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Employee Manual
Bobby Van was a Long Island piano player who loved to perform and entertain locals in
the Hamptons. The opening of his restaurant in 1969 attracted musicians, poets, writers, and
celebrities to Bridgehampton New York. Bobby Van played his piano and ran his restaurant for
over twenty years until 1992 when he decided to retire. Around that time; four long time friends
and seasoned restaurateurs from Manhattan; Joseph Smith, Joe Hickey, Richard Passarelli, and
Joe Phair, saw a great opportunity to do a steakhouse in the Hamptons area and Bobby Van’s
Steakhouse was born. Each owner brought with them over 25 years of steakhouse experience
and expertise. After great success in the Hamptons, a second location was opened on Park
Avenue and 46th Street in the famous Helmsley Building. Next was the move to Washington
D.C., just two blocks from the White House. Another Midtown location at 131 East 54th Street
soon followed. At this time we are in the process of opening two more stores: 25 Broad Street,
across from the New York Stock Exchange, and a 400 seat “Bobby Van’s Grill” in D.C. next to
the Convention Center.
At Bobby Van’s Steakhouse, while we strive for perfection in every area of food service,
from table settings to décor and ambiance, it is you, the waiter, who is the foremost
representative. It is you who must enlighten the customer as to what we offer, how it is
prepared and presented. It is you who must attend to the customer’s selections; taking the
order, presenting and explaining the order to the kitchen, serving and finally clearing the table.
From the moment the customer is seated it is only through you that the customer can express
his desires and only by your service that these desires can be fulfilled. From the moment you
approach a table until the moment you’ve completed your service, the customer’s entire dining
experience and the reputation of Bobby Van’s are dependent upon your efficiency, personality,
appearance and attitude.
Waiters are required to report to work on time and in the following uniform:
White dress shirt, clean and neatly pressed.
Black dress pants, clean and neatly pressed.
Black shoes, clean and shined.
Black socks.
Bobby Van’s issued tan blazer, clean and neatly pressed, buttoned all the way.
Dark colored necktie.
Bobby Van’s issued white apron, clean and neatly pressed.
Please be showered and limit the amount of cologne as some diners find it offensive and
Clean nails and clean shaven
Fresh Breath
Uniforms are subject to spot unannounced inspection. Warnings will be issued, failure, to
comply will result in immediate action by the management. All waiters are required to report to
work on time and to have the proper uniform. Needless to say, people get sick, trains are late,
and family crisis does can occur. If the situation arises that you are unable to come to work or
find that you will be late in arriving, please notify the restaurant as soon as possible; however, if
you show a tendency towards chronic illness or tardiness, we will be forced to terminate you.
You are in the service industry and a representative of Bobby Van’s Steakhouse
therefore, personal hygiene and proper grooming is not only imperative but also a requirement.
Uniforms will not have any holes, stains, pen marks or unsightly wrinkles. The uniform will fit
correctly and look professional. Pay close attention t personal grooming and hygiene. As
mentioned above, you are in the food service industry. There is a direct relation of customer’s
thoughts on the cleanliness of a waiter and the food being served.
Tools to work with:
Two or more ballpoint pens
Wine opener
Bread crumber
Dupe pad
Table wedge
Waiters are required to get authorization from the Manager or
Maitre’d’s on the floor in the following instances:
TRAVELERS CHECKS: Make sure you witness the customer signing the traveler’s check.
Have the customer sign the food check for a second signature. Get a signature of approval
from one of the Managers.
PERSONAL CHECKS: The policy is that we do not accept personal checks without prior
authorization from the General Manager or Manager.
HOUSE ACCOUNT: If a customer merely signs the check and states that he or she has a
house account, have the customer complete the house charge and get a business card if
possible. All house accounts must be approved by the Manager.
ALTERING CUSTOMER ORDERS: Should a customer change his order, send back an item
for replacement or exchange, or make a special request that departs from the normal
service, inform on the Managers immediately. We will make the necessary adjustments on
the computer.
