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June 2008, Volume 5, Issue 1
In This Issue:
Behind the Scenes
of the Tiger Woods
Students – Recent
Internships & Jobs
Alumni – Recent
Job Changes
Sport Management
Alumni & Student
Cohort 8S & 25
Behind the Scenes of the Tiger Woods Foundation
By Jessica Edwards C6S and Alysia Hendricks C7S
Visit the Sport
Management website at:
Jessica Edwards C6S and Alysia
Hendricks C7S, who are part of
the Tiger Woods Foundation
(TWF), are responsible for
preparing for the Tiger Jam, a
TWF charity benefit concert
featuring Van Halen. The charity
events coordinated by the TWF
are highly publicized, yet not
many people realize that behind
the glamorous, celebrity studded
events lies a very small team of
people who work endless hours
to make it all happen. Tiger Jam
is a charity benefit concert held
each year in Las Vegas (the
2008 event is expected to raise
Jessica Edwards was born and
raised in Mesa, AZ, but
Angeles to attend USC in 2000.
After playing collegiate soccer
with the Trojans for 4 years,
Jessica wanted to pursue a
professional career and planned
on trying out for the Women’s
(WUSA). To her surprise, the
league folded and left her with
the burning question of what to
do next. After some deliberation
she applied for the USF Sport
Management Master’s Program
and was accepted. The rest is a
whirlwind. Edwards graduated
with a B.A. in Communications in
May 2004 and started graduate
school shortly after in July. She
quickly scrambled for internships,
began coaching soccer to pay
the bills, and volunteered for
events on the weekends. But it
was only 1 job description that
peaked significant interest Event Intern for the Tiger Woods
interning for approximately 2
years, she was hired full-time as
the Event Coordinator.
Alysia Hendricks took a different
path on her journey to pursue a
responsibilities is managing and
distributing credentials to this
group. It is a constant struggle to
make sure all of our staff and
guests have access to the proper
Alysia and Jessica getting ready to
present the BIG check to winner
K.J. Choi.
career that coupled her passion for
sport and children. Alysia was born
in Eureka, CA and before she was 5
her family moved to Southern
Oregon. She completed her AA at a
Community College in Merced, CA
where she played Basketball and
Softball. She moved to Santa
Barbara to attend UCSB where she
completed her BA in Sociology and
finished her athletic career. After
graduation she worked full time at
the Santa Barbara YMCA as a
Program Director and 10 years later
realized she needed a change. She
applied for the USF Sport
Management Master’s Program and
was accepted. She worked full-time
at the Santa Barbara YMCA and
California Campus one night a
week. In addition to working full
time in Santa Barbara and attending
graduate school one night a week in
Orange, she interned one day a
week as the Ticketing Intern with
the TWF. After a year in her
internship, she was offered a fulltime position as the Ticketing
Coordinator. Her goal to work in
sport while benefiting children finally
came true but not without a lot of
miles driven to and from Santa
Barbara to Orange County.
The Tiger Jam hosts approximately
1000 guests, 100 vendors, 25
celebrities, 100 volunteers and 25
staff members. One of Alysia’s main
Jessica’s main focus is ensuring
that our guests have a positive
experience; from the moment
they are welcomed, to the food
on their plate, to the gift bag they
are given. Additionally she
executes all aspects related to
the auction, which is slated to
raise over $700,000.
signature events: Tiger Jam
presented by AT&T, AT&T
National, Tiger Woods Learning
Center (TWLC) Block Party and
the Chevron World Challenge.
Also, they manage additional
events that the foundation or
learning center organizes.
The Tiger Woods Learning
Center hosts 40 students at the
Buick Invitational in San Diego.
Each student met Tiger Woods
on the 18 green shortly after he
won the tournament! It was a
memorable moment that will be
remembered by both Jessica and
Alysia & Jessica report that only
a couple of years after finishing
school, they
ourselves in a greenroom with
Prince, on the 18th green with
champion Tiger Woods, moving
across the country to Washington
D.C. (for a month), and
presenting a check for over $1
million to KJ Choi (winner of the
importantly, both have learned
that hard work, perseverance
and knowledge lead to success.
