DUDU The wrap

The DUDU wrap
Here’s a great way to swaddle your baby. It is called the “DUDU” wrap (pronounced “doo doo”) because
you fold the blanket Down- Up-Down-Up.
Getting ready to swaddle
It’s good to practice on a doll first to get the hang of it.
Place the blanket on your bed like a diamond.
Fold the top corner down a bit.
Place baby’s neck at the top.
The DUDU wrap begins
Step 1 - DOWN
Hold baby’s right arm straight at the side.
Bring the blanket down and tuck it under baby’s back.
Grab the blanket by the unwrapped shoulder and tug it snug.
Don’t be surprised if your baby cries louder when you wrap. Your
baby doesn’t know what’s best! They don’t realize they’re just
seconds away from happiness!
Step 2 – UP
Hold baby’s left arm straight at the side.
Bring the bottom point of the blanket straight up and place it
on the shoulder. Tuck the rest of the blanket under the whole
left arm.
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Finally...kids do come with instructions!™
Step 3 - DOWN
Grab the blanket a few inches from baby’s left shoulder and
pull it down…just a little bit.
Hold that small fold of blanket pressed against baby’s chest
like you are holding down a ribbon to make a bow.
Step 4 - UP
Grab the last free corner. Pull it straight out (to remove any
slack) then in one smooth motion bring it up and across
baby’s waist.
Wrap it snugly around the body like a belt, to hold baby’s
arms down FIRMLY.
This last snug and tuck keeps the whole swaddle from popping
Common questions about swaddling
When can I start?
Babies can be swaddled as soon as they are born.
Can swaddling help my baby sleep?
How many hours a day should my baby be wrapped?
It depends on your baby. The fussier your baby is, the more she will need it. Some babies need to be
swaddled 12 - 20 hours a day. After 1-2 months, you can reduce swaddling time according to how calm
she is without it.
How can I tell if my baby is overheated?
Feel her ears and neck. If she’s hot and sweaty, she is over-heated. If she is warm and not sweaty, her
temperature is probably normal. In hot weather, wrap your baby naked in a light cotton blanket.
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