Read out Registration Form.
Purpose of interview: usual for applicants for admission into
Freemasonry to submit to an interview, to ensure that their
background is well known, they are fit and proper persons to be made
a Mason and to enable them to gain an understanding of the Aims and
Relationships of Freemasonry. Also to enable the committee to make
a recommendation to the lodge for a candidate to become a
The following questions should be put to the candidate:
7. Are any of your family Freemasons?
8. Are you married? Does your wife know of this application and is
she in sympathy with the idea and the commitments (meetings/LoI
9. Freemasons are expected to comply with the laws of the State and
show allegiance to the Sovereign. Have you at any time been found
guilty of any offence in a Court of Law? Please Note: All
convictions, however insignificant, must be declared and
Registration Form ‘P’ qualified. Refer to the Provincial Grand
Secretary for guidance immediately.
1. Freemasonry is a universal system of morality. Its teachings are
based upon the belief in a Supreme Being and the brotherhood of
Do you believe in the existence of a Supreme Being?
A belief in a Supreme Being is not concerned with distinctions of
creed and theological opinions must not be advanced in Masonic
circles. Mention that the Bible, or Volume of the Sacred Law is open
during our meetings. Similarly political opinions are not to be
10.Confirm that candidate is able to attend meetings regularly and
indicate dress code.
2. Are you 21 years of age?
Invite prospective candidate to ask any questions of the committee
3. Are you, or have you ever been a member of any fraternal society,
or association purporting to be similar to Freemasonry?
4.Why do you wish to become a Freemason
5. Do you expect by becoming a member of our order to obtain any
advantage relative to your position as a citizen, or as an individual?
11. Advise Initiation and annual fees/dining costs etc. Explain
Masonic and charitable giving. Seek confirmation that the financial
obligations, demands and responsibilities of Freemasonry can be met
without detriment to family, or position.
Invite committee members to ask any other questions.
It is strongly advocated that a prospective initiate be allocated a
Lodge Mentor from the outset of his expressing interest in becoming
a Freemason. This ideally should be his Proposer, but if the Proposer
is relatively inexperienced, a more experienced member of the Lodge
should be appointed.
6. Have you ever applied or contemplated joining any other
Freemasons Lodge?
Send Summons to Initiate.
Advise candidate regarding dress, time, fees, reply to Toast etc.
Initiate dines free (if lodge custom).
Introduce candidate to Junior Deacon.
Ensure WM has candidates VSL (if applicable), Book of
Constitutions, By-Laws, Lodge Charter and any other informative
After meeting completed Registration (P) form should be sent
immediately to Provincial Grand Secretary’s Office, with cheque,
(from Treasurer), payable to United Grand Lodge of England for the
appropriate amount, (Treasurer will advise). Retain a photocopy of
the Registration form for lodge records.
With effect from:................
Initiation Fee: £
Joining Fee: £
Annual Subscription: £
Country Member: £
For initiates/joining members this is pro rata according to when they
join (if lodge custom):
eg. (month of meeting:)
When a brother is to be passed or raised, the date on which they were
initiated/passed must be printed on the Summons. Remember a 4
week interval between degrees.Ensure candidate has apron for 3rd.
Degree ceremony. Remember to take torch for prompting in 3rd.
Degree ceremony. Following each ceremony, remember to give
candidate a copy of the questions leading to the next degree.
On receipt of an approach from an interested man, write providing
him with a copy of “Notes for a Candidate for Freemasonry”* and/or
any other relevant publications/videos etc. and organise a meeting,
preferably with his Proposer. If he is satisfactory, complete a
Registration (P) Form and arrange an interview with the Interview
Committee of the lodge to put the necessary questions (see page 17.)
and confirm that he is a suitable candidate for initiation. Inform him
of the costs, dress, number/dates of meetings etc. If the candidate
lives outside and does not work in the Province (ie. Bedfordshire), in
terms of Rule 158 , BoC, you must write to the Provincial Grand
Secretary of the Province in which he lives, (Metropolitan Grand
Secretary in the case of domicile in London), advising of his
application and enquiring if anything is known as to his suitability,
which would preclude his initiation. A response must be obtained
before the candidate is proposed in open lodge, (and preferably before
the Interview Committee meets).
With the next mailing to members of the lodge, include a Candidate
Information Sheet giving particulars of the candidate. If there are no
adverse comments, arrange for Proposer to propose,(and Seconder), at
the next lodge meeting (on the 3rd Rising). The Summons for the
following meeting after that, should carry full details, name, address,
date of birth/age, business occupation (precise description, eg.
