How to Create & Submit

How to Create & Submit
Creating a Budget Request
for an SG Funded Organization
The Budget Request system is located within the SG online system for
requesting expenditure of funds known as DOCUTRAQ.
Log into the Docutraq system. It may be accessed from
While completing requested budget refer to the Budget Checklist to ensure
request is in compliance with current finance codes
5 Steps to Complete a Budget Request
Confirm Organization
Projects, Programs, and Services
Travels and Services
Attendance and Goals
Step 1: Confirm Organization
• The dashboard for your organization will display
“Your Budget.” A drop down menu will appear
when that link is activated.
• Select “Create a Budget Request” to start the
process. Refer to screen shot on next slide.
• Confirm you are logged into the organization you
want to create the request for.
CAUTION: Please read the ATTENTION block at top of screen shot on the next slide.
DO NOT: Click the “Submit” button found in step 5 until you have made all the
changes you want in the request. When ready to submit final budget request select
Step 1: Confirm Organization Cont’d.
Step 2: Projects, Programs, and Services
• Select “+ New Project” to add an event or project to the
• If you are attempting to edit an existing request (BEFORE
the submission deadline) and you have not submitted the
request in Step 5, you may use the “Loading an Existing
Project” to go back and edit an existing project.
Step 2: Projects, Programs and Services
Part I.
• Part I: Project Summary. See screen shot next
 Title: brief, descriptive name for activity or program being requested
 Priority: move scale from low to medium to high. If no priorities are
given in the budget, committee will assume all projects are of equal value
 Purpose of Activity: brief explanation of event
 Benefits: all expenditure of funds are to benefit the entire student body
Explain how this project benefits the entire student body.
 Locale of Project: place where event is anticipated to be held
Step 2: Projects, Programs and Services
Part I.
 Expected Attendance: This is a mandatory field. Based on available
information, how many people do you expect to attend the event?
 Previous Attendance: If this event was held last year, how many
people attended? If it is a new event enter N/A.
Step 2: Projects, Programs and Services Part II
(see screen shot slide #10)
Programs (2): under this line put any costs associated with the event that does not fall
under any other line. Typically:
 Venue costs: Refer to last slide in this presentation called “ Appendix A “ for
Reitz Union pricing.
 Performance fees (DJ’s max pay $200)
 Decorations (max $200 per event)
 Note: No A&S Fees may be used on an event hosted at a private residence.
Advertising (6): i.e. Facebook ads, tarp & paint, flyers etc.
 Events requesting food have to show how the event is advertised.
 Maximum amount for Facebook ads are $25 per request per event.
 Tarp & tape is a maximum of $20 per event.
Awards (16): Recipient must be determined by a competition. Maximum amount
allowed is $30 per award per person.
Copies (57): Funding can only be used in SG Copy Center. Cost is $0.10 for color
copies and $0.06 for black and white copies.
Food (66): Any item for human consumption.
Step 2: Projects, Programs and Services
Part II ( Slide # 10)
Step 2: Projects, Programs and Services Part II
• To add another project select “+ NEW PROJECT”
or you may edit a project you have already entered
by selecting “ Load an Existing Project.”
• Selecting “Next” will take you to Travel and
Travels and Services Part I
 Complete all information requested for each trip that your
group expects to take next year.
 Requested funding may not include any food costs.
 Maximum of $350 per person is allowed.
 Maximum of
49% of budget
maybe Travel.
 Hotel costs should
be $60 per night for
in-state and $75 per
night for out-of-state.
Travel and Services Part II
(Refer to Slide #14)
• Transportation:
 Airline ticket costs must be based on internet search for tickets
purchased at least 2 weeks before departure.
 Mileage is strictly an estimate of miles multiplied by 34 cents per
mile. Travelers will be paid for gas and tolls based on receipts.
This is just an estimating tool.
 Estimate for taxis/shuttles if applicable.
• Other: Any miscellaneous expenses that are foreseeable.
• Accommodations: Cost of hotel/lodging.
• Registration: Cost of registration fee for conferences.
Travel and Services Part II
(Slide #14)
Attendance and Goals Part I
• Mandatory: Student Body Law 2003-113 requires that this
section of the request be completed.
• General Meetings: Record the last 10 general body meetings
you held noting number of students that attended.
• Project & Events: List projects produced last year and note
number of students that attended.
Attendance & Goals Part II
• Provide the Budget Committee with the purpose and goals
of your organization.
• The third box gives you with the opportunity to provide the
Budget Committee with any additional information.
• This step allows you to see all the Projects and Travel you’ve
entered. It also shows percentages of the budget for each line
• Remember:
 Travel cannot exceed 49% of budget
 Awards may not exceed 5% of budget or $100 which ever
amount is greater.
 Food
 may not exceed 15% of budget or $600 which ever
amount is greater.
 Maximum of $3 per UF student anticipated to attend
NOTE: Once you click on “SUBMIT” at this step
you CANNOT change your request.
Once submitted a request maybe reviewed by
selecting “Review Budget Requests” link found
under the Dashboard drop down menu in “Your
 Reviewing Budget Requests will show if your request
is within guidelines as set for the Fiscal Year being
Appendix A
Reitz Union Pricing
Appendix B
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