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Electrician (NTC)
Enrol today and study the INTEC way
Learn what is required to install, maintain and repair electrical equipment the INTEC way! The law allows only qualified
electricians to connect cables to electrical motors and switchgear as well as to handle electrical wiring of all electrically
equipped buildings.
Entrance Requirements
N1: Grade 9 (Std. 7) with Mathematics and Physical Science,
or equivalent.
N2: N1 National Certificate or equivalent.
N3: N2 National Certificate or equivalent.
Course Content
N1 • Electrical Trade Theory
• Mathematics
• Engineering Science
Add any one of these:
• Industrial Electronics
• Engineering Drawing
You will be assessed by means of INTEC tests and a Department
of Higher Education and Training Examination per subject.
Upon successful completion of your exams you will be awarded
your National Technical Certificate.
Examination Information
N2 • Electrical Trade Theory
• Mathematics
• Engineering Science
Add any one of these:
• Industrial Electronics
• Engineering Drawing
If you successfully pass Electronics NTC2 and also pass the
"Practical Trade Test", you become a qualified electrician after
having served for at least 18 months in the field. The theory
provided in the INTEC Electrician NTC material will empower
you to get maximum value from the practical requirements of the
By successfully completing Electrician NTC3 you put yourself on the road to
becoming an Electrical Technician. To successfully become an Electrical
Technician you will have to go onto to complete an NTC4, NTC5 and NTC6.
1. Exams are held at selected public Further Education and Training
Colleges in April, August and November.
2. Contact your local exam centre early to ensure your place in the
3. Fees paid to INTEC College are for tuition only. In addition to
these fees it is necessary for you to pay examination entry fees
and registration fees to the examining body, the Department of
Higher Education and Training.
4. You need a Term Mark to register for an NTC examination. To
enable us to compile a Term Mark, you must submit at least 3 test
papers per subject to the College before the Term Mark closing
5. No late exam entries will be accepted.
Why study with us
• Electrotechnology
• Mathematics
• Engineering Science
Add any one of these:
• Industrial Electronics
• Engineering Drawing
Agent programmes are programmes for which INTEC offers tuition,
but where INTEC does not issue the final certificate. The Agent body
issues the final certificate and manages the final examinations.
• Free consultations with INTEC's career counselling and development
• The widest range of courses for today’s world.
• Affordable, easy payment options.
• The convenience of online enrolment, contact and advice.
• Free study choice advice from INTEC’s Student Consultants.
• Quality study material designed specifi cally for home study.
• The freedom to study at YOUR pace, where and when it suits YOU.
• Ongoing study support and individual attention from qualified
Umalusi Accreditation
INTEC College (Pty) Ltd has been awarded provisional accreditation by Umalusi. Umalusi is the Council for Quality Assurance in General and
Further Education and Training in South Africa - see Employers are legally permitted to claim from the Skills Levy Fund for investing
in their employees’ education, and are required to quote the following Provisional Accreditation No.: FET 00037 PA.
DHET Registration
INTEC College (Pty) Ltd has been granted provisional registration by the Department of Higher Education and Training as a private FET College,
until 31 December 2014. Provisional registration No. 2008/FE07/025 - see
For further information please refer to our website: INTEC College (Pty) Ltd is committed to meeting legislative requirements
regarding accreditation and registration of private education and training providers in South Africa.
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