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The Shave for the Brave
packed the Avalon Mall
on March 10, 2012 as
322 heads went under
the clippers in four hours.
History & Purpose
Key Terms
Our Programs
Before Your Shave – Planning
Who, Where, When
Recruiting Shavers
Volunteer Team
Promotion & Fundraising Ideas
Word of Mouth
Traditional Media
Social Media
Shave Day
Registration & Money
If you are reading this booklet it means you have
shown an interest in organizing your own Shave for
the Brave fundraising event. BIG THANKS!
The purpose of this manual is to put everything you
need to know about Head Hunting (organizing a Shave)
in one place. This is your Shave life-line.
Based on our own best practices and what past Head
Hunters have told us of their experiences, this guide
will help you with everything from “I wonder if I could
do this?” to “What a blast that was!” and everything
in between.
Please see the table of contents for specific sections
like promotion, Shave Day, and FAQs. For a better
experience, please review the entire manual before
jumping in.
Organizing a Shave can be easy. We have put this
information together to make it that much easier for
you. So, read on to learn how to make your Shave
a shiny success.
Pump It Up!
Young Adult Canada Cancer Rep.
Speeches & Thank Yous
After Your Shave
What To Submit To Young Adult Cancer Canada
Key Terms
This section is for your information and for the interest of
anyone you talk to about the Shave for the Brave!
Shave To qualify as an official Young Adult Cancer Canada Shaver, you must:
• Donate10ormoreinchesofhairforwigs(seepage10forrequirements);
• Shaveyourheadusingasetofclipperswithnoguard(thisleavesabout1/8inchofhair).
We sometimes call this going all the way.
• orboth!
Here you’ll learn about the event and the different ways people
can get involved.
All Shavers will receive an official yellow Shave for the Brave toque to keep warm and broadcast their support.
(Please note: only Shavers are eligible to receive a toque!)
Community Shave A Young Adult Cancer Canada-organized Shave in a public setting.
School Shave A Shave that is organized by a Head Hunter (volunteer Shave organizer) within the school and
is open to students and teachers of that school.
Office Shave A Shave that is organized by a Head Hunter within a workplace and is open to its employees.
History & Purpose
2014 marks the 9th Annual Shave for the Brave
fundraiser in support of Young Adult Cancer Canada.
The event has grown exponentially each year since
2006 and we know 2014 will be no exception with
your help!
The Shave for the Brave is a series of Community,
School, Office and Solo Shave events. It is Young
Adult Cancer Canada’s biggest fundraiser and
provides funds for all of the support programs Young
Adult Cancer Canada provides. (You can learn more
about Young Adult Cancer Canada and its support
programs in the next section.)
There are also large symbolic and emotional components
to any Shave event. Donating your hair for wigs or
shaving your head bald is a big sacrifice and those
who participate have a lot invested in the activity.
Some do it to support a loved one dealing with cancer,
to remember someone they lost to cancer, or simply
to help support the cause. By participating in larger
Shaves, people get to show the world that they
care. The very personal action, combined with a
public setting, definitely makes for a unique and
unforgettable experience!
Becoming bald or wearing a bright yellow Shave
for the Brave toque are also very physical ways
participants support the Brave young adult survivors
and patients dealing with cancer in Canada.
Solo Shave A private Shave which is held by an individual who would choose not to participate in a public
event, held at the participant’s chosen date, time, and location.
How to Participate
The Shave for the Brave has a role for everyone! Here
are the main ways participants can get involved:
Shaver Someone who makes the supreme sacrifice
by donating 10 or more inches of hair or going all the
way by shaving their head with a set of clippers with
no guard.
Shavers register at to
create their own fundraising page and update a
profile with pictures, messages, and more. They can
collect pledges online, track their fundraising totals,
and email friends and family asking for their support.
The registration fee for youth 18 and under is $25;
the fee for adults 19 an over is $40. But, you can
waive this fee by pledging to raise that much or more
in donations.
Mane Mama Mane Mamas aren’t necessarily mamas.
They can be sisters, grandmothers, aunts, and even
brothers, dads, and uncles! A Mane Mama is anyone
who wants to help support an event, a Shaver, or
would like to help with general promotion.
