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Who’s Out Of
Will Justin Bieber
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already in
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What movies
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Lion King
Director: Roger Allers, Rob Minkoff
Genre: Animation, Drama, Adventure
Plot: The Lion King has a brother, Scar, who wants to be the king, but the only way he can be king is
be killing the King and his son. When Scar killing the king he blames Simba that he was the one who killed
his father. Will Scar be able to capture and kill Simba? The only way to find out is to watch the movie.
Main Cast Members:
Jonathan Taylor Thomas
Matthew Broderick
James Earl Johns
Jermany Irons
Moria Kelly
Niketa Calame
Ernie Sabella
Nathan Lane
Robert Guillaume
Rowan Aktinson
Young Simba
Adult Simba
Adult Nala
Young Nala
Release Date: June 24, 1994
Comment Review: I thought the movie was good because it taught a lesson of life. I
also thought the movie was AWESOME because the acting was phenomenal and I could feel what the
charters were feeling.
Rating: *****
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Jonas Brother Biography
The Jonas brothers are an American pop rock band.
Formed in 2005, they have gained popularity from
the Disney Channel children’s television network.
They consist of three brothers from Wyckoff, New
Jersey. They are Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas, and Nick
Jonas. In the summer 2008 they started in the
Disney channel Movie Camp Rock, and also Camp
Rock 2 the Final Jam. They also had their own show
on Disney channel, JONAS.
Burning Up
Pom Poms
Hole On
Year 3000
Lines Vines
and Trying
October 28th
Milwaukee, WA.
November 6th
Seattle, WA.
current trends
outdated trends
Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber is a famous pop star who was only 12 when he got noticed. Justin
was posting videos of him winning 2nd place at a local singing competition. He
posted the videos so he family and friends were able to see him sing even though
they couldn’t make it. Justin is now 19 and still famous and always will be.
Nick Jonas
Nick Jonas was in a famous pop star band “The Jonas Brothers”. Their band went
out of style when Kevin (another band member) got married. The Jonas brothers
still produce songs news but everyone still sees them as old news.
New TV
Most people own TVs but they own TVs like flat screen unlike the old outdated
version which doesn’t play shows that people are watching today like sports.
Old TV
These old TVs were made in the 60s' and were played in black and white. The
black and white TVs don’t play shows that people watch today so more people
would buy a new TV verse an old TV.
New Wedding Dress
This white dress has always been a tradition but now people wear their wedding
dress strapless and poofy. Some wedding dresses now are called a mermaid fit,
which mean it is tight and it fits perfectly on your body.
Old Wedding Dress
This white dress was worn on peoples wedding day. These types of dresses were
made in the 1840s. It is a tradition to wear a white wedding dress but more and
more people are wearing strapless dress.
Being a belieber is such a nice feeling. Justin is
always there to help you when you fall. His music just lightens
up the world and just makes you smile. Every time we look at a
picture of Justin you will probably get Goosebumps. This shows
you are a real Belieber. There are always going to be those
people who make fun of Justin and will call him “gay’ “ugly’ “bad
singer”, but whatever happens us beliebers will stick up for Justin,
just like a family. Because we are a family, a belieber will stick
up for a belieber. When we get made fun of, called a non belieber,
say one of us is more of a belieber than another. But we all
know that’s not true. Just like a brother and sister both love
their parents the same, and their parents love them the same. We
all love Justin the same and he loves us the same. From short, to
tall, to chunky, to skinny he loves us all the same, and that love
he has for us will never change. Some beliebers might have more
posters of Justin than others, but that doesn’t show how much
you love Justin. You can be poor and love Justin the same way as
anyone else. Some beliebers may have been there since 2009 or
2010, but we all have the same love for the same person, Justin
But what is really special about beliebers, is we have been
through it all with Justin. We listen to him when he needs us
most, and do the best we can to help him up when he falls. Just
like he does for us. A lot people would have never been here if it
wasn’t for Justin, many beliebers wouldn’t have the same feeling
we have right now.
And we would have never had Kidrauhl. <3
Author of Teen Talk: Meme Walters