Write Money Network™ Checks

Write Money Network™ Checks
Use them when you can’t or prefer not to use your Paycard
They’re free – write as many as you need, there is no charge to use them
They’re safer than cash – and you have a record of payment
They’re multipurpose – write one to yourself, another individual or a biller
Money Network™ Checks are easy to use and there are no overdraft fees
Use free Money Network™ Checks
When to use a Money Network™ Check
For times when you can’t or don’t want to use your Paycard or cash, write a Money Network™ Check. Pay the
babysitter, your landlord or most any type of bill (utilities, credit cards, phone bills, etc.).
Money Network™ Checks can be used to withdraw money from your Account at any time. Write one to yourself
and cash it for free at any Walmart or Sam’s Club checkout register. Checks must be activated before they can be
cashed, refer to the instructions below (also included with your checks).
Money Network™ Checks are free and you can request more at no additional cost by calling 1-800-903-4698.
Checks are also available upon request through your HR Manager in your facility.
How to use a Money Network™ Check
To write a Money Network™ Check:
Call 1-800-903-4698
Enter your card number and PIN and select the option to hear the Main Menu
Select the option for Money Network™ Checks
Select the option to write a Money Network™ Check
Enter the Money Network™ Check number plus the “Digit” number in the box to the right
Enter the amount you want to write the check for without the decimal
Example: 41 dollars and 35 cents would be entered as 4 1 3 5
Write down the Issuer and transaction number as provided in the designated areas on the Money
Network™ Check (boxes on lower left)
Complete the Money Network™ Check by filling in the date, the “Pay to the Order Of” line and the
amount in numbers and words
Use the Money Network Locator at www.moneynetwork.com for additional check cashing