Mane Mamas who sign up at
will receive support from YACC to help them spread
the word. We’ll also send tips and ideas on how to
help out, including how to help raise pledges for
their Shaver.
Head Hunter A Head Hunter organizes a Shave in
their school or office. It’s their job to hunt for some
heads to shave.
Being a Head Hunter doesn’t mean that you have
to do all the work yourself. This manual, along with
Young Adult Cancer Canada’s continued support
and your own team of volunteers will make it easy.
Our Shave-In-A-Box will also have all the physical
elements you will need for your Shave, including
posters, Shaver and Mane Mama badges, and
toques. (Please note: we do not provide clippers.)
And don’t forget, Head Hunters can pull double-duty
as Shavers!
Donor Donors can pledge to a participant or give
directly to the Shave for the Brave.
The best way to donate is to visit
to make a safe, secure online donation with a credit
card. Online donors will be receipted by email
automatically. Otherwise, cash or cheques made
out to Young Adult Cancer Canada will be accepted.
These donors will receive a manually generated tax
receipt upon request within the weeks following the
Volunteer Technically, all of these roles are done on
a volunteer basis. However, other helpers are often
needed at the various stages of a Shave. They might
do things like put up posters, take registration, and
help clean up after it’s all over.
Those wanting to volunteer should contact their
Head Hunter or Young Adult Cancer Canada directly.
This section is for your information and for the interest of anyone
you’re talking to about Young Adult Cancer Canada!
Here you’ll learn about our organization and how we support young
adults dealing with cancer in Canada using the funds raised at the
Shave for the Brave.
Retreat Yourself Adventure
Our Programs
We Get It
Money raised during the Shave for the Brave
goes toward supporting all of Young Adult Cancer
Canada’s programs for young adults dealing with
cancer in Canada. Young Adult Cancer Canada is the only
national charity focused on support for this age group.
cancer as a young adult.
Life is different when you’re a young adult. Friends,
finances, and fertility take on a whole new meaning
than when you’re a younger child or further along in
life. It just makes sense that cancer is also different
when you’re a young adult.
Young Adult Cancer Canada has developed a number
of conferences, workshops, expeditions, and other
support resources that we deliver cost-free to
the young adults that really need them. These
people are the Brave we shave for. Below are just
a few of our programs. For more information, visit or contact us.
Retreat Yourself
A four-day retreat program that brings survivors
and supporters from across the country together to
share about their trials and triumphs with cancer and
to support each other on their healing journey.
A DVD resource for young adults that features
interviews with other young adult cancer survivors
chatting about all the issues specific to dealing with
Retreat Yourself Adventure
Experiential outdoor adventure programs that help
young adult cancer survivors identify, process, and
apply life lessons learned from their cancer journeys
Survivor Conference
An annual four-day conference where survivors and
supporters are empowered to live better, healthier
lives and learn how to encourage fellow survivors to
do the same.
Retreat Yourself
An activity-based support group where young adult
cancer survivors and supporters enjoy fun gatherings
and connect with their peers.
An online support tool empowering young adult
survivors to set goals and take control of their lives
while learning about new research and connecting
with their peers.
We Get It
Survivor Conference
Finally, all the details about how to organize your Shave!
Please read thoroughly and ask us if you have questions or need help.
Who, Where, When?
When you first apply to be a Head Hunter, you should
have an idea of when and where you expect your
Shave to take place and who and how many you
expect to participate. These will be the first details
that need to be confirmed when you officially accept
the position. Then your Shave-In-A-Box will be on
its way!
IMPORTANT: Let us know as soon as your date,
time, and location are confirmed and we will
register your Shave online so that people can start
signing up and donating!
Who is often determined by your location. For
example, if you are a teacher, the who will be any
students and teachers at that school who want to
participate. You will also want to consider who you
want to invite as an audience.
Where is often pretty easily selected too, though it
needs to be a bit specific: on what floor, in which
room, and exactly how will it be set up?
When can be the most important, especially if you
need to secure volunteer stylists to come and do
the shaving (learn more about stylists on page 10).
You need to pick the day and the specific time (and
duration) your Shave will take place.
Other helpful tips:
• Consider other events that may be happening
around your Shave that might impact participation.
• Make sure your venue is the proper size for the
expected number of participants and spectators.
