April 12, 2015 - Our Lady of Guadalupe Church

The Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe
Buckingham, PA
Sunday of Divine Mercy —April 12, 2015
Rev. Msgr. Joseph P. Gentili, S.T.D., M. Div.
Rev. Robert Ianelli, M.A., M. Div.
Rev. Walter J. Quinn, O.S.A., B.S., M.A.
Deacon Robert Brady, M.A.
Paula M. Furman, M.S., Ed.D.
Margaret Szewczak, M.A.
Gail A. Downing
Edward Zapisek, B.S.
Robert Poleshuk
Parish Office Center
5175 Cold Spring Creamery Road
Second Floor, Suite Four
Doylestown, PA 18902
Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Phone (267) 247-5374
Fax (267) 247-5402
Website: www.olguadalupe.org
3243 Ash Mill Road, Doylestown, PA 18902
Mass Schedule
Saturday Vigil
5 p.m.
8 a.m., 9:30 a.m. and 11 a.m.
Church Address
Our Lady of Guadalupe Roman Catholic Church
5194 Cold Spring Creamery Road
Doylestown, PA 18902
Monday through Saturday
8 a.m.
Daily Rosary at 7:30 a.m. Monday through Saturday.
“We are a vibrant,
welcoming parish family dedicated
to growing disciples and
from the Pastor
I welcome you to Our Lady of Guadalupe Roman
Catholic Church in Buckingham, PA. If you are a visitor, I
hope you have enjoyed your time in our beautiful church. If
you are a Catholic who has not been to church recently, thank
you for coming, you are always most welcome home.
If you would like to speak with someone about
joining our parish or becoming a Catholic, please visit our
Parish Office or visit the Welcome Booth in the church
narthex after all weekend Masses. All are welcome!
Pondering the Word…
In his encyclical, The Joy of the Gospel, Pope Francis appears
to take a cue from this passage in Acts. He suggests we take a
good hard look at what we consider to be personal property.
The definition has broadened so much it seems to now include
things that rightly belong to all of humankind: clean air and
water, adequate food supply and housing.
Sincerely in Our Lord
Rev. Monsignor Joseph P. Gentili
Pastor, Our Lady of Guadalupe Church
Now is the Time
to Talk About Religious Liberty
April 3, 2015
For many religious believers, Passover and the Easter season
are cornerstones of the year. Thus our hearts have been
especially troubled in recent days by the acrimony and lies
surrounding legal efforts, in Indiana and elsewhere, at ensuring
religious liberty for people of all faiths.
As Americans commemorate their respective holy days, we
urge all our fellow citizens to remember the moral roots of
their constitutional system, and to engage in a sensible national
conversation about religious liberty. Even those who are not
religious have a stake in seeing that our “first freedom”—
religious freedom; freedom of conscience—is protected in law.
In recent days we have heard claims that a belief central to
Judaism, Christianity, and Islam—that we are created male and
female, and that marriage unites these two basic expressions of
humanity in a unique covenant—amounts to a form of bigotry.
Such arguments only increase public confusion on a vitally
important issue. When basic moral convictions and historic
religious wisdom rooted in experience are deemed
“discrimination,” our ability to achieve civic harmony, or even
to reason clearly, is impossible.
America was founded on the idea that religious liberty matters
because religious belief matters in a uniquely life-giving and
powerful way. We need to take that birthright seriously, or we
become a people alien to our own founding principles.
Religious liberty is precisely what allows a pluralistic society
to live together in peace.
“Solidarity presumes the creation of a new mindset
which thinks in terms of community and the priority
of the life of all over the appropriation of goods by a
few…The private ownership of goods is justified by
the need to protect and increase them, so they can
better serve the common good; for this reason,
solidarity must be lived as the decision to restore to
the poor what belongs to them.” (188, 189)
It’s hard to imagine in a world so dominated by fiercely independent nations, civil wars, and religious conflict that communal sharing could ever occur. It might be doable in very small
groups like the early Christian community or in a kibbutz, but
an entire district, state, or country? The entire world? That
sounds like some utopian fantasy to me. Or maybe heaven!
