How to Get Six Pack Abs Fast

How to Get Six Pack Abs Fast
6 Pack Diet and Workout Secrets
By Jenny Allan
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Table of Contents
Principles of Nutrition
Different Types of Diets
Setting Nutritional Goals
Diet and Physical Performance
Rule of Thumb
How to weight train safely
Should weights replace cardio exercise?
What effects will strength training have on my body?
Strength training exercises to get you started
Best all-over workouts for fat burning
Quick Fat Burning Yoga Workout
When people think of the “FIT” individuals they think of a six pack. Men and women admire six
packs even if they don’t want to admit it. Studies indicate that women are more attracted to men
who have a six pack than they are to men with a great back or big arms. Most women would pick a
six pack over everything else.
But this is also the most difficult part of your body to enhance. The reason is a lot of it is contingent
upon diet and the rest upon building muscle mass. If you don’t trim your diet and get rid of fat you
will end up with great abs that don’t show.
As men age they tend to store fat around the middle which is what leaves them with sagging bellies
and love handled if they aren’t in the gym.
While there are many schools of thought on how to best work your abs it is true that no matter what
you believe you need to make sure you improve your diet and work out continually.
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Diet and Nutrition
Principles of Nutrition
In general our bodies store fat when we consume more calories than we burn. Everyone who has
ever worked out will tell you about a different diet and nutrition plan that they tried or how they got
results from a single supplement or new age idea. But truth be told, while there are many different
types of diets, they will each give you slightly different results. For instance, if you are trying to
build muscle you might go through dietary “cycles” wherein you bulk up by eating lots of carbs and
almost anything in sight. This puts on extra weight. Then you cut back and only eat things such as
salad and fish and chicken while doing heavily weight lifting to trim down the fat and gain muscle
tone. In other instances you might really focus on that belly fat. As you know by now, no matter
how hard you try to get a strong and muscular core the majority of what influences the ability to see
those muscles is diet. In these instances you need a low fat diet that consists of the same
aforementioned “cutting back” cycle. No matter what dietary option you choose it is just important
to remember that some diets work better than others for each person.
Different Types of Diets
There are many different types of diets out there. The paleo diet, for example, consists of eating
things which a caveman would have eaten. Basically sustaining yourself on foods your ancestors
would have eaten. This consists largely of fish, meat fed with grass, vegetables, eggs, nuts, and
fruit. It often excludes refined sugar, refined salt, processed oils, grains, dairy products, potatoes,
and legumes.
Blood Type Diet
There are also diet plans available based on your blood type. This diet rejects the notion that there is
a “one size fits all” of diet plans and instead you should base what you eat on your blood type. This
is because your blood type affects your digestive system. So, some foods that your friend might
enjoy may be bad for you and vice versa.
Blood Type O
This diet plan states that people with blood type O should focus on a diet of lean meat, fish, and
poultry. You are advised to restrict the breads, grains, and legumes you consume.
Blood Type A
For those with A blood type they should focus on a vegetarian diet which contains mostly organic
vegetables, grains, and soy products.
Blood Type B
Anyone with blood type B can enjoy low-fat diary, produce, and meat but should not consume corn,
lentils, or wheat.
Blood Type AB
If you have a combination blood type AB you are sensitive and should avoid pork, beef, and
chicken and stick to dairy, seafood, and tofu.
High Protein
If you are weight lifting you are probably going to try a high protein diet. This is used by
bodybuilders to lose fat and build muscle. In this diet the goal is bringing in more protein than any
other type of food so that you have increase amino acids in your body which are used to repair your
muscles after you have torn them during a workout.
One good thing to know is how to control your cravings.
Your body craves things when it needs a certain nutrient. By recognizing these cravings you can
give your body what it needs in a healthier manner.