• Make sure your venue has sufficient electrical
outlets, chairs, etc.
These need to be secured almost as soon as your
time and location are confirmed. Young Adult Cancer
Canada strongly recommends having professionals
do the shaving. They will have their own equipment
and know how to use it. Please let them know that
no guard is to be used, and that donated hair needs
to be at least 10 inches, secured at both ends. If you
can’t find professionals, make sure whoever is using
the equipment does so in a safe, capable manner.
How do you find stylists? Ask around! You’ll be
surprised what contacts you might make. A coworker,
teacher, parent, or boss might know someone willing
to help, or even have the equipment themselves!
Check with your hairdresser. People are often willing
to help out for a good cause. Contact us if you’re
having any trouble with this and we’ll help you figure
it out. We have a template letter you can use to
request support from a salon.
Other helpful tips:
• Clippers get hot! Be careful and don’t overwork
the equipment.
• Ittakesapproximatelyfourminutestoshaveahead.
Depending on the number of Shavers, this will help
you determine how many stylists/sets of clippers
you will need.
• ForanofficialYoungAdultCancerCanadaShave,
no guard is to be used on the clippers. This will
• Hair being donated for wigs should be at least
10 inches long and either braided or in a pony tail
secured at both ends. We can accept: highlighted
or coloured hair and even hair from previous
chemotherapy patients. Sorry, wigs cant be made
out of permed, bleached, chemically straightened,
or African-American hair. Hair must be clean and dry.
Recruiting Shavers
In order to host a Shave, you have to have Shavers.
While it may make sense that your Shavers would
be students in your school or coworkers at your
workplace, you also need to think about how you’ll
get them on board and how many you can handle.
One way to recruit Shavers (and donors for that
matter!) is to use the posters and other materials
provided to you by Young Adult Cancer Canada in your
Shave-In-A-Box (more on this later in this section).
Talk to and email your family, friends, and coworkers;
make announcements in your classrooms or offices;
and announce it on Facebook, Twitter, and any other
social networking sites you use.
IMPORTANT: As you recruit Shavers and donors,
encourage them to register and fundraise online
at! It’s easy, fun, and
we’ll give you the list of names and what they have
raised before your Shave. For further instructions,
see the Registration & Money section. If they
can’t fundraise online, an offline pledge sheet is
We will also promote your Shave on and will make an
effort to include it in our six-week radio and print
advertising campaign beginning in January.
Other helpful tips:
• A little healthy competition can really help ramp
up excitement and participation. You’d be amazing
how far “I’ll do it if you will” can go!
• You might like to offer prizes or other incentives
for the most pledges raised.
• Put a bounty on someone’s head! If there’s a
prominent person attending your Shave, people
might just donate more to make sure that person
has to Shave! Sometimes even moustaches go if
more is raised.
• Please make sure you have parental permission
for any Shavers under the age of majority. (You
don’t have to worry about this if they’ve signed up
online as they will have accepted a waiver.) You
can request a sample letter and waiver from YACC.
Volunteer Team
A Head Hunter should also recruit at least two
or three trustworthy volunteers for various tasks
before, during, and after your Shave. We ask that
the Head Hunter recruits at least one other person
to help them on the Head Hunting team. In the case
of a student Head Hunter, you must have at least one
teacher on board.
Young Adult Cancer Canada recommends laying out
a simple timeline with responsibilities, no matter
how simple, at least a week or two before your event.
That way, everything is all set in advance so you’re
not scrambling on the day of your Shave.
You are better safe than sorry! It is better to have
more help than you need, than not enough. You
never know when a great idea or some other detail
might pop up where having a couple of volunteers
would make all the difference.
Some tasks for your volunteers:
• Posters: As soon as your Shave is set and you
receive your Shave-In-A-Box, your team can help
post these in key areas.
• Preparing hair donations: Hair must be either
braided or in a ponytail secured at both ends
when donating 10 inches or more for wigs. This
will take just a few extra minutes so having at least
one person designated to do this, aside from the
stylists, can help. Consider wearing gloves for
health reasons, but be aware that latex may pull hair.
