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Written by Hanne Sørvaag/Harry Sommerdahl
Universal Music Publishing AB
I find myself thinking about what you do
Though I know I’m better off without you
I never break down any longer
I don’t know why I can’t move on
I really need
I really want you to
Bring me down
Yeah I miss that mess you make
Come around
For old times sake
I need that sweet taste of bitter
Bring me down
I’m looking back I see I wasn’t happy
To do it again yeah that would be crazy
It’s so calm and quiet without you
I’ve gotta admit that I long for you
You’re the river
I’ll be drowning in someday
I’ll take my chances anyway
Released in 2007 by Spanish artist Edurne, mexican band
Timbiriche and Norwegian artist Maria Arredondo, Number 1
on the airplay chart in Norway, top 10 in Spain and Mexico
with spanish translations.
Brief and Beautiful
Bring Me Down
Single in 2008 with Dutch singer Nikki from the platinum
selling album "Naked". Went to number 6 on the chart in the
Written by Hanne Sørvaag/Harry Sommerdahl
Universal Music Publishing AB
I only had a little taste
But I remember how it felt
And all the phonecalls late at night
Though we tried we couldn’t make it right
When the seasons changed
Everything got colder
Everyone could hear our illusion crash
It was all we had
Every minute that I spent with you
Like the winter is bringing the blues
You and I were like the spring
Brief and Beautiful
When we knew we had to let it go
And the love drowned in the snow
It never had a chance to begin
Brief and Beautiful
It was so short
It was so sweet
But like every good thing
It’s not yours to keep
Everything fades away
And now it’s gone
When the flowers bloom in may
I go back to yesterday
When I woke up next to you
I would bring it all back if I could
Make it good
But I know it’s too late
So I’m moving on but I wont forget
All that is unsaid
Siden har vi tatt mange tog
til Peking og Vladivostok.
Med konduktører som snakker rart,
det blir ikke fremmed nok.
Det hjelper visst ikke hvor langt vi drar;
hva sier høyttaler’n, tror’u?
Uansett hvor vi reiser hen:
”Neste stasjon er Grorud!”
Written by Fredrik Kempe/Hanne Sørvaag
Universal Music Publishing AB
You are like a sunset
Behind a mountain
And when I cannot see you
I know you’re still there
Because my heart is yours I’ll never leave you
Though we are far apart I’m by your side
My love is never gone I feel it rise again
Through it all now my heart is yours
November December
You say I am the moonlight
I watch you
At night
And when you cannot see me
I’m still there in the sky
From Julie Berthelsen’s album "Asasara" that
reached number 1 in Denmark in 2007.
Written by Hanne Sørvaag/Mattias Lindblom/
Anders Wollbeck
Universal Music Publishing AB/Sony ATV
I guess I've learned now what to do
It doesn't hurt to think of you
And maybe 60 lonely nights
Is what it takes to get it right
I lost some days to the thought of you
I found a way
And I can't see the shadows anymore
I don't need to see you like before
I made it through november,december alone
And even though you're with me everywhere
You cannot hurt me I've been there
The rain,rain,rain has gone away
But the stains,stains,stains are here to stay
I'm guessing all we sacrificed
Made us read between the lines
It all adds up in the past
Like everything that never last
We carry on and do it all again
This road is long
I used to want you to get off my mind
Now I wanna keep a piece of you inside
Contender in the Norwegian Eurovision final 2011.
Reached top ten on the airplay charts and Itunes in Norway.
You’re Like a Melody
My Heart Is Yours
Norwegian entry for Eurovision in 2010 performed by
Didrik Solli Tangen. Reached number 1 on Itunes in
Written by Martin Hansen/Hanne Sørvaag
Universal Music Publishing AB
So unexpected you got me
So out of the blue we connected
You caught me off guard and now
You're a thought I can't unthink
It's almost like you've always been right here
I never thought I would fall for
Somebody like you I was waiting
For something specifically
It all changed when you came in
You're the spot where life begins for me
And baby I can't fade it
You're like a melody
The kind of beat that stick to me
You're right where I wanna be
I don't want it ever to end
You're like a favorite song
The number one you sing along to
Don't stop just let it go
Repeat on my radio
How did I not see it coming
I felt something shift and then it got me wondering
What if love is more than chemistry
Love is but a mystery to me
And I don't understand it
You're like a melody...