If you are craving chocolate it means your body needs magnesium. Therefore you should eat:
<> Nuts
<> Seeds
<> Fruit
<> Legumes
If your body is craving sweets or sugary foods it needs
<> Chromium
<> Phosphorous
<> Sulphur
<> Carbon
<> Tryptophan
Therefore you should eat:
<> Fresh fruit
<> Broccoli
<> Cheese
<> Chicken
<> Grapes
<> Beef
<> Nuts
<> Raisins
<> Spinach
<> Sweet potatoes
If you are craving bread or pasta your body needs nitrogen. Therefore you should eat:
<> High protein such as meat
<> Fish
<> Beans
<> Nuts
If you are craving oily foods or fatty foods your body needs calcium. Therefore you should eat
<> Milk
<> Green leafy vegetables
<> Cheese
<> Broccoli
<> Yogurt
If you are craving salty foods your body needs chloride so you should eat:
<> Fish
<> Goats milk
If you are overeating in general your body may need silicon or tyrosine so you should eat:
<> Cheese
<> Spinach
<> Nuts
<> Seeds
<> Lamb
<> Fruit
<> Vegetables
<> Raisins
One of the best ways to remain healthy mentally, physically, and emotionally is changing your diet.
Do not rapidly change your diet because this can cause diarrhoea, gas, or abdominal cramps.
However, gradual changes and higher incorporations of fibre can help your system reduce the
bacteria in your colon. Here are some foods that can increase the fibre content of your diet when
eaten regularly.
There are certain foods which can be integrated into your diet to help increase fibre intake and
reduce problems within your colon and digestive system. Grains which are high in fibre include
whole wheat, whole rye, brown rice, and milled corn, unprocessed oatmeal, rolled oats, unprocessed
miller’s bran, legumes, soy beans, lima beans, kidney beans, lentils, and chick peas. Vegetables
which are high in fibre include lettuce, green beans, corn, cabbage, eggplant, Brussels sprouts, and
carrots. Fruits which are high in fibre include apricots, prunes, figs, pears, oranges, apples, and
There are many great foods out there which offer natural benefits to your health, keeping your body
clean and functioning well. Psyllium seeds are an important food group. One of the biggest causes
of constipation in the human body is a diet which is low in fibre. This causes the constipation and
leads to harder stools which cannot be passed easily. These seeds are high in fibre and thereby make
stool softer so that it can be passed easily. The seeds can help make bowel movements less painful.
Psyllium should remain an active part of your diet and can be purchased at almost any nutrition
store. When integrating these seeds into your diet begin by taking a single teaspoon per eight
ounces of water. Mix them into the water in the morning and consume them as part of your
breakfast. Do this for the first week. The second week you should add a glass of water and seeds to
your lunch. Once you hit the third week you can incorporate the seeds and water three times per day
for every meal. Once you reach three times per day you can alleviate any fibre supplements from
your diet. It is important to drink a lot of water when you are taking any fibre supplements because
the fibre is responsible for creating large and soft stools through water absorption. For every pound
that you weigh you should consume one half ounce of water.
Over-eating is a very bad factor in the destruction of wellness for People and therefore, helping
wellness indicates that individuals can be educated that they should eat 6-8 “snacks” instead of
bigger foods which are moving out so that they eat every 2-3 time throughout the day. It is essential
that individuals realize they should start grazing like creatures to keep their systems and brains
balanced. With poor eating plan and exercise and rest, individuals will not have stamina levels to
perform well in university, nor will grownups have the stamina levels to proceed throughout the
function day.
Many individuals depend upon a habit to caffeinated drinks in one fashion or another to create it
through their days, but they should be advised of the threats associated with this and motivated to
eat more water and actual green tea to keep themselves going. Many individuals will not eat as
much as they should, which will strain their wellness and can cause to other disease or ailments.
United States citizens in particular will often miss morning dish and will instead focus on bigger
foods two or three times per day. They should be advised that upon rising, they should eat morning
dish within 20 minutes.
The food you eat provides fuel for your body. Nutrients are broken down in your body and supplied
to your muscles, put into your blood and used by your organs. Nutrient intake varies based on what
you are doing – the demands that you regularly place on your body. A physically active person
requires more nutrients and calories than does one that is inactive.
However, your caloric and nutrient intake will also vary based on your physical fitness regimen. For
example, your body uses carbohydrates as a source of quick energy. Therefore, those who are
involved with long-distance running tend to "carb up" before the race. This provides their body with
the essential nutrients needed for high performance.
During the off-season, though, or in-between races, runners reduce their intake of carbohydrates.
This is because a surplus of carbs is usually stored as fat in the body.
Setting Nutritional Goals
Getting the proper nutrition is more than important. This includes eating less fat, eating smaller
portions and getting the right mix of vitamins and nutrients from your food. Setting nutritional goals
is the best way to work your way toward a healthy diet. Setting these goals can be simple, and can
be a good way to evaluate your progress toward a healthy diet.