IMPORTANT: Use a measuring tape to figure out the
desired length and place an elastic in the hair at
that mark. Braid or put the hair in a ponytail by
placing another elastic at the end. Make sure the
hair is still a full 10 inches and cut above the first
elastic. Also, styling is not included when the braid
is cut so Shavers may want to visit their own stylist
after the event to shape their new ‘do.
• Clean up: It is really helpful to have at least one
volunteer to sweep up hair, set up and put back
chairs before and after the event, etc.
• Registration:Youmightneedsomehelpcollecting
pledges, taking names, safe-guarding money, etc.
These would be roles to place your most trusted
volunteers in.
IMPORTANT: It is best to do registration and collect
pledges in advance of the event. It makes
things both safer and smoother. Please see the
Registration & Money section below.
Word of Mouth
Wou’d be surprised what this can do! If you tell five
people and each of them tells five people, it doesn’t
take long to ramp up the excitement. Consider
talking to your class, your office, calling or emailing
your family, friends or co-workers, and telling people
on the sidewalk, “Hey! I bet you’d look great bald!”
When you decide on the details of your Shave, we
will send you a Shave-In-A-Box with everything
you will need for the event. Much of it will be sent
electronically first, then the physical elements will
follow. Some of the items included will help you and
your participants to promote your Shave:
• Posters: We’ll provide as many as you can use.
Consider posting them in your school, office,
community centre, or other local places specific to
the venue of your Shave.
• Shaver and Mane Mama swag: to promote their
participation and help collect pledges.
Traditional Media
Young Adult Cancer Canada will be promoting
the Shave for the Brave through a radio, web, and
print advertising campaign beginning in January. is the hub for all activity
and will be promoted on our organization’s website,, as well.
IMPORTANT: Any media activity such as interviews
or any other event coverage must be coordinated
by Young Adult Cancer Canada. If someone contacts
you, or you would like to contact someone for this
purpose, we ask that you please let us know first.
Facebook & Other Social Media
It is a digital age! As mentioned, participants can
post on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media
sites they may use. Even sharing the website,, can go a long way. Here,
people can also sign up to receive Shave News to
receive regular updates about the event.
By now you’ve got your venue and Shavers, you’ve
done some promotion, you know who your audience
will be, and your timeline and volunteer roles are
set. Congratulations; you can look forward to an
awesome Shave! Here are just a few more details
that will help make your Shave Day go smoothly:
Registration & Money
IMPORTANT: This is the most important part and is
much better done in advance of the event so money
is safe and things go smoothly. Consider taking
registration and pledges the day before or earlier
on Shave Day.
• Onlinevs.offl
have registered online. We will send you a master
registration sheet with the list of names and
pledges right before your event.
We will need to know the full name, complete
contact information, and amount of physical
registered online.
• Registration fees and pledges: There’s a required
registration fee for each Shaver: $25 for youth 18
and under, and $40 for adults 19 and over. But you
can waive this fee by pledging to raise this much or
more in donations.
IMPORTANT: You will need a safe and secure place
to store the money until it is submitted to Young
Adult Cancer Canada! There are a few ways money
can be submitted as outlined in the After Your
Shave section.
Cash and cheque pledges must be counted and
verified against pledge sheets as they are handed
in to you, with any discrepancies clearly marked.
This enables us to quickly and accurately process
the donations and generate donor tax receipts. Two
separate individuals should verify the count in front
of each participant. When YACC receives money from
you we may ask that it be counted once more and
signed off on.
• Demographics survey: This optional form is
included in your Shave-In-A-Box and is really
helpful to Young Adult Cancer Canada. The idea is
to approach as many participants as possible and
just ask them the few key questions outlined on
the form such as how did you hear about the
Shave, what’s your age group, etc.
This is a good volunteer role, and can be completed
with participants as they wait for their turn to Shave.
Pump It Up!
Play music to get participants and spectators excited.
Some groups have even had a live band or other
entertainment as part of the Shave Day program!
You can never have too many pictures or videos!
Plus, we’d love it if you shared these with us,
especially before and after group photos. We’ll ask
your permission before we use any of these on our
website or on any other promotional materials.