Dining Room Service:
Table service at Bobby Van’s is provided by a team consisting of two waiters per station.
Each team is comprised of a front man and a back man who together are responsible for
providing service for each of the tables in their station.
The basic responsibilities of the front man are to greet the customer upon seating
and proceed to take the cocktail order. After greeting the table with menus, the front man then
offers drinks and describes the specials. Upon serving the cocktails He/She then asks if there
are any questions about the menu and would they like to order right away, or shall I give you a
few more minutes? Once the order is taken,( Always write everything down; do not risk
forgetting an order.) proceed to a computer and punch it in right away. Then give a dupe of the
order to your backman for serving. At which time, the back man proceeds to the kitchen and
picks up the food for the first course. The front man with his partner then proceeds to serve the
table. After serving the dessert and coffee, the front man should ask the customer if there is
any other service he may provide, i.e., “more coffee,” “after dinner drinks,” etc. Only after the
customer has indicated that he has finished dining should the front man drop the check.
(Review the check before it’s dropped for accuracy.)
The back man is responsible for receiving all food items from the kitchen. When the chef
indicated that his order is ready, the back man will then pick up all hot food first and remember
to always start with the ladies. Teamwork is an integral part of the service. Waiters should be
able to carry out their individual responsibilities as well as those of their partner. Be aware of
each other’s location and activity during working hours. We seek only full service waiters- those
who are knowledgeable of every facet of dining room service. A waiter’s designation as either
front or back man is determined solely for that service.
All waiters should be capable of being a front or a back man.
Management reserves the right to assign stations and your position during service.
House Regulations:
The following is a list of regulations that every employee of Bobby Van’s Steakhouse
must adhere to:
Upon completion of their shift, all dining room personnel must exit through the FRONT
DOOR. Any packages being removed from the premises must be presented to the
manager’s desk for inspection.
No employee is to leave the premises at any time during their shift without the expressed
permission of the Manager.
Smoking or taking a “rest break” is permitted to only one member of the team at a time,
and only when the other member of the team is in complete control of the station.
Smoking is NOT permitted in the restaurant, side stations, or kitchen.
A waiter is never to challenge a customer as to the amount of the tip being offered. If
you have a problem, see a Manager.
Any employee caught stealing will be dismissed immediately and will be subject to
When setting up your station for the first service, the waiter is responsible for making
sure that all of his tables are completely and properly set. All table cloths are to be clean
and properly centered. Tables should be positioned so as to provide access to each
serving position. Chairs and banquets are to be wiped down.
Waiters are not permitted to talk to the cooks at any time. All communication is to be
done through the expediter.
Do not take food down from the heat laps until the expediter has given the OK.
Read the bulletin board. The information is for your benefit.
No eating, drinking, or chewing gum in the dining room.
If a Customer complains at the table, the waiter is to remove any disputed item of food from
the table as soon as the customer complains. Food is to be taken back to the kitchen
immediately and the matter must be turned over to a manager who will take things from there.
Characteristics of a Bobby Van’s Server:
To assist you in better understanding what is expected of a Bobby Van’s Server, the following is
a list of qualities looked for in a top quality server.
A server is someone who
Is hospitable and polite with all guests.
Is attentive to and anticipates all guests’ needs.
Has excellent communication skills with guests, fellow staff members and management.
Displays a strong teamwork approach and has patience with fellow staff members.
Is confident, outgoing, and promotes a positive attitude.
Has a complete knowledge of all food and beverage products, their descriptions and
Is accurate in placing orders to the kitchen.
Is accurate with guest checks, and the handling of all cash and credit card transactions.
Always maintains high cleanliness standards on the floor, and at various work areas.
Always looks for ways to improve self, service and quality of customer experience.
Always finds productive ways of keeping busy, even on slow days.
Is punctual.
All schedule exchanges MUST be approved by the dining room Manager.
For extended periods of time away from work, all service staff must meet with the dining room
Guest Relations:
Courtesy at Bobby Vans
Dealing with our guests is the most important part of your job. How successful you are at this
will determine how productive, efficient, and enjoyable your work is.