Some have accused the Pope of being a socialist or criticized
him for venturing into an economic discussion for which he is
not qualified. But take the time to read and understand what he
is proposing. You might just hear God’s voice saying, “Love
your neighbor as yourself.” (Lev 19:18; Mk 12:31)
Living the Word…
Do I believe humankind can achieve this utopian state? Not
really, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t try within my own
family and community to live out the non-negotiables of the
common good. So let’s start small. Look around your life.
What things do you see as private property that are in fact
resources for the world?
Do you waste water? I’m sorry to say I do. Some experts think
the next world war will be fought over water. Just because I
pay for the water I use doesn’t give me license to waste this
valuable resource. Do we dispose of things in ways that
protect our environment? Do we conserve energy? It’s easy to
shake our heads at government waste, and indeed, it’s our
right (at least in the US), but have we looked in the mirror?
Spend time this spring seeing what you can do to share what
you have, not just as charitable giving, but with a real eye
towards changing your mindset. Get the kids involved. It is
their world our actions impact. © 2015, Elaine H. Ireland
Charles J. Chaput, Roman Catholic Archbishop of Phila.
Robert P. George, McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence
Princeton University
Week of April 18 and 19
William E. Lori, Roman Catholic Archbishop of Baltimore
Albert Mohler, Jr., President
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
Russell Moore, President, Ethics and Religious Liberty
Commission, Southern Baptist Convention
5 p.m.
8 a.m.
9:30 a.m.
11 a.m.
Father Ianelli
Father Ianelli
Father Quinn
Monsignor Gentili
Father Ianelli
Father Ianelli
Deacon Brady
Monsignor Gentili
Schedule is subject to change.
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The OLG Difference:
We are a vibrant, welcoming parish
family dedicated to growing disciples
and making church matter.
World Meeting of Families
Preaching Series at OLG
April 2015
All Love Bears Fruit
Not everyone is called to marriage. But every life is meant to
be fertile. Every life has the power and the need to nurture
new life — if not through bearing and raising children, then
through other vital forms of self-giving, building, and service.
The Church is an extended family of different vocations, each
distinct but each needing and supporting the others.
Priesthood, religious life, and the celibate lay vocation enrich,
and are enriched by, the witness of the married state. The
different ways of being chaste and celibate outside of
marriage are ways of donating one’s life to God’s service
and the human community.
(From: Love Is Our Mission: The Family Fully Alive,
the Pontifical Council for the Family and the Archdiocese
of Philadelphia, 2014)
Have you caught the spirit, felt the vibes, joined the cause,
answered the call, seen the DIFFERENCE?
If you are reading this, bet you have.
Have you noticed the “joy” of the ushers and greeters?
Bet you did.
Have you caught the “zeal” of a ministry? Bet you will.
Have you celebrated the OLG “spirit” at socials or at coffee
and donut gatherings after Mass? Bet you have.
Have you enriched your faith? Bet you can.
It’s contagious. It’s going viral. It’s Our Lady of Guadalupe
(OLG) answering the call to grow disciples and make church
matter. Here’s a sample of a few recent remarks:
A frequent Mass goer remarked that she comes to OLG
on Sunday because she WANTS to not because she HAS
to. That’s making church matter!
A recipient of an OLG Easter Food basket remarked that
the basket was beautiful. She could not believe our church
made such nice baskets and that OLG must be very kind
and generous. Now that's making a difference.
At Father Ianelli's book discussion a parishioner remarked
that the sermons are so practical and inspiring that they
leave Church wanting to share the good news with others.
That's a VIBRANT parishioner.
Did you check out the gift book "Your God Is Too
Boring"? Skip to the conclusion and you will see OLG is
well on the journey. Imagine.... with Jon Leonetti.
