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Patient Information:
Sclerotherapy of spider veins is a procedure designed to decrease the visibility of unsightly spider veins
commonly found on legs and occasionally on other areas of the body. The procedure involves the injection
of a medication into each of the involved veins that “closes or collapses” the vein so that it no longer is
visible. We have found patient satisfaction with the procedure to be high as long as patient understands all
the following important information about the procedure. All of these points will be addressed at your
consultation, and we welcome any questions you may have.
1. The treatment of spider veins of the lower extremities requires a series of injections into each individual
vein. Keep in mind that we cannot get rid of every spider vein. We try to get as many as we can in the
time allotted but realistically we usually can get about 85% of the spider veins.
2. The injections are performed with you lying down. You will feel some slight discomfort from the fine
needle sticks, the number of which will be determined by the number of veins requiring treatment. The
medicine may cause mild discomfort on injection, you may feel a stinging or burning sensation.
3. There have been reported rare cases of allergic reactions to the medication. Do not hesitate to tell us if
you feel faint or have any discomfort during your treatment. PLEASE INFORM US OF ANY ALLERGIES!
4. The average treatment session takes approximately 30 minutes. The average time in the office is 1 hour.
5. Compression STOCKINGS will be put on your legs at the end of the procedure. You should leave this
dressing on for 72 hours. Take only sponge baths. If you feel that the compression stockings are too tight
and are cutting off circulation, please remove immediately, wrap an ace bandage on leg for compression.
After the 72 hours, you must wear your compression stockings during the day only for one week.
Remember that compression of the legs in part of the key to success in this treatment.
Before Surgery:
Pick up prescriptions from our office for the following: compression stockings, relaxing medication,
pain medication and numbing cream.
Sign Consents in office
The patient MUST have someone take and pick you up from the procedure if you are taking the
with our front desk person.
Day of Surgery:
Bathe the Night Before and the Morning of the procedure with the Hibiscens but DO NOT apply
lotion. (Optional)
Apply numbing cream - 1/2 hour prior to procedure (Optional)
Wear or bring loose fitting shorts
Bring your Prescribed Compression Stockings
After Surgery:
1. Make a follow-up appointment for 3 months later.
2. You may feel some cramping in your legs for the first day or two after the injections. There may be some
blistering and sloughing of the skin at the injection sites. Legs may feel tender to the touch. Please refer
to the Risks and Complications sheet provided to you. You can elevate and ice your legs after the
3. The veins will look worse before they look better. By this we mean that there will be some bruising at the
injection sites that will decrease over approximately one month’s time. In many cases, there may be
some residual brownish pigmentation that gradually fades over a period of approximately one year.
4. In rare cases, the skin overlying the vein can be injured resulting in a wound which on healing will leave a
5. If you notice blue-black clots in the treated veins after the tapes are removed, swelling in leg or unusual
discomfort, please call the office 946-9707.
6. You must wear the compression stockings after treatment for one week after the procedure to help with
the success of the procedure
7. Take “over the counter” pain medication, if needed.
8. You may resume your normal activities after the procedure. Some things to keep in mind: Avoid
prolonged sitting and standing, pounding-type exercises, squatting, and heavy weight lifting after
the injections for one week after procedure. Walking is encouraged after the injections.
9. If there is an area of concern, call the office and we will evaluate it. Keep in mind that we cannot get rid of
every spider vein and that they can reoccur. We try to get as many as we can in the time allotted but
realistically we usually can get about 85% removal of the spider veins.
10. Your desired results should be achieved by 3 months.
11. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office 509-946-9707.