Unfortunately, it is a fact that courtesy is often taken for granted. It is also a fact, however, that
discourtesy will never go unnoticed. It will damage both the internal clockwork of any
organization and its reputation within the community, and the guests. Remember, your image is
based on actions, words, and your personal appearance.
By being courteous, you will improve the working relationships with your staff members and
with your guests. You must always try to avoid the frustration and friction that can result when
courtesy is missing.
You can make everyone’s job, including your own, easier and more pleasant by bringing out the
best in everyone with simple courtesy and a smile! It always helps to use a simple “Please” and
“Thanks you” when working.
Things to Keep in Mind:
Display your energetic personality at work! SMILE!
Communicate with your guests when you are delayed or unable to tend to their needs within a
reasonable amount of time. Let your guests know that you are aware of their presence and that
you will be with them soon.
Be sensitive to the needs of our guests, and be concerned with meeting those needs. Try to be
alert so the guest does not have to fight to catch your eye.
Be primarily concerned with the guest’s satisfaction and enjoyment. Don’t appear to neglect any
new guests by being seem standing in idle conversation with another staff member. Never let
anyone feel he/she is an outsider.
Maintain a constant level of service at all times. You should be equally concerned with dessert
and coffee service as you are with the entrée service.
Do not discuss your personal problems with the guest. That should be left at home. You must
put the needs and problems of you guests in the foreground. Focus your attention on the
Remain informed on all promotions or specials going on so that you can answer questions
guests must have.
You must have a strong sense of responsibility for the success of all your work interactions.
Your guests count on you to meet their needs and provide satisfaction.
When you receive a complaint from a guest:
Listen patiently, politely, and thoroughly.
Apologize, (even if you are not in error).
Satisfy the immediate needs of the guest- right then!!
Inform your Manager.
A few reminders:
Not only is the guest always right, HE/SHE IS NEVER WRONG.
Above all, no matter what it takes, be sure the guest walks out happy!
If the guest expects you to do something, go one step further!
Don’t make our problems a guest’s problems.
Never compromise the restaurant or your fellow staff members.
Ways to Increase Tip Average:
Greet the customer with a warm and friendly smile- “Good afternoon,” “Good evening,”
“May I bring you a drink from the bar?”
When placing the drink on the table, hold the glass as close to the bottom as possible- if
stemware, where the stem meets the body. Also, all bottles (beet, soda, and wine)
should have the label facing the customer.
When giving out the menu, explain what the specials are: i.e., “If you are in the mood
for seafood, the FRESH fish is…, lobsters are ranging from 3-6 pounds- you may have
them steamed or broiled. I will take the meat of the shell for you; all you have to do is
enjoy your meal.”
Highlight some appetizers. Change your dialog everyday. You can sell anything if you
want to. Get your check average up.
To get the order and not rush the customer: “Do you need some more time, or would
you like to order?”
Always monitor your tables. Make sure tabletops are clean, empty bottles and stir sticks
are off the table, crumb the table whenever necessary. Replace the butter knife if you
have cleared it with the salad or appetizer. Always mark the table before serving any
Clear the table only when everybody has finished, or if the customer has asked you to do
Make sure your gueridon is right in front of the table you are serving. It’s a show. So
show off!
Don’t try to put others in their place, put yourself in their place.
Always serve food from the left and clear from the right. Beverages are served from the
Know your menu. Know where the items come from, i.e.,- stone crabs are from Florida,
cheese cake is from S&S in the Bronx etc. be familiar with the food preparation.
Restaurant Basics:
The price of success in our industry is the passionate attention to details.
Food service is a business of creating and exceeding expectations. Exceeding
expectations creates delighted guests.
It is important that our guests sense how our entire operation focuses on their
Anytime you run your business for the convenience of the staff or owners rather than for
enjoyment and pleasure of your guests you are working against yourself.
