May 10, 2015 - Our Lady of Grace Church & Shrine

Our Lady of Grace Church
1088 Ridge Road • Hinckley, Ohio • 44233 • (330) 278-4121
Reverend Joseph Mecir, Pastor
Reverend William P. O’Neill, Pastor Emeritus
Reverend John T. McDonough, In Residence
Rev. Mr. Bruce Dobbins, Deacon
Mission Statement
We, the Roman Catholic faith community of Our
Lady of Grace, rooted in the Gospel of Jesus
Christ and dedicated to our Blessed Mother, value
our mission to make God’s presence visible in
today’s world. In service to God’s will, and with
the Holy Spirit’s guidance, we manifest God’s
peace, love and saving presence as we pray,
worship, work and live together in His Name.
May 10, 2015 * Sixth Sunday of Easter
Email: [email protected]
Sunday Masses:
Saturday: 4:00 pm
Sunday: 8:00 & 11:00 am
Weekday Masses: Monday through Friday 8:00 am
Holy Day Masses: As scheduled in the bulletin.
Sacrament of Reconciliation: Saturday 3:15 - 3:45 pm
Anytime by appointment.
Sacrament of Baptism: First & third Sundays at 12 pm
Baptism classes required for first child.
Sacrament of Marriage: Allow 6 months preparation.
Call parish priest to set a date.
Call Church Office
Bereavement Ministry and Women of Hope
Carolyn Zaverl: 330-225-9705
PSR Dept.
Jane Wetzel: [email protected]
Music Ministry Mary Gabriel: 330-636-1739
Parish Council Tom Higgins: [email protected]
Home of
Triumph of the Two Hearts Shrine
Open 24 hours a day all year long
Unique statue of Jesus with the Blessed Mother
Outdoor Stations of the Cross
Beautiful country scenery
One of Ohio’s newest Shrines
Extra-ordinary Ministers
of Holy Communion
4 pm
Ruth Ann Manley
Claro Caluya
Barbara Faciana, Joanne Oliver
John Pesarchick, Emma & Evan
Medwid, Patricia Lorenc
8 am
Keith Gillian
Bruce Dobbins
Bob & Marie Jakubiec
Zachary, Christian & Josh
DaDante, Shannon Dobbins
11 am
Tom Szerpicki
Teresa Smith
Angela Chesnick, Chris Steinbrink
Cassandra, Felicia & Vanessa
Pasadyn, Colleen Flannery
Church Cleaners
Sat. (5-16)
Cheryl Kreji, Gerry Slatkovsky,
Ann Marie Truitt, Margaret Ward
God bless our Mothers!
God of love, listen to this prayer.
God of holy people, of Sarah,
Ruth, and Rebekah;
God of holy Elizabeth, mother of
John, of holy Mary, Mother of Jesus,
bend down your ear to this request
and bless the mothers of our family.
Bless her with the strength of your spirit, she who
taught her children how to stand and how to walk.
Bless her with the melody of your love, she who has
shared how to speak, how to sing and how to pray to you.
Bless her with a place at your eternal dinner table,
she who has fed and nurtured the life that was formed
within her while still helpless but embraced in her love.
Bless her today, now, in this lifetime, with good
things, with health. Bless her with joy, love, laughter and
pride with her child/children and surround her with many
good friends.
May she who carried life in her womb be carried one
day to your divine embrace, there, for all eternity, to
rejoice with her family and friends.
This blessing and all graces, we pray, descend upon
the mother of our family in the name of the Father, and
of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.
The Feast of the Ascension (which falls on
Thursday, May 14th) has been moved to
Sunday, May 17th in our Diocese. Because
of this the Mass on Thursday is celebrated as
Sixth Thursday of Easter. Sunday’s Mass is
the celebration of Ascension.
The lovely flowers in front of the altar this weekend were
donated in memory of Hannah Flanders, a heart donor.
Please keep Hannah, her family, all organ donors and the
recipients of organ donations in your prayers.
Sunday, April 27…$3,741.74
Envelopes used...151
Thank you for your generosity!
