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New: Hyper-Converged Systems from HP
Cost Effective
The Next Step in the Evolution of Agile
IT Architectures
New hyper-converged systems from HP are the fastest and easiest way for many customers
to deploy and manage virtual infrastructure. They bring together all the benefits of
converged infrastructure, virtualization, and software-defined data center — in a compact,
fully integrated and highly available system that is easy to deploy, manage, and support.
These cost-efficient appliances provide a single platform for provisioning and managing
compute and storage resources enabling your customers to quickly roll out new IT services to
the business.
HP Hyper-converged Systems Enable You to Help Your Customers
Expand Your Market
HP Hyper-converged systems
are ideal for:
• Mid-size businesses that
want to deploy and manage
turnkey systems without
specialized IT teams
• Regional and branch
offices that want simpler
processes to stand up
modular infrastructure
• Lines of business with
limited IT support that
need the ability to deploy
services quickly in a
manner that is integrated
into a central data center
For the Business
For IT
For Both
Reduced upfront capital
and operational costs thanks to fewer
components, a smaller
footprint, simplified
management and more
efficient power and
Streamlined Management
- No need to manage
disparate server, storage,
and networking systems.
The systems include
built-in resiliency
and enterprise-class
data center services.
All components are
integrated in a simple
chassis with common
management. There is no
need for your customers
to have expertise in
virtualization, storage,
servers or networking.
Easy to set up, learn,
service and scale.
Agility and Scalability Systems can be brought
online easily and scaled
out in a linear manner
to support changing
needs. The hyperconverged architecture
deploys software that
automatically discovers
and adds new nodes to
the cluster, delivering
additional compute and
storage resources with
each new module.
Fast Deployment Everything is
preconfigured, preinstalled, ready to run,
and designed to scale.
Your customers can
go from power-on to
provisioning in as little as
15 minutes.
HP Hyper-Converged Systems – Simple, Agile and Fast
HP offers two different hyper-converged solutions for your customers:
HP ConvergedSystem 200-HC StoreVirtual System delivers built-in high availability, automated storage management and a flexible
software license strategy.
HP ConvergedSystem 200-HC EVO:RAIL™ System is 100% powered by VMware software and is validated on trusted technology from
HP and VMware.
These virtualized data centers in a box are production-ready in 15 minutes and deliver everything your customers need:
4X the compute in 75 percent less space
Built-in data protection — no additional software required
Centralized management of compute, storage, and virtual machines (VMs) from inside VMware vCenter Server
Automated storage management for quicker access to data
Enterprise-class features typically offered by storage arrays, like 99.999% availability — without the complexity
A complete appliance for hosting virtual workloads and managing virtual VMware® infrastructure onsite and across multiple sites.
An open and modular architecture that provides linear scaling of compute and capacity to handle changing workloads, new demands
and new locations.
Simple to add additional appliances to an existing cluster.
HP ConvergedSystem 200-HC StoreVirtual Systems
HP ConvergedSystem 200-HC EVO:RAIL™ Systems
Versatile storage for your customers’ virtualized
A virtual data center in a box
This all-HP solution gives your customers robust data
services from best-in-class HP StoreVirtual storage and
powerful ProLiant servers.
This system combines compute, storage, networking, and
virtualization resources in a density-optimized appliance
to create a simple, easy-to-deploy, all-in-one solution
for Infrastructure-as-a-Service and mixed workloads. It
includes a complete all-VMware software-defined system
with VMware Virtual SAN™ and VMware Log Insight™. Users
can discover, monitor, and control the system from the
EVO:RAIL user interface, or from their VMware vCenter™
web client.
Easy linear scale out — to up to 8 appliances
(32 compute nodes)
Customers can purchase new VMware licenses from
you or use their existing Enterprise License Agreement.
Easily scale performance, bandwidth, and capacity
by up to 4 appliances/16 compute nodes based on
compute need.
New VMware licenses are included with this appliance.
Leverage Avnet
Avnet can help you capitalize on emerging customer needs like hyper-convergence – from opportunity identification and
demand generation, through sales engineering, solution deployment and follow up service and support.
Contact your Avnet HP ADM or BDM for more information.
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