Only undistracted, focused attention will cause our guests to feel served.
The scheduled closing time is not the hour the staff should expect to go home.
It is not as much as what happens as how skillfully you handle it.
People dine at “white tablecloth” restaurants for an elegant experience.
The most attractive décor in a dining room is people on chairs, not dirty dishes on tables.
When the rush is over, only the amateurs take a break. The professionals get the room
ready for the next rush.
Remember your guests are always new arrivals and will notice anything that is out of
Guest Communication:
Avoid uncommon expressions when speaking to guests, such as “deuce”, “four-top” or “bullet.” Instead, refer to a
party in one of the following manners:
“Party of two”
“tables for four”
“the Johnson party”
Avoid slang, such as “yeah,” “nope,” “beats me,” “hang on,” “How ya’ doin’?” “Ey mate.”
Avoid shopworn phrases, such as the following, which are so overused they sound insincere and “canned.”
“Enjoy your meal.”
“Thank you; have a nice day.”
Instead, we prefer:
“Enjoy dining with us today.”
“Thank you for your visit. Please come back soon.”
Be Polite:
Always use a greeting and parting phrase, just as you would with friends, when dealing with our guests. “Two for
dinner?” is NOT a greeting. Start with: “Good evening (afternoon, morning).” OR “Welcome to Bobby Van’s,”
before asking for their information. Having seated a table, use a parting phrase such as “I hope you enjoy your
evening with us.” OR “Your server will be here to take care of you shortly.”
Say “please” when you ask the guests to do something.
“Follow me, please.”
Pull out as many chairs as possible for a party when seating guests. Go to the farthest chair from you and pull it
out. Proceed to the other chairs and pull them out for guests, as well. Place the menus in front of each guest,
ladies first whenever possible. Offer to take coats and hats off and hang them up or drape them over the backs of
Address guests by “Sir” or “Ma’am.” Save words like “Hon,” “Babe” or “Dear” for your relatives and friends. “How
ya’ Guys doin’?” is unacceptable. Our guests are “Sirs”, “Ma’ams” or “Folks,” not “Guys.” Use the guest’s name.
Make a point of remembering regular guests and of using their names. Call guests by their last name, such as “Mr.
Smith” or “Ms. Jones.” “Please have a seat at the bar, Mr. Brown, and we’ll call you just as soon as your table is
Always thank guests who are leaving the restaurant. This is everyone’s job, because our goal is to say goodnight
and thank you to ALL departing guests. Also, hold the door for guests whenever possible and assist with coats.
Say “excuse me” or “pardon me,” if you do not hear what a guest says, or if you need to interrupt a conversation
to speak to several guests. Stand near the guests and wait to be recognized before interrupting their conversation.
Excuse yourself if you happen to bump the chair of a guest on your way through the dining room. Also excuse
yourself if you bump into a guest on your way through a congested area. Always stand aside for our guests; on the
highway of our restaurant, guests always have the right of way. Do not push your way past a guest, no matter
how busy you are. Be patient.
Say you are sorry if you make an error or if you cannot accommodate the guest. “I’m sorry; Ms. Jones, but we
don’t have a booth available at this time. It might be about 20 minutes; you can have a seat at our bar while you
wait, if you like.”
Every Guest is a VIP:
Every person who joins us for a meal is to be treated as a guest in the same manner that you would treat guests in
your own home. Treat them as you would like to be treated. Remember the following: Be Personable: Being
“personable” means being warm, friendly and helpful to our guests. Take the time to listen to them and treat each
person as a special guest. In other words, take special care not to get mechanical and curt. Politely ask guests to
follow you to their table when seating: “Please follow me to your table.” Walk slowly enough that you don’t lose
them and fast enough to be assertive.
Team Work:
As mentioned in the introduction, we are a team. That means everyone pitches in whenever necessary to make
our guests' experience the best. As a server, part of your responsibility is making sure the floor and tables are
maintained and ready for guests. You may need to help the host’s seat guests and answer the phone. Primarily,
you need to be able to give the best possible service to our guests. Help your bus people and hosts when you can,
but never at the expense of guests.