Company Director by itself is not acceptable), employers name and
address and date of proposition, names of Proposer and Seconder. If
applicable, you should also state on the Summons that Rule 158 has
been complied with. A ballot must be taken at this meeting. If the
candidate is not initiated within 12 months of the ballot, a new ballot
is necessary.
At the ballot meeting, the Secretary should either read details from
the Registration form, or confirm that the details appearing in the
Summons are a faithful copy and that the WM has satisfied himself
that the Candidate is a fit and proper person to be made a Freemason.
* Obtainable from Quatuor Coronati Correspondence Circle Ltd.
Freemasons Hall London.
.................. MEETING start time
Following amendments to the BoC, the following wording for Lodge
Summons‟ is considered appropriate:
Election of Master:
Agenda item# To elect a Master for the ensuing year.
(Note: the only nomination of which the Secretary is
aware is of Bother……as Master and, subject to the provisions of
BoC Rule 105(a), it is proposed to declare the ballot in his favour.
Any member may, however ,demand a ballot.)
Election of Treasurer:
Agenda item# To elect a Treasurer for the ensuing year.
(Note: the only nomination of which the Secretary is
aware is of Bother……as Treasurer and, subject to the provisions of
BoC Rule 112(a), it is proposed to declare the ballot in his favour.
Any member may, however ,demand a ballot.)
However, at the election meeting remember to bring ballot slips for
Worshipful Master and Treasurer, just in case!. The Tyler is elected
by a show of hands. At the preceding Officers Night ask various
members to propose and second Lodge Committee and Audit
Committee members and provide them with a note of what to say
(keeping a copy for yourself!).
The following Installation Meetings are ones that lodge
(WM/Secretary) is expected to attend. (list)
Immediately after candidate has been raised, complete Grand Lodge
certificate request form and send it to the Provincial Office to
forward to the Grand Secretary. The cost of this is included in the
Grand Lodge Registration fee, at the time the candidate is initiated. It
is advisable to keep a note of the GL certificate number (eg. in
declaration book) in case the certificate is lost.
Worshipful Master
Provincial Office
On next Summons
Name and rank of deceased
In Memoriam
Requiescat in pace
WM to announce in lodge after minutes have been read.
Make note for:
Grand Lodge Return
Provincial Return
Year Book
A sensitive approach to relatives, (preferably by the Lodge Almoner)
should be made to retrieve regalia - particularly Past Masters Breast
Jewels, in view of their cost.
Refer to Rule 183 Book of Constitutions. If possible, place before
Lodge Committee meeting at earliest opportunity - if not, be guided
by Rule 183.
Voluntary Resignation: (Rule 183A): A Brother may at any time
resign his membership of the Craft by notifying such resignation to
the Grand Secretary in writing on such form, or forms, as may from
time to time be prescribed for such purpose by the Board of General
Purposes, accompanied by the Brother‟s Grand Lodge Certificate and
if he is a Royal Arch Mason by his Grand Chapter Certificate. Refer
to Rule 183A, Book of Constitutions for the accompanying statement
and other conditions.
Record on GL and PGL returns - also indicate if he resigned
financially in good standing and date of last subscription payment on
GL Return. start
.................. MEETING
If subscriptions remain unpaid for two years, a brother is
automatically excluded from membership of the lodge (Rule 148). If
lodge by-laws provide for less than 2 years, Rule 181 applies and
procedure laid down by Grand Lodge is as follows:
“If you are considering proceeding against a member under Rule 181,
for any reason, but particularly in hard financial times because of
arrears in subscription, please bear in mind that all the requirements
must be complied with for exclusion to be effective. These will
include:A notice in writing to the member concerned, forwarded by
Registered Post. start
A written notice to all members, or an item on the relevant
summons of the intention to propose such a resolution.
A vote by ballot (not show of hands). If carried, the
effective date of exclusion will be the date of the meeting.
.................. MEETING
.................. MEETING start
When an application is received from a member to go on the Country
List, it must be put before the Lodge Committee for consideration and
approval. Some lodge by-laws may require it to be put to the members
in open lodge for approval (ballot).
In the event of a senior officer of the lodge experiencing serious
illness, or incapacity, the lodge Almoner should immediately inform
the Provincial Grand Secretary.
.................. MEETING start
In case of doubt here (as in other matters), a telephone call to the
Provincial Office may help.
A computer, 3 part carbon form (AR1) automatically sent by Grand
Lodge. Take care not to write on carbon copies in wrong place!
Check each name etc. and fill in exclusions (state if Rule 148 or 181),
deaths, resignations, Hon. Membership date etc. Check total amount
required and ask Treasurer for a cheque. Please note that Grand
Lodge Charity contributions should be paid from lodge general funds
and not from the lodge Benevolent Fund.
