your IGEL Thin Client UD3 factsheet

IGEL Thin Client UD3
The Universal Desktop 3 (UD3) is an affordable,
compact and versatile hardware platform.
Offering a rich user experience that is
indistinguishable from a desktop PC, IGEL Thin
Client UD3 provides access to a variety of local
software tools such as the Firefox internet
browser or media player.
Allows access to important protocol clients, like Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS) and Citrix (ICA).
• Dual DVI Port allows users to operate two digital monitors simultaneously.
• Compact design, which is ideal for offices and environments with limited space.
• The IGEL Thin Client can be mounted to
a wall, desk or even under your workstation.
• Compliant with data security measures.
• Low price and high energy efficiency.
• Absence of moving parts, such as cooling fans, means the device is almost noiseless and fail-safe with minimal heat generation.
• Easy set-up and central management* enables increased flexibility and simplifies support and maintenance.
• Optional, integrated smartcard reader for highly secure, two factor authentication
and fast login.
*Management server required
Fast start-up, high performance
System Requirements
The IGEL Thin Client UD3 is subject to the
following software version dependencies, when
contracting with Open GI:
Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS)
Buckholt Drive, Warndon, Worcester, WR4 9SR
Tel: 01905 754455 Email: [email protected]
The IGEL Thin Client UD3 is big
on features and benefits, without
taking over valuable desktop space.