For example, you might set a goal to eat your recommended daily allowance of whole grains every
day. To meet this goal, you can eat things like oatmeal, wholegrain bread and other foods. Track
what you eat and then compare your results for a week to your goals. Evaluate your overall progress
based on how close to meeting your goals are. Here are some examples of nutritional goals that you
can set for yourself:
<> Eating smaller, reasonable portions
<> Eating foods low in saturated fat
<> Eating foods with high vitamin and nutrient content
<> Boost fiber in your diet
<> Eat more wholegrain foods
<> Eat foods that offer performance enhancements when needed but avoid them at other
Diet and Physical Performance
As mentioned, your physical performance can benefit from your diet (or it can be harmed by it). A
diet high in carbohydrates is an ideal solution for those who need lots of quick energy. However,
when that physical activity is absent, a diet low in carbohydrates should be followed.
Providing your body with the right nutritional support for growth and good health means making
the right choices in foods, supplements and other products. You need to be able to choose the best
products that offer value, effectiveness and work for your intended purpose. For instance:
Diet Plans: There are myriad diet plans on the market today, ranging from the "cabbage soup diet"
to the Atkins diet. Most of these are fads and they offer no real benefits. The best diet is one that
provides you optimum nutritional intake, limits your intake of fats and is firmly founded in all
major food groups.
Performance Enhancing Products: There are lots of products out there that claim to enhance your
performance. Few of these are good choices, though. Some can be good solutions, such as protein
powder for bodybuilders. However, that does not mean that they are right for the average person.
You need to contrast their nutritional value with their cost, as well as their effectiveness.
Herbs: Herbs can seem like optimal solutions for dietary needs. They're natural, after all. Herbs can
be very good for helping you improve your health. For instance, many herbs offer dense nutritional
content that can be good for many conditions (valerian for sleep, etc.). Again, this does not mean
they are right for you. Many herbs can be harmful when consumed in high quantities. Therefore,
just because a product lists natural herbs as ingredients, it does not immediately follow that the
product is good for you.
Sports Drinks: Sports drinks are great for those who play hard. They offer rehydration and can
replenish electrolytes lost through sweat and physical exertion. However, sports drinks are really
only good while playing sports. Opening such a drink while studying is a bad idea. The sugar
content, sodium and other elements in the drink can actually do more harm than good. If you don't
need the support offered by these drinks, then water is best.
Weight Gain Products: Products that tout their "weight gaining" abilities are popular, particularly
with those who feel that they are underweight or who want to "bulk up." However, most of these are
not particularly good solutions for a growing body. Using them can have some very serious side
effects. If you feel that you need to gain weight, then adding protein through your diet and
increasing your physical activity is the best option.
Weight Loss Products: Weight loss products have been around as long as humans have felt "fat."
Most of these products are bunk, pure and simple. Many of them can be dangerous, as well. If you
feel that you need to lose weight, then a healthy diet and plenty of exercise is the best solution
There are many things that can pose problems in implementing better health and fitness in your life.
The most common barriers are physical problems that make you unable to participate in activities.
For instance, knee surgery will force you to stop many of your physical activities.
However, it is vital that you not let barriers such as this keep you from attaining the best physical
health possible. Through rehabilitation and physical therapy, even knee surgery can be put behind
you, though you will have to follow a specialized physical activity guide to prevent new damage.
In order to function out more properly and proceed with sports or wellness, individuals and
grownups should be motivated to swap their “heavier” carbohydrates around so that the majority of
them are enjoyed for morning dish and meal. Many individuals eat their maximum level of
carbohydrates for dinner or for treats right before they go to rest. This is very detrimental and
causes the high levels of being overweight.
Olive oil, yogurt, cheese, fresh fish, and cereals are a part of the daily staples needed to combat
symptoms of things such as Alzheimer’s. As people age, seniors should eat limited amounts of red
meat as well as eggs and sweets. The majority of these products are anti-inflammatory agents which
can protect against the development of certain diseases. If your brain becomes inflamed then protein
plaque will build up outside of the nerve cells.
Other foods which are good for combating certain diseases are those which are high in fibre. Foods
which are high in fibre include prunes, peas, apricots, whole wheat, tomatoes, barley, raisins,
carrots, oats, beets, figs, and fresh fruit. It is recommended by the American Heart Association to
consume fatty acids at least twice per week. You can improve your skin health and joint health by
ingesting the essential fatty acids.
