April 12, 2015 - Our Lady of Guadalupe

Our Lady of Guadalupe
7000 35th Avenue SW , Seattle, Washington, 98126
April 11 and 12, 2015
Loving and gracious God, you gave us your Son, Jesus
Christ. He gave of Himself, not only on the cross, but in
every moment of His life. He saw the hungry; He fed
them. He saw the lame; He cured them. He saw the sick;
He healed them. He saw the discouraged; He
encouraged them. He saw the dying; He gave them new
life. He gave. In this way, He taught us to give.
Mass Times
Saturday Vigil - 5:30 PM
Sunday Mornings - 8:30 AM and 11:00 AM
Weekday Mass - Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday - 9:00 AM
Holy Day Masses - 9:00 AM and 7:00 PM
Sacrament of Reconciliation - Saturdays - 4:15 to 5:00 PM
(or by appointment through the Parish Office)
OLG Parish - www.olgseattle.org
[email protected]
Phone: 206-935-0358
OLG Parish School - 3401 SW Myrtle, Seattle, WA 98126
Phone: 206-935-0651
From the Pastor’s Desk
Easter! Now What?
With visitors and our own community, we celebrated the central event in our faith - the raising of the
Lord, Jesus. We will unpack this saving event for 50 days. During the 50 days leading to Pentecost, we
will Baptize children and next week, celebrate Confirmation. Great young people and adults will be
confirmed at the 11:00 a.m. Mass. Confirmation will celebrate the Holy Spirit living within
each Confirmation candidate, not some mark of achievement like a graduation.
During my Easter homily, I said that God always wants to resurrect somebody and as Russell
Wilson says, “Why not us?” The 50 days of Easter are wonderful days to celebrate the sacrament of Reconciliation. We celebrate this sacrament on Saturday afternoons at 4:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m.
Our parish children will also celebrate First Communion, another expression of Easter Life.
Please pray for our First Communion families.
Enjoy Easter New Life as you plant your gardens and enjoy the glories of Spring.
Happy Easter
Fr. Jack
Prayer & Liturgy
Let Us Pray For
Bertha Okrusch, John Goold, Carsten Maes, Aaron Hubert,
Judith Hull, Barbara Duchscherer, Karen Kinner, Pete Baum,
Daniel Hansen, Robert Mollerus, Marge Zielaskowski, Frank
Coccia, Alfred Cruz, Ken Casey, Jake Steiner, Vonnie
Lawrance, Pattie Quinn, Eveyln Soros, Pat Middelton, Lou
and Sis Blumer, Nelly Villasenor, Sandy Warren, Justin Shaw,
Rocco Marrese, Sharon Schellong, Andre Sasonoff, Stella
Casey, Velda Handler, Jeanette Denfeld,
Kay Kukowski,
Tanya Wright, Jennifer Wong, Brianna Nelson, Marianne
Carroll, Lou Vaughan, Mary LeGrand, Ann Toth, Delores
Chapman, Craig Kaplan, Joan Lewis, Matthew Benoit, Lennie
Tague, Richard Brodrick, Sr. Bea LaFramboise, Robert
Hedgcock, Patricia Calhoun, John Sisson, Pat McCarthy, Chris
Hackett, Jacquie Fitzwater, Janice Stannard, Sinead Anne
Cadde, Essie Weinberger, Carole Maes, Dene Napolitan and
for those who have recently passed: Carnot Thomas .
Confirmation Celebration With Bishop Eusebio
Please join us on Sunday, April 19th at the 11:00 a.m. Mass as we
celebrate this wonderful sacrament with 23 candidates who have
been preparing many months for this special day!
