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The sky within your reach...
For more information
For application and training dates or details
on the participation requirements for the recruitment exams,
please consult our website regularly:
Operating office:
Tervuursesteenweg 303
B-1820 Steenokkerzeel
If this is the job you are looking for, please study the following profile and requirements carefully in order to be able to
participate in the recruitment exams. If you pass these exams
successfully, you will be admitted to our training program.
• Belgian nationality or citizen of the European Union.
• Enjoy full civil and political rights.
• Comply with the conscription laws.
• At least be holder of a higher secondary school diploma or
equivalent. Holders of a higher degree are also welcome.
• Have a good knowledge of English.
• Be prepared to undergo a medical examination.
• Have the following qualities: motivation, perseverance,
stress resistant, teamplayer (24h/24), an aptitude for
analytical thinking, a good capacity of judgement, a sense
for synthesis as well as a high level of concentration.
Our centers of activity
become an
air traffic controller
Belgocontrol is an autonomous public company in charge of the
safety of air navigation in the civil airspace for which the Belgian
State is responsible. Its zone of activities extends from ground
level at the airports to 8,000 metres above Belgium and from
4,500 to 8,000 metres above the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.
Besides air traffic control services, we offer aeronautical and
­meteorological information, communication, navigation and
radar surveillance, as well as training of air traffic controllers.
Some 900 staff, of whom 400 are air traffic controllers, are active
at 6 sites, day and night, 365 days a year.
The job
Fascinating world of aviation
To become an Air Traffic Controller you need dedication and
professionalism. We will help you to achieve the required
high standards through an inhouse training scheme.
The Air Traffic Controller is the indispensable cornerstone
in the fascinating world of aviation to guarantee safe and
­efficient aviation services.
Challenging environment
To strengthen its strategic position within the quickly changing
European skies with constant air traffic growth, Belgocontrol
is looking for dynamic and responsible people eager to join its
ranks as air traffic controller (M/F) at the Control tower of
Brussels Airport, at one of the ATC Units of CANAC (Computer
Assisted National Air Traffic Control Center) in Steenokkerzeel,
or at the regional Tower and Approach Units of Antwerp, Ostend,
Liège or Charleroi Airports.
Using the latest display and communication technology,
the professional Air Traffic Controller lives in an active and
challenging environment where responsibility and professionalism are essential priorities.
Job satisfaction
Air Traffic Controllers enjoy a high level of job satisfaction and
benefit from an extremely flexible work schedule.
Moreover, employees of Belgocontrol receive at the time of
their permanent appointment very attractive salaries with an
outstanding social benefits scheme.
The overall training of air traffic controllers comprises two
First the Initial Training (qualification training) to become a
tower air traffic controller. Secondly the Rating Training to
become an approach or an en route air traffic controller.
Every phase consists of a theoretical, a practical and a unit
training and is subject to p
­ ermanent evaluation.
The training courses, conducted in English, will take 2 to 3
years. You will receive a salary from Day 1 of your training,
but final job security will only be granted to those who
­successfully complete the full training.
The courses are principally given in the Training center of
Belgocontrol in Steenokkerzeel. Dedicated instructors make
use of state-of-the-art training technology with tower and
radar simulators of the latest generation.
More possibilities ...
You can pursue your career by following specific courses that
will direct you to managerial functions in the ATS Operations
and ATS Strategy and Planning Departments, or to a career as
an instructor in the Training center or as a representative of
the company in international fora.
Belgocontrol also offers accommodation facilities, including
26 student rooms, a company restaurant and sports facilities.