Winter storms made it difficult for faith-filled people to
respond to this year’s Appeal in their parish setting, so
next weekend all parishes in the Diocese of Cleveland
are conducting a second in-pew appeal. Giving to
Catholic Charities transforms the lives of people in need
and is a tremendous way to respond to the bounty of
God’s gifts in our own lives.
May 28—31
Join us for this spectacular event!
Choose from new or gently used books,
magazines, and DVDs, and a wide variety
of plants along with raffles, giveaways and
special item offers.
Special Events
Thursday, May 28, Preview Night: Admission by pre
-paid $12 ticket which includes wine and cheese tasting,
specialty breads, fruit and desserts. Tickets are available
through the church office.
Friday, May 29, Bowls ‘n Blooms: Join
us for soup, chili and salad (11 am—2 pm)
Saturday, May 30 , Books ‘n Bites: Kids
of all ages can join us for Dollar Dog or
Pizza (11 am—2 pm)
Sunday, May 31, Donut Delights: 9
am—3 pm
OLOG Pro-Life Group will sell carnations in the church
vestibule at all the Masses on Mother’s Day, May 10th.
Please be sure to stop and buy one or more flowers for
your loved one. Cost is $1 per flower or 6 for $5. All
proceeds will be used to fund pro-life activities
throughout the year.
May 10, 2015
Families who abide in love abide in God and God with
them. Mothers teach Jesus’ commandment “to love” to
their children by their generous love and caring discipline
for them each day. Thank your mother or stepmother for
the love and care she has given to you to improve your
Thank you to all our parishioners that are donating
toward the purchase of the statues of Pope Saint John
Paul II and Blessed Teresa of Calcutta. Especially we
wish to thank the generosity of one parishioner who has
paid for Pope Saint John Paul II. With what we have
received so far, $3,100 is still needed. God bless
everyone for their kindness in making our 50th
Anniversary special!
There are all sorts of circumstances that people point to
as justification for their support of abortion. Since none
of these circumstances are sufficient to justify the killing
of human beings after birth, they’re not sufficient to
justify the killing of human beings before birth.
We STILL need one more person, man or woman, who
will join our church cleaning crew. You would be on a
schedule with three other people to clean Wednesday
mornings once every six weeks. It only takes about an
hour to clean. Please call the office, if you are interested.
Registration is being taken for Vacation Bible School at
St. Hilary Parish, Fairlawn for June 8-12. You will
experience a week of Catholic Kidz Camp titled “Set Sail
with the Holy Trinity” featuring St. Patrick. Visit for more details and to
register. Campers are those students age 4 through those
entering 4th grade. For questions, contact Melanie Sejba
at [email protected] or 330-835-5875.
“Touch our world one child at a time.” Today more and
more children find themselves homeless. Blessing House,
a crisis care center for children in the Cleveland area,
provide children a safe and loving environment until they
can go home. The Sisters of Notre Dame invite single
women ages 18-35 to volunteer at Blessing House from
June 28-July 2. For more information, contact Sr.
Kathleen Hine, SND at 440-476-6094 or email
[email protected] Online registration is available at
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Thank you to Thayer’s Meats! Do
you know that Thayer’s Meats in
Parma donates our Catechists
Family Lunch at the end of the PSR
year? Thayer’s is located at 7520
Broadview Road, Parma. Their meats are fresh and
delicious; if you haven’t been there, it’s well worth the
Reservations are being taken for the 50th Wedding
Celebration to be held on Sunday, July 26 at the
Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist. Bishop Richard
Lennon will be the principal celebrant. Couples married
50 years (married in 1965) or have missed previous
celebrations are welcome to attend. Seating is limited so
please register early. Call the church office to complete a
registration form.
Do you have high cholesterol or high blood pressure?
Have members of your family suffered from these
ailments? Do you have a poor diet? If you answer “yes”
to any of these questions, you may want to consider
being screened for your risk of stroke through the
services of Life Line Screening. Life Line Screening uses
ultrasound technology to view the plaque build up in
your carotid arteries, the main arteries that carry blood to
the brain. Life Line Screening will be here June 3rd in
the hall. To register for this event and to receive a $10
discount off any package priced above $129, please call
888-653-6441 or visit
Hinckley’s second greatest export (next to buzzards)
is now available for immediate pickup or delivery from
Our Lady of Grace Church. LLAMA DOO, our popular
organic fertilizer is better than cow or horse manure and
acts as an excellent deer repellent.