School Liturgies
Thursday, April 23rd - 6th and 1st graders
Scripture Readings
This Week
Second Sunday of Easter
Reading 1: Acts of the Apostles 4:32-35
Reading 2: 1 John 5:1-6
Gospel: John 20:19-31
Next Week
Third Sunday of Easter
Reading 1: Acts of the Apostles 3:13-15, 17-19
Reading 2: 1 John 2:1-5a
Gospel: Luke 24:35-48
Calling All Parishioners ~ We Need You
To Be on our Vacation Bible Camp Prayer Team
Our Lady of Guadalupe parish is thrilled to be hosting our second
VBC on June 22nd through June 26th. There will be many opportunities for our parishioners, school families, youth, young and old
alike, to participate and one ministry that we want to introduce to
you this year will be our OLG—VBC Prayer Team! As we are beginning to build our VBC team, we wanted to first offer opportunities
for those who will hold our volunteers and the children who will
participate in our program in intentional prayer. We are putting our
faith in the fact that God knows each person in our church. We are
asking God to open the eyes, hearts and minds of those who will be
just the right fit for our program and that each person attending will
be blessed by their experience. To be a prayer team member, contact
[email protected]
Funeral Home
The only locally owned
Funeral Home in West Seattle
7601 35th Avenue SW
For more information about “Prayer and Liturgy”
go to www.olgseattle.org and click on the
“Grow In Faith” tab.
Faith Formation
Our Adventurers And Vision Sunday School
Programs Are Working Together
In A Service Project For Our Parish!
Our Adventurers and Vision Sunday School classes have joined forces and are working on a service project together by painting tiles
for our “Peace Garden”. These wonderful young people, in our
community, have embraced the concept of social outreach by gaining a greater understanding of how the food that we grow in our
peace garden impacts the lives of individuals in our larger community of West Seattle by our donations to the West Seattle Food
Bank. Keep our young people in your prayers as they witness their
faith to each other in our Sunday School program and to our community.
Looking For A Good Book To Read With Your
Middle And High School Children?
Having a good book to read as a family can give wonderful opportunities for having open ended discussions on a wide variety of topics
that can enrich your faith. A new book has come out entitled “Pope
Francis: I Believe In Mercy”, by Regina Doman and illustrated by
Sean Lam. There is nothing like a graphic novel to make middle and
high school students take notice. This one is the biography of Pope
Francis - his childhood through the first year of his papacy. The
narrative does more than recount events. It connects the Holy Father’s life experience to his teachings and ultimately to the Gospel.
Bonus features at the end of the story include a map of the Vatican
and pictures of papal automobiles since 1930. For more information, go to MangoHero.com.
Would You Like To Learn More About The
Catholic Christian Faith?
Are you curious about Pope Francis and his message of joy and
mercy? You are invited to come to an ongoing inquiry group that
meets on Wednesday evenings, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. to ask
questions and learn more about Catholicism (no strings attached!)
For more information, please contact Helen Oesterle at 206-9350358, Ext. 108 or [email protected] You can also find more
information at our parish website.
Save The Date!
June 22nd through June 26th
90 Days And Counting
Until Our Vacation Bible Camp
“Everest - Conquering Challenges With God’s Mighty Power”
As we get closer to our fantastic vacation bible camp, EVEREST Conquering Challenges with God’s Mighty Power, we want to give you
some additional reasons to make this special week a part of your
family’s experience. At Everest vacation bible camp, children will
learn one important Bible Point each day. Instead of trying to teach
kids more than they can remember or apply, Everest focuses on
one key biblical concept. The Bible Point is reinforced daily through
Bible Adventures, key Bible verses, songs, snacks, and hands-on
activities that help kids know more about God’s powerful provision,
comfort, healing, forgiveness, and forever love for them.
“God Sightings” is also a special part of vacation bible camp. On
Day One, children will discover that they really can see evidence of
God all around them in everyday life! It’s a concept that continues
throughout the entire week of vacation bible camp. Also, not all
children learn the same way, so Everest vacation bible camp offers
seven daily stations to meet the needs of all kinds of learners. Children will come away, each day, remembering the Bible Point because each child will pick it up in a way that matches his or her own
learning style.
In the next few weeks, we will be letting you know when registration will be available either on-line or after Mass on specific dates.
Also, after Easter look in the narthex for our Everest display that
will have cards representing items that we will need to borrow to
help with our environment set-up as well as other items that we
will need to be donated to help our vacation bible camp and defray
We cannot evangelize God’s mighty power through a vacation bible
camp experience to our community’s children and to our neighboring communities’ children without your help and prayers. Please
consider volunteering this year if you did not last year, and if you
did, we hope to have your expertise back again!
