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Free delivery with a $15.00 minimum between E. 26th Ave.
Chicken (White Meat)
and E. Alameda Ave. and York St. to Quebec St.
Delivery to Hospitals require a $30 minimum order with
Beef (Choice Flank Steak)
a 15% delivery charge.
Shrimp or Triple Delight
We can deliver outside of our designated delivery area
Chow Fun Noodles -a Cantonese Favorite!
Fresh wide rice noodles with yellow onion, scallions,
with an additional delivery charge. Please allow 45 minutes
to one hour for deliveries. We stop accepting delivery orders
at 9:00 pm.
and ginger. Note: Fresh rice noodles make this dish
slightly oily.
$ 8.95
Beef or Barbecue Pork
$ 9.95
Shrimp or Triple Delight
Fried Rice -choice of Jasmine or brown rice, wok
tossed with eggs, onion, peas, carrots and bean sprouts
with a light soy sauce.
Lo Mein -classic Chinese noodles with carrots, bean
sprouts, yellow and green onions in a light brown sauce
with a hint of sesame oil.
lg 3.95
neighborhood choice for take-out and delivery.
We want you to enjoy our favorite family recipes,
and we believe in using only the finest ingredients –
Little Dragon is a full service catering company that provides
a range of services for any size event. No event is too large,
too small or too far away, Little Dragon will go anywhere in
the metro Denver area.
For additional catering information, visit our website at
Open Nightly
4:00 pm to 9:30 pm
For comments and feedback, contact us at:
[email protected]
we gladly accept:
Sorry, we DO
NOT accept checks.
1305 Krameria Street, Suite G
Denver, CO 80220
Denver, CO
Permit No. 353
sm 1.95
Give us the opportunity to become your favorite
fresh, natural and NO MSG!
Side of Fried, Steamed or Brown Rice
Monaco Pkwy.
Chicken (White Meat) or Vegetarian
Chinese take-out & delivery
E. Alameda Ave.
tossed in a spicy aromatic curry seasoning along with
red and green peppers, onion and eggs.
fried rice & lomein
Quebec St.
Singapore Rice Noodles -thin rice vermicelli wok
E. 6th Ave.
Monaco Pkwy.
tossed in a savory ginger sauce.
Colorado Blvd.
York St.
served over shiitake mushrooms, broccoli, baby
corn, napa cabbage, carrots and onion, lightly
E. 13th Ave.
E. Colfax Ave.
E. 13th Ave.
Note: Fresh rice noodles make this dish slightly oily.
Locust St.
Little Dragon
Leyden St.
Thai basil, lemongrass, ginger, red chili, yellow onion,
scallions and sweet soy sauce. This dish is intoxicating!
Krameria St.
King Soopers
Drunken Noodles -fresh wide rice noodles with
Hong Kong Style -crispy pan fried egg noodles
E. 14th Ave.
E. 26th Ave.
Chinese take-out & delivery
1305 Krameria Street, Suite G
Denver, CO 80220
Why Cook Tonight? 303-322-2128
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specialty noodles
Call: 303-322-2128
Fax: 303-322-0128
salad & soups
Veggie Spring Rolls (2)
crispy spring rolls filled with cabbage, carrots,
and celery, seasoned to perfection.
Pork Spring Rolls (2)
crispy spring rolls filled with marinated
minced pork, cabbage, carrots and celery.
Naughty Buddha Salad
crispy wontons filled with a creamy mix of crab
meat, green onion and a hint of Dijon mustard.
Oven Baked Cheese Crab Wontons (8)
A healthier alternative!
Crispy Pork Wontons (8)
crispy fried pork wontons served with sweet
and sour sauce.
steamed to order and lightly sprinkled with
Kosher salt.
Fried Chicken Wings (6)
lightly breaded and fried to crispy perfection
with a side of sweet red chili sauce. It’s addictive!