As soon as possible, send top copy and 2nd copy to Provincial
Secretary’s office, with the cheque (payable to United Grand Lodge
of England).
Keep 3rd copy with lodge records. start.
Print........... Summons‟.
Print........... menus for Festive Board (if appropriate).
The Summons carries the names of the existing officers of the lodge
and the menus the newly appointed officers depending, on lodge
Reciprocal visitors. The WM and secretary of the following lodges
are invited to the Installation ceremony, as guests of the lodge:-
Both these forms are provided and are self-explanatory.
After Installation meeting, complete Installation Return to Grand
Lodge (form LP & A4) and Provincial Return and return both forms
to Provincial Grand Secretary.
Remember to take an additional copy of the Book of Constitutions
and by-laws to this meeting for Installing Master to present to the
WM with by-laws, (to be returned to Secretary after the meeting).
Following each lodge meeting the Provincial „Blue‟ data form should
be completed and sent to the Provincial Secretary‟s Office, not later
than 7 days from the date of the meeting. It is crucial that ‘Blue’
forms are submitted promptly after each meeting as they form the
basis for Provincial appointments and promotions.
Also, WM Elects bible, if one was ever presented at his initiation.
Ensure WM Elect has a WM‟s apron. Remember to take the Past
Masters Breast Jewel and ensure IPM Collar is available.
Note: Only items printed on the Summons can be dealt with at that
meeting unless an addendum slip has been given to every lodge
member prior to the meeting.
1. To open Lodge/to close Lodge on agenda.
2. Grand Lodge requested some years ago that Almoner‟s and Charity
Stewards reports be included on every Summons agenda - to
ensure that they were not overlooked.
3. Full details, in terms of the Book of Constitutions, relating to
Initiates must be given on the agenda (including profession/place
of work). (refer to page 9).
4. When appropriate, state on Summons Rule 158, Book of
Constitutions has been complied with, when an Initiate lives
outside and does not work within the Province.
5. When listing names of officers and members, it is useful to state
Christian names - nicknames should be avoided!
First Rising: For matters relating to Grand Lodge/Grand Charity and
the other Masonic Charities. Record lodge members appointments to
Grand Rank. Welcome Grand Officers.
Second Rising: For Province related items. Welcome Provincial
executive/representatives. Give apologies from PGM, DPGM,APGM
and Provincial Grand Secretary as appropriate. Record letters of
appreciation from official Provincial visitors following visits. Advise
members appointment to Provincial Rank. Inform members of future
Provincial events/functions/communications.
Third Rising: Used for lodge related matters such as members
apologies for absence, resignations, letters from members and wives
of past members, lodge events and propositions for new members.
Report any items of special interest for publication in the Provincial
Newsletter to the Editor c/o The Keep.
Usually around 2nd. or 3rd. Tuesday in October, currently held at
Corn Exchange Bedford. WM and Wardens to wear collars of office.
If By-laws have not been updated for many years, or several changes
envisaged, the use of UGLE model By-laws (copy obtainable from
Provincial Office) is very strongly recommended, to avoid potential
problems in gaining UGLE approval.
Whenever a change in lodge By-laws is contemplated (eg. permanent
change of meeting date(s)), the following action should be taken:
1. Lodge Secretary to speak to Provincial Grand Secretary for an in
principle indication.
2. Discussion and recommendation by Lodge Committee.
3. Send a copy of the proposed revised By-laws to Provincial Grand
Secretary to ensure that they meet UGLE‟s requirementsfollowing which:
4. Give Notice of Motion re. changes in Summons.
5. Proposition to be recorded in Summons for the next following
regular meeting for approval by lodge members.
6. Confirm lodge members approval to Provincial Grand Secretary‟s
office enclosing 3 copies of the By-laws for approval by PGM and
A Return is issued by the Provincial Grand Secretary.
To assist in this process, a record of attendance and work done in the
Lodge by Past Masters, (both of and in the Lodge) and Master Masons
deserving of recognition, is kept, which is also necessary to compl ete
the Provincial Return. The Provincial Executive appreciate negative
recommendations as well as positive - ie. also name members who do
not qualify for Provincial honours, with valid reason.
About May annually, the Editor of the Year Book sends you a copy
of lodge page. Check that lodge insertion is correct and make
amendments necessary. The Year Book Editor makes amendments
for Provincial Honours/promotions.
Dispensations are required for a WM of two lodges simultaneously
(from Grand Lodge) - also from Provincial Secretary in respect of
change of date and/or venue for meetings. Remember the four week
(BoC Rule 172) interval between degrees.
