Bid Addendum #1 - Owensboro Municipal Utilities

April 8, 2015 Bid Addendum ADVANCED METERING INFRASTRUCTURE SYSTEM CONSULTING SERVICES BID #15-­‐04-­‐018 1. RESPONSES TO QUESTIONS RECEIVED BIDS CANNOT BE E-­‐MAIL OR FAXED. ALL BIDS SHALL BE SUBMITTED TO THE FOLLOWING ADDRESS BELOW BEFORE THE ABOVE STATED DATE AND TIME: OWENSBORO MUNICIPAL UTILITIES BID #15-­‐04-­‐018 1531 EAST 4TH STREET OWENSBORO, KY 42303 Addendum 15-­‐04-­‐018 Page 1 Questions and answers: 1.) Will there be a pre-­‐proposal conference? Is so, when and is it mandatory? Answer: No. There will not be a pre-­‐proposal conference. 2.) The list of tasks includes a Business Case. Please specific your objective for the BC (e.g. support a go/no-­‐go decision to proceed with the project, formalize or expand upon an internal project justification, etc.). Answer: The Business Case should provide a cost/benefit analysis and support a go/no-­‐go decision for implementation. 3.) Which vendor’s OMS does OMU currently have installed? Who is the vendor for your Outage Management Solution? Answer: Milsoft, however this is subject to change in the near future. 4.) Do you have any computerized maintenance management system(s) (CMMS)? Is so, which vendor? Answer: Yes. Cogsdale. 5.) Is the form in Part VII of Instructions to Bidders, page 12, required to be submitted with the proposal? If so, can we get an editable copy? Answer: Yes. It must be included in the proposal. An electric version of the RFP is available at, however OMU will not be providing separate electronic files with other formats. 6.) Section 4.5 requires the consultant to submit a sample of deliverable requirements. Please clarify what is required in context to the list provided in Section 2.2.; Regarding Section 4.5, can you please elaborate on your expectations with respect to submitting a “sample of deliverable requirements”? (Are you looking for sample templates for each deliverable listed in Section 2.2?) Answer: Yes. OMU would like to see samples of the list of items found in Section 2.2. 7.) Can we also get editable copies of the following forms (starting on page 23): a. Vendor’s Statements Pursuant to KRS 45A.343 and KRS 45A.395 b. Prohibition of Conflicts of Interest, Gratuities, Kickbacks, and Use of Confidential Information KRS 45A.455 c. Bidder’s Exceptions, Conflicts, and Clarifications d. References Answer: An electric version of the RFP can be found at to assist in completing these forms, however OMU will not be providing separate electronic files with other formats. 8.) Is OMU expecting to have one contract for integrated AMI and MDM or can there be two independent contracts? Answer: This engagement should cover planning for both AMI and MDM integrations, however it should be noted that a single vendor solution is not required. 9.) $50,000 phase 1 implementation; Is this cost expected to cover meters, meter installation, AMI communication network, AMI software, MDM software, integration, project management, etc.? Answer: As stated in item 13. This amount is to cover all Capital expenses related to the first phase (pilot/trial). The first phase must be scaled accordingly to meet this requirement. Addendum 15-­‐04-­‐018 Page 2 10.) Is OMU expecting to self-­‐install all equipment or use a 3rd party for any work? If 3rd parties are required, is the AMI Consultant expected to perform any of this effort? If so, what are the expected deliverables? Answer: OMU anticipate self-­‐installing at this point, however the use of a 3rd party is not out of the question. 11.) “The work associated with this Request for Proposal should commence March 11, 2015 and be completed no later than April 30, 2015.” What does this mean, Consultant is not expected to start until June 4, 2015? Answer: This was the original estimated period of time bidders would have to work on and complete their proposals. However, the deadline to receive all proposals is April 23, 2016. 12.) Is there a budget set for the AMI consulting effort? If so, can you disclose this amount? Answer: There is a target amount OMU is seeking to not exceed, however there is flexibility depending on the performance/progress of the project. 13.) Are the funds for the AMI implementation already approved or is the funding decision completely dependent upon the outcome of the Business Case? Answer: The first phase is approved. Additional deployments will be subject to approvals based on the Business Case. 14.) Is the fiber network expected to be used as a backhaul network? Answer: It is a valuable existing resource that should be utilized if appropriate, but it is not a requirement if a better solution is available. 15.) Does OMU have a project manager for AMI and MDM already on staff? Answer: OMU does have a project team in place, however a specific project manager has not been assigned. 16.) Is the company profile (as described in 4.1) to be completed on the “Company Biography” form included in the RFP? Is it acceptable to document the company profile as a section in the main body of the response (rather than on a separate form)? Answer: Yes. It is acceptable to provide that information in the main body. 17.) Regarding Section 4.3, can you please outline your expectations with respect to providing the “format and general content of final deliverables”? Answer: These items should provide OMU with a sample of what to expect as a final product of your work. 18.) Can you tell me what kind of meters you currently have? Answer: Electric-­‐ Single phase meters include Sensus IconA, Itron Centron II, GE KVZc, and a variety of older mechanical models. Three phase meters including Landis & Gyr ASX4E, Gyr RXS4E, Elster A1D, and ION 8600. Water-­‐ Master Meter, Sensus and a host of other makes and models. 19.) It says in the RFP that the first phase of the AMI implementation may not exceed $50,000 in capital expenses and must include electric and water meters to be installed. Are you considering this to be a "testing" phase before full deployment? Answer: Yes. The first phase is a pilot or trial phase. Addendum 15-­‐04-­‐018 Page 3 21.) Will the AMI consultant be involved in the phase one 3 to 12 month evaluation period mentioned above? Answer: That would be considered a separate engagement beyond the scope of this RFP. 22.) Can you please provide a short description about the following items in the deliverables list? a. Quality Assurance Plan/Control Plan Answer: This document should outline the process you would undertake to ensure the AMI and MDM vendors selected are the best fit for OMU. b. Risk Management Plan Answer: This document defines risks that may become stumbling blocks for OMU in the AMI and MDM vendor selection and how to mitigate those risks. c. Acceptance Plan Answer: This plan would specify the internal criteria for selecting the AMI and MDM vendors? For example, Business case acceptance, Senior Management approval, etc. d. Communication Plan Answer: This plan should provide specific steps to ensure effective communications throughout the engagement process to ensure things continue moving forward? For example, two-­‐day workshop at kick-­‐off, weekly conference calls, etc. Who are the targets for communication? e. Planning Phase Review Answer: This should outline the expectations for the team, provide a checklist and appropriate assignments. Addendum 15-­‐04-­‐018 Page 4