Our mission is to create an inspiring, challenging, and supportive

Our mission is to create an inspiring, challenging, and supportive environment where students are
encouraged and assisted in reaching their highest potential.
March 2015
Dear Parent/Guardian:
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March begins the state testing cycle in PARCC for Rhode Island students. Students in grades 3-10 will take
PARCC assessments in ELA. Students in grades 3-8 will be assessed in grade-level mathematics, students
enrolled in Algebra 1 or Geometry will take assessments in those subjects including 8 grade students
enrolled in Algebra 1. Each PARCC test has a Performance Based Assessment (PBA) and an End of Year
Assessment (EOY); these tests will be administered in March and May, respectively.
Roy M. Seitsinger, Jr., Ph.D.
Alicia J. Storey
Assistant Superintendent
Deb Bridgham
Director of Finance
Carol Brown
Interim Director of Pupil Personnel
Westerly Public Schools
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Support excellence in student
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Westerly School Facilities.
State testing in Rhode Island for ELA and Math has changed in response to the adoption in 2010 of the
Common Core State Standards (CCSS). In order to bring assessment in-line with the new standards, Rhode
Island partnered with 11 other states and Washington, D.C. to develop the Partnership for Assessment of
Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC). PARCC’s goal is to dramatically increase the number of
students graduating from high school college-and-career-ready by creating a next generation assessment
system to help meet that goal. PARCC is internationally benchmarked and anchored in what it takes to be
college-and-career-ready; scoring “proficient” on the assessments will mean students are on track for the
next steps in their education, including postsecondary education and training after high school.
Below are some questions and answers about PARCC testing:
When will my child be tested? PARCC PBA testing will take place between March 16-April 13; PARCC EOY
tests will be administered between May 4-June 1.
How long will the tests last? Estimated times vary by test. Depending on the test, most students finish
within 40-60 minutes; however, students have up to 60-90 minutes, respectively, to finish if necessary.
Who will administer the test? Classroom teachers administer the test unless the accommodations of a
child’s IEP require a setting with a special educator.
What is the test like? Practice tests are available at www.parcconline.org/take-the-test.
How can I help my child? As always, it is critical for your child to arrive at school on time. A good night’s
rest and breakfast are critical every day for maximum performance. Students who are absent or arrive late
to school will be required to make up the test. The state requires us to administer the test to every child in
grades 3-10.
When will test results be received? Test results will not be received until the fall of 2015 at the earliest.
Although the results are used to rank our schools, the results of this test serve as only one indicator of
your child’s academic performance. The results are a snapshot and will be combined with other data for us
to get a complete picture of your child as a learner. The proficiency rates your child or school achieves this
year on PARCC assessments will set a new baseline or starting point. Going forward, we can use these
baselines to see whether our students, our schools, and our state as a whole are making progress.
If you have any PARCC questions, please contact me at 315-1517 or [email protected]
Alicia Storey
Assistant Superintendent of Schools
It is the policy of Westerly Public Schools not to discriminate in its educational programs, activities, or employment policies on the basis of age, color, gender, national origin,
race, religion, sexual orientation, or disability. If special accommodations are needed call 348-2700, 48 hours in advance.