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The Development of minecraft in 2013
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The Minecrafter
Realms goes Beta
Minecraft Realms is now available, in Beta version, in Sweden on PC. It will also be available
for those who went to Minecon 2013 and got a
Realms pre-paid gift card.
Minecraft Realms has
been available for quite
some time for a selected
group of people but now
Mojang launched the Beta
version. It is available in
Sweden. The difference
between a normal server
and Minecraft Realms is
that Realms is the official Minecraft server made
by Mojang and requires a
minimal set up. It is also
easy to manage.
Once you have bought a
Realm for €10 for 30 days,
€26 for 90 days or €46 for
180 days you can invite your friends and start
playing. The amount of
players that can be online at the same time is 10
but you can invite up to 20
people. The world is backed up sometimes so if something goes wrong with
the world or you just want
to rewind it you can do so
by restoring it from a previous backup.
Minecraft Realms will be
released in other countries during 2014. The time
table for this has not yet
been released by Mojang.
Hopefully, it will be soon,
since it seems like Minecraft Realms is on it’s way
to being a complete and
simple server service.
A Realm has a few finished worlds that you can
load in and play on with
your friends, a few of those
are Spellbound Caves by
Vechs, Blocks vs Zombies
by SethBling and Dash of
Doom by Dragnoz. There
is no feature, at the moment to upload worlds to
the server, but that would
be a cool feature to have.
What do the community
think of Minecraft Realms?
”I think it’s good, it’s more
easy then other servers.
It is not that expensive
either. m curious to see
what will come during the
Beta and after it. A good
feature to have would be
to be able to upload your
own worlds to a Realm.
Also, if you know about
servers, it would be good
if you could have more
possibilities to edit the
”It’s good, but it would be
cool if you had more options on the server.”
”I like it, but an option
to add your own worlds
would make it even better”.
The Minecrafter
Minecraft Snapshots
Snapshot 14w02
A new Minecraft snapshot was released a while ago which contained both Survival- and
Adventure mode updates.
The very first snapshot of
2014 contains a few new
and cool changes.
A slime block
has been added which, when
throws you back
up in the air until you af-
ter a while of jumping puts
you safely on the ground.
Three new stone blocks
have also been added.
The enchanting and repairing process has been
stack, villager trading has
been updated and you are
able to craft mossy stone
bricks. It also says that
there are some secret features added
to the game, it will
be interesting to see
what those are.
Snapshot 14w04
New commands added!
The 14w03 snapshot contains
a few new commands. You
can now chose how a player
should be rotated when teleported. A fill command was
added allowing you to fill areas with blocks. The last command that was added was
the clone command which
allowes you to copy areas of
blocks to another area. There
were also some bug fixes in
this snapshot.
The Minecrafter
For Adventure mode
they added
new commands, but they also
changed so you are no
longer able to destroy or
place blocks. But it seems
like that can be changes
by the creator of the map
if they would like a specific block to be able
to be placed or destroyed.
snapshot there are
a bunch of new
survival features
added and some
new commands.
Villager trading and
AI has been updated
a lot now. Villagers
now have different
professions such as
leatherworker and
armorer and there
are different types
of trades because
of that. Also, a lot of
the villager trades
are better.
Buttons are able to
be placed on the ceilling or on the floor,
bushes are able to
catch fire and more
changes were added.
Twitch Broadcasting
You are now able to
broadcast directly from
Minecraft to Twitch on
Windows Vista and higher and Mac OS X 10.7
and higher.
The only thing you need
to do for it to work is to
have a Twitch account
and connect it to your Mojang account by logging in
on Mojangs website with
your Minecraft account
and then allowing Twitch
update for
An update for Minecraft Pocket Edition was
released in December.
The new update has a lot
of new changes and stuff
added. Such as increased
view distance, minecarts,
new blocks, new foods,
more intelligent mobs and
much more. You can find
the Pocket Edition of Minecraft on the App Store,
Google Play and Amazon.
access. When you have
done that you can log into
Minecraft and click a button to start live streaming
to Twitch. You also have
an option to pause your
stream by the click of a
button. When the stream
is paused a Twitch icon
appears instead of the Minecraft game screen and
your microphone is muted, you can then unpause the stream by clicking
the same button again.
1.7.4 PC Update
The live stream can be
stopped any time by pressing the button you started the live stream with.
There is also a function
available for Twitch partners were you can play
An update for the PC
version was released in Minecraft has now sold
over 10 million of the
Xbox version and over 1
The PC update for Mine- million of the PS3 vercraft includes the integrated sion and over 10 million
Twitch Broadcasting featu- of the Pocket Edition and
re, fixing the render distan- nearly 14 million of the
ces over 8 and also many PC version.
bugs have been fixed. So
this is mostly a bug fix up- Every day about 20 000
date exept for the Twitch more are buying the PC
broadcasting feature which version.
will be an incredible feature
for people who want to livestream easy and maybe
try out livestreaming for the
first time.
The Minecrafter
Minecraft on
Playstation 3
Minecraft is now available on Playstation 3,
it will also be available
on Playstation 4 and
Playstation Vita soon.
Minecraft has been on
the Xbox 360 for quite
sometime now but it is
now out on Playstation
3 too.
The price for it is €18.99
or $19.99 or £12.99. If
you are not sure if you
should buy it or not, you
can try it. There is a free
trial version you can
download and try.
There are lots of awesome and cool features
in the PS3 version such
as split-screen for four
players, Creative and
Survival mode and also
support for 8 players on
multiplayer. There are
also few trophies that
you can get by playing.
Holiday Skin
The Minecraft Skin Studio
app for smartphones had a
competition for holiday skins
where the winners could win
cool prices.