Rule of Thumb
No matter your blood type or workout routine a general rule of thumb is that as long as you’re
taking in a balanced diet and getting sufficient vitamins and minerals it’s up to you which diet to
follow, though high protein is favoured by athletes; high-carb and low-fat has been shown to be
more effective at keeping weight off over time.
Strength and Weight training
Strength and weight training should be a part of any exercise routine, although it is one that women
will regularly avoid. If you are in the gym on a regular basis, you will be familiar with the sight of
women on the cardio machines, such as the treadmill, exercise bikes and elliptical cross trainer,
while the men are the ones on the weights machines and using free weights. If asked, these women
will generally give the same response as to why they stick to cardio – they are trying to lose weight,
get fitter, and don’t want to look like bodybuilders.
However, there are many reasons why women should start to incorporate some strength training and
weight lifting into an exercise routine. If you are short of time, cut out some of the cardio work to
make space for it in your busy schedule.
How to weight train safely
If you are completely new to weight training, then you will need to ensure that you start slowly.
Don’t try to use heavy weights straight away, as you will end up causing yourself an injury. If you
are doing your training in the gym, then you should have an induction session first, to ensure that
you are using all of the machines and equipment correctly. The instructor will also be able to help
you devise a program of exercise. Speak to them about what it is that you are trying to achieve, and
your program can then be tailored to your specific requirements. If time is an issue, then you should
also make sure that this is taken into consideration.
A personalized weight training program will ensure that you start with light weights and build up
slowly. You will probably be using the weights machines to begin with, as these are simple to
operate. They focus on one muscle group at a time, which can be a disadvantage if you are
experienced, but it is a definite advantage for a beginner.
Once your body has become accustomed to the machines, you may then be moved onto the free
weights. These work more than one muscle group at a time, sometimes the majority of the body,
depending on the specific exercise. These are called compound movements. Working several areas
of the body means that injuries are more likely to occur if you don’t know what you are doing, so
ask for advice if you need it at any time.
Just like with running and other cardio exercises, it is important that your technique is correct. If
you are too busy to go to the gym, you can use instructional DVDs and a set of light dumbbells at
home, which is something you may wish to consider anyway. It will give you the freedom to fit in a
little bit of extra training whenever you have a few spare minutes.
Should weights replace cardio exercise?
The simple answer to this question is no, weight lifting should not replace cardio workouts. The two
types of exercise should be done in combination, as this will give you the most effective workout
and will burn the greatest amount of fat. Cardio alone will lead to the loss of muscle mass, but if
you focus purely on strength training, there are many benefits that you will not see. Cardio exercise
raises your heart rate and gets blood flowing around the body much more efficiently, working the
muscle tissue in your heart. Overall, this will have the long term effect of reducing your blood
pressure, and therefore reducing your risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and many more
“lifestyle conditions”, as they are now known.
The most effective way to achieve a lean, healthy figure with toned muscles rather than flab is to
use a combination of weight training and cardio exercise. If you and a gym instructor have devised
a program for you to follow, that’s great, but not everyone has the time to get to the gym several
days a week.
You may want to consider an exercise class instead of using the gym equipment. The most effective
type of class would be one that combines weights and cardio. This is something you should
consider because it will be a professionally designed routine, intended to have the maximum effect,
so you will see results more quickly than you otherwise would. As the class will be led by a trained
instructor, they will be able to ensure that your technique is correct. Classes also provide extra
motivation to work hard at your fitness, which can frequently be a problem when you are working
out alone.
Interval training is one of the best ways to tone your body. Start with a class that incorporates
interval training, and then you will be able to do something similar on your own. This technique of
training involves a brief period of high intensity exercise, followed by a longer, low intensity
recovery period. For example, running as fast as you can for up to one minute, followed by a few
minutes of jogging at a slower pace, and then repeating, would be a cardio form of interval training.
If weights are incorporated, then the high intensity time would probably involve lifting them as
quickly as you can, for either a brief period of time or a set number of reps. Start with a low weight
and build up as your strength increases.
What effects will strength training have on my body?
The fear of so many women is that using weights in their exercise routine will lead to
overdeveloped muscles, like those seen on some men who have spent too long in the gym.