There will be no faith formation programs, which also includes our
Little Lambs program, on Sunday, April 12th for spring break. We
will resume our regular schedule for all of our classes on Sunday,
April 19th. Also, please mark your calendars for our next Family
Faith Sunday on May 3rd from 9:30 a.m. to 10:45 a.m. with our
theme: “God always hears us when we pray”.
Outreach Ministry
Recycling Roundup
Most of us have things lying around the house that we need to
get rid of in a safe, sustainable way. On April 26th, from 9:00
a.m. to 3:00 p.m., you have the chance to recycle many of those
items at Fauntleroy UCC’s “Recycling Roundup”. Simply bring
them down to the church (9140 California Ave SW) and 1 Green
Planet will recycle them for FREE! There’s an extensive list of
items that can be recycled, including cell phones, computer
parts, office supplies, home appliances, and more. For more
information, go to www.fauntleroyucc.org/Recylce.pdf.
Ongoing Advocacy Opportunities
Many OLG parishioners took part in our Legislative Forum and/
or Catholic Advocacy Day this year. Both provided us with great
opportunities to put our faith into action through advocacy. If
you’d like to get more involved with advocacy efforts, consider
signing up for two great action alert networks: WSCC and CCGP.
The Washington State Catholic Conference, the public policy
voice of the bishops of Washington State, sends out periodic
updates and action alerts about issues facing our state
(thewscc.org). Catholics Confront Global Poverty is an advocacy
initiative of Catholic Relief Services that works on international
poverty issues (http://www.confrontglobalpoverty.org/getinvolved/).
Pro-Life Radio Show
Life Talk NW is a half-hour radio show airing on Sacred Heart
radio, dedicated to pro-life issues in Washington State. Cohosted by Dan Kennedy and Noreen McEntee Hobson from
Washington State March for Life, the program provides news,
commentary, and analysis of important pro-life issues affecting
Washington State. The show includes interviews with pro-life
legislators and other leaders involved in working toward a culture of life around the state. Catch the show three times each
week on Sundays from 6:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., Tuesdays from
6:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. and Saturdays from 3:30 p.m. to 4:00p.m.
If you are unable to catch the radio broadcast, you can hear it
scareheartradio.org/) and clicking on the “Listen Now” button on
the left hand side of the page during the broadcast. If there are
topics you’s like to hear about, or questions you’d like addressed, email the program at [email protected]
St. Vincent de Paul
What terror Jesus’ friends suffered in seeing all of their hopes
dashed in the crucifixion ….but Jesus had made such promises!!
What happened? ...and then when it seemed that all was lost,
Jesus came back to them and to us, more glorious than ever!
When it is the darkest and we are tempted to lose hope, we can
then remember that Jesus not only came back to life but He is
Life - hopeful, glorious, powerful, and loving. It is no accident
that we celebrate Easter right when the whole world seems to
be in bloom!
CRS Rice Bowl: Hungering For Celebration!
We prayed, fasted, and gave alms and now we celebrate! Our Lenten
journey with CRS Rice Bowl ends in our own hearts, where Jesus reigns
forever. Let us rejoice in our risen Lord and in the lives we’ve changed
this Lent in Tanzania, Nicaragua, Niger, Lebanon, the Democratic Republic of Congo and all over the world! Remember that 25% of what
we collect stays in our own Archdiocese and goes towards local hunger-fighting initiatives such as our own Community Meal and Peace
Garden. If you haven’t yet turned in your CRS Rice Bowl, it’s not too
late. You can give online at www.olgseattle.org (click on the “Donate”
button) or drop a check in the Sunday collection (make sure to write
“Rice Bowl” on the memo line).
Try Hard To Recycle Items Out Of Landfills
At Our Lady of Guadalupe, we are doing our part to keep our community clean and planet healthy - all the while raising much needed funding. With the help of recycling and upcycling company, TerraCycle, the
parish is collecting recyclables and reducing our carbon footprint. So
far, we have help collect more than 5,000 items!
Participation in this nationwide recycling program, called the Brigade
Program, is completely free and TerraCycle pays for all shipping costs.