For more information about
the winners and the skins
that they made, go to the
Mojang website.
Volume Beta
C418 released a new Minecraft music album called
Volume Beta. The album
contains 30 songs and has
a total running time of 140
The Development of Minecraft in 2013
During the year of 2013
a lot has happened
around Minecraft. Here
is a summery of the year
2013 with Minecraft.
Some of the big updates
that came to Minecraft in
2013 were horses, new
biomes, new achievements, name tags, new
items and new blocks. A
The Minecrafter
new launcher was also
developed for Minecraft.
Now you can have different profiles to log in with
and more easily get access to snapshots.
To play Minecraft in 2013
has been fun. But now a
new year has started and
we look forward to another
year with awesome events
and cool new stuff in Minecraft. Thanks for an awesome year, and happy new
Mega Walls
The Walls has been on
the Hypixel server for a
while now, but now there is a new version of
The Walls on a bigger
scale and with more
players. It’s called Mega
There are currently five
classes that you can play
as, the classes are Skeleton, Zombie, Creeper,
Enderman and Herobrine. But Enderman and
Herobrine are only available for VIP players.
The objective for Mega
Walls is to kill the other
teams Withers. When
a teams Wither is killed
players of that team will
not respawn when they
There are however three
classes that are coming
soon, thoose are ”Necromancer”, ”Shaman” and
”Arcanist” and behind
all those name it says
The lobby fits 100 players and there is no lack
of resourses such as iron
and coal. There are diamonds too, but they are
very rare. There is also a
few acheivments that you
can earn.
Hypixel Server Adress:
The Minecrafter
The Hive updates
The Hive recently released a new minigame
and two more are coming soon.
The Hive server has been
updated a lot during December. With the removal
of the ”silent hub” and the
adding of hubs for players
without premium.
The minigame Cranked was released a while ago. But in the end of
December a new mini
game Cowboys and Indians was launched. The
goal in the minigame is to
capture the leader of the
other team.
Two other minigames seems to be coming in a near
future. It currently says
”coming soon” on both
Scavenger and Frostbite.
The minigame Scavenger
looks like it will have something to do with soldiers, and probably warfare
since it says ”Your time
has come, soldier”. To figure out what Frostbite
will be about is more difficult, it only says is ”Brace Yourselves.” Hopefully
Frostbite and Scavanger will be released soon.
New shops have been
opened too, and also a
wardrobe. However, the
wardrobe is only available
for premium players.
The Hive Server Adress:
Mineplex had a
MiniGame for Christmas
The Mineplex server
had a minigame called
Santa Claus: Christmas
chaos were the objective was to defend Santa
from all sorts of different dangers and collect
smaller Zombies, which
can be quite annoying.
blocks and trying not to
fall down.
There was also a boss
at the end, the ”Pumpkin
King” appears and you
need to defeat him while jumping on the right
Unfortunately the mini
game has been removed
now, but it was fun as long
at is was available.
The game started with
that you needed to dig out
a wall for Santa to be able
to continue, then do parkour to find presents, then
kill a giant Zombie while
being attacked by a lot of
The Minecrafter
Mineplex Server Adress:
Stockholm in
A project called Blockholm started a few months ago. There
people could re-build Stockholm in Minecraft. 10 of the builds
would be displayed in Minecraft blocks in real life. The project
has now ended and winners are being chosen.
The way the map of
Blockholm was created
was that the world itself is
generated from the exact
land data of Stockholm.
So the plots that people
can build on actually exists in real life, but all the
buildings are gone. There were around 100 000
plots that players were
able to build on.
Anyone could participate in the project, the only
thing you needed was a
Minecraft account and
then it was just to log in to
the server and start building.
The way that Blockholm
worked was that you got
a plot the first time you
logged in to the server
and you could build on it.
When you had finished
building your build you
could register it on the
Blockholm website. By
doing so your build could
have a chance of being
displayed on a big scale
in real life.
They launched different
parts of Blockholm at different times, so when the
first part was finished, Old
Town, a new part was release and so on. People
who had built there got
new plots in a new part of
From the March 6th, the
builds of 10 winners will
be dispalyed, in real life,
on a scale of 1:5 at the
Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design in
The Minecrafter
We have interviewed Rymdnisse who creates Minecraft
animations and uploads them to his YouTube channel where
he has more then 6 800 subscribers. The questions we asked
him is about his YouTube channel and animations, but also
some Minecraft releated questions.
How did you get started
with YouTube and animations?
– I first got started with
YouTube with some of
my friends when we
made let’s plays of Minecraft and uploaded them
to YouTube, that was not
on my current channel
I later got started with
animations when I saw
the Minecraft parody
”Revenge” by CaptainSparklez and got inspired
to create my own animations. So I downloaded a
animation software called Blender and started
to learn how to do animations..
What software do you
use to animate?
– The software I use to
animate is called Blender.
The Minecrafter
What do you think is
the best part about animating Minecraft?
– For me the animating process is a really
fun part and then when
see the result that I have
spent hours of work on
Which one of your videos do you think is the
– It will always be the
most recent one. It’s a
part of creating videos,
you see how you become
better and learn as new
videos are being created.
Do you have any tips
for people starting to
– The first thing you need
to is to do is to get a good
animating software, just
because it doesn’t cost
money does not mean it
is a bad software.
Blender is a good and
free software for animating, that is the software
that I would recommend.
But it doesn’t really matter what software you get
as long as it’s working for
If you were to add one
thing into Minecraft,
what would it be?
– Cutscenes would be
cool thing. That would be
really good and useful
for custom maps.
Do you have any plans
on creating more Minecraft parodies?
– Yes, I will probably
start working on a new
one in a few weeks.
Rymdnisse’s YouTube