40 lb. bags (approximate weight) are now available;
$4 a bag. To order call the church office at 330-2784121.
The Youth Group will meet for the last time on May 17th
at Mrs. Smith’s home, 2314 Weymouth Rd. at 3 pm. It
will be cookout—please bring a side dish or dessert.
May 11
May 12
May 13
May 14
Ushers’ Meeting
Women of Hope
Choir Practice
Cub Scouts
Women of Hope
Rosary for Peace
7:00 pm
7:00 pm
7:00 pm
7:00 pm
7:00 pm
May 10, 2015
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Please remember the sick and suffering of our parish family
especially: Mary Anick, Bernadette Beck, Blanche Bieda,
Barb Blake, Claudia Bulkowski, Jack Charek, Ruth Fredrick,
Chris Fuciu, Linda Joseph, Kathleen Klosinski, Betty
Kmiecik, Bridget Kovalik, Jan Lemke, Gloria Liebenguth,
Fred Maloney, Mark Pajak, Patricia Pesek, Lois Rhodes,
Colin Rininger, Jan Savron, Frank Scheid, Braidyn Schneid,
Brian Schneider, Brian Smith, Janet Taranto, Ruth Tibbs,
Steve and Diana Waltos. Please call the office to have a
name placed on our prayer list.
We want your smile in our
Church Family Pictorial Directory!
A pictorial directory helps us all to put names and
faces together, to grow in fellowship and to learn
more about each other and our church.
Please have your professional portrait made for the
directory. A professional portrait is not only a way
for us to have an attractive directory, it is also an
opportunity for you to capture a moment in the
life of your family. MyChurch Family Album
portraits are reasonably priced and beautifully
done. They offer a variety of sizes and professional
finishes to meet every need.
Preview your portraits during your appointment.
You will receive one (1) complimentary copy of our
pictorial directory just for participating!
We need your participation to make our
directory program a success.
MyChurch accepts Cash, Checks, Visa, Mastercard and
Discover on the day of photography.
We need your participation to make our
directory program a success. Call 877764-4535 to set your appointment.
Be a part of our Golden Jubilee Celebration!
May 10, 2015
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4 pm Living & Deceased of Parish Family
Sixth Sunday of Easter
8 am Jacob Family / Shuster Family
11 am Mary Bukac / Marilyn Latko
8 am James & Lillian Decker
SS. Nereus & Achilleus; St. Pancras
8 am Shuster Family
Our Lady of Fatima
8 am Dick Stitt & Joe Victor / Manda Hoffman
St. Matthias
8 am Katherine Conrad (living) / Mom & Dad
St. Isidore
8 am In Thanksgiving / Barb Blake
4 pm Mary Streck / Marilyn
Ascension of the Lord
8 am Living & Deceased of Parish Family
11 am Sacred Heart Parish
Saint Matthias—After the Ascension of Jesus, the
apostles knew they needed to find a replacement for
Judas Iscariot. Why did they feel that a twelfth apostle
was needed? Twelve is an important number to the
Chosen People; there were twelve tribes of Israel. If the
new Israel was to come from the disciples of Jesus a
twelfth apostle was needed.
Not just any man could be the replacement. It must
be someone who had been a disciple from Jesus’ baptism
by John to Jesus’ ascension. The apostle must be a
witness to Jesus’ resurrection. He must have followed
Jesus before anyone knew him; stay with Jesus when He
made enemies; and believed in Jesus when He spoke of
the cross and of eating His body.
Two men fit this description: Matthias and Joseph
called Barsabbas. The apostles knew that only the Lord
would know what was in the heart of each man. So they
cast lots and Matthias was chosen.
Tradition of the Greeks says Matthias preached in
Cappadocia and on the coast of the Caspian Sea. He was
stoned to death near modern day Georgia. His feast day
is May 14th.
Where you unable to be at Deacon Bruce’s ordination
last Saturday? You can watch it on the Diocesan website