Please take care not to capture store fronts or
any business logos from whom you do not have
Young Adult Cancer Canada
Whenever possible, Young Adult Cancer Canada
loves to send a staff member, volunteer, or other
Young Adult Cancer Canada representative to attend
your event. This person is there to witness the
excitement, say thanks, and speak briefly if you’d
like them to. They can also take any pledges raised
and brought to the event. Let us know if you would
like someone to come to your event and we’ll do our
best to get them there.
If a Young Adult Cancer Canada representative
attends, they will hand out toques to Shavers as
soon as they get off the chair. Otherwise, this will be
a good role for yourself or another volunteer. Note: If
a Young Adult Cancer Canada rep is attending, they
will bring the toques with them. If not, we will send
them as soon as you know numbers.
IMPORTANT: You can only get an official Shave for
the Brave toque after you have shaved or donated
10 inches or more of hair!
Speeches & Thank Yous
Wou’d be surprised what this can do! If you tell five
people and each of them tells five people, it doesn’t
take long to ramp up the excitement. Consider talking
An attendingYoung Adult Cancer Canada representative
would be happy to acknowledge anyone who helped
make the Shave a success. If a Young Adult Cancer
Canada rep isn’t available you don’t have to talk
for long, just a few minutes to let people know how
much we all appreciate their time, hair, donations,
and help. Please try to cover these main points:
• AnnouncethenumberofShavers,amountraised,
and tell any unique stories.
• Thank your Shavers, Mane Mamas, volunteers,
venue, stylists, etc.
• Shaversaredefinitelybrave,buttheeventiscalled
the Shave FOR the Brave. We’ve all participated to
support the brave young adults dealing with
cancer in Canada! (Talk a little about Young Adult
Cancer Canada’s Support programs if you like
found on page 7 of this manual)
• ThankthemajorShavefortheBravesponsors
Please contact us for a complete and up-to-date
sponsor list.
Other helpful tips:
• Depending on the size and scope of your Shave,
you might consider securing a microphone for any
Congratulations; you held a Shave! Now to clean up,
wrap up, and talk it up!
What to Submit to
Young Adult Cancer Canada
After any Shave, there are just a few things we need
back from you:
• Moneyandpledgesheets:
o Count and have a second person verify pledges
against pledge sheets as they are passed in.
Please note any discrepancies clearly.
o If a Young Adult Cancer Canada representative
is in attendance, they may be able to take away
any cash or cheque pledges with them.
o If you are near our St. John’s, NL office, feel free
to drop it off to us. Just call in advance to let us
know to expect you. We’ll need just a few
minutes of your time to count the money and
sign a slip saying we’ve received it.
o It is sometimes the best and easiest option to
keep the pledges and submit a cheque* or
money order to Young Adult Cancer Canada. Just
make sure all money has been counted and
verified against pledge sheets first, with any
discrepencies clearly marked.
IMPORTANT: Donor cheques must be made out to
Young Adult Cancer Canada. If your organization
is submitting a cheque for the total pledges, keep
in mind that any other donor cheques written to
Young Adult Cancer Canada should be sent with
your cheque, not included in your total
1) Master registration sheet: Complete with submitted
cash/cheque amounts for each participant, and
complete contact information for anyone not
registered online.
2) Hair donations: Hair donations should be ten
inches or more and either braided or in a pony tail
secured at both ends. See details on page 10.
3) Toques: Please return all leftover toques to Young
Adult Cancer Canada.
4) Feedback form: We want to know what you think!
How was your Head Hunting experience? How
could we have made it better for you? We
encourage you to give it some thought and send
it along so that we can continue to improve on the
Shave for the Brave, ultimately helping more
young adults dealing with cancer in Canada.
5) Demographics survey: Again, optional, but helpful!
Our mailing address is:
Young Adult Cancer Canada – Shave for the Brave
18 Argyle Street, Suite 201
St. John’s, NL
A1A 1V3
(877) 571-7325
We know that was a lot of information so here are the basics for quick reference.
This is not a replacement for the important content in this manual:
a. Let us know if you have questions
2. Decide & arrange the who, where, and when (p. 9-11)
a. WHO includes shavers, audience, stylists, volunteers
b. WHERE is the venue, the room, the set-up
c. WHEN is the day and the start & end times
3. Give the details to Young Adult Cancer Canada so we can
set up the event online
a. Then keep regular contact with us. We’re here to help!