Questions for Discussion:
a) What do celibacy and marriage have in common?
b) What are some of the trials or burdens that unmarried
people face in your community? How can friends, families,
and parishes help? What are some of the benefits of celibacy?
How can unmarried people serve the community?
c) Do the children in your parish get to meet a wide range of
priests, monks, friars, nuns, and other religious sisters? Can
you think of ways to introduce examples of celibacy into
your community? Have you ever encouraged the children
you know to become a priest or vowed religious? Why or
why not?
d) What are some good reasons for choosing either marriage
or celibacy? What are some not-so-good reasons? How should
a person discern his or her vocation?
For further study:
Blessed Pope Paul VI, Encyclical Sacerdotalis Caelibatus (On
Priestly Celibacy) (1967).
Catechism of the Catholic Church (1992), paragraphs 23382350.
When these things happen we are a part of the” vibrant
journey to growing disciples and making Church matter”.
Share your joy and enthusiasm. The early Christians
encouraged one another in their faith. Use every opportunity
to share OLG good news. Ask for the help of the Holy Spirit.
When you hear or see good things happening at OLG share it
here. Let’s spread the WORD. Send it to Meg Szewczak
[email protected] We can share it online and in
the bulletin.
Rice Bowl 2015
You can submit your Rice Bowl offerings to the Parish Office,
put your offering in the collection basket, submit your gift
online (http://www.crsricebowl.org/) or send a check to:
Catholic Relief Services
CRS Rice Bowl
P.O. Box 17090
Baltimore, MD 21203-7090
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Are You Called to Be a Deacon?
While all of the baptized are called to share in the mission of
Jesus Christ according to the gifts of the Holy Spirit, those
who are ordained also offer service in a way proper to the
Sacrament of Holy Orders. A deacon’s ministry entails
proclaiming, preaching and teaching God’s Word, assisting
the bishop and priest at the Liturgy, assisting at funerals,
ministering to the sick and dying, leading the community in
prayer and in sacramental liturgies, baptizing, witnessing
marriages, and exercising administrative leadership in the
Church. A permanent deacon, who may be married, is a
member of the clergy and shares in the hierarchy of the Sacrament of Holy Orders. Through the Sacrament of Holy Orders,
the deacon is configured to Christ the Servant. It is Christ the
Servant who acts through the ministry of the deacon.
Learn More
2015 Permanent Diaconate Information Night
Thursday, April 16, 7 p.m.,
Vianney Auditorium, Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary
100 East Wynnewood Road, Wynnewood, PA 19096
Registration Required
To register or for more information, email Laura Nimmons at
[email protected]
3rd Annual
March for Marriage
Saturday, April 25,
Washington, DC
Please join with thousands of your fellow citizens to show
your support for marriage. This is the last, best opportunity to
reach the U.S. Supreme Court before they decide whether
marriage as it has existed throughout our history is unconstitutional. In recent months, activist federal judges across the
country have issued illegitimate rulings redefining marriage
against the will of 50 million state voters and legislators who
voted to preserve marriage as the union of one man and one
woman. The Supreme Court is expected to consider the issue
this spring and a decision expected by late June 2015.
It's time for the U.S. Supreme Court to uphold the legitimacy
of state laws and constitutional provisions defining marriage
as the union of one man and one woman. This is what
marriage intrinsically is, and any ruling forcing states to
abandon this construct of marriage will not be legitimate.
Praying for Our Special Intentions
Palm Sunday 2015
Palm Sunday 2014
Easter Sunday 2015
Easter Sunday 2014
Easter Flowers
Holy Thursday
Good Friday
Current Fiscal Year (started July 1, 2014) Average: $20,981
Amount needed on a weekly basis: $23,000
If every family could donate $5 more per week,
the Parish would reach its weekly goal.
Bulletin Deadline
We would love to hear from you! The bulletin deadline
is the previous Monday at 12 noon. Please email
[email protected] or call the Parish Office with
questions or to submit a request.