It's helpful to communicate with the host staff about tables that are ready or are about to be ready. Hosts should
be walking the floor to see these things; however, sometimes they are too busy to get away from the front. Help
them out by telling them table numbers that are ready; tell them table numbers that are close to leaving. This
information helps them tell guests how long a wait will be.
Understand that we have standards that our guests expect from us and we expect to meet. Table and floor
maintenance are two of those standards that guests experience first-hand; that means we all keep our eyes open
when passing through any section of the restaurant:
pick up trash and debris from the floor and tables
pick up empty dishes and/or glasses from tables
be proactive; if someone looks like he/she needs something - ask!
Guide a guest to the restroom rather than point and tell how to get there
ask your teammates if they need help and help if you are able!
Our reputation depends on not only the quality of our food, but the quality of our service, as well. In order to keep
up this reputation we need to run a smooth shift and present our guests with an irreproachable image. This means
the front-of-house employees need to be on time, show up for all scheduled shifts, show up well-groomed and talk
and act in a professional, mature manner while on the floor. Servers must also have the necessary and proper
tools in order to perform their jobs. The following is an outline of the procedures and policies that need to be
followed by front-of-house employees:
Pre-Shift Issues: Schedules, Shift Changes and Calling In
Employees need to show up at the scheduled time and be ready for service within 15 minutes of the scheduled "intime." Host staff needs to be ready at the scheduled in-time. However, should business call for it, service staff
can be asked to start service earlier than scheduled. If you find that you are running late, you should call and
inform the management.
You and no one else are responsible for being aware of your own schedule and should write it down once it is
posted. Calling in to find out scheduled shifts takes away from someone else's ability to provide excellent customer
service. Please refrain from calling in to find out your schedule.
Should you need to change a shift, you alone are responsible for finding another employee to cover the shift in
question. The management will not do this for you unless there is a specific request that was previously discussed
between your department's manager and you, and the management had guaranteed time off. Otherwise, requests
are only requests and you can still be scheduled for those shifts requested off if you are needed.
If you find that you cannot make it to work due to an illness or other physical ailment, you must call a floor
manager no later than 2 hours before your scheduled shift. If you call off for a day shift, you cannot work the
night shift. If you call off two (2) or more days, you must get a doctor's note to confirm the illness or disability.
Management reserves the right to move service staff or change stations between staff according to the needs of
the restaurant.
Appearance and Professionalism:
Good hygiene is expected of all our employees. We expect every employee to shower daily and use deodorants,
style hair in a neat, conservative manner and keep hands and nails clean and well manicured. Unnatural, strange
hair colors will not be permitted.
Please keep nails short and clean and refrain from wearing false fingernails. Nail polish and false nails can fall off
into food, which is completely unappetizing and unsanitary. While on the floor and in view of guests, no employee
is allowed to chew gum, conduct personal phone conversations, eat or smoke while in uniform. Employees are not
allowed, for any reason, to sit down in any area of the restaurant where they are in view of guests while they are
in uniform. This includes the lobby, bar and tables on the floor.
Smoking and eating are only allowed in designated areas. No smoking or eating is allowed in any area where food
or beverages are prepared or where dishware is to be used for service is stored. This includes all kitchen prep
areas, bar and bus stations.
Personal use of the telephone is allowed only before and after shifts. Employees are not allowed to receive
personal phone calls during a shift, although messages can be taken for them in an emergency situation.
Employees are expected to perform in a professional manner at all times while guests are present. That means no
horseplay, no loud or foul language, no conversations between employees within the table stations and no
congregating at the host area. All business on the floor should be conducted with the guest's impression in mind.
Bobby Van’s House Policies:
No smoking during shifts.
Use or possession of illegal drugs or drinking alcoholic beverages during your shift is
grounds for termination.
In case of an accident (guest or employee) notify your manager on duty immediately.
You may be asked to fill out an accident/incident form at the end of your shift.
