Peconic River Riverhead, NY

Stand up Paddle Boards G Kayaks G Canoes
Peconic River
Riverhead, NY
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Registration at 7:00-8:30am (Peconic Waterfront)
Mission: To raise money to support United Way of Long Island VetsBuild - for veteran & military families on Long Island,
The Riverhead Foundation For Marine Research & Preservation and East End Tourism Alliance, all not for profit organizations
Race Course Features:
Elite Long Course 12 Mile - For experienced paddlers
Competitive Course 5 Mile
Recreational Course 2.5 Mile - Fun race for all skill levels!
Win a 9ft
W12’6inCalia(racSe boUarPd)!
$10 Raffle
$10 Raffle
For more info visit or call Jim from Peconic Paddler at 631.727.9895.
Supporting: United Way of Long Island VetsBuild • Riverhead Foundation • East End Tourism Alliance
7:00-8:30 AM
Peconic River
Riverhead, NY
BOAT / SUP Category
Elite Class Unlimited
Unlimited / Anything goes
Any Kayak / Outrigger Canoe
Two Person Kayak or Canoe
12' 6" & under
Over 12' 6"
Race time 9:15
Race time
Youth 13-17
Adult 18-49
Senior 50+
Race time
Kids 12 & under SUP
150 yard sprint - $15.00
 
Race time 10:15
Registration Information / FEES
Early (Prior to 6/1/15) - $35.00/pp
Late (6/2/15 - 7/11/15) - $50/pp
Day of event - $65.00/pp
 
 
Recreational Class Kayak
Up to 16' (sit in/sit on)
Sea Kayak
Any Kayak 18’ & under
Please make check payable to:
East End Tourism Alliance
Mail to:
Long Island Aquarium
431 East Main Street
Riverhead, NY 11901
*Identification is required to check-in
For all questions not answered
on our website, please contact
Jim from Peconic Paddler:
(631) 727-9895
Race time 9:30
Unlimited Kayak
Any Kayak over 18’
(Includes Surf Ski)
Mixed Double
Canoe/kayak (17' max)
Medals will be given to all 1st place winners
in each category for each class and distance.
In the event of severe weather, race will be held on July 19, 2015.
Race time 9:30
Race time 10:15
(All ages/any mix)
Rental canoes/kayaks available (Fee - $40.00)
Race course features: Recreational / Competitive / Elite
2.5 mile race is for recreational
5 mile race is for serious competitor
12 mile race is for the elite competitor
Life vests (PFD) are required on craft. All participants must wear PFD (personal floatation device) during race. Must provide your own.
First Name______________________________________Last_________________________________Shirt Size_________
St. Address _________________________________________City______________________________________________
Name (2nd Paddler)_____________________________________________________________________Age_________
Emergency Contact_________________________________________________Phone___________________________
Release: I realize that every time I leave shore in a small boat, I am a potential drowning victim. In addition, there is the possibility of injury from many things, including
unseen obstacles, weather, current, waves, insects and other boaters. Human powered water craft require physical effort which can at times, be heavy, including:
lifting, pulling and possibly prolonged exertion in adverse conditions. In signing this release, I indicate my understanding of the risks involved with activities involving
human powered water craft and agree to take full responsibility for my physical condition, actions and safety.
NOW THEREFORE INTENDING TO BE LEGALLY BOUND, I DO WAIVE FOR myself, my heirs and assigns and for anyone else whomsoever Claiming through me, my right
to sue or in any other way to attempt to hold responsible the RHF, United Way, EETA, its officers any so-called “race organizers” Or “coordinators” or any of my fellow
paddlers, for any mishaps to my person or my equipment , other than that which is due to the willful and malicious action of the individual against whom I claim relief.
Signature ______________________________________ Date _____/_____/______
Signature ______________________________________ Date _____/_____/______
(mixed doubles)
or Parent or Guardian