Please remember in your prayers the sick, home bound and
all the intentions placed in our prayer intention books in the
Shrine, Chapel and Church. All of the intentions in the prayer
intention books are prayed for at each mass at OLG. In
addition we ask that you pray for the following intentions
which are part of the OLG Prayer Line.
OLG Prayer Line
We invite you to join us in praying for the following people:
Anthony  Anna Lee Barry Beitz  Ralph Boccuzzi Bill
Buonato  Ruth B.  Carolyn  Caroline  Domenico 
Campologno  Anne Casano  Jaila Cook Loretta Dadura 
Rocco Dilaurentis  Betty Demarco  Daughter A 
Daughter B  Ronald DiSabatino  Dominick  Allen Durst
 Marvin Eidem  Peter Giandalia  Matthew Giandalia 
Lauren Heaslip  Sean Hogan  Rachel E. Johnson  Jacob
Lambie  Jim  Kevin Lane Bill and Diane Lane  J.
Lee Steven K. Lombardo  Jean Lomonaco Tom Lamb
 Anna Claire Mailiff  Dr. Ahmed Mazaheri  Matt
Emma Marie McCarty S. Miller Family Ginny Mintz 
Elma Morrow Nicole O’Neil  Anthony Nocco Baby
Grace Oddo  Dorothy Papst  Jim Pellicore  Sonya
Pereira  Mary Reichert Rosemarie Lynne Sharkey 
Mary  Lizzie Stimmell  James Sturgis Corporal Brad
Thomas Grayson Weidner  Craig Wallace Louise
Wasserott Joyce Willard
To be a member of the “Prayer Team,” send your email
address/phone number to [email protected], or
call 215-794-7535. Prayer requests are welcome at the same
address and phone.
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Weekly Intentions
8 a.m.
Monday, April 13, Easter Weekday
Mary Zimmerman
Requested by Lynn and Richard Eckelhofer
8 a.m.
Tuesday, April 14, Easter Weekday
Mario Carlo
Requested by Maria Caparelli
8 a.m.
Wednesday, April 15, Easter Weekday
Charles Martin
Requested by Charles and Irene McCann
8 a.m.
Holy Thursday, April 16, Easter Weekday
Anthony Herner
Requested by Raymond and Nancy Joseph
8 a.m.
8 a.m.
Friday, April 17, Easter Weekday
Renzo Cuoci
Requested by the Thomson Family
Saturday, April 18, Easter Weekday
Ray Barry
Requested by Angela Barry and Children
OLG Respect Life Committee
Respect Life Committee Meeting
Thursday, April 16
7:30 p.m., Parish Office
Everyone in the parish is invited to attend.
2015 Pennsylvania Pro-Life Town Hall Tour
Comes to Philadelphia
Saturday, April 18, 10 a.m. to 12 noon
Sharon Baptist Church in Philadelphia, PA
Week of April 12, 2015, Our Lady of Guadalupe Shrine
As part of the Pro-Life Town Hall Tour, the Pennsylvania
Pro-Life Federation will be holding a town hall meeting . This
special event will feature Michael Ciccocioppo, executive
director, and Micaiah Bilger, education director, of the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation. They will share the latest on key
pro-life issues. The event is free and open to the public. For
more information, contact Carla Ezell at [email protected]
In memory of Cindy Cole
Requested by Pat Devine
Good Friday Prayer Vigil
In memory of Jane Furlong
Requested by Vince Furlong and Family
at Planned Parenthood in Warminster
Our Lady of Guadalupe Shrine
In memory of Kevin Broglie
Requested with love from the Broglie Family
Purchase a candle in the OLG Shrine ($10) in honor of your
special intention. Contact the Parish Office.
Sunday of Divine Mercy
Acts of the Apostles 4, 32-35
The whole group was united heart and soul.
Psalm 118, 2-4. 13-15. 22-24
Give thanks to the Lord for he is good, his love is everlasting.
1 John 5, 1-6
Anyone begotten by God has already overcome the world.