For every piece of waste the parish collects, TerraCycle donates money to Our Lady of Guadalupe. The collected items are recycled into a
variety of affordable, environmentally responsible products ranging
from plastic decking to park benches to watering cans and recycling
bins. More than 70,000 schools and community groups around the
country have signed up to help collect almost 50 different kinds of
products and packaging TerraCycle accepts. The participating organizations will collectively earn over $5 million dollars and help
TerraCycle divert almost 3 billion pieces of waste that would have otherwise gone to landfill.
An updated collection list is available at the parish office. For more
information contact Jeni Littleton at 206-935-0358 or
[email protected]
Adopt A Garden Bed
The growing season is here and the OLG Peace Garden has ten raised
garden beds that are ready for individuals, families, scout troops,
groups of friends, classrooms and more to adopt! Each growing season we grow produce for Lettuce Pray, a local program that donates
fresh produce to the White Center and West Seattle Food Banks.
The beds are connected to an automatic irrigation system to make
things as easy as possible. It’s a great way to get involved and build
[email protected] for more information, to be added to
our email list, or to sign up for a planting bed. The Peach Garden is
located a the NE end of the OLG campus, behind the Pastoral Center.
Come check it out!
Pastoral Care
Home Ministries
Prayers And Squares Ministry
If you or anyone you know is in need of the Sacrament of the
Eucharist, the Sacrament of Anointing, or other Home Ministries,
let us know by calling Marion Kari at 935-0358, ext. 113.
Prayers and Squares is an interfaith outreach ministry that combines
the gift of prayer with the gift of a hand-tied quilt. The purpose of
Prayers and Squares is not to make and distribute quilts, but to promote prayer through the use of quilts.
NEW Grief Group
Tuesday Afternoons from 3:30 p.m. to 4:45 p.m.
In The Pastoral Center
Facilitated by John Baumann, M. Div, LMHC
Samaritan Center Staff Therapist
Participation is open to any person who has suffered loss
and is struggling with the impact of this experience. This
could be the loss of a loved one, a relationship, a job or
profession. It might be the result of becoming a full time
For information: Marion Kari at 935-0358, Ext. 113
John Baumann, M.Div, LMHC
Counseling & Psychotherapy Services
206-527-2266, ext. 385
425- 830-9614 (cell)
If you would like a family member, friend or relative who is struggling
with a challenge or illness and would benefit from prayers to help
them, please contact Marion Kari at 206-935-0358, Ext. 113 or email
at [email protected]
Sacrament Of The Sick
Please mark your calendars for the weekend of April 11th and 12th
as Fr. Jack will be offering the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick
to all who want to partake in this healing sacrament. Sickness of the
body affects our emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Through the Sacrament of the Anointing of the sick, one of the two Sacraments of
Healing, Jesus Christ brings healing - physical and spiritual - to those
who are seriously ill or in the aging process. This sacrament will be
offered immediately after the Saturday 5:30 p.m. Mass on Aril 11th
and after the Sunday, April 12th 8:30 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. Masses.
Thank You For Your Donations And Supporting Pastoral Care Ministries!
Have you ever wondered how your support to Our Lady of Guadalupe Pastoral Care Ministries serves our homebound parishioners? It has
been a long standing tradition here at OLG parish to visit the homebound and bring an Easter Lily or Tulips to those who cannot attend Mass
on a regular basis. This ministry served over 49 parishioners this Easter. Words often seem inadequate to describe the true gratitude that
the recipients of your wonderful generosity brings to so many. One person expressed her thanks this way: “All my life I have been a Catholic and worked in various ways to support my parish over the many years. When you come and bring an Easter Lily representing the community of Our Lady of Guadalupe, it makes me feel that I am still a member of the parish and have not been forgotten.” Another person shared
this: “I was so impressed with how one minister just sat with me and held my hand and listened to my story. The healing power of their
presence, sitting in silence with me, was a great blessing when I needed it.”
Our Pastoral Care Ministries provides Word and Communion services to Bridge Park, The Kenney and Elizabeth House on a weekly basis.