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Students – Recent Internships & Jobs
Pete Holmes C28 — Baseball
Operations Intern, San Francisco
Mark Matsunaga C9S — Ticket
Sales Representative, San Diego
Zhenfei Hu C9S — Events,
Accounting Intern, USA Water Polo
Crystal DeJesus C9S — Ticket Sales
Representative, San Diego Padres
Michael Yanni C28 — Sales &
Marketing Intern, San Jose Stealth
Troy Muspratt C28 — Corporate
Partnerships Intern, San Jose
Daniella Garcia C28 — Marketing
Associate, Stanford Athletics
Annie Roeser C28 — Marketing
Volunteer, Big West Basketball
Jacob Dubois C9S — Ticket Sales
Representative, San Diego Padres
Scott Simmons C9S — Ticketing
Intern, The Tiger Woods Foundation
Matt Clark C9S — Will Call Intern,
US Open Golf, Torrey Pines
Mike Kovanis C28 — Hockey
Coordinator/Tournament Director,
Snoopy’s Home Ice “Charlie Brown”
Spring Classic
Rachel Susanne Sears C26 —
Intern, US Triathlon Olympic Trials,
Tuscaloosa, AL
Juvanie Maximo C9S — Corporate
Partnership Intern, Los Angeles
Marnie Krell C26 — Intern, Athletic
Facilities, Project Design, Stanford
Adam Hirsch C28 — Marketing
Intern, Oakland Raiders
Glendon Hardin C9S — Intern, Roy
Engelbrecht Promotions; Columnist,
LBPost Sports; Sales Associate, The
Lamont Group
Carson Brown C28 — Event
Manager, Stanford University
Roni Bossin C28, Arman Medina
C25 and Erica Pacheco C8S as
part of the SportsEconomics Market
Research Team for the Amgen Tour
of California.
Alumni – Recent Job Changes
Blaine Clemmens C20 — Scouting
Supervisor, Northern California &
Pacific Northwest, Atlanta Braves
Robert Aylesworth C8S — Account
Executive, Corporate Sales, Los
Angeles Angels of Anaheim
Ron Nocetti C2 — Director-State
Championship Events, California
Interscholastic Federation
Jennifer (Alegado) Sarmiento C6S
— Tournament Relations Manager,
Buick Invitational
Jesse Hooper C23 — Sales
Associate, In-Game Ads, Electronic
Wei-ping Chang C25 — VIP
Coordinator, Final Olympic Baseball
Qualification Tournament, Taiwan;
Stadium Events Operation, Oakland
Mike Rorabaugh C8S —
Development Assistant, UCLA
Katy (Carnes) Power C15 —
Assistant Athletic Director, Concord
University in Athens, West Virginia
Jordan Wilcox C23 — Assistant SID
for Athletics, USF
Adam Kinowski C8S — Corporate
Sales Specialist, TaylorMade-adidas
Hiraki Sekine C23 — Overseas
Sales Representative, Marketing
Dept, GT Entertainment, Japan
Nick Bisho C16 — Vice
President/Sales, Quint Events
Ashley Moeai C8S —Sport
Business Track Coordinator,
American Leadership Academy, UT
Pamm Hubbard C6S — Associate
AD Compliance/SWA, University of
Alaska Fairbanks
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Andrew Blumberg C25 —
Marketing Coordinator, 2K Sports
Ignacio Garcia C16 — General
Manager, Basque Sports
Rich Egan C21 — Premium Sales
Manager, Phoenix Coyotes
Mike Esola C22 — Account
Executive, San Jose SaberCats
Rocky Harris C13 — Vice President,
MLS Dynamo
Michael Steinberg C24 —
Associate, Health and Productivity,
Angie Fitzpatrick C7S — Account
Coordinator, SportsMark
Tony Perotti C13 — Assistant
Women’s Basketball Coach, UCLA
Erica Pacheco C8S — Junior
Account Executive, Ticket Sales, Los
Angeles Sparks
Sport Management Updates
Wei-ping Chang, Sean Pyun and
Jesse Zitrin (C25 students) won first
place as the Overall Best-Performing
Company in their specific Industry for
the Best-Strategy Invitational. They were
invited to compete in this world-wide
competition based on their first place
Management course taught by Rich
Rogers, Adjunct Faculty, Northern and
Southern California Campuses. There
were over 230 teams entered, based
upon an invitation-only format.