John 20, 29
Thomas believed he saw the risen Jesus. Although we have
never seen him, we believe that Jesus is the Christ, begotten
by God. We give thanks to the Lord that he has formed
us into a community of believers.
Third Sunday of Easter
Acts of the Apostles 3, 13-15. 17-19, Psalm 4, 2. 4. 7-8. 9
1 John 2, 1-5, Luke 24, 35-48
Support Our Advertisers
Please consider using the services of our
bulletin advertisers. Their support of Our Lady
of Guadalupe Parish is greatly appreciated!
Thank you to all from our parish who came on Good Friday.
We had just under 200 people come to pray and give witness
for this prayer vigil. Pictured are some of the members of the
OLG Respect Life Committee who were in attendance.
Shrine of Czestochowa, Doylestown PA
Celebration begins with 2:30 p.m. Mass in English.
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New Members Welcomed to the Parish
On Saturday, April 5, 2015 OLG celebrated the full initiation of RCIA participants into the Catholic Church.
The Rite of Christian Initiation of
Adults (RCIA) is the process by
which people who have missed six
to eight years of sacramental
preparation during their youth, or
who, as adults, feel called to
conversion into the Catholic faith
complete a formal program. The
format for full instruction takes
place weekly for one year and
culminates at the Easter Vigil
celebration. This process takes
place in the same manner in every
Catholic church all over the world
and is an ancient tradition. If you or
anyone you know is interested in
considering becoming a member of
the Catholic faith at OLG, call the
church office or John and Linda
Gray at 215 766 2057. Inquiry
sessions will begin in late summer
and will be announced in the
church bulletin.
Zack Tuck, Testimonial
OLG RCIA Catechumen
I was a catechumen in the recent RCIA
program at Our Lady of Guadalupe
Church. My time in the RCIA program
was not only an amazing education
experience into the Catholic faith but
everyone involved becomes part of
your RCIA family and journey. When I
considered the RCIA path, I thought of
my family and my faith. There was an
empty place in my soul that I needed to
fill and the RCIA program was able to
do that as the end result was me
receiving all the Sacraments of
Initiation and becoming a Catholic.
Through the process, we all became
closer together and our meetings became a time we all were
excited for. The RCIA program changed my life and I’m sure
if you asked anyone else that has gone through the program
they will say the same. I am so proud to be a Catholic and I
am so glad to have gone through the OLG RCIA. If you have
any questions or concerns about RCIA, Linda and John Gray
and their team are always available and would love to assist
you in any way possible, as they assisted me through my
journey. Thank you to the Our Lady of Guadalupe RCIA
Program for making my life complete!
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PREP, L.I.F.E. and CYO
L.I.F.E. Teen
Living in Faith Eternally
OLG Website and L.I.F.E. Teen Page
To access the L.I.F.E. Teen page of the
parish website, go to the home page
(www.olguadalupe.org). Applicable
permission forms and flyers can be found
by clicking on the form box at the top of the L.I.F.E. Teen
page. There you will also see boxes containing the following
information: Ways to get involved, Teen Mass Dates, Photos
of Past Events and a link to CYO. A calendar of events is also
posted on this page. From the calendar entry, you can access a
Sign Up Genius link.
Join thousands of other teens from across the
country in the National Catholic Youth Conference!
November 19 to 21, Indianapolis
Parent and Teen Information Meeting
Monday, April 27
7 to 8 p.m., Conference Room 2, OLG Parish Office
Upcoming Events
This is the largest bi-annual gathering of Catholic high school
teens in the U.S. The participants experience amazing music,
liturgies and workshops; along with endless entertainment.
Plan to be revived along with 20,000 to 25,000 other teens!
Cost is approximately $600 per person. This includes coach
bus transportation, the conference, lodging, and some meals.
Digging Deeper, Biweekly Teen Discussion Group
Theology of the Body
(Grades 7-12), Next Meeting, Thursday, April 16
7 to 8 p.m., OLG Parish Office (former chapel)
Through discussion, we hope to help teens better understand
what a powerful tool faith can be in their everyday lives.