Walkouts must be reported to a manager immediately.
Giving away any item without being rung up, without express knowledge AND
AUTHORIZATION of a manager on duty is absolutely forbidden and grounds for
All employee bags are subject to inspection for security purposes.
Equal Opportunity Employment:
Bobby Vans believes in equal employment opportunity for all individuals without regard to race,
color, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability or status as a war veteran. This policy extends
to all terms, conditions and privileges of employment as well as the use of all company facilities
and participation in all company-sponsored activities, including the following:
Recruitment or recruiting advertising
Layoff or termination
Compensation of any kind
Selection for training
Educational programs
Company-sponsored recreational and social activities
Harassment, retaliation, coercion, interference or intimidation of any employee because of that
employee’s race, religion, color, national origin, sex, age or disability is strictly forbidden. Any
employee who experiences such activity should report it immediately to his/her supervisor. We
earnestly seek the cooperation of all employees in helping to maintain this policy.
The first 90 days of employment is an evaluation period for all new employees. During this 90day evaluation period, productivity, your skills, etc. will be monitored. Prior to your 90th day,
you may be terminated without cause and will not be eligible for unemployment or other
company benefits. At the end of the 90-day period, if your employment continues, you may
become eligible for certain benefits. At all times you are expected to deliver service and perform
your duties in a quality-oriented professional manner.
Telephone Use:
Company telephones are for conducting business only. All other calls must be made on your
own time. Use of cell phones or pagers in the Bobby Vans facility is strictly prohibited.
You are expected to meet Bobby Van standards for work performance, punctuality, attendance
and personal conduct. Violations of Bobby Van policies and procedures are misconduct and
appropriate disciplinary procedures will be initiated. Examples of disciplinary action include, but
are not limited to, the following: verbal warning (noted on your record as such), written
warning, suspension with or without pay and termination. All disciplinary actions are noted n
you personnel file.
The following is a non-inclusive list of examples of misconduct which violate Bobby Van policy:
Supplying false or misleading information when applying for employment.
Possession or use of dangerous or deadly weapons on company premises or when
performing company duties off the premises.
Reporting for work unfit for work, drinking alcohol beverages during work, using or
possessing controlled substances either on company property or time.
Failure or refusal to submit or consent to a required alcohol or drug test.
Immoral or indecent conduct; soliciting persons for immoral purposes or aiding and
abetting any of the above.
Insubordination, including, but not limited to, refusing to obey an order or directive of a
Disruptive conduct on company premise: gambling, fighting, horseplay, coercion,
intimidation or threats against supervisors or other employees, vulgarity, abusive
treatment or discourtesy to a customer or fellow employee.
Theft, misappropriation or unauthorized use of property or money belonging to Bobby
Vans, employees or third party.
Excessive absenteeism or tardiness.
Making or publishing false, vicious or malicious statements concerning an employee,
supervisor, or customer.
Disclosing confidential information.
Falsifying a credit card form.
Falsifying a time card or any other Bobby Vans record.
Destruction of company property.
Carelessness, improper or neglectful use of Bobby Vans property or documents from the
Failure to observe safety rules or failure to wear required safety equipment.
A general disregard for the policies set forth in this manual or supplements policies.
Falsely stating or making claims of injury. In addition to discipline, you may be subject to
criminal prosecution for filling a fraudulent worker’s compensation claim.
Failure to report an injury in a timely manner.
Neatness and good housekeeping are signs of efficiency. You are required to keep your work
area in good order at all times. Report anything that needs repair or replacement to your
Sexual Harassment:
It is Bobby Van’s policy that all of its employees should be able to enjoy a work environment
free from all forms of discrimination, including sexual harassment. Additionally, unwelcome
activity of a sexual nature is classified as discrimination under the law. Sexual harassment is a
form of misconduct, which undermines the integrity of the employment relationship. No one,
whether male or female, should be subjected to unsolicited, unwelcome sexual advances or
sexually aggressive conduct, either physical or verbal, from another employee. Bobby Vans does
not tolerate sexual discrimination and any complaints of sexual harassment shall be taken
Confidentiality and Retaliation:
Complaints filed will be held in the strictest confidence and this policy expressly prohibits
retaliation against an employee who files a complaint. Further, an employee shall not be
discriminated against, adversely affected or terminated for having filed such Complaint. Any
records pertaining to a Complaint or the investigation of a Complaint will be maintained in a
confidential file separate from the employee’s personnel file.
