Quick Reference Sheet ORGANIZATION
Organization Mandate
Operation Come Home is an employment, education, and
support centre for homeless and at-risk youth aged 16 and up.
Our programs focus on what works and what matters to youth, as
well as encourage personal growth of everyone as an individual.
Operation Come Home is based in Ottawa, Ontario.
Key Programs & Services for Job Seekers
Works Programs - These programs typically provide paid opportunities to our youth
and allow them to further their knowledge or experience in an area of employment or
General Inquiries:
[email protected]
Youth Workforce Initiative (YWI) - Funded by HRDC, offers youth an opportunity to
receive hands-on training and job search support. Includes 3 weeks in class at OCH
and a 14-week job placement. Employers will receive a subsidy.
Corey Fisher
[email protected]
Rogers Achievement Centre - A transitional education model designed to engage
street-involved youth in academic studies outside of the traditional classroom setting.
R.A.C. provides full time course instruction with a licensed teacher.
Melanie Savage
613.230.4663 (x226)
Innovation Works - Part of the “Ready.Set.Work.” initiative, provides an opportunity
to explore, replicate, start-up and receive supports to start businesses in Ottawa.
Eligibility Criteria: At risk youth ages 16-29.
Project Lead
Lynda Franc
[email protected]
re: Purpose - A unique boutique and storefront that sells products from social
enterprises, artisans and youth products that are made by at risk and homeless youth
at OCH; includes BeadWorks - a social enterprise that offers street-involved and atrisk youth a safe and creative space to design, craft, and sell one of a kind jewelry.
Natalie Elliott
BottleWorks - A commercial empty bottle pick-up service for local Ottawa restaurants,
bars, hotels, condominiums and conference facilities. It is a social enterprise that
employs at-risk youth age 16 and up for a twelve week period to assist with the bottle
collection and administrative work.
BottleWorks Program Coordinator
Bobbi Love
FarmWorks - Offers a safe space for youth aged 16-30 to develop skills while learning
about food, farming, and agriculture; paid learning opportunities through workshops
and experiential learning on Just Food’s farm.
FarmWorks Staff
613.230.4663 (x258)
Buy Your Beau’s Online (B.Y.B.O.) - BYBO is a social enterprise that hires at-risk and
street involved youth age 19 and up to assist with the product delivery and
administrative work. Along with a support worker, youth deliver Beau’s products to
residential homes around the city.
BYBO Program Coordinator
Lynda Franc
613.230.4663 (×225)
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
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