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Upholstery 101
Looking for a way to modernize or change your home décor without spending a fortune? Reupholstering an old chair or a worn sofa is not as difficult as it sounds. Although the idea itself may
seem preposterous for a novice, there is actually little to do with sewing and a lot to do with tucking
and pulling. Sailrite has just finished a new Re-Upholster Your Own Chair DVD to make re-upholstery
easy and fun.
Re-Upholster Your Own Chair DVD Preview
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Here are a few re-upholstering tips to help you get started:
•Take photos as you disassemble the old furniture so you have a reference point when you start
putting the pieces back together.
•Cut small center notches in the top and bottom of the old fabric panels and then mark the
new fabric panels with the center when patterning. This helps to keep the new fabric panels
symmetrical and centered on striped materials.
•Reuse old pull materials (if in good shape) instead of buying or using new materials. You will
never see them and they work just as well!
•Make your own piping (welting) for a perfect match. Cut and wrap long tapes from your
leftover cover fabric around foam cording and sew.
Re-Upholster Your Own Chair DVD - #103174
Video instructions and tips on how to re-upholster a chair of any
style and even a sofa! This comprehensive DVD contains everything
from removing old fabric and tack strips, cushion patterns, piping,
sewing, and mechanically fastening new coverings. Includes a special
segment on how to make removable or loose cushions and how to
install button forms in cushions and pillows.
Markwell G-11 Heavy Duty Hammer Tacker #103286
Compact, rear loading tacker with precision balance for hours of
one-handed, fatigue-free stapling. Accommodates two full staple
strips for less frequent loading and a non-slip handgrip. Simplicity
of design makes for a long life of trouble-free maintenance. Perfect
for upholstery, roofing, siding, shipping, carpet installation, and
Markwell MPL4 Industrial Stapler - #103285
Heavy gauge, hardened steel industrial quality manual stapler
with epoxy coating. Extremely lightweight - less than one pound!
Designed for continuous heavy duty operation. Opens for tacking
uses and easy top staple loading.
Upholstery Pro Kit - #100094
An all-inclusive upholstery kit for the journeyman upholsterer,
trainee, or ambitious amateur! Includes: Bronze tack hammer with
magnetic end, gooseneck webbing stretcher with spikes and rubber
tread, ripping chisel, slotted tip staple lifter, square point knife, white
rubber mallet, 8” regulator, assorted needles, upholstery shears,
upholstery pins, white tailor’s chalk, and instructions book with
yardage chart.
“I love my Sailrite machine and thought you would like to see the cockpit cushions I just recovered
with Sunbrella. I also made throw pillows to match with Sunbrella. Now I am about to start dingy
chaps as my next project.” - Cheryl, South Carolina
“Here are two pictures of the rear cushion set I made for our boat. I used the LS-1 sewing machine
that I bought from Sailrite. It was very easy to make. The machine sewed through the vinyl seating
fabric with ease. The instructional videos that came with the machine were a big help. I had gotten
quotes from $450 to $800 to do this job from local canvas shops. I was able to do this myself in
about 8 hours for less than $100 in materials.” - Len, Maryland
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