Prohibited Behavior:
Threats, threatening language, and any other act of aggression or violence made toward or by
any Bobby Vans employee ARE NOT TOLERATED. For purposes of this policy, threat includes
any verbal, or physical harassment, attempts to intimidate or instill fear in others, hostile
gestures, flashing of concealed weapons, stalking, verbal or physical abuse, or any other
hostile, aggressive, or injurious actions toward another individual for the purposed of
domination or intimidation.
Theft Policy:
In accordance with applicable law, Bobby Van’s with reasonable suspicion and at its sole
discretion, may request that you consent to and permit an inspection of, including, but not
limited to, personally property brought onto or taken from the premises, any work, rest or
storage area, all company vehicles, desks, lockers, computers, etc. that are within the
employee’s possession or control.
Company Policies:
You are expected to treat any and all company property, property belonging to fellow
employees or any third party with care and respect. You are responsible for the custody and
care of any company property that has been issued or assigned to you for use in performing the
functions of your position. If you are terminated, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, you are
required to return such property immediately.
You need to be on time for every shift you work. Allow yourself time to get changed and be on
the floor ready for work at your designated time. From time to time you will be asked to cover
additional shifts not on your schedule. This is part of your job responsibility and com Manager
must authorize any schedule changes. Shift requests will be taken into consideration, but you
will be responsible for working your scheduled shift if we cannot comply with your request.
Excessive absence, lateness or scheduling difficulties will be grounds for disciplinary action
and/or termination. In the event of illness, you must call and speak to a manager. Speaking to a
fellow employee is not acceptable.
We are here to serve and please our guests. To do so, we need to work together in a positive,
teamwork spirit to please our patrons. Always be willing to assist fellow workers whenever
necessary. To make the operation successful we need to make service flow evenly. Remember
to smile and keep a positive, upbeat attitude at all times. Your genuine smile is translated to
others and helps build their confidence in what we do. Please do not bring your personally
problems to the workplace.
Always try to anticipate others needs before they ask whenever possible.
ALWAYS say “please” and “thank you” while working.
99.9% is NOT good enough. Imagine if that were true at Bobby Van's. Now imagine if that were
acceptable at JFK airport. If they were not a “100% acceptable only” performance concept,
aircrafts would be crashing several times a day.
Remember: 100% is acceptable and nothing less.
The management team is your partner. If you foresee a problem or are having a problem, let
your manager on duty aware of it immediately. Never disagree with others, bring the problem
to the manager. It is the manager’s job to handle any situation that may arise.
Product Knowledge:
If we are to do our jobs well, we must know what they are. Part of your responsibility, as a
Bobby Vans employee is product knowledge. Make sure that you are aware of all of the items
that you will need to do your job properly, from wines by the glass to today’s fish specials.
Simply put, your awareness of product knowledge gives you confidence. In turn, your
confidence is translated to success.
The fact that you are reading through this manual means that someone believes in you and is
giving you a chance to be involved in a great restaurant team. What becomes of this
opportunity and your experience with Bobby Van’s is now UP TO YOU.
It is our ultimate goal to provide a great environment, not just for our guests, but all of our staff
as well. We hope you have many prosperous and happy years working at Bobby Van’s
On behalf of Owners and Management; Welcome and Good Luck!
After signing, please return this page to your supervisor.
I have read and fully comprehend all the information in the Bobby Van's manual.
I understand that it is my responsibility to always maintain this commitment for working at
Bobby Vans and to comply with the information outlined above.
Employee Name