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What is Orange Ivy
Orange Ivy signifies knowledge and growth. Orange Ivy is a beautiful ever green plant which
radiates positivity. The color orange relates to social communication stimulating two way
conversation-it gets people thinking and talking. It also aids in the assimilation of new ideas while
liberating the spirit of its limitation. Ivy signifies an upward growth and an unlimited ascent, reaching
out to the sky. No wonder the top eight business schools in the United States including Harvard and
Yale are known as Ivy League.
About us
Orange Ivy has been started to provide “holistic education that meets international standards in a
stress-free environment”. We believe that education is what remains, after one forgets all that has
been taught, it is beyond academics. At Orange Ivy, we aspire to nurture excellence, emotional
intelligence, global leadership and team spirit in our learners. We are a team of talented teachers
headed by dynamic leaders with years of experience in educational arena.
Our Philosophy
Play-school is the foundation of learning and preparing the child
for formal education. Positive learning experiences at an early
age contribute to the development of each child's sense of self
and emotional well-being. Our effort is to provide quality
education. Children learn in an eco-friendly environment in
consonance with an innovative methodology specially evolved
by us after a great research by experts in the field of preschool
education. It is a perfect blending of international standard
approaches in an Indian way.
Our Teaching
Orange Ivy stands for knowledge and growth, therefore our
curriculum is based on highly researched, time tested
methodologies. We teach at an appropriate pace, a pace the
children at the formative ages can actually match with that allows
for learning through sensorial and creative activities keeping in
mind the learning the learning style, pace, development and
strengths of each child.
EQ with IQ
In today's global era, it is imperative to develop the child's
emotional intelligence so that when they grow up they are
mentally and emotionally strong to face the ever evolving
challenges of the dynamic world. At Orange Ivy we ensure that
our curriculum and teaching methodology strongly adapt to
ensuring basic skills like empathy and patience are ingrained in
our learning. We emphasize on developing the Emotional
Quotient (EQ) as much as the Intelligence Quotient (IQ).
Our objectives, aspirations and teaching methods are well
planned and documented; we try to customize the learning
process, for every child who is a unique entity with his or her own
set of strengths and preferences. Play school education should be
educative, transformative but not strenuous. We are the first
school in India to introduce Emotional Intelligence at play
school level. It enhances the capacity to perceive access and
manage the emotions of self and others. Recent surveys have
concluded that an individual´s Social and Emotional abilities are
Our Belief
• Each child is unique and learning programs should meet each
child's needs.
• A child's curiosity and eagerness to learn must be
• Building a strong foundation during the formative years equips
a child for the future.
• Honing the emotional, intellectual, physical, linguistic, social
skills and building ethical discernment will ensure holistic
development of the child.
four times more important than IQ in determining the child's
Our monthly themes are structured and our multi-sensory
curriculum based on international standards determines teaching
content. The curriculum further determines the assessment
process of every child and the reporting format that guides
teachers & parents in goal setting.
The pre-school education targets six main learning areas:
1) Emotional, Personal, and Social Development.
2) Communication, Language and Literacy.
Our Vision
To be a globally recognized educational institution that provides
wholesome education to young and explorative minds.
Our Mission
To provide age appropriate early childhood care and education
programs emphasizing on emotional quotient with intellectual
development in a joyful environment to lay a strong foundation
for our happy children.
3) Knowledge and understanding of the world.
4) Memory enhancement.
5) Physical development.
6) Creative and Logical Development.
Our Programs
We offer programs that are developmentally appropriate and foster all-round development with an
integral approach, helping our children grow physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially. Our
curriculum is packed with real-world, concrete, sensory experiences where the young learners can
There can be no keener revelation of a society's
soul than the way in which it treats its children.
Late Nelson Mandela
Former president of South Africa
touch, see, taste, hear and smell, thereby striking an interesting balance between learning and playing.
At Orange Ivy we offer both Play-School and Kindergarten programs.
Play Group
Pre-Nursery (1.5 yr)
Nursery (2.6 yr)
Lower Kindergarten (3.6 yr)
Upper Kindergarten (4.6 yr)
Our Environment
At Orange Ivy we firmly believe that the look and feel of a school indoors as well as the outdoors impacts a child
immensely. A good, children friendly, colorful and thematic environment will influence a young mind positively.
Therefore we lay a huge emphasis on the interiors and exteriors for our young student.
Pre Nursery
At this tender young age –the idea is to provide an environment of home away from home. Since this is
the first time the child steps out of a protective home environment, we at Orange Ivy strive to ensure we
make the child as comfortable and our play schools as homely as possible. Children at this age learn
from interaction with the new friends they make at play school. All activities at the pre nursery level are
age appropriate. The play area specially caters to different activities and has special equipment and
props like Sand pit , water play area, book corner etc. The emphasis is on the child to develop freely
with engagement and personal touch.
Cognitive skills are what separates the good learners from the so- so learners who are average at
performance. This is the stage of life where children develop these skills through experiential learning,
their basic five senses develop and they apply their mind to think for themselves. They learn about
different material, colors, shapes and patterns. Simple story telling and group activities which are child
centric are at the core of our learning process.
The school is fully Air Conditioned
Child-friendly bathrooms
Spacious outdoor play area
Superior quality awning ensures comfort
of children from sun, dust and rain
Indoors have child friendly
wooden flooring
CCTV monitored security system
Carpeted stair cases for
extra protection
Fire extinguishers and
proper security gates
Protective grills wherever required
Lower KG
This is the time to introduce children to little more evolved tasks like numerals and the alphabet and is
the first step to literacy. Children at the end of this year should be able to read and write basics and also
converse in a language taught to them. At Orange Ivy we teach English which is the medium of
communication all the time. Here they children about the environment like rain, sunshine & also
develop a sense of time. They move up to handling different colors & their shades, complex figures &
Upper KG
This is the time when Orange Ivy Kids are getting ready to move to a formal schooling program. They
are being made ready to face any kind challenges that could come their way in future. By now they can
work in groups & have good control over their communication. The idea at orange Ivy is to teach a child
how to articulate his or her dialogue. They are also exposed to concepts such as problem solving, good
hygiene and sanitation, table manners, basic etiquettes, safety & sense of dressing up and well being.