It’s All a Joke to You
Hey baby you are all the good notes
You're singing to me
The way you're lining up the chill points
So perfectly
And you can make it sound so easy
Recorded by norwegian artist Didrik Solli Tangen on his album
"Guilty Pleasures" in 2010.
Written by Hanne Sørvaag/Hans Christian Helgesen/
John Erik Åhjem
Universal Music Publishing AB
Don’t cry my baby,don’t you cry
You know it’s too soon for goodbye’s
But when the lights are all turned out
Again I have to leave you
Don’t cry my baby,nor will I
Reality you can’t deny
And when the moon has made its round
I know what I’m coming home to
Don’t think it’s over,don’t be scared
I feel your presence everywhere
And in the spring the bluebells sing
And love and life are dancing
Whisper in your ear
Something sweet
Feel the taste of tears as I leave
Walk out in the cold winter night
In a little while
The sun will rise
Released on the Norwegian album "Uten Deg" in 2008
for the charity cause "Kreftomsorg Rogaland”.
On Jupiter
Written by Hanne Sørvaag/Karl Gunér/Curtis Richa
Universal Music Publishing AB/Phrased Differently/
Metronumm obo Richmusikk
I’ve seen the damage done down here
External forces made it oh so clear
But I’ve found a planet I think can work
One that can save us from a whole lot of hurt
At times mars appears brighter that it is
Maby this gravity can resolve your fears
It’s spinning rotating faster than the speed of light
And maby that’s just what we need to get it right
After the sun,the moon and Venus
I think nothing can come between us
On Jupiter
It would be easier up there
Cause we would be breathing crystal air
We could adjust our velocity
And it would only be you and me
I think it might be a better atmosphere
Cause the rocky core would dry up every tear
And when we get there we will see with different eyes
That it was way too soon to say goodbye
After the sun,the moon and Venus
I think nothing can come between us
On Jupiter
Starcrossed lovers meeting in the wrong lane again
I travelled to the end of the world you were gone with the wind
I think it’s worth a try
And I know we would get by
You and I
American Idol final song in 2006 performed by Katharine McPhee.
Peaked at number 2 in the U.S. on the Billboard singles chart.
My Destiny
Tomorrow I’ll be gone
Tomorrow I’ll take your heart away
And leave mine here with you
Forever I will stay
Forever I’ll reach you through the distance
So I’ll be next to you
Written by Hanne Sørvaag/Harry Sommerdahl/Tim Baxter
Universal Music Publishing AB
I have always dreamed of this
I’ll admit that there was something I missed
Wondring if it is for real
Every mistake
Every wrong turn
Every time I lost my way
Led me to this
Moment of bliss
// I’ve realized that it’s my destiny //
You were always by my side
That you believed in me was enough reason why
I didn’t stop
Didn’t give up
Even if I sometimes lost hope
I did my best
And I am blessed
In life
Can I get any higher
Tell me
Does it get any stronger
I owe it to you
That I made it through
I never could have done it
Without you
The German entry for Eurovision in 2008 perfomed by No Angels.
Reached number 4 on the German single chart.
Written by Remee/Hanne Sørvaag/Thomas Troelsen
Universal Music Publishing AB
On and on I’ve tried to move it along
It wont stop
Tried to find the strenght to turn it around
It wont stop
Everything’s been off since you went away
And time just broke the promise to ease the pain
Cause I need you here
And it’s just not fair
That it wont get better
Why did you disappear
And we got nowhere
But it wont stop there
Though you’re gone forever
I can’t make you disappear
Crashing,breaking memories in my mind
It wont stop
Never ever close to getting it right
It wont stop
Best time of my life now it’s washed away
Still the stars they know how to spell your name
Cause you got into my heart of stone
And I don’t do well here on my own
Now the silence keeps me up at night
And I can’t get used to being all alone
Recorded by the Swedish group Play on the top ten selling
album "Under My Skin".
Consequence of You
With you
Finally I can break free
With you
It’s all changing in my destiny
Dream come true
It’s so funny now that I see
How different life turned out to be
Written by Martin Hansen/Hanne Sørvaag
Universal Music Publishing AB
Whatever happened to the not insane part of me
Whatever happened to believing it was meant to be
I gotta get through
The consequence of you
If I had known what I know now would I go through with it
Sometimes I wonder how it would be if we'd never met
That you had to leave
Was common sense to me
Cause you're a drug
And I'm an addict
I know I gotta kick that nasty habit
It's in my blood
The shots I've taken
I still don't know if I'm hallucinating
All I know is that I gotta get through
It's what I have to do
The consequence of you
Say Hello to Goodbye
Yet I recognize the symptoms of our chemistry
I know you are only twisting my sobriety
What I'm craving for
I can't take no more
Now it's crucial that I'm focusing and staying cool
And suppressing all the feelings that I have for you
I gotta give you up
It isn't worth the cost
All I've been thinking of is getting fixed
Can something someone come and get me out of this
You struck me serious
Now I'm delirious
But in the long run you and I just didn't mix
Single from Barbadian singer Shontelle’s second album "No Gravity".
