Make your own hair braids with colourful threads and beads!

Make your own hair braids with colourful
threads and beads!
What’s in the box?
6 Coloured Threads
3 Butterfly Clips
Assorted Beads
White Card
What else do you need?
• A pair of safety scissors
How to make your Funky Braids
4 cms
4 cms
Cut 3 lengths of thread twice as long as your hair and
tie them together with a knot leaving about 4cms of
thread at the end. To make this easy to follow, we shall
call the 3 threads A, B and C.
To prevent wisps of hair
getting mixed up in your
braid, pass the section of
hair to be braided (about
1.5cms wide) through the
hole in the centre of the
piece of card included in
this kit.
Push the card up close to the scalp, then attach
the set of threads (A,B and C) by tying the 4cms
of thread around the hair to be braided, as near to
the card as possible. Hold the section of hair to be
braided plus 2 of the threads (A and B) in one hand.
Then use thread C to start the braid
by winding it round ‘down’ the hair
and also around the knot and loose
threads for neatness, so they are
hidden inside the braid.
A or B
A or B
When you have wound about 3cms
of thread C, change colours by
placing it ‘in’ with the hair and carry
on winding with one of the other
2 threads (for example; thread B).
For neatness and best effect, wind each colour
closely and tightly around the hair and the other
2 threads. When you are near the end of a braid,
tie all 3 threads tightly round the hair and carefully
cut off the remaining ends, leaving a short tail.
For 2 different looks: a) Wind 3 threads together
all the way down a section of the hair and thread
beads onto one of the winding threads every few
cms. b) Start with a thicker section of hair, divide
it into 3 and plait the threads in with the hair, one
thread to each section of the plait.
If you have short hair you can make a braid that is longer than your hair.
Find a length of wool and hold it in your hand. When you are about 3 cms from
the bottom of braiding your hair, start to wind the threads around the wool along
with your strand of hair. Continue winding around the wool, which should now be
firmly in place as part of the braid.
TIPS! Your braids can remain in place for weeks and can be washed when you wash
your hair, although they will stay smoother if you keep them out of the water. There are
enough threads in this kit for several braids. You can also braid around a length of wool
and simply attach it to your hair with the butterfly clips. These hair braids can then be
removed before going to school, and worn time and time again!
WARNING! Not suitable for children under 36 months. Choking &
strangulation hazard – small parts & long cords. Adult supervision required.
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