Sierra College Campus WiFi Network  ­ FAQ version 1.4   

 Sierra College Campus WiFi Network ­ FAQ version 1.4 Q – What is the Network Key? A ‐ The Network Key is 1234567890. It is used to authenticate your laptop/device into the “Sierra_Public” wireless network. You will be prompted to enter this key the first time you try and connect to the Sierra College Wireless Network. Q ­ What has changed about the Sierra Wireless Network? A – The wireless network has expanded to cover a much larger percentage of all four Sierra College campuses using your MySierra sign‐on from any campus location. You can find maps of the targeted coverage areas on the Sierra College web site at Q – How do I get access to the service? 1. Students need to pay $10 for their ASSC sticker before they can apply for a wireless account. 2. Students will order/pay for the sticker online ( 3. Students will take the sticker (once received in the mail) OR the printed receipt from the online purchase and bring that to Campus Life located in room J‐7 of the Campus Center, or by calling (916) 660‐7380. 4. Fill out the wireless application and wait for account to be activated.  Note – Dorm Students should contact the Residence Hall office for wireless access. Q – What do I use for my log in name and password? A – Students use the same log in name and password that they use for their MySierra Log in credentials, however, the student accounts must have been enabled through Sierra College Campus Life office Q – How do I setup my wireless network connection? A – The setup will vary slightly depending what system you use to connect to the Sierra Wireless Network: General Requirements ‐ Check to assure that your device is using an 802.11b/g/n compatible device and that it supports the WPA and WPA2 encryption standards (see manufacturer specifications). Windows laptops/Windows Mobile – If you are within the designated WiFi coverage areas, then within your wireless network settings (“View Wireless Networks”) you will see three wireless network SSIDs; Sierra_Secure, Sierra_Public, and Sierra_Guest. To see the networks from Windows XP click “Start”, “Connect To”, right‐click on “Wireless Network Connection”, and then select “View Wireless Networks”. 
Personally owned wireless computers – Students are required to use the “Sierra_Public” network, and required to enter a network key on the first log in attempt. Use 1234567890 as the network key. You will be prompted for your MySierra log in name and password when the web browser is launched. Note: In some cases if your computer does not auto‐detect security settings you may have to configure the settings on your wireless network card properties to set Authentication=WPA2 if it does not connect automatically. You can check this in Windows XP by clicking “Start”, “Connect To”, right‐click on “Properties”, and then selecting the “Sierra_Public” and “Properties” as shown in the two windows below. Within the Sierra_Public wireless network properties window (shown below) assure that your system is set to WPA‐2 (WPA also supported) authentication and data encryption AES as shown below. Please note that these screens and specific method to change settings will vary on various computers depending upon many factors, but typically if you can configure for these settings within your environment you should connect easily. Q – What devices are supported on the Sierra Wireless Network? A ‐ All systems that meet the General Requirements from above should work. Mac laptops or computers – We are still in beta test mode with Apple laptops and computers. Please keep checking the website for updates. Handheld/ Mobile/Smart Phones – We have confirmed that Apple iPhones and iTouch WiFi access works with our supported standards. We are still in beta test mode with other various handheld devices and smart phones. Please keep checking the website for the FAQ updates. Q – What do I do if I still cannot get access through the Sierra Wireless Network? A – Students should contact the Campus Life office to assure your account has been activated and/or to report system outages or problems. Necessary settings for your computer are stated in this FAQ. Configuration questions for settings specific to your computer should be directed to your computer or wireless card/device manufacturer. Campus Life does not provide technical assistance for configuration settings on your device.