2015 Junior Gala Days - Onkaparinga Junior Rugby Union Football

2015 Junior Gala Days
Where and When:
Round 1 – Onkaparinga – 11th April 9am – 3pm
Round 2 – Elizabeth 18th April 9am – 3pm
Round 3 - Burnside 25th April 12 pm – 3pm
Team Nominations:
A Member of South Australian Rugby Union will be contacting all clubs to ascertain their
registration numbers and predicted numbers for each age group, this will then allow us
to start to create a draw for the Weekends.
If Clubs could please complete the Team Nomination Forms and send in to SARU at
[email protected]
Conditions of Gala Day:
Junior gala Days are run to allow clubs a greater period of time to generate registrations, provide
new players a participation opportunity and confirm team entries for the 2015 Junior Competition..
It is an expectation that all clubs will endeavour to enter teams in the gala days as they would in the
2015 season. The Union will have the option to enter into negotiations with Clubs if a Club has
limited numbers at the gala days and / or low numbers of registered players online. It is important
that Clubs use best to endeavours to secure the majority of junior registrations and payments online
PRIOR to the first Gala Day.
Note: Junior Players not registered in Rugby Link (either individually online or manually by the Club
as an offline registration) will not be able to participate in Round 1 of the Junior season commencing
on 2 May 2015.
Competition Rules:
Clubs have entered teams in the Junior 10’s tournament in the under-7, under-8 and under-10 age
categories, as well as in the under-12, under-14 and under-16 categories. Teams are to play a total of
two games each within their category, with age group winners decided by table position. Please
refer to attached draw for further details.
If any club has U18 players that are not involved in the U18 Competition please bring them out as we
would like to create a Barbarians U18 Team for the competition.
The Tournament will be conducted under the “Laws of the Game of Rugby Football” as framed by
World Rugby and adopted by the Australian Rugby Union (with variations for both Under 19 and 10
aside rugby) and the following amendments:
For full listing of World Rugby 10 aside laws please see following link;
1. Team managers are to register their final team with the tournament coordinator 20 minutes
prior to their first match
2. Teams to consist of a maximum of 15 players, 10 players and 5 reserves, for each day of
3. Match Duration – Match must not last longer than 20 minutes in Duration plus 2 minutes for half
time. There will be no extra time, matches will conclude at the end of official time regardless of
4. Matches will not be played for competition points.
5. Unlimited interchange of players is permitted. Entry onto the field is to be via the half way line,
players must touch outside the playing area.
6. Amendment to Law 20.1 (e) shall read “A scrum must have five players from each team. All five
players must stay bound to the scrum until it ends.”
 Each scrum shall consist of three players in the front row and two players in the second row.
 The second row players must be bound together with both shoulders in contact with the
front row (i.e. a three–two formation).
7. All restarts of games and kicks at goal are to be ‘Drop kicks”. A player is permitted 30 seconds for
their conversion attempt.
8. When a conversion is being taken, players of the non-scoring team do not have to retire behind
their own try line, however all players must:
 not be closer than 15 metres from the kicker
 Retire behind their own try line before attempting to charge down conversion attempts.
9. The team who scores any points (try, conversion, penalty goal, drop goal) shall restart play (i.e.
scoring team kicks off).
10. Team personnel will be allowed to enter the playing area for player fluid replacement or medical
attention only.
11. A yellow card will be given to players that continually disobey the laws of the game and thus
they are sent from the field for a period of 2 minutes. A red card is given to a player that already
has 1 yellow card and is given another or is in serious breach of foul play laws.
12. A player sent off (Red Card) by the referee, under Law 10, shall not participate in any more
matches throughout the tournament, until the case has been heard by the judiciary.
13. The duration of the Sin Bin will be two (2) minutes in which the offending player can be replaced
for U7’s through U12’s only. The offending player must stand with their coach until the
regulation time expires.
14. If one team is unable to provide three suitably qualified front row players prior to the start of a
fixture, that team will play the whole match with one player short. Should both teams be unable
to provide three suitably qualified front row players prior to the start of a match, the above
would not be enforced.
Team Sheets:
Team Sheets will be submitted as paper Forms and will need to be submitted to competition
Manager George Doughty 20 minutes before Kick-off so that a photocopy can be made. The team
sheets will then need to be handed back to George at the conclusion of the Game with all scorers
recorded and signed. A template of the Team sheet to be used can be found at the back of the
Registration of Players:
All players who were not registered in 2014 MUST register online via Rugby Link [(click here) and
search for your club] OR ALTERNATIVELY MUST complete attached registration form and have the
Team Manger provide the completed registration form to the Competition Manager so a photocopy
can be made.
Players who were registered in 2014 MUST be Registered Online or have an alternative arrangement
with the Club (offline registration) by Round 3 of the Season (effectively round 1 of the Junior
Competition Season 2nd May 2015). We strongly encourage all players to Register Online now to
ensure they are eligible to play by Round 1 [(click here) and search for your club]
Game Day Operations:
A Game Day operations Brief will be sent out by Wednesday prior to the matches for that weekend.
Game Day Operations will include, Match Day Office location, Change room procedures etc.
Junior 10-A-Side Tournament 2015 – Team Entry Form
__________________ Age Grade ______________________
Officials Name ___________________ Signature ______________________
Team manager_______________
Mobile Number_______________
There is a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 15 players per team, all team entries are to be
presented to match day managers.
2015 Team Entry Form (Juniors)
Club _______________________________ Date ______________________________
Name of representative submitting form _____________________________________
Position ____________________________ Signature __________________________
Entering Team in
Circle- Yes or No
Under 7’s
Yes or No
Under 8’s
Yes or No
Under 10’s
Yes or No
Under 12’s
Yes or No
Under 14’s
Yes or No
Under 16’s
Yes or No
Under 18’s
Yes or No
Number of
registered players
in this grade
number of
Number of
Please note if you have U18 players and don’t have an U18 team please indicate this on the
nomination form as we will try to coordinate a Barbarians U18 side, so that they still get to play.