Future topic ideas will be gladly accepted by teens and parents. Discussion topics include (but will not be limited to):
Informational Meeting—Adults Only
Peer Pressure (4/16/15)
The L.I.F.E. Teen calendar is also used for activities at Saint
Martin’s. The calendar will list the dates that this discussion
group will be at OLG as well as Saint Martin’s. An additional
chaperone (with Protecting God’s Children clearance) will be
needed at each session. To sign up to chaperone, use the sign
up genius link on the calendar entry you are interested in.
For more L.I.F.E. Teen Information
For general information on L.I.F.E. teen, or more information
on our summer and fall trips, please contact Youth Minister,
Gail Downing at [email protected]
Boy Scouts and Venture Crew
Religious Medals
Programs for the Ad Altare Dei and Pope Pius XII Religious
Medals for all Catholic Boy Scouts and Boys and Girls
involved in Venture Crew will start on April 26, 2015.
Meetings will be one to two Sundays per month at Our Lady
of Mount Carmel Church in Doylestown, with completion by
mid-December. Please contact Anne Marie O’Connell
(215-794-5447; [email protected]) for details.
Ad Altare Dei Medal
Boy Scouts and Venture Crew, Grades 7 to 9. Meets at 6 p.m.
Pope Pius XII Medal
Boy Scouts and Venture Crew, Grades 10 to 12. Meets at 7 p.m.
Monday and Tuesday, April 13 & 14, 6:30 to 7:20 p.m.
Saint Juan Diego Chapel, OLG Church
Theology of the Body (TOB) is a morality program that
reinforces St. Pope John Paul II's message for love and life.
Using a solid mix of stories, real-life examples, activities,
prayers and relevant references to the culture, it goes beyond
traditional chastity programs. TOB will be offered to teens
entering grades 7/8 in September and the program will start in
October. Adult volunteers (with Protecting Gods Children
clearance) will be needed to help facilitate the classes.
Training will be provided
Teen/Senior Citizen
Country Western Hoe-Down
Sunday, April 26, 1 to 4 p.m.
OLMC Gymnasium, Doylestown
All teens and senior citizens are invited to an
afternoon of friendship and country dancing!
Pull out those cowboy hats and come by for
an afternoon spent learning classic country line dances and
enjoying some light refreshments. Bring your friends!
Call Pat Price at 215-300-2153 if you or someone you know is
a line dance caller/instructor.
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Parish Ministries
Ladies of OLG
Personal Items Collection
This Weekend, April 11 and 12
OLG Church Narthex
Travel/personal-size items are being collected to benefit the Sr. Thea Bowman Women’s Center in Kensington (a ministry of the
St. Francis Inn). All parishioners are invited
to participate. Thank you in advance for your contributions.
Travel/personal-size items needed:
soap/body wash
deodorant and lotion
General Group Meeting
Sunday, April 19, 1 p.m. (location TBD)
Service project will follow for anyone who would like to
assist with assembling the toiletry bags. Director of the Thea
Women’s Ministry will be the guest speaker. All ladies of
the parish are invited and encouraged to attend. Contact Susan MacLeman ([email protected]) if you can join us.
Interested in Playing Golf and/or
Bridge with other Ladies?
Lutzi Fischer has volunteered to coordinate these activities for
interested ladies. Contact her at [email protected]
Running Group
Want to get together and feel strong and
inspired by running with other ladies?
Want to get started but don't know how?
Christine Veltri is coordinating a ladies running group that’s
scheduled to begin on Monday, April 27. Contact Christine
at [email protected] or 215-399-7476 for more details.
Leaders and Walkers Needed!
Grab a path partner and blaze the trails!
Spring is here. Let’s get healthy and start
walking. Beginning Sunday, May 3 we would
like to have a group of OLG parishioners walk
after every Sunday mass during the nice
weather. We will be walking around Cold
Spring Creamery road and some of the
developments. It will be leisurely at first and
we will work our way up to a brisk pace.