Tournament Director, Jan Esselman with
Wei-ping Chang C25 (right) at the Olympic
Baseball Qualifying Tournament, Taichung,
Assistant/Translator for Jan.
Maria Veri, Adjunct Faculty, Northern and
Southern California Campuses accepted an
offer for the tenure-track position of Assistant
Professor of Socio-cultural Studies in the
Department of Kinesiology at SFSU starting in
August 2008.
Andrew Choi, Assistant Professor
conducted an Executive Interview with
David G. Brooks, General Manager of
the Beijing Olympics for Coca-Cola
China. This interview is published in the
International Journal of Sport Finance,
Vol. 3, No. 1, February 2008. For more
information on what Andrew is doing,
read his blog at
Dennis Bickmeier, Adjunct Faculty, Southern
California Campus is now the Vice President
of Consumer Sales and Marketing with the
Michigan International Speedway. Congrats
Dennis! The Santa Ana winds have nothing
on the cool “breeze” from Lake Michigan.
Wondering what Dan Rascher, Director of
Academic Programs, was doing while on
sabbatical? He worked for NASCAR helping
them defend against a lawsuit filed by the
Kentucky Speedway (KYS). He showed
(using economic analysis) that it was not in
NASCAR's business interest to have a Nextel
Cup race (now Sprint Cup) in KY. KYS
claimed that NASCAR was an illegal
monopolist and should have to give a race to
KYS, given that its track is at the quality level
of other Nextel Cup race tracks. He also
provided a financial valuation of Major League
Soccer, LLC for its founder. MLS is a single
entity, which is fairly unique in sports, that
owns each of its teams and lets an investor
operate a team, keeping some of the net
revenue. He was also busy researching and
publishing articles. A few to check out are:
Tammy Carlson C8S (left), Ashley
Moeai C8S (right) and Sean Moler C27
interns/volunteers at the Big West
Conference which hosted the 2008
NCAA Division I Men's Basketball
Championship first and second round
games at Anaheim's Honda Center. Rob
Halvaks (far left), Adjunct Faculty,
Southern California Campus and Senior
Associate Commissioner of the Big West
Conference served as the site's
tournament manager. Tammy and
Ashley were 2007-08 interns in the Big
West organization.
“The Effects of Roster Turnover on Demand
in the National Basketball Association” with
Steve Shapiro, Alan Morse, and Chad
McEvoy. In International Journal of Sport
Finance, Vol. 3, No. 1, February 2008.
(Andrew Choi, Assistant Professor gave an
Executive Interview in this issue).
“Variable Ticket Pricing in Major League
Baseball” with Chad McEvoy, Mark Nagel
(Adjunct Faculty, Northern & Southern
California Campus), and Matthew Brown. In
Journal of Sport Management, Vol. 21, No. 3,
July 2007.
Celebrating (and working) the 2008
Super Bowl win by the New York
Giants. Kristen Lange C6S (left) with
her NFL Network colleagues Amanda
Zucker and Gina Comparetto.
The 2009 National Senior Games,
scheduled to be held in the San
Francisco Bay Area, got a boost for its
national marketing campaign from a
group of USF students in Dr. Andrew
Choi's Sport Marketing class. Cohort
25's Alesia Harris, Eric Smith, Rachel
Thomas, Terrence Wan, and Jesse
Zitrin developed a multi-tired marketing
campaign, complete with tagline, and
unique website, that has been
implemented by BASOC (the Bay Area
organizers of the '09 Games. The
students, wishing to freshen up the
games' "Senior" image, developed the
slogan, Seen Your Game? and
successfully transferred rights to the
campaign to BASOC's Jurgen Padberg
C18. The Senior Games plans to launch, a microsite
featuring all-new interactions and
information for Games participants and
fans, in summer, 2008. Check it out at
Are you LINKED IN to the Sport
Management Program? If not, what
are you waiting for? This is a great
opportunity to network with other
USF SM students and alums.