However, for this amount of muscle to develop, the male sex hormone, testosterone, has to be
present in high levels. While women do possess small amounts of this hormone (it helps to
strengthen bones and muscles), we do not have enough of it to develop huge muscles. On the rare
occasion where you may have seen a woman with abnormally large muscles, she has probably been
taking supplements of anabolic steroids, which encourage the growth of muscle tissue. As long as
you avoid these, you will be absolutely fine.
Instead of your muscles appearing oversized, they will be defined, but lean. Weight lifting, when
carried out by women, gives a healthy, toned appearance. It will help you to obtain the figure you
are trying to achieve, especially when combined with cardio exercise. The myth that women will
bulk up when lifting weights and doing strength training is just that – purely a myth. However,
since you may gain weight as a result of strength training on a regular basis, the idea of this can put
many women off, especially if they see weight loss as their goal.
If you are one of the many women who will step on the scales every day, this is a habit that you
need to break, right now. Put the scales away somewhere, so that you will not be tempted to use
them on a regular basis. Get rid of them entirely, if you have to. Muscle is more dense than fat, so if
you are following an exercise routine that will build muscle while eliminating fat, you may not lose
weight. You may even gain some, as frightening as that sounds. As you lose fat, your body will
look slimmer and your figure will improve, but this may not be reflected in the number on the
scales. Instead of focusing purely on the numbers, go by how you look and feel – if you think that
there has been an improvement, concentrate on that and be proud of your achievement. The more
toned you are, the slimmer you will look, and you will find that your clothes fit in a more flattering
manner. It is possible to gain muscle, put on a few pounds in weight, and drop a dress size, so the
numbers do not tell the entire story. Remember this if you do give in to the temptation to weigh
yourself, and find that the number is higher than you expected.
A more reliable way of judging how much fat you have lost is to take measurements, such as your
waist, arm and thigh circumference. As you lose fat, these will decrease, and any muscle gain will
still mean that they are smaller than when you first started.
Strength training exercises to get you started
If you are looking to do some strength training at home, then you will need to buy a set of
dumbbells first. Choose some that are reasonably light, but be aware that as your strength increases,
you will need to replace these. Training with ones that are too light will not have the effect you are
looking for. These are some ideas for simple exercises that you can do at home, whenever you have
a few minutes available.
<> Chest press. Ideally, you should be lying on a bench for this, with your feet flat on the
floor. However, if you don’t have a suitable bench, you can simply lie on the floor instead,
knees bent and feet flat. Hold a weight in each hand, level with your chest. Reach upwards
with both arms, extending them towards the ceiling until they are straight, then lower back
down. Do ten reps, then rest and repeat.
<> Step ups. Stand facing a bench or step (the first step on a flight of stairs will be
absolutely fine for this), one weight in each hand, raised to shoulder height. Put one foot on
the step and push your body up. This will cause your other leg to lift off the floor. Hold for
a count of three, then lower back down and repeat with the other leg. Do between ten and
fifteen reps on each leg.
<> Forward lunges. With one weight in each hand, stand straight with your hands at your
sides and your feet hip width apart. Step forward with your right leg and lower your body
down, while lifting your right hand. Hold for a count of three, then return to the start and
repeat for the left side. Do ten on each side.
<> The final exercise is taken from Pilates, and is the plank. You may think that this is not
really weight training, but it does help to improve the strength of your core muscles, which
are a group that will often be neglected. Start on your elbows and knees, then straighten
your legs so that your weight is supported on your elbows and the balls of your feet. Your
body should form a straight line from shoulders to ankles. Make sure you do not arch
upwards or sag downwards. As a beginner, you may not be able to hold this position for
longer than thirty seconds, but as your core muscles and the abdominal region become
stronger, try to maintain it for up to a minute at a time. Then rest, and repeat up to five
times, if you can.
There are many other simple weight and strength training exercises that you can try, but start with
these, and you will soon see an improvement when you are performing them regularly, at least three
times a weeks.
