t do is a real achievement for me.
Throughout the cooking process, Rocco asked
us to film ourselves saying Italian sentences
that related to what we were doing. For
example, I would say ‘Io aggiungo la farina’,
which means ‘I add the flour’, or ‘Questo e’,
200 grammi di ricotta fresca’, meaning ‘We
have 200 grams of fresh ricotta’. The best part
of making gnocchi last week, of course, was
tasting it. When we added our homemade
gnocchi with the special tomato sauce Rocco
had prepared, it all tasted amazing. Hopefully,
we can make more Italian food like this in the
The ricotta gnocchi we made was delicious! It
was just the way it was supposed to be, soft,
fluffy and yum. To make the gnocchi we
combined ricotta and egg in a bowl then slowly
added the other ingredients. Rocco gave us all
the instructions in Italian so we were able to
pick up a few extra words on the way such as
uovo which means egg. We also had to
document the cooking process so we had an
Ipad per group of three and we had to take
pictures and videos of us making gnocchi. We
also got extra marks if we said what we were
doing in Italian. It was great to see how to
make ricotta gnocchi because it is so quick
and easy to make and definitely something
that would be good to make at home. It’s also
great because it’s something that’s so
delicious that anyone will love it.
Last week in Lote as a reward for working well
and affectively in class we got to cook a
special Italian dish called gnocchi. In the
cooking lesson we got to pick our own groups
of 3 people, within our group were Enoh,
Kamil and Januar.
We listened to Rocco giving us instructions,
but he was only speaking Italian and we had
to translate what he had said. Even though we
struggled to understand Rocco we still
managed to understand enough to make it
work. During the time of us recording and
cooking we, had to
say at least five
sentences in Italian
witch wasn’t very
hard for us. We
think that we worked
fairly effectively in
the cooking class
and we managed to
make a tasty dish,
we hope to do
something like this
School grounds patrolled from 8:30am every morning
Due to traffic safety concerns, students are required to enter the school grounds when they
arrive, and not wait in Falconer Street.
13th June 2014 volume 10 edition 17 Newsletter
mark your calendar
with Rocco
again it was
very enjoyable
to try to figure
out what Rocco
was really
Last Day Term 2
Student Free Day
when Friday 27 June
where FHS
Pauline Rice
Finance Meeting
when Tuesday 17 June
where FHS
John Melia
School Council Meeting
when Thursday 19 June
where FHS
Pauline Rice
Enoh, Kamil
and Januar
21st of May my
class 8A got to
make ricotta
gnocchi or I
gnocchi di ricotta in this lesson our teacher and
the student teacher both only talked in Italian.
The purpose of this was to make us think about
the words and how most Italian words sound like
English ones. But it was also helpful how Rocco
did the action of each step so we could translate
In groups of
three, one
person would
be taking
pictures and
film the
required 5
sentences of
Italian for the
while the
other two of
the group
had their
hands full.
had to say Io mangio i gnocchi saying I’m eating
the gnocchi. But I think we should’ve said I’m
eating good gnocchi because it was.
This lesson was heaps better than a normal
Italian class. We all learnt how to make gnocchi
using only Italian to communicate with us.
Rocco, well done and thank you for the food.
Lorien C
VET Sport and Recreation
As part of the Workplace Safety unit in the Sport
and recreation course, students paid a visit to
the Medibank Icehouse in Docklands. The
management team provided information on
workplace and organisational policies and
procedures at the Icehouse. It proved to be a
very exciting and entertaining way for practical
application of the theory studied in class.
Fun was to be had by all!!! Yolanda just couldn’t
stop laughing at Famhi M’s attempts to remain
balanced on
his skates
whilst the
others put
Most of the
Torvill and
sentences we said were simple yet described
Dean to
our current
shame with
their skating
well. Things
like questo
e’, due
grammi di
meant we
have 200
grams of
fresh ricotta.
But of
course we
13th June 2014 volume 10 edition 17 Newsletter
This week in Jet
A trip for Year 9 to Deakin Edge Theatre at Fed
Square for Phunktional's performance of 'Who
Stole the Sole?', a Vic Legal Aid collaboration
which addresses issues around sexting and
Give Some Feedback on the
'Rosie' website and you could
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$30 iTunes voucher! By taking part, you will be
helping to build an exciting new website for
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Rosie. RosieRespect.org.au will be an online
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resources out there, helping you to navigate life’s
tricky situations.
Check out
and Stella
Jemma on
the panel.
Can you help please?
Families and friends of Fitzroy High School on
Sunday 22nd June the school is holding its
Tenth Year Anniversary Celebration Day. The
VCAL students will be creating a food based
Mandala and require donations in the form of
Suggested items include Rice, Carrots, Red &
Green Lentils, Dry Corn Kernels, Food dyes for
dying grain. Also Sand or Charcoal.
Really any colourful grains or food would assist
greatly. Please bring any donations to the Front
office where they will be collected daily by the
VCAL students. Thank you in anticipation.
Rainer Parker-Stebbing
13th June 2014 volume 10 edition 17 Newsletter
Student Free Day On Friday
June 27 (last day of Term 2)
On Friday June 27, the whole FHS staff will be
involved in a curriculum day. They will work on
the new performance and development
guidelines as well as completing a mandatory
three hour anaphylaxis training. VCE classes at
Collingwood will still go ahead as usual.
As always, if any families must send their children
to school on that day, please contact us so that we
can arrange an appropriate program for the
JUNE 30th
Thank you to the families who have
generously donated to the Building Fund
and Library Fund.
Donations received are tax deductible
and can be made to the general office
prior to June 30th to receive the
deductibility in this year’s tax returns.
If you are paying by Cheque could we
please ask that they be made out to
separate funds. Thank You.
Have you changed address,
telephone no’s or emergency
contacts lately?
Please don’t forget to contact the office with your
updated details as occasionally we need to
contact you if your child is unwell or injured
whilst at school. 9488 1900 or
[email protected]
We welcome community involvement and listed
below are some ways you can help out.
Donations of material such as
Hand tools
Colourful tiles for mosaics
Protective equipment
Building and landscaping materials
For occupational, health and safety reasons,
please ensure that all donations are in good
working order. To discuss your donation or ways
you might be able to help, please contact Penny
at [email protected]