Traditional French Butter From New England

Traditional French Butter From New England
“When I first tasted
Beurremont Butter in my
croissants, I was instantly
transported to France.
The flakiness and flavor you get
from Beurremont is something
you only get in the finest pastry
shops in Europe. Try it and you
will be transformed.”
Tony Salazar,
Executive Pastry Chef
Portos Bakery
“All of our activities have
been enhanced by the
prestige of our partnership
with Beurremont 83% - - from
the Finals Competition at the
Culinary Institute of Hyde Park,
to the numerous special events
that we hosted around the
country - - Team USA, have
certainly benefited from your
world class product as they’ve
gone through the paces.”
Thomas Keller, President
The Bocuse d’Or USA
“We love Beurremont 83%
butter - - it is the Bocuse d’Or
butter and we trained with it and
use it in the restaurant - - it’s very
James Kent,
Chef de Cuisine
11 Madison Park Restaurant
Why Beurremont?
Made in the traditional European
Use up to 25% LESS Beurremont 83% in your recipes than regular butter.
Extremely low in moisture.
Beurremont 83% is restocked every
5 days.
Has a rich butter flavor, creamier with a higher melting point.
Beurremont 83% is made JUST HOURS after the milk is extracted from the cow.
Flakier, lighter croissants & crusts and richer sautés, clarifications and
Contains 83% butter fat, that’s 3% MORE butter fat than other high fat butters.
Use as a table butter and enjoy its smooth texture and full cream flavor.
“We love using the
Beurremont 83% for crust,
emulsions and sauces - - it
really makes a difference in
Jean Francois Bruel, Executive Chef
Restaurant Daniel
“This butter makes our
croissants light and fluffy and
taste, so buttery - - it is also
perfect for ganache; with a low
moisture and high fat content it
adds to the shelf life.”
Ghyslain Maurais,
Chocolatier, Patissier and Owner
“Working in the Virgin Islands, it
can be extremely difficult to find
quality products, which is why I
was so thrilled to be introduced
to Beurremont! The texture is so
creamy and flavor is out of this
world. It is the perfect finisher
to any and all pan sauces; it adds
tremendous body and
balance and thickens each one.
I only use Beurremont butter in
my beurre blanc sauce, it makes
it very sturdy and almost never
breaks - - the fact that it’s made
in America is the cherry on top - it’s the only butter for me!”
Mike Fortino, Executive Chef
ZoZo’s Ristorante
St. John USVI
Butters for Cooking
and Table Service
Item # BUE100
Beurremont 83%
Unit Size / Case
1 lb Block x 36
83% butterfat - unsalted butter - 1 lb block x 36 individually wrapped.
Contains 83% butterfat, that’s 3% more butterfat than other high-fat butters. Use up to
25% less Beurremont in your recipes than regular butter. Excellent for flakier & lighter
croissant and crust, richer sauté, clarification and buttercream.
Also available:
Beurremont 83%
55 lb
83% butterfat - unsalted butter - 55 lb BULK BLOCK.
Excellent for sheeting and large production.
Item # BUE050
Beurremont 80%
Unit Size / Case
1 lb Block x 36
80% butterfat - unsalted butter - 1 lb blocks x 36 individually wrapped.
A slightly lower priced butter due to a lower butterfat content than Beurremont 83%.
For the customer who needs a lower price point and still enjoy the superior flavor.
Item # Description
Beurremont 83%
with Black Truffle
Unit Size / Case
8 oz Log x 24
83% butterfat - unsalted butter - black truffle: pieces, juice & oil
1 lb Log x 36 - Vacuum Packed
Finishing butter for pasta, risotto, vegetables...a spread on canapes...finish for grilled
meats and fish or fold into omelets and scrambled eggs. This butter really imparts the
musky and earthy rich flavor of the black truffle.
Item # BUE450
Beurremont 83%
Unit Size / Case
1 lb Log x 12
83% butterfat - unsalted butter - 1 lb Logs x 12 - Vacuum Packed
Item # Description
Beurremont 83%
with 3% French Guerande
Unit Size / Case
1 lb Log x 10
Sea Salt Crystals
83% butterfat - 3% Sea Salt Crystals - 1 lb Logs x 10 - Vacuum Packed
Beurremont butter logs are convenient for slicing butter for table service and b&b
plates. A true time-saver - - all ready-to-slice, a neat presentation.
“We tried Beurremont 83% and
our customers and staff
immediately noticed the
improved flake and buttery
aroma of our breakfast pastries.
We have received many
positive compliments for our
new croissant and danish, when
in fact all we did was change the
butter! We now use Beurremont
in many of our recipes such as
European butter cream, pastry,
praline and
Located in Beverly Hills, we host
many high profile events such as
the Golden Globes - - our guests
expect a high standard of
service so therefore we use the
finest ingredients available.”
Thomas Henzi,
Executive Pastry Chef
The Beverly Hilton
“I was born in the Brittany
region of France, a region where
most the butter is produced.
Therefore, I am very
demanding about the quality of
butter I use. It has been 4 years
that I’ve worked at CuisineArt
and use Beurremont butter. I use
it in my recipes in the same
manner as a genuine French
butter because the quality and
taste is so close to French
butters. It is used here daily for
pastry and general cuisine - - it
provides a French touch to our
cuisine in the Caribbean.”
Daniel Le Guenan, Executive Chef
CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa
Anguilla, West Indies
Beurremont 82%
Tourage Butter
Made from imported butter from Brittany, France
with 82% butterfat especially designed to make
laminated dough preparations such as:
croissants, Danishes and puff pastry.
Beurremont 99%
Clarified Butter
Each sheet is standardized to a melting point
of 93˚F-96˚F (34-36°C) and weighs 2.2 lb (1kg),
measuring 11.75” x 7.25” (29.83cm x 18.41cm). A
perfectly homogeneous firm, yet pliable texture
and an excellent quality creamy-fresh flavor,
aroma and an exceptional rise - - does not dry
out when rising. It possesses a beautiful even,
golden yellow-color.
Store at minus 4˚F (-18˚C). Once defrosted, may
be stored for 75 days at a maximum of 43˚F (6˚C).
Store frozen, defrost prior to use. Our Butter
Sheets are better because they are more pliable
and can be used directly from the refrigerator.
Best results are achieved between 39˚F - 46˚F
(4°C & 8°C).
100% Natural
No Trans-fats
No Artificial Ingredients or Preservatives
Lactose Free
High Smoking Point: 475˚F
NET WT. 5 lb
Product of USA
Item # DescriptionUnit Size/Case
Beurremont 82% Tourage Butter (in Sheets) 2.2 lb Sheet x 10 / 1 Case
11.75” x 7.25” (29.83cm x 18.41cm)
Case Gross Weight = 24 lb
Crème Fraîche is a delicious traditional French
cream possessing a thicker texture and more gentle tang. It has a
good structure.
Crème fraîche is particularly useful in finishing sauces in French
cooking because it does not curdle. One of the advantages of
crème fraiche is that it doesn’t “break” or become unstable when
added to sauces. This is due to its high fat content. Excellent in
soup, served with caviar & smoked salmon atop a blini and a great
accompaniement to fruit.
Item # BUE300
Unit Size / Case
Crème Fraîche 5 lb Tub x 2
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