For many parishioners, this is their church and an opportunity to celebrate the consecrated in community. We have ministers who give of
their generous time and talents to serve those who are unable to attend Mass in compassionate and loving ways. We have ministers who
make individual room visits to those who are homebound, bringing the Eucharist and Christ’s presence on a regular basis. We have ministers who visit hospitals or rehabilitation facilities, offering hope and compassion to fellow parishioners who are at a very vulnerable stage in
their lives, letting them know that we are there for them offering support and comfort.
Your support of our Pastoral Care Ministry enables our ministers to reach out and bring loving support to those in our community that are
experiencing special needs related to medical or aging in their lives. By supporting our ministry, you are enabling our ministers to become
Church for those in need, as well as enabling Our Lady of Guadalupe parish to live out its baptismal call, reaching out to those most in need.
If you would like to become a part of our growing Pastoral Care Ministry, in any capacity, please contact Marion Kari at 206-935-0358, Ext.
OLG Community
50 Plus Funsters
OLG Night With The Mariners
Friday, May 15th at 7:05 p.m. against the Boston Red Sox, Opening
Day is just around the corner and now is the time to mark your
calendars to join others in cheering on the Mariners, eating
hotdogs and popcorn, and playing the hydro races! It promises to
be a great season. You can order your tickets by going to our parish website or pick up an order form in the back of church or at the
parish office. $17 per person. Accessible seating is available.
Information, Helen - 206-935-0358.
Pre Pay is needed for our outing to Taproot Theatre. The DEADLINE FOR PAYMENT IS APRIL 9TH AT THE APRIL BREAKFAST.
We will pass out the tickets at the May breakfast. If you put your
name in for tickets this applies to you. The tickets are $15 per person. Following the production, we will have dinner at Super China
Buffet in Shoreline. Questions, please call Harry Schmitt 937-5897.
OLG CYO Golf Tournament
Women’s Spiritual Book Group
During the next several weeks, the Women’s Spiritual Book Group
will be reading and discussing selected biblical psalms. We will
read and study how they came to be written, how they expressed
the covenant relationship of God with Israel, their references in the
New Testament and how they apply to us in our lives today.
Our group meets on the first and third Thursday of every month
from 9:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. in the Pastoral Center. All women are
welcome to attend with drop-ins welcome. For more information,
please contact the Parish Office at 206-935-0358.
Please save the date for the 8th Annual OLG CYO Golf Tournament
benefitting CYO Athletics and the In-Parish Help Fund.
Saturday, May 16th at West Seattle Golf Course.
7:00 a.m. Shot Gun Start
Compost Days For Our Parish Garden
The city is sponsoring Compost Days by providing coupons where
you buy two bags and get one bag free. We would greatly appreciate it if some of you could donate that third bag for our Parish
Peace Garden. We will use it to replenish the soil in our planting
beds in order to raise fresh produce for the West Seattle and
White Center food banks. You can drop the bag off in our garden
and volunteers will do the rest. Thank you very much for supporting this great ministry.
Saturday, April 25, 2015
6:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Blood Drive
*Food is available for purchase*
*BINGO games are $1 per card*
(BINGO cards are purchased per individual game)
Wednesday, April 22nd from 1:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
(closed 3:00 p.m. to 3:45 p.m.)
Volunteers are needed
Make an appointment online at - www.bloodworksnw.org/drives
Please email Rita Rich at [email protected] or on the
volunteerspot. Parents, this is a great way to get your last minute
volunteer hours for this year. Volunteers are needed for set up,
during and clean up. Please come to support the OLG Parent Organization and our fantastic school.
Blood Donors Save Lives.
Sign up today and make a world of difference.
For “Community Events”,
Please visit our website.
OLG New Reception Area
New On Our Parish Website
Check out photos from OLG Service Day and Holy Week Celebrations at www.olgseattle.org.
From The Pastoral Center
Consider a Donation to OLG from Your IRA
Individuals may begin taking distributions from their Individual Retirement Accounts
(IRAs) as early as age 59 1/2 but are required to begin taking them at age 70 1/2. The IRA
Charitable Rollover provision, established under the Pension Protection Act, allows individuals who have reached age 70 1/2 to donate up to $100,000 to charitable organizations directly from their IRAs or ROTH IRAs without paying tax on it. Donors may receive
no goods or services in return for their contributions, and must obtain written documentation of their contribution from each recipient charity.
