Swedish OpiFlex mobile robot won the European Commission`s

Pressrelease 2015-04-17
Swedish OpiFlex mobile robot won the European
Commission’s "Business Innovation Observatory
Award", April 16th in Brussels
OpiFlex won the European Commission's "Business Innovation Observatory Award" big innovation
award as the "Most Disruptive Innovation". The award was presented at a major event in Brussels,
on April 16th, by Mr Peltomäki, European Commission Director General for Internal Market,
Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs.
The jury’s motivation was : "A unanimous jury has
chosen OpiFlex based on the uniqueness of the
technology, the ability demonstrated by the
management, the potential to grow internationally as
well as the size of the total available market. OpiFlex
solves an important challenge for Europe's
manufacturing industry."
The jury consisted of Mr Peltomäki General of the
European Commission and representatives from e.g.
the European Business Angels Network, European Business and Innovation Network, the Swiss
investment bank Edmond de Rothschild and contractors. The term "Disruptive Innovation" means
disruptive innovations which reach the market "from below", and is easier and cheaper than the
established technology.
- We are extremely proud of this award and acknowledgement from the European Commission.
Our effort to solve customers' real challenges in an easy and very flexible way has not only given
great appreciation from customers, but also an award from the European Commission and
investors is great, says Johan Frisk, CEO and founder of OpiFlex Automation AB.
The European Commission had interviewed 250 companies before the nomination of ten companies,
which the Swedish OpiFlex Automation AB now won. At the event in Brussels the ten nominees got
to introduce the company and their innovation to the jury and an audience of over 200 persons.
OpiFlex has a unique mobile robot platform
OpiFlex has a unique mobile robot platform which means
that the entire robotic cell can be moved to the machine
that requires automation for the moment. Thus, they
enable both manual and automation of the machine with
short pay-off of the investment.
This concept enables that you profitably can automate
even the small series available in Europe and create more
competitive companies. We can remove repetitive and
strenuous operations and create new more stimulating
jobs in industries where intelligence and dexterity is needed. Production could eventually return
back to Europe.
OpiFlex Automation AB ∙ Expectrum, Kopparbergsvägen 10 722 13 Västerås ∙ Sweden ∙ Phone +46-10-206 94 00
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Automation is one of the most effective way to improve productivity and competitiveness. Many
small and medium businesses want to automate, but it is difficult for small batches and low machine
utilization. By moving the robot cell OpiFlex solves these challenges and enables a highly flexible
automation with a short pay-off period. With a robot increases productivity typically 20-60%, and
manufacturing costs can be greatly reduced.
The concept allows for both manual and automatic operation of the machine. The robots can be run
with full accuracy and performance.
A patented docking station ensures high accuracy and stability even for large robots. With OpiFlex
concept for simplified programming so you can quickly reprogram into new products.
Video OpiFlex, http://www.opiflex.se/application/
Increased competitiveness for keeping jobs in Europe and USA
The manufacturing industry in the Western world faces a major challenge and marginalization in the
global competition. The West's high-wage means that we have difficulty competing with low-wage
countries. The production in the western world is still produced in small quantities.
Sweden has been a pioneer when it comes to automate and streamline the production process at
higher production volumes. Within the group of SMEs and small series production, the picture is
different. Companies have mostly manual labor, low degree of automation 1%. It is often
monotonous, heavy and risky tasks and difficult to find labor. This results in low productivity and
high labor costs. Global competition results in exclusion. SME companies represent approximately
90% of all industries in Sweden. These companies are often important for rural areas.
The highly competitive small series production is constantly faced with increasing demands for
flexibility and productivity. It is also difficult to attract young people to the industry and the work
often consists of monotonous work and heavy lifting.
Information about the Business Innovation Observatory Award
Ten selected companies from Europe will participate in the awards race.
Link to event Business Innovation Observatory High-Level Conference on
"Innovation for supporting smart value chains", http://ec.europa.eu/growth/
Agenda to Business Innovation Observatory Award,
Link to case study by EU with OpiFlex, “Internet of Things, Smart machines and tools” Link
Media files OpiFlex, http://opiflex.se/press
Contact info
Johan Frisk, CEO
Mobile: +46-768-99 93 30
Mail: [email protected]
OpiFlex Automation AB ∙ Expectrum, Kopparbergsvägen 10 722 13 Västerås ∙ Sweden ∙ Phone +46-10-206 94 00
www.opiflex.se ∙ Org.nr 556854-4554 ∙ Innehar F-skatt