A bit of time planning is also imbibed by having a structure and yet a flexible routine for the children.
Day Care
At Orange Ivy we are proud to offer parents exceptional levels of childcare in a safe, hygiene and caring
environment. Our centers offers comfortable indoor and outdoor facilities which are safe and secure so
that the children can enjoy sunshine and fresh air as they play outdoors. The staff is well trained and will
help your child with emotional, social, physical and intellectual development. Parents have the
flexibility to opt for full day and half-day services to achieve a better work/life balance.
Our Other Programs
Day Care
from 12 months onwards
Summer Camp
6 weeks from May-June
Entire outdoor area is carpeted with grass so as to
avoid injuries to small children when they play
The swimming pool is well lined with………………
so as to protect head injuries while playing
Our Differentiators
EQ with IQ:
The ability to understand and express emotions can play an equal if not even
more important role in how people fare in life. We are the only play school in
the country that ensures a healthy balance of Emotional development with
Intelligence. IQ is still recognized as an important element of success,
particularly when it comes to academic achievement. However, research has
found that individuals with strong leadership potential also tend to be more
emotionally intelligent, suggesting that a high EQ is an important quality for
business leaders and managers to have.
Individual attention
In the play school there are less than 20 students in each class. A teacher
student ratio of 1:10 is maintained to ensure that each child receives the
proper amount of individual attention that is the key to successful multiple
intelligence curriculum.
Our Faculty / Facilitators
Beyond the
Sun & Sand
Dig with the spade and a castle we will make.
Water Fun
Splash- Splash I was taking a bath! Slpunk, Sploat, I
am going to sink your boat.
Maths magic
Find the number look right next door – 5 or more?
Raise the score! 4 or less? Let it rest!
Garden area
There is a garden in every childhood, an enchanted
place, where colors are brighter, the air softer and the
morning more fragrant than ever again.
We take great care in selecting the teachers who will facilitate the growth of the
child. They are individual's with a flair of handling children and a dedication to
match. We further train them in our methods and processes so that they fully
appreciate our vision and aspirations in education. Out facilitators give
personalized care in motivating budding minds to explore, understand and
learn so every Orange Ivy kid is able to handle day to day situations without
any stress.
Toy Zone
Parent Participation
We don’t inherit the earth, we borrow it from our
The learning process is incomplete without the involvement of the parent
especially at this tender age. We have a unique family partnership program
whereby the child's family partners him/her in the learning process. We send
periodic feedback to keep the parents informed about the child's performance
in the Pre-School.
So many toys, so little time.
Kid Reading zone
The more that you read, the more that you’ll know.
The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.
Field trips
The best teaching is to teach you where to look and
let your imagination choose what to see.
Da Vinci Art zone
We provide a colorful, attractive, warm and caring environment where our
motto is “Safety first”. With child-friendly and age-appropriate toys and
equipment, a garden, a splash-pool and a play area every child can have fun
and feel safe.
Why Choose Us
Among the many reasons that we can share, we highlight a few here why your child will feel at
home at Orange Ivy.
• A well-researched and planned curriculum has been developed that is age-appropriate.
• Our research is ongoing ensuring we keep pace with the latest practices.
• Teachers are imparted training on regular basis to enhance teaching skills and abilities.
• Personal attention given to each child. A child’s strengths & weaknesses are tested by
continuous observation of students.
• Our non-toxic toys and wooden equipment’s are child-friendly and safe.
• Our colorful, warm and enriching environment that facilitates holistic development.
• We lay emphasis on safe, clean and hygienic environment.
• A sick-bay with medical facilities is available at all our centers. There is also a doctor on call.
With paints, crayons, chalk, paper and gum. In this
place we have so much fun.
Value Added Services
A website in the name of your child: All students of Orang Ivy will be
given a url with their name. For example if your child’s name is Viren
Rana - after enrollment we will book the domain name www.virenrana.com for your child. (In case the name is already
taken, it will be the closes possible available and will be booked in
consultation with parents)
Parents and child resource website:
It is a novel initiative to offer information, education and entertainment
to the child and the parents in an interactive and innovative manner.
Every parent will be given a unique USERNAME & PASSWORD to
access this website for the current academic year, that will help you
track the progress of the child and see academic results online. The
website will have content and resources that will be informative and
entertaining. It will have articles, tools in interactive format that will
benet the parents immensely.
Elements of
• Well-researched curriculum.
• Enhances cognitive development.
• Memory enhancement and linguistic skills.
• Practical learning with knowledge enhancement
Eg: Interactive games, field-trips
• Dedicated and structure curriculum
• Wide range of sporting activities
• Gross motor programs
• Physical fitness coupled with mental alertness
Eg: Orange gym, Play-area, etc
• Multi-process based schedule
• Enhances team and individual skills
• Stimulates curiosity and promotes divergence
Eg: Collage and Puppet making, Picture Sequencing, Finger Painting etc.
• Emotional Intelligence development.
• Social expression through fun based activities.
• Self-confidence.
• Group Learning.
Eg: Role-Play, Story sessions, Music and Movement
• Memory and concentration enhancement
• Develop Progressive thinking
Eg: Puzzles, Quiz, Memory Games, Treasure Hunt