Spend some family time and meet some new friends. If you
are interested in being a Trail Blazer leader please call Meg
Szewczak at 267-247-5374, extension 225.
Have You Experienced the Loss of a Loved One?
“Grief Support Fellowship” is Here for You
Second Wednesday of Every Month
Are you seeking comfort and shared understanding
after the loss of a loved one? Let us strengthen each
other’s spirits. We meet in an informal setting to
listen, share experiences, and offer support. Your loss
may be recent or years ago, but we offer a safe and
confidential forum where you may speak openly of
your deceased loved ones and share your feelings.
Please join us. For more information, contact Janet
Koetter at 267-544-5263.
OLG Knights of Columbus
Membership Drive
Membership is open to any mail practicing
catholic of the parish. The Knights of
Columbus is the largest brotherhood of
catholic gentlemen. It was established in 1882
to assist those in need. The OLG Council was
established in 2012 and supports many local charities.
Membership Drive
Weekend of April 11 and 12
Following each Mass, OLG Church Narthex
Health and Wellness Ministry
Food Drive
During All Masses, Weekend of April 18 and 19
The April food drive is for The Lord’s Pantry.
Please leave your donations in the church narthex. Any nonperishable item is helpful.
The requested items are:
canned meats
fruit juice
chunky soups
cake mixes
toilet paper
plastic baggies
bar soap
tuna fish
baby wipes
peanut butter
spaghetti sauce
paper towels
wax paper
2015 Easter Dinner Collection
Huge Success
We collected 109 Easter dinners this year up from 91 the
previous year. Thank you all for your generosity. Any
questions please contact Maureen Sapelli at 215-794-5764 or
[email protected]
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Upcoming Parish Events
These events are sponsored by the OLG 55+ Club.
Monthly Luncheon at Carmel
Wednesday, April 15, 12 noon
1613 Main St., Warrington
(Valley Square Shopping Center)
215-279-9607 (Carmel)
Please respond by Monday, April 13 to
Dee Huelsman at 215-489-1692 or
[email protected] or Sara Esopa at
OLG 55+ Club Meetings
Trip Registration Information
Register Now
In order to book trips a certain number of registrants are
required, so register early to ensure trip will take place.
Trips Open to Everyone
All community members may attend OLG 55+ Club trips.
30-Day Trip Cancellation
In most cases, if you cancel your trip reservation 30 days
prior to the day of the trip you will get a full refund.
Theology of the Body
Informational Meetings (Adults only)
Second Wednesday of the Month
11 a.m., Conference Room, Parish Office
This is a great opportunity to meet other parishioners. For
more information, contact Michelene Bolsar
([email protected] or 215 348-4567).
Monday April 13 and Tuesday April 14
6:30 to 7:20 p.m., St. Juan Diego Chapel, OLG Church
Bus is 2/3 full—reserve your spot today
Teen/Senior Citizen
Country Western Hoe-Down
Sunday, April 26, 1 to 4 p.m.,
OLMC School Gym
Line Dance Caller/Instructor Needed
for Teen/Senior Citizen
Country Western Hoe-Down
Sunday, April 26, 1 to 4 p.m., OLMC School Gym
Call Pat Price at 215-300-2153 if you or someone you know
is a line dance caller/instructor.
Myrtle Beach Trip
5 Days and 4 Nights, May 3 to 7, 2015
$750 per person. Call for a brochure.
Make plans to enjoy a wonderful vacation in Myrtle Beach,
South Carolina.
Hotel suites with balcony and beach front view
Visit Charlestown, SC
Trip includes four breakfasts and four dinners
Enjoy a dinner show included with one evening
Bus transportation and drivers gratuity included
For more information on these events sponsored by the 55+
Club, contact Pat Price at 215-300-2153, Pat Donnelly at
215-598-9763 or Jean Zielke at 215-794-1188.
The National Catholic Bible Conference is
Returning to the Archdiocese of Philadelphia!