Fast Abs Workouts for Beginners
Getting rid of belly fat is one of the biggest challenges for men and women. This is because we see
pictures and read stories of successful people who have glowing six packs. And yet no matter how
hard some people work they cannot get that. They feel stronger and their abs is there but they don’t
glisten like the photos. This is because those stories and photos are misleading. The abdominal
muscles are the most difficult muscles to get to show with or without flexing. You can work on
your abs every day and develop strong muscles but still not be able to see them clearly. This is
because of your body fat. The abs are covered by a layer of body fat and while you can work out
something like your arms or legs and immediately see the muscle tone, you won’t see the ab muscle
tone unless you have shaved off the extra body fat from all over your body. Rest assured it is there.
If you work on your core strength you will develop stronger abs, but you won’t be able to see it
clearly until you lower your body fat drastically.
However, there are still many great and fast exercises you can do to burn belly fat away and
strengthen your core abs. If you are a beginner to working out then you need something you can do
every day or every other day; something which is fast and simple.
The best ab workouts you can do will target your core strength with movements from your hips and
chest. After one simple work out for 15 minutes you will feel the burn in your hip flexors (located
where you legs and hips meet at the pelvic area) as well as your abs. You can do the exercises every
other day to burn belly fat fast.
Below is a list of exercises you can do collectively for a 15 minutes high intensity workout or you
can mix and match some of the exercises to your liking. All of these take no more than one to two
minutes and offer results quickly. They are fun and fast fat burning for your belly area.
It is recommended that you reach 25 reps per exercise.
The first exercise is “in and outs”.
To do this you need to sit down on a mat and straighten your legs in front of your body. Lift your
legs off the ground. Your goal is to pull your legs into your chest. After this you straighten them. A
rep in this exercise counts as one full combination of pulling in your legs and straightening them
out. Your goal is to keep your legs straight but move your knees in. If you need you can do this
exercise with your hands supporting your body by placing them on the ground or up in the air.
The second exercise is “bicycles”.
To do this you sit in the same position and you move your legs in a circle over and over as if you
were riding a bike. You should do this in the forward position for 25 seconds and then reverse it as
if you were pedalling backward. You can do this with your hands at your sides with palms facing
down or with your hands up in the air.
The third exercise is “crunchy frog”.
This is similar to the first exercise except you place your arms in the air straight so that they extend
out on your side. Each time you extend inward you you should bring your arms back so that they
come around your knees.
The fourth exercise is “sits ups with a wide leg”.
The easiest way to do this (for beginners) is to sit on the floor and spread your legs on the ground.
Place one arm so that it rests behind your head and lift up with your other arm pointing into the air.
As your body comes up into the sitting position you touch the arm which is extended into the air to
the opposite leg. This counts as one rep. When you repeat using the opposite arm it counts as
another rep. As you progress in ability you can cross your legs and do the same thing.
The next exercise focuses on your hips.
There are two parts. The first part is the hip raise. You want to keep your legs bent and your feet
placed together. You want to keep the same distance at all times between your knees. You start by
rocking backward and then raising your hips in a forward motion. Your goal is to move your hips so
that they first go up and then move them back down while you use your core muscles so as to
maintain the same position for your legs the same. The second part of this keeps your legs straight
and moves your hips. It is called “pulse ups”. This is the same as the previous hip exercise but you
keep your legs straight in the air and only move your hips up and down. Each time you move your
hips up and down counts as a single rep.
The next exercise is for your oblique.
To do this you sit on your side with your legs placed at a 45 degree angle. Your arm should be at
your side while the arm on which you are laying is behind your head. You then bring your legs
toward your chest while placing your weight on your hips. Your goal is 25 of these on each side.
The mason twist is done next.
To do this you need to sit up straight and have your knees slightly bent. You should bring your feet
off of the floor and hold your hands together so that they form a fist in front of you. Take that tight
fist and touch the floor on each side of your body as quickly as you are able within the span of one
minute. You should keep your legs steady and be twisting from your core.
As they become easier for you and you need to make it more challenging you can hold small
weights or dumbbells in your clutched hands and do the same thing.
When it comes to burning away your belly fat you want to also remember that there are key foods
you can eat to help trim your waistline. They include:
<> Tomatoes
<> Grapefruit
<> Bananas
<> Celery
<> Kelp noodles
<> Seafood
<> Apples
<> Avocadoes
<> Watermelons
<> Tart cherries
If you suck it up now and give in to the fast fat burning exercises you won’t have to suck in your
belly fat later or try and hide it with black clothes.