Pastoral Center
Phone: 206-935-0358
Fax: 206-935-1230
Parish Staff
Fr. Jack Walmesley
[email protected] - X107
Helen Oesterle - Pastoral Associate
[email protected] - X108
Peggy Behnken - Administrative Asst.
[email protected] - X114
Stewardship Giving Made Easy Visit www.olgseattle.org
If you are looking for a more convenient way to make planned or additional financial
contributions to support our parish ministries and programs, we encourage you to look
at our electronic giving options. Visit our parish website to learn more. Go to
www.olgseattle.org and click on the “Online Giving” button. Renewal of Financial Stewardship - your pledge - can be done on-line.
School Happenings
Donna Ramos, Principal
[email protected]
206-935-0651 - X102
Frank Handler - Pastoral Asst. for Admin.
[email protected] - X101
Marion Kari - Pastoral Care/Family Faith
[email protected] - X113
Jennifer Ibach - Pastoral Asst. for Outreach
[email protected] - X120
Vicki Quinn—Baptism Coordinator
[email protected] - X115
Ann Sager - Music
[email protected]
Gail Neudorfer - Bookkeeper
[email protected] - X118
Sandy Plummer
Safe Environment Coordinator
Our Lady of Guadalupe School wishes you and your family a very Happy Easter!
Bulletin Editor
Accreditation Visit Update: As we wrapped up our accreditation visit, it was great to hear the [email protected] - X111
tremendously positive feedback from our visiting committee members about our staff’s commitment to each students’ learning and growth, the school’s strong use of data to make instructional decisions, the close and supportive schoolparish relationship, the fabulously supportive parent community with which we are blessed, and to hear their affirmation of the impressive work
our teachers do in creating engaging and effective curriculum units that integrate the Common Core State Standards with Catholic Identity and our
School-Wide Learning Expectations. Visiting team members asked for samples of the templates and plans our teachers have developed to take
back to their schools and were impressed with the leadership that our teachers provide in many ways within the Archdiocese. They shared that
the OLG community (staff, school/parish leadership, parish community, school students and families) clearly share a cohesive sense of mission and
vision for making OLG the best it can be!
As always, our students are the best ambassadors of what an OLG education means. As the chairperson shared with us, “It has been the Committee’s pleasure to witness Our Lady of Guadalupe School students who are keenly aware of their relationship and responsibility to one another,
with a desire to seek wisdom and truth through social justice, and grounded in the discipline to become leaders and lifelong learners.” They talked
about our students’ commitment to making OLG a community of respect and about the articulate and confident way in which OLG students at all
grades shared about their learning process. Our 8th grade and kindergarten classes, and the 4th/5th chorus led us in a wonderful liturgy with the
theme of servant leadership. The committee members were truly impressed as they interacted with our students!
The school staff is so grateful for the many ways in which our parent community helped to make the week a success: sending us good wishes and
praying for out visit; providing food and hospitality in the committee’s Walmesley Center work space; talking with visiting committee members
about your family’s experience at OLG; participating in surveys; and attending or serving as a Eucharistic Minister at our all-school Mass. All of the
parents who work on the playground, help in classrooms, and more, on a regular basis were noticed and appreciated by the committee. Very special thanks to Erin Stampe who did the most amazing job of organizing volunteers to prepare food, serve it, set up and clean up. Thank you Erin,
and all of our generous volunteers!
We won’t get our “official” accreditation determination until mid-June, but it was affirming to hear the positive feedback and initial report today.
We’ll catch our breath before launching into the Action Plan for ongoing improvement that we created as part of the process.
2015 OLG Sparkle Auction and Gala Follow-up - The Auction numbers are in! The Parent Organization goal was $105,000 and we raised
$106,392!!! Thank you to everyone who participated in the first ever parish consortium, which raised $3,425 for OLG school. Also, thank you to
those who participated in the first ever on-line auction and the amazing night at the Brockey Center, as well as all the volunteers who helped make
it happen! The auction team truly appreciates all of your efforts and we look forward to seeing you again next year on February 27, 2016!