June 19 and 20
Shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa, Doylestown, PA
The theme of this year’s conference is “Scripture and the
Family of God.” There, you will discover how God is calling
you to do more than just believe in him. He is calling you to a
life-changing and life-giving relationship with him.
You will also have the unique opportunity to glean insight and
encouragement from gifted Catholic speakers and biblical
scholars, including Jeff Cavins, Mark Hart, Mary Healy, and
Edward Sri, Sarah Christmyer, and more! Registrations are
currently being taken, with an early-bird special available until
April 24. For more information on the conference and to
register, please visit CatholicBibleConference.com or call
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Medical Forensics, Image Formation
on the Shroud
of Turin and Divine Mercy Sunday
As we mediate upon and give
thanks for the Divine Mercy
image of Our Blessed Lord when
He appeared to St. Faustina in the
early 20th Century, let’s also
realize that “…the [Divine mercy]
image…PERFECTLY matches
the size of the figure in the Shroud
of Turin.”
This match has been documented in various ways and we can
see it in several online videos, including: https://
During each week of Lent, we’ve described some of the
wounds for the man whose image is on the Shroud of Turin
(http://olguadalupe.org/shroud-of-turin). History tells us that
the Shroud once held our Blessed Lord’s Body, and science
thus far has NOT disproven this claim. While science might
also never prove that the Shroud DID hold held the Body of
Jesus Christ, we should realize that MANY pieces of forensic
evidence from the Shroud are consistent with the torture and
crucifixion of Jesus. Much of this evidence is discussed in an
excellent online video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?
v=0BxmbIGQBX4) and reviewed in detail at the website for
the Shroud Center (http://www.shroudofturin.com/Resources/
CRTSUM.pdf) or at the OLG website link mentioned above.
Pope Benedict XVI shared a beautiful summary of thoughts
about the Shroud when he tells us (http://w2.vatican.va/
hf_ben-xvi_spe_20100502_meditazione-torino.html) that the
face on the Shroud carries “…the passion of man of every time
and every place, our passions too, our sufferings, our
difficulties and our sins…”. And that His “…hands and these
feet, this side, this whole body speaks…with blood, and blood
is life! The Shroud is an Icon written in…the blood of a man
who was scourged, crowned with thorns, crucified and whose
right side was pierced. Every trace of blood speaks of love and
of life. Especially that huge stain near his rib, made by the
blood and water that flowed copiously from a great wound
inflicted by the tip of a Roman spear. That blood and that
water speak of life…like a spring that murmurs in the silence,
and we can hear it in the silence of Holy Saturday.”
“…may we carry in our eyes the image of the Shroud, may we
carry in our hearts this word of love and praise God with a
life full of faith, hope and charity.”
The exhibit for the Shroud of Turin opens on April 19, 2015.
If possible, take a little time to learn more about the Shroud.
Try to avoid letting any erroneous information rob you of the
opportunity to appreciate and believe in the likely authenticity
of this holy image that would have been created by God
Himself. Then defend for others what we really know about
the Shroud of Turin.
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Local Parish News and More
Register Now!
Our Lady of Mount Carmel School
Kindergarten and Pre-K
Registration has begun for the 2015-2106
school year for Pre Kindergarten and
Kindergarten. Please stop by the school for a
registration packet and more details.
Pilgrimage to Greece in the
Footsteps of St. Paul
Join Deacon Jim and Barbara Anne Fowkes, of Our Lady of
Mt. Carmel Church in Doylestown, on a 12 Day Pilgrimage to
Greece from April 12-23, 2016.
Following Easter next year, come and walk in the footsteps of
St. Paul. Find yourself rediscovering the power of St. Paul’s
ministry in Greece and on the Greek Isles.
Information Sessions
Saturdays, April 18 and April 25, 2015
3 p.m., St. Mary’s Hall, across the street from OLMC Church
For more information, contact Deacon Jim at 215-348-7515 or
[email protected]
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