Combined Workouts
Best all-over workouts for fat burning
Let’s face it: your schedule is so packed that exercise is probably the last thing on your mind of
things to do. Who has time to drive to the gym, change, exercise, shower, change, and drive back to
their house? Add kids, spouses, work and social life to the mix and it just seems impossible doesn’t
it? You are probably thinking about how on earth you can fit just one more thing into your
You don’t want to neglect your health because having chronic health issues or even a simple cold
can throw your whole routine out the window. If you are constantly on the go, it can add to your
stress level; which in turn can lead to illness. Stress can cause insomnia which is not good for you
or your busy schedule either. Who is going to help you do the piles of laundry if you’re too busy
blowing your nose, or rock your baby to sleep if your back is constantly hurting? Do you really
want to take more than your allotted sick days and risk taking unpaid leave?
Exercise does not have to be time consuming. In fact, if you can squeeze in 10 to 20 minutes in
your daily routines for physical activity. It seriously is all you need. The key is to do the exercises
consistently, move fast, and work hard. Make sure to rotate exercises, such as doing two types of
exercise every other day. Don’t forget to leave a rest day every once in a while so you do not risk
overworking your muscles. With all the benefits that come with exercise such as toned muscles,
reduced stress levels and clearing your mind, why wouldn’t you want to get started?
You don’t need a lot of expensive equipment, or any equipment at all to begin an exercise routine.
All you need is you, some comfortable clothes and your willingness to exercise. Read below for
some exercises you can get started on. Please consult your health practitioner before beginning any
physical routine. Also, listen to your body as overstraining yourself can lead to injury, which is the
opposite effect of what you want to do.
Quick Fat Burning Yoga Workout
If you have ever taken a yoga class before, you might already be familiar with Vinaysa-style yoga.
To those who are not familiar, Vinaysa-style yoga is a type of yoga that links movement with
breath. It means that you move your body every time you inhale or exhale. It helps to build core
strength and you get a cardio workout which helps to burn fat. This type of yoga also helps you
detox the body because of the heat you generate through movement and sweating. Do you want to
know what the best part is? You can do yoga anywhere! All you need is a yoga mat or even a beach
towel, and a little bit of space to get started. If you know you sweat a lot, having a towel handy
doesn’t hurt either.
Time needed: 20 minutes
Equipment needed: yoga mat (beach towel) and towel (optional)
*There are two parts to this exercise. Do five repetitions of each part.*
Part One:
1) Stand with both feet planted firmly on your yoga mat, with your hands at your side.
Keep your back straight and stand tall. This is called mountain pose.
2) Inhale and raise your arms into the sky, palms touching. Look up at your hands and lean
back slightly.
3) Exhale and bend forward. Reach your hand out and touch your toes. Make sure you
keep your head down. If you are flexible enough, try to place your palms beside your feet.
If you cannot touch your toes, put your hands on your shins or knees. Bend your knees if
your hamstrings are tight. Make sure your lower back does not hurt. If it does, bend your
knees even further.
4) Inhale and look up with your hands still on the mat.
5) Exhale and with both palms on the ground, step or jump back into plank position.
Engage your core so your butt is not drooping on the ground. Make sure your fingers are
spread out and your arms are straight. If this is too much, go on your knees, but remember
to keep engaging your cores. Keeping your hands steady, slowly bend your arms until the
front of your body touches the mat. If you want more of a challenge, bend your arms until
your body just hovers over the mat. Remember to keep your core engaged. The important
thing here is to keep your torso straight.
6) Inhale and push your arms to upward facing dog position. Your arms should be straight
and make sure your back does not hurt. Keep your legs engaged. If you find this pose too
hard, keep your legs on the mat. Keep your arms straight and look towards the sky.
7) Exhale and push your arms into downward dog. Work towards keeping your legs
straight, feet on the ground, arms straight and extending the spine. If your hamstrings are
tight it is ok to bend the knees.
8) Hold this position five times, inhaling and exhaling.
9) Inhale and step (or jump if you want to challenge yourself even more) up to the front of
the mat in the same position as step 2, and look up.
10) Exhale and keep your head down.
11) Inhale, stand straight and move your arms up. Look at the sky. Stretch your arms as far
as you can. Remember to keep the back straight and do not hunch your shoulders.
12) Exhale and lower your hands to the side.
Step Two:
1) Go through steps 1 to 7 from part one of this exercise.