If a meeting is held by Dispensation, ensure that this is recorded on
the front of the Summons.
Remember, to comply with Grand Lodge instructions the following
should be printed on the summons once every session and given out
verbally on 1st. Rising once every session - usually when there is a
3rd. Degree ceremony, or presentation of GL Certificate.
Brethren intending to visit lodges overseas are reminded of the need
to seek advice from the Grand Secretary‟s Office, to ensure that
lodges to be visited are members of recognised constitutions.”
Province require copies of Summons to be sent to the following:
Provincial Office (1)
DPGM (Only if attending the meeting)
APGM (Only if attending the meeting)
Printers are currently:
Timescale for printing of Summons is as follows:
Minute Book
Signature Book
Lodge Charter
Book of Constitutions (Secretary‟s Copy)
Copy By-Laws (Secretary‟s Copy)
Grand Lodge Certificate (if any)
Spare Summons‟
Master Mason Apron (Third Degree Ceremonies)
Declaration Book
Volume Sacred Law (Initiates copy - if appropriate)
Copy of Book of Constitutions and By-Laws (Initiates copies)
Information on Charities etc. for Initiate.
Joining Members (Copy of By-Laws)
Installation Meetings:
Worshipful Master Apron
Past Masters Breast Jewel
Past Masters Collar
Nb. Within 7 days of meetings, submit details of work done etc.
(Blue Form) to Provincial Office. This is crucial as it forms the
basis for Provincial appointments and promotions.
1. 1st. January annually - check for members anniversaries (40/50
years etc.). The Provincial Office also picks this up from the
2. Remember to acquire a Past Masters Breast Jewel in good time
before the Installation Meeting.
ARCHIVES: (Indicate where kept)
A copy of the Lodge Benevolent
Fund accounts should be sent to the Charity Commissioners,
immediately following their approval by lodge members. This does
not apply in the case of Lodge Relief Chests held by Grand Lodge.
The Charity Commission
St. Albans House
57-60, Haymarket
London SW1Y 4QX
Death, Resignation, Exclusion, appointments to Provincial Rank
(other Provinces/London etc.) and appointment to office within lodge
(if this occurs following the Installation meeting) - are all to be
reported to the Provincial Secretary‟s Office, using the „Blue‟form
NOTICE OF MOTION: must be given in open lodge at the
meeting immediately prior to that at which the motion is put to the
Lodge for approval. The date of the Notice of Motion, together with
the name of the brother/officer (eg. Treasurer) who gave it, must be
printed as an agenda item on the Summons for the meeting at which it
is to be voted on.
SECRETARY’S EXPENSES: For all purchases - stationery, Books
of Constitutions etc. reimbursement is provided by the Treasurer
against the production of receipts and other expenses as determined
by lodge.
3. Meeting Check List/Annual aide memoire
4. Lodge Summons
5. Lodge Summons/Risings
6. Installation Meeting
7. Meetings
8. Meetings
9. Meeting/Election Meeting/Reciprocal visits
10. Candidates
11. Candidate Interview Committee Questions.
12. Candidate Interview Committee Questions (cont‟d.)
13. Initiation ceremony/Fees/Passing and Raising ceremonies
14. Grand Lodge Certificates/ Deaths
15. Resignations/Cessation of membership (Rule 181)
16. Country Membership/illness,incapacity of principal
17. Returns - Grand Lodge/Installation/‟Blue‟ Forms
18. Provincial News/Provincial Meeting/Lodge by-law
19. Provincial Year Book /Provincial Honours return.
20. General: Archives/Charity Commission/changes in details
of brethren/Notice of Motion/Secretary‟s expenses.
21. Notes
22. Notes
Page No.
1. Introduction
2. Index
The purpose of this booklet is to provide a practical reference guide
for Lodge Secretaries. It includes the requirements of the
Bedfordshire Provincial Office and the format enables Secretaries to
customise sections as appropriate to their own lodges. It is not in any
way intended to replace any part of the United Grand Lodge of
England Book of Constitutions. Hopefully, the booklet will be passed
to successor Secretaries thereby making handover easier.
Further information/forms etc. can be accessed/downloaded from the
Secretaries password protected area of the Provincial Website.
Any suggestions for additional topics, or amendments, would be
appreciated and should be directed to the Provincial Office.
Gordon E. J. Staple
Provincial Grand Secretary
April 2009
Provincial Grand Secretary‟s Office Tel: 01234 214292
Provincial E-mail address: [email protected]
Provincial Website:http:/
Copyright G.E.J. Staple/Provincial Grand Lodge of Bedfordshire.