Chinatown Style Barbecue Pork
sliced traditional Chinese BBQ Pork served with
hoisin-honey glaze.
our signature salad! Spring mix, crisp lettuce and
shredded chicken breast - served with our special
house dressing on the side.
sm $1.95
All entrees served with a side of fried or steamed
Jasmine rice and a fortune cookie. Your choice of:
julienne carrots over crispy rice noodles, topped
with sliced almonds, mandarin oranges, and
Hot & Sour Soup
Fried Crab Cheese Wontons (8)
chef’s suggestions
lg $3.95
fresh ginger, scallions, silken tofu, delicate eggs,
Organic Tofu
$ 9.95
Chicken (White Meat)
Beef (Choice Flank Steak)
Shrimp or Triple Delight
wood ear mushrooms with a hint of white pepper.
Won Ton Soup
sm $1.95
Peace Not War Won Ton Soup
lg $3.95
lg $6.95
a hearty combination of shrimp, chicken and pork,
with fresh veggies and 4 chicken wonton dumplings
in our homemade chicken broth topped with
scallions - try our Chinese penicillin!
Vegetable Tofu Soup
and spicy sesame sauce over crispy rice noodles.
Orange -lightly battered with fresh orange zest glaze
framed with broccoli crowns.
Kung Pao -the classic Sichuan dish, wok-seared with
lg $5.95
flavorful vegetable stock made fresh daily
with silky tofu, mushrooms, zucchini,
Sesame -lightly battered and sautéed in our sweet
carrots, napa cabbage and spinach.
diced red and green peppers, bamboo shoots, water
chestnuts, onion, dry chili pepper, Sichuan peppercorn
and honey glazed peanuts tossed in our classic spicy
Sichuan sauce.
red and green peppers, broccoli, baby corn, and onion.
Shacha -a tasty barbecue sauce made from garlic,
shallots and chili, tossed with red and green peppers,
onion, broccoli, mushrooms & zucchini. A spicy,
savory and slightly smokey flavor.
Chicken Dumplings (6) Fried or Steamed $6.95
Coconut Fried Shrimp (6)
shredded coconut and panko breadcrumbs fried
to perfection - served with curry coconut sauce.
Chicken or Tofu Lettuce Wraps
minced chicken, garlic, wood ear mushrooms,
jicama, green onion and pine nuts served over
crispy rice noodles and 4 crisp lettuce cups.
Vegetarian “Eel”
stir-fried asparagus, broccoli, baby corn and carrots.
Vegetables & Tofu Delight
wok-seared tofu with a combination of fresh
garden veggies in a light brown sauce.
fresh garden veggies in a light wine sauce.
Asparagus -wok-seared with asparagus, red peppers, and
mushrooms in a light wine sauce.
Broccoli -wok-seared with crisp tender broccoli, bamboo
shoots and water chestnuts in a light wine sauce.
Sugar Snap Peas & Braised Shiitake Mushrooms
a perfect contrast of crisp sugar snap peas and soft meaty
mushrooms in a light brown sauce.
Salt & Pepper -flash fried chicken or shrimp, tossed
with red chili peppers, scallions, ginger and garlic,
seasoned with kosher salt and freshly ground peppercorn.
Sweet & Sour -battered fried chicken or shrimp topped
with pineapple, green peppers, carrots and onion. Served
with sweet and sour sauce on the side.
Lemongrass -stir-fried with celery, carrots and sliced
yellow and green onions, sautéed with fresh lemongrass
and sweet basil.
made from braised shiitake mushrooms, fried and
wok-tossed in a sweet and spicy ginger sauce.
Vegetables Delight -wok-seared with a combination of
Garlic -wok-seared and seasoned with chili paste,
Vegetarian entrees are prepared using fresh vegetable stock
made daily. Served with a side of fried or steamed Jasmine
rice and a fortune cookie.
a delightful combination of chicken, cabbage,
ginger, scallions with a hint of white pepper.
Handmade daily.
join us for our grand
opening celebration!
Lemon Chicken -marinated chicken, lightly coated with
Panko crumbs and fried to golden perfection. Served with
lemon sauce on the side.
Mongolian -wok-seared with yellow and green onions,
deep fried Yukon gold potatoes, then sautéed in a brandy
infused peppery hoisin sauce.
Cashew -wok-seared with diced celery, carrots, bamboo
shoots and water chestnuts with honey glazed cashews.
Served in a light brown sauce.
Indicates hot and spicy
*Prices subject to change.
Call: 303-322-2128 Fax: 303-322-0128
Visit our website at littledragondenver.com