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Spring 2015 Newsletter
Open Arms Christian CDC
13611 Laurel Bowie Rd
Laurel, Maryland 20708
T: 240-568-9352
Upcoming Events
Spring is here! The birds are singing, the grass is growing
greener and the flowers are blooming. God is awakening the
landscape before our very eyes.
April 21-26
God, as only a loving father would, saw that we needed to be
saved from the condemnation of sin and he sent His only Son,
Jesus as an atoning sacrifice. Jesus took our sin upon himself
when he died on the cross and in His resurrection we are set
free from the stronghold of sin. Through our faith in Christ Jesus
we are made new.
May 4 - 8
Creative Expression Art Show
Teacher Appreciation Week
May 28
Spring Concert
Just as the dull foliage of winter is revitalized and transformed, in
Christ Jesus we are a new creation. There is no greater love we
will ever know!
Food for the Spirit
2 Corinthians 5:17-18
New Living Translation (NLT)
Join us at Our Savior Lutheran Church for
You are welcome to join us for worship and fellowship. Our
worship services are held on Sunday.
Traditional Service
8:15 am & 11:00 am
Contemporary Service
9:30 am
Kingdom Quest (Sunday School for Pre K – 5th) 9:30 am
Sunday School (Middle and High School)
Adult Sunday
This means that anyone who
belongs to Christ has become
a new person. The old life is
gone; a new life has begun!
And all of this is a gift from
God, who brought us back to
himself through Christ. And
God has given us this task of
reconciling people to him.
9:30 am
9:30 am & 11:00 am
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More Important News – Art Show
Our Annual Creative Expression Art Show will be held April 21 – April
26. This year’s art show will be filled with beautiful and unique
artwork created by the children in our program and their teachers.
Some of the art on display are impressions of an artist’s artwork or a
medium he or she is known for using in their creative process.
This is a fundraising event. All artwork will be available for purchase
from April 22 to April 26. We ask that you leave the artwork you buy
up for display and it will be available for pick up on the following
Please come and join us for our Viewing and Mixer on Wednesday,
April 22 from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm for our half day program and from
4:30 pm to 6:30 pm for our full day/aftercare program.
At Open Arms, our goal is to provide you with quality child
care in a nurturing environment as we share God's Word with
your child. It is truly a joy to see them grow and blossom into
eager learners. We thank God for his blessings as our Open
Arms’ community continues to grow. As we continue to strive
for excellence in the field of early childhood education, we
acknowledge that the members of our staff are an integral
component in this process. We ask that you please join us as
we thank them for the very important work they do here.
Update on
Liberia Donations
The donations that were
collected and shipped in
barrels to Liberia have finally
arrived! Thank you so much
for your generosity.
Friendly Reminders
Tuition payments are
due on the 15th of each
Please do not park in
the circular driveway.
That space is reserved
for bus pick up/ drop
off, deliveries and
emergency vehicles.
Your child should have
at least two sets (top,
bottom, underwear,
and socks) of
seasonably appropriate
clothing in his or her
cubby at all times.
Open Arms CCDC will observe Staff Appreciation Week, May
4- 8. You will receive an itinerary and information on how you
can help make this event a success.
OA Book Nook
Book Recommendations for Spring Reading
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