Check it out at:, search for
the ‘University of San Francisco
Sport Management Program’ and
start connecting with your fellow
Anthony Dittmann, Adjunct Faculty,
Southern California Campus was
promoted to Director of Venue
Operations, ESPN.
Chris Dorazio C25 (right) working the
Senior Bowl in Mobile, AL with Owen
Schmitt, who is the full back from the
University of West Virginia.
Kevin Skabo C21 started his own
company, KS Sport Management AS
located in Norway. To find out more
information, please visit
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Sport Management
Alumni & Student News
Dr. Stan Fasci – Director of Administration
Dr. Dan Rascher – Director of Academic Programs
Peggy O’Leary, MA – Sr. Associate Director and
Administrator of the Southern California Program
Dr. Jeremy Howell – Associate Professor
Dr. Rich Cellini – Assistant Professor
Dr. J. Andrew Choi – Assistant Professor
David Manning – Program Assistant for the Northern
California Program
Cheryl Brier – Program Assistant for the Southern
California Program
Northern California Program
Lone Mountain Pacific Wing 116
2130 Fulton Street
San Francisco, CA 94117-1080
Phone: (415) 422-2678
Fax: (415) 422-6267
[email protected]
Southern California Program
480 South Batavia Street
Orange, CA 92868
Phone: (714) 633-5626
Fax: (714) 771-4264
[email protected]
Visit our website at
Mark Orlando C8S engaged to marry Carolyn Newbill on August
9, 2008 in Las Vegas. Woohoo!
Amber Stockstill C5S has been accepted into the LA Unified
School District Internship Program which is a three year teaching
credential program. She will focus on special education.
Michael Nieves C26 announces the arrival of Anthony Michael
Nieves on March 21, 2008. Baby Anthony weighs in at 6lbs, 4
ounces and is 19 inches tall. Congrats to the Nieves family!
Michelle Alleyne C25 was the graduation speaker at the USF
Graduation International Student Recognition Ceremony (May 9,
Congratulations to Jessie Armijo C9S on obtaining her Master’s
Degree/Teaching Credential in Special Education.
Amy Gardner C28 was on Wheel Of Fortune Monday, March 10,
Pamm Hubbard C6S was accepted to the PhD program at the
University of Alaska at Fairbanks.
Congratulations to Jeremy Howell, Associate Professor who
received the Ignatian Service Award from USF.
The Northern California Program Office will be relocating to
Kalmanovitz Hall on lower campus in August. More details to come!
The Southern California Social will be held on August 14th from
6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Email invitations will be sent in late July.
What Are You Up To? Keep sending us news about yourself and a
picture to be included in future issues.
Congratulations Cohort 8S & 25 Graduates, May 16, 2008
Dimitry Artamonov, Robert Aylesworth, Jill Bartel, Tammy
Carlson, Estelle Collins, Josh Esquith, Adrian Garcia, Brian
Gray, Ka'anela (Inn) Holcomb, Mike Iwamasa, Sean Kelly,
Adam Kinowski, Jonathan Labastida, Orlando Lugo, Colleen
McDonald, Ashley Moeai, Alex Montoya, Mark Orlando,
Jonathan Sandoval, Jonathan Schulman, Jeff Soklin,
Takeshi Toyoda
Not pictured: Ted Liebel, Justin Miller, Erica Pacheco, Tasso
Panopoulos, Mike Rorabaugh, Tiffany Skoug, Edwin Zane
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Michelle Alleyne, James Beer, II, Andrew Blumberg,
Patrick Carlson, Anastasia Cesmat, Wei-ping Chang,
Brandy Clark-Smith, Christopher Dorazio, Alesia Harris,
Kelsey Hicks, Kyle Janzen, Arman Medina, Nicolas
Owen, George Pappas, Stacey Pizzio, Jin Pyun, Kenji
Quijano, Paul Ratner, Jillian Ruppenstein, Eric Smith,
Renée Stribling, Atsushi Takahashi, Gladys Torres,
Terence Wan, Elaine Williams, Jesse Zitrin
Not pictured: Adam Kincaid, Masahiro Takano, Rachel
Thomas, Troy Vann