“If you believe in yourself and have dedication and pride – and

“If you believe in yourself and have dedication and pride
– and never quit you’ll be a winner. The price of victory is
high but so are the rewards”.
Our house colour purple is the colour associated with
royalty and piety. It’s the perfect blend of emotions –
neither too aggressive nor too soft. Similar is the attitude
of the students of purple house – aggressive in
competitions and soft in speech. We strive to win every
battle with conviction and grit.
The first session of the academic year began,
bringing with it renewed vigour and aspirations.
Our budding artists did remarkably well in the
art competition. In the middle group Rudraksh
(IX-C) and Ridhima (IX-H) won second and third
positions respectively. Shubhankar (XI) stood
first in senior group. Abhimanyu (XII-B) and
Janvi (XII-B) bagged first and second positions
respectively in still life. Tanya Grover (XI C) won
second position in open competition.
The debating stars Rudraksh IX-C and Chavisha
IX-G enraptured the audience as they bagged first and third positions respectively.
Vishnupriya (VIII E) one of the participants of the house science drama group won
the prize for being the best actress.
At Swimming and Badminton, house secured the first position due to the
remarkable performance of the players.
In Basketball and Hockey, the house secured overall second and third positions
Our Math quiz team comprising
of Sahil Sahu XII-A, Shreya XI-A,
Aditi X-E, Daksh IX-D, Siddhant
X-J (Senior Group) & Tanya &
Sajal VIII-E, Ananya VII-F &
Arushi VI-A made us proud by
securing first Position in both
the groups.
Satyam XI B made us proud by
clinching the title of the best
athlete for the second time in
school sports meet. She was also adjudged as the best athlete in Inter School Athletic
Meet and won the title of the best player in inter- house Football Competition.
Akshat VIII-E was adjudged as the best athlete in junior group.
All these awards and positions would not have been possible without the support of
all house teachers. I sincerely thank each one of them who directly or indirectly
supported and prepared the students for different competitions and made the house
proud. I wholeheartedly thank Ms. Aradhna, Ms. Alka, Ms. Meenakshi Joshi, Ms.
Upma, Ms. Leena Lalit, Ms. Jyotsna, Ms. Deepa, Ms. Prema Bhatt, Ms. Kiran, Ms.
Seema Indora, Dr. Aaron, Dr. Ajay, Mr. Bhagender, Mr. Deepak Behra, and Mr.
Pramod for their support and cooperation.
The never-say-die attitude and indomitable spirit of the students of Raman House is
contributing to enable the house gain new heights and with each passing day the
house is inching towards its glory.
Home Perfects
Home Sports Prefects
Tanuja Bishnoi
Ashawari XII-D
Vaibhavi XII-D
(House Mistress)
Abhimanyu XII-B
Nalinaksh XII-C