April 5, 2015 - Our Lady of Perpetual Help

April 5, 2015
Church of
Our Lady of Perpetual Help
Parish Office (914) 738-1449 ▪ Fax (914) 738-9454
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Rev. Robert J. DeJulio, Pastor
Rev. Abraham Vettiyolil, mcbs Parochial Vicar Rev. Ferdinand Madaki
Weekend Associates
Rev. Edward T. Dowling, S.J., Rev. Stanley O’Konsky, S.J., Rev. Michael Greco, OFM, Cap.
Mr. Joseph McQuade Deacons Mr. Daniel Murphy
Mrs. Marianne Parker Parish Trustees Mr. Frank Barbieri
Mrs. Fabiola Brito Briseno, Administrative Assistant
Dr. Joseph Schippa, Music Director- Mrs. Elaine Ruggiero, Organist
Mr. Gabriel Gomez, Buildings and Grounds
Parish School
Pre-K – 8th grade
www.olphpelham.com ▪ (914) 738-5158
Mrs. Susan Cotronei, Principal
Religious Education Office
(914) 738-0670
Mr. Michael Hall, Director
[email protected]
Saturday . 4:00 - 4:45pm & by appointment
2nd & 4th Sunday of the Month at 1:30pm. Please call Parish
Office to make arrangements.
There is a six month planning period required.
Please make an appointment with one of the priests for further
Devotions to Our Lady
Rosary . Monday - Saturday . 8:40am
Miraculous Medal Novena - Monday . 9:30am
Weekdays: (Mon-Sat) 8:00AM and 9:00AM
Weekends: Saturday 5:00PM, Sunday 8:00AM, 9:30AM, 11:00AM, & 12:30PM
Memorial Day-Labor Day, Sat. 5:00PM, Sun. 8:00AM, 10:00AM, & 12:00 Noon
Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of the Lord
Dear Parishioners:
There is a classic Easter hymn called 'The Strife
is O'er.' It describes how Christ's resurrection is
his victory over sin and death and that because
of that we have a new beginning and new
potential. Having endured the Passion and the
Cross Jesus' victory is our victory, we too have
been reborn into the newness of life and
become a new creation. It took Jesus a long
earthly journey to get to this point and the
same is true for us. Along the way there are
challenges, setbacks, new ways of doing things
and of course inevitably change. No one said
being a follower of Jesus was going to be easy.
With that in mind I would like this year's Easter
to be a teaching moment for all of us both at
OLPH and St. Catharine. You see we have all
been going through a new experience as we
follow the directive of our archbishop and
embrace a strategic plan for the future of the
Catholic Church in the Pelhams. None of us
probably ever thought we would be in a
position like this but the reality is that we are. In
the not too distant future our merged parishes
will be known officially by a new name. We
might think of this as kind of a baptism when
our old self dies and a new person with a new
identity comes into being. The hard part is
letting go of some of what was and embracing
what will be; the known and the unknown; but,
that is the definition of faith.
One of the effects of Baptism is an infusion of
grace and grace can do amazing things. The
thing with grace is that we have to be confident
enough in allowing God to guide us and resist
the inclination to always be in charge. Here is
where prayer and especially patience can be of
great help.
April 5, 2015
Right now we are all wandering in the desert so
to speak; many questions, few answers and that
can be frustrating. The temptation might be to
lose interest or to feel abandoned. I urge you
not to give in. Jesus was tempted in the desert
for 40 days and He ultimately was victorious on
Easter. We join our journey to His and move
towards our birth as a new parish entity; faith
filled, focused and stronger as we face the
As we sing those wonderful 'Alleluias' during
this Easter season let us gain strength from the
baptismal promises we renew and eagerly
embrace this next chapter in our faith
May the joy of the Risen Christ be with you.
Rev. Robert DeJulio
The OLPH Annual Card Party is Thursday, April
30th at 7:00 PM at Beckwith Pointe. Four
course dinner and open bar.
Tickets are
$50.00 p/p. If you purchase a table for 10
people is $45.00 p/p. Please send reservations
and money into the church or school office.
Thank you.
The annual Raffle will take place May
14th, 2015.
$12,000.00 in prizes.
Tickets are available in the Church
Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of the Lord
Monday, April 6
8:00 AM - Easter Flower Donors
9:00 AM - Carmela Serena
Tuesday, April 7
8:00 AM - Castellano & Mazzariello Families
9:00 AM - Joseph Attanasio
Wednesday, April 8
8:00 AM - Joseph N. Chiappetta
9:00 AM - Mario Schinella
Thursday, April 9
8:00 AM - Frank Biamonte
9:00 AM - Janet Lapey
Friday, April 10
8:00 AM - Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Marques
9:00 AM - Catherine & Achile Mandolino
Saturday, April 11
8:00 AM - Mary & Joseph Chiapetta
9:00 AM - Henry Flory
The Little Sisters of the Poor will be with us
next weekend to ask for our support of their
work to care for the elderly poor. The Sisters
run the St. Jeanne Juggan Home in the Bronx
and support their work by literally begging on
behalf of those who are vulnerable and in
need of assistance. They do not take an in
pew collection but will be at the door of the
church after Mass to accept any offering.
April 5, 2015
If you are celebrating your 25th or 50th
wedding anniversary in 2015 please let us
know. The 50th anniversary couples will be
invited to the Cathedral and both the 25th
and 50th couples will be honored in the
Parish in the spring. Please call the church
office to register @738-1449.
OLPH School is currently accepting
applications from qualified students for
the 2015/16 school year.
If you are
interested in information or to set an
appointment for an interview, please call
the school at 914-738-5158, or visit our
website olphpelham.com.
Electronic giving is available at
OLPH. Your donations may be made
via credit card or through your
bank, and you can pre-plan for the
entire year.
Information may be
obtained at Parish Pay.com
Second Time
Jeanne Slater & Kevin Bassett
Cara Sullivan & Matthew Hays
We are in the final phase of this year’s
Appeal. If you have not as yet sent in a
donation please try to do it within the next
few weeks. Thank you for your generosity.
Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of the Lord
April 5, 2015
575 Fowler Avenue Pelham Manor, NY 10803
(914) 738-5158
Where children practice the Christian values of Justice, Peace, Love and Compassion
* to provide a Catholic environment with an emphasis on a strong academic program
*to develop pride and self-discipline within each child
*to foster a family like spirit of respect, trust and support
*to help each child develop fully, grow in Christian virtue, and become a responsible citizen
CYO Sports/League Basketball and Volleyball
Music Lessons (Paul Effman Music School)
Early Drop Off and After School Program
Choir and Chess Clubs
Hot Lunch Program
Smart Board and iPad Technology in all classroom
Our Lady of Perpetual Help School provides a curriculum for Pre-K through Grade 8 in
accordance with the Archdioceses of New York as well as the State of New York.
Students participate in:
*Integrated Technology Program
*Physical Education
*Service Projects
*Graduates attend the High Schools of their choice, many with scholarships
*New York State ELA and Math Tests are administrated in grades 3-8
To set up an appointment or for additional information call:
Mrs. Susan Cotronei, Principal
575 Fowler Ave
Pelham Manor, NY 10803
Phone (914) 738-5158
Fax (914) 738-8974
e-mail: [email protected]
visit us at: www.olphpelham.com