Written by Hanne Sørvaag/Martin Hansen/Shontelle
Universal Music Publishing AB/UMPG US
Heya stranger how’ve you been
Feels like I’m standing on the outside looking in
At the mess we left behind
It’s a long way to fall
I gave you everything I had I gave it all
And then my heart was on the line
But I can’t hate you any longer
Though I’m gonna miss you
I’ll forget it and let it go
Say hello to goodbye
Cause it’s gone forever
No more trying you and I
Not now not ever
I’ll get by without you
I’m not going back again
I’m not gonna lie to you
Cause that was there and only then
Say hello to goodbye
This ishow it has to be
Cause it’s a deadly combination you and me
You know it’s undeniable
Even though we tried it all
We brought the worst out in each other I recall
We couldn’t act it anymore
What doesn’t kill you
Makes you stronger
Though I’m gonna miss you
I’ll forget it and let it go
Even though the tears will dry
I can’t completely disconnect
We couldn’t make the compromise
We didn’t have a safety net
Bring Me Down and Brief and Beautiful
Produced, arranged and performed by Dan Sundquist at
the NiteSite Country Suite, Stockholm
Mixed by Ric Schnupp at Soundtrack, New York
Snare on Brief and Beautiful by Isaac Raz Diamond Road Music, who never stop believing
Drums: Christer Jansson
Backing Vocals: Hanne Sørvaag & Dan Sundquist The ones who buy this album,come to my concerts, remind
me to stay on track when times are tough,where would I be
November December without you?
Produced, arranged, performed and mixed
by Vacuum - Anders Wollbeck and Mattias Lindblom - My fellow songwriting friends who contributed with their
at Home, Stockholm talent and jokes, I get to have so much fun and call it work,
am I lucky or what!?
You're Like A Melody
Produced, arranged, performed and mixed Svein Olav Hyttebakk- I guess some thing don't change...Takk
by Martin Hansen, Stockholm for nydelige produksjoner og fine stunder, min evige venn i vest
On Jupiter Pelle Lidell at Universal Music Publishing - My knight in
Produced, arranged, performed and mixed shining armour
by Karl Gunér, Gothenburg
Kalle Gunér, Martin Hansen and Vacuum for generously
My Heart Is Yours, Next To You, My Destiny, Disappear, letting me use their beautiful productions on this album
Consequence Of You and Say Hello To Goodbye
Produced, arranged and performed by Svein Olav Harry Sommerdahl - I rymden finns det stjärnor - och i dig
Hyttebakk finns en äkta vän
at Poploftet, Stavanger
Mixed by Tore Teigland at Amadeus Studio, Oslo Martin Hansen - Writing hits with Hansen and having lunch
Backing vocals: Mareike Wang og Svein Olav Hyttebakk at Dala Deli is life at it's best!
You're Like A Melody mastered by Pär Stavborg - my rock solid manager & friend
Björn Engelmann at Cutting Room, Stockholm
Bring Me Down and Brief and Beautiful mastered by Jørn Dalchow - for devoted work and always bringing a nice
Mike Fossenkemper at Turtletone Studio, New York atmosphere
Album mastered by Morten Lund at Lunds Lyd, Oslo
Daniel Borch - for amazing coaching and fun
All photos by Ole Martin Halvorsen
Styling: Julia Høgevold Per Sundnes - for your own genuine faith in me right
Hair: Pierre Rafi Thomas from the start
Except for photos on page 6 and 12 by Fredrik Arff
Styling: Kåre Jonny Enderud My Family - you keep on surprising me on how truly
Cover artwork by Jørn Dalchow for daWorks wonderful you are
Management: Pär Stavborg, My Friends - who magically show up when I need it the most,
Pironi Management, [email protected] you know who you are, I love you
Thanks to Fond For Utøvende Kunstnere and
Fond For Lyd og Bilde for supporting this album production.
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