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You have just gotten a new dental
crown or bridge. As with any
procedure, the after care at home is
just as important as the actual
procedure to ensure the best results.
This pamphlet will help you address
any questions you may have and
how to deal with issues if they arise.
Every person has a different
experience when it comes to
adjusting to their new crown or
bridge and this is completely normal.
What you need to do once it has
been completed is to make sure you
understand what is needed to take
care of yourself once you leave the
Similar to anything else, it takes some
adjusting to get used to your new crown or
bridge. You should expect to experience;
Minor discomfort for a few days
Tenderness in the gums
Sensitivity to hot and cold
Changes in dietary needs as you
need to be careful of what you eat
to not cause any damage
Maintain proper oral hygiene
(brushing and flossing twice a
day) and keep up with your
regular hygiene appointments
When flossing the tooth with
the crown, floss down the tooth
as normal but instead of pulling
up, pull floss out
If gum tenderness persists,
swish with warm salt water to
cleanse the affected area
Make the proper adjustments to
your diet, such as avoiding
sticky foods (caramel, gum,
taffy, etc) and crunchy foods
(hard candies etc). NEVER
chew on ice cubes
If the crown or bridge feels
extra uncomfortable or loose,
contact us immediately
Right after the application of the new crown
or bridge, you should,
Avoid eating and drinking hot
beverages for 1 to 1.5 hours after
until you regain feeling in the area
that has been numbed – if you are
hungry, have a smoothie
We recommend that you care for the crown
or bridge like you would care for your own
teeth, with care and proper hygiene needs.
As you have a new crown and bridge, you
Friendly Reminder,
Don’t forget to let us know if you
need any more supplies or