4. Promote and fundraise (p. 12-13)
a. Recruit Shavers, Mane Mamas, and donors - encourage online
registrations and secure online donations
b. Use email, Facebook, posters, etc.
5. Plan Shave Day timeline, volunteer roles, and logistics (p. 13-15)
a. Do you have clippers, music, brooms, etc.?
b. Will you want a Young Adult Cancer Canada representative
to attend? Will you or someone else speak at all?
6. Thank everyone involved! (p. 15)
a. Shavers, donors, volunteers, stylists, etc.
b. Young Adult Cancer Canada can provide thank you cards if desired
7. Return all necessary materials to Young Adult Cancer Canada (p.15-16)
a. All registration info, pledge forms, pledges, leftover toques, feedback form, hair, donations, etc.
b. Please return as soon as possible after your event so we can receipt your donors.
8. Sit back, relax, and give yourself a pat on the back!
Your involvement in the Shave for the Brave means that more young adults dealing
with cancer in Canada will have access to support programs designed specifically for them.
We couldn’t do it without you!
9. Think about how you’ll participate in next year’s Shave!
Frequently Asked Questions
How do I register?
How do I donate?
If you do not have online access, contact Young Adult Cancer Canada (877-571-7325) for an offline pledge sheet.
You may also pledge to a participant with a cheque or cash. Cheques must be made payable to Young Adult
Cancer Canada. Make sure the participant records your information on their official pledge sheet (or online)
so we can receipt you.
Online at! You can select your location (contact us if it’s not there) and you will even
have your own profile page where people can make a secure online pledge to you with a credit card!
Do I have to pay to participate?
The registration fee is $25 for youth 18 and under and $40 for adults 19 and older. You can also waive your fee
by pledging to raise this much or more.
How do I collect pledges?
Online at! Once you register, you’ll be able to send emails to your family and friends
asking them to visit your profile page to make a secure online donation by credit card. Cash and cheque
donations can also be entered online, or you may use a paper pledge sheet. Be sure to real all accompanying
instructions before using.
Do I have to shave bald?
An official Young Adult Cancer Canada Shave is done with a set of clippers with no guard. This leaves about
a Shave!
How do I donate my hair?
Instead of Shaving, you may want to donate your hair for wigs for cancer patients. Hair must be 10 inches
or more, braided or in a pony tail secured at both ends. (For more details see p.10)
Unless you arrange otherwise, a Shave for the Brave cut does NOT include any styling afterwards. You may want
to visit your hairdresser to jazz up your new ‘do.
Where does my hair donation go?
How do I learn more about the Shave for the Brave or YACC (Young Adult Cancer Canada)?
Check us out at and Have an unanswered question?
Email [email protected] or give us a call toll-free at 877-571-7325.
You can make a secure online donation by credit card at Search for a participant
or team to sponsor or give directly to Young Adult Cancer Canada.
Where does the money go?
Funds raised at the Shave for the Brave allow Young Adult Cancer Canada to provide support programs to
young adults dealing with cancer in Canada at no cost to the participant. You can learn more about Young Adult
Cancer Canada’s Survivor Conference, Retreat Yourself, Goaltender, We Get
It, Retreat Yourself Adventure, and more at
You might also like to check out our Annual Report in the Organization section of the website to see a breakdown
of Young Adult Cancer Canada’s finances.
Will I get a tax receipt?
Young Adult Cancer Canada is a registered charity and provides donor receipts for tax purposes.
If you donate online, you will automatically be emailed a PDF tax receipt to the email address you provide.
If you give a cheque or cash, Young Adult Cancer Canada will manually generate receipts for all donations
of $20 or more with a complete and clear mailing address, including postal code. Young Adult Cancer Canada
will receipt donations of less than $20 at the donors request.
Every effort will be made to generate and mail your cash or cheque tax receipt within a few weeks of it being
We would prefer to email tax receipts for your cash and cheque donations so please consider providing your
email address. This address will only be used by Young Adult Cancer Canada for donor-related reasons.
How do I learn more about the Shave for the Brave or Young Adult Cancer Canada (Young Adult Cancer Canada)?
Check us out at and Email [email protected]
or give us a call toll-free at 877-571-7325.