2) Inhale and raise your right leg straight up on the air, while keeping in downward dog
3) Exhale, bend your leg and move your knees to your chest. You should be balancing with
your left leg and both arms. Look towards your right knee. To visualize this position, you
should look like you are in the plank position (like step 5 in part one) with your right knee
towards your chest.
4) Inhale and straighten your right leg. Repeat this five times.
5) Exhale and take your right leg to the front of your mat beside your right hand. Keeping
the right leg bent, raise your arms and look up at the sky. Inhale and exhale five times.
6) Repeat steps 2 to 4 with the left leg.
7) Inhale and go back into plank position.
8) Exhale and lower your arms. Try to see if you can keep your arms bent while hovering
your body over your mat.
9) Inhale and push your arms into upward facing dog position.
10) Exhale and go into downward dog position.
11) Inhale and step the front of the mat with both hands on the floor and look up.
12) Exhale and lower your head.
13) Inhale and raise your arms and look up.
14) Exhale look to the front and lower your hands.
At the Gym
One of the best features of a gym, especially if you are new to it, is that you can find membership
packages with personal trainers. Many memberships for new people give you a free week with a
trainer. You can use this to your advantage. You can meet with them to discuss the areas of your
body you want change or what type of exercise you want to focus on at home and they can help you
craft a plan.
If you don’t have this option, you have an alternative. You can ask other people at the gym. There
are many experienced people at a gym who are happy to share their wealth of knowledge. If you
don’t know how to use a machine you can watch someone else use it first. If you don’t know the
correct posture for a certain weight lifting exercise, you can watch someone else do it.
Watching is another great facet of working out. If you workout improperly you can damage your
body. If you are weight lifting at home you might not have access to full mirrors where you can
watch your form and perfect it. When you go to the gym you can use their mirrors to check and
perfect your form and help commit it to muscle memory. Once this is done, you will be able to
repeat this form at home safely.
When you go to the gym and you are pressed for time one of the best things you can do is plan to
visit the gym during off-peak hours. These are typically between mid and late morning and then
again from early afternoon until late afternoon. No matter you are doing, if you work out during offpeak hours the gym will be much less crowded and as a result you will get the most out of your time
Plan the workout you will do before you arrive. Simple planning can make your time at the gym
much more effective because you will be to target the machines or weights you need and won’t
waste time standing around or walking in circles. Part of having a plan is ensuring that you are well
nourished and hydrated before you reach the gym.
While it might be tempting if you are a woman, you need to ignore the urge to socialize. If you see
a friend at the gym or someone is trying to chat it up with you politely excuse yourself from the
conversation. When you are doing fast workouts you don’t have time to be a social butterfly. That
can be done later. You go to the gym to workout, not to socialize. Save that for after your workout.
When you are working out remember that your goal is a fast and high intensity workout. This does
not leave a lot of time for resting. If you reduce the amount of time that you rest while working you
it helps you to keep a high metabolism which focuses the blood pumping to your target muscles. If
you reduce your resting period to no more than 30 seconds you can replenish your muscle energy
When you are short on time at the gym you don’t want to give up cardio or abs. You want to ensure
you build up your core strength. You can insert ab exercises in between weight lifting sets or you
can try a short burst of cardio followed by yogic stretching. Try and stretch between short sets so as
to reduce your muscle soreness.
If you struggle with motivation here are some key facts to consider. High intensity workouts are
much more time efficient than traditional workouts. Be sure to stretch before your warm up. You
can warm up for two minutes with cardio such as sprinting around the room, after which you rest
for thirty seconds and then head into your short workout at full speed.
It is helpful to avoid giving yourself an ultimatum. If you plan 30 minutes at the gym but you only
have 20, stick with it. The same goes for any dietary plans. Just because you can’t achieve
everything you wanted that day or week does not mean you should give up.
Be sure to note any areas where you struggle at home or at the gym. If you have a hard time getting
yourself motivated to do weight lifting at home then you can stick to cardio and flexibility training
at home and leave the weight lifting for the gym. If you find yourself wasting time and languidly
moving from one set of weights or equipment to another, it might be better for you to go to the gym
when it is busy. That way you are much more motivated to get things done quickly because others
are waiting for you.
Remember that working out at the gym is a lifestyle change. You cannot just do it once and get
results and move on. You need to try and do it at least three times per day.
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