Your Information
Name: _____________________________________________________________
Address: ___________________________________________________________
City: ____________________________ State: _________ Zip: _____________
Is this the address that the quilt will be shipped to? Yes No
Please note: I cannot ship to P.O. Boxes. I do ship to Military FPO AP Boxes
Phone: _______________________ Alternate phone: _______________________
Email address: ______________________________________________________
Preferred contact – email or phone? _____________________________________
Time frame: whenever is fine Must have quilt back by:__________________
May we use a photo of your quilt on our website? yes no
How did you hear about Meg’s Quilted Memories?
Facebook Website Friend Search engine Other: _____________
If friend, please let me know who, so I can send a nice thank you ______________
Quilt Style: (check one) Checkerboard with sashing Mosaic
Lap Lg Lap Multi-Use Twin Full Queen King
Whatever size my t-shirts make
Please mark the color choice for the backing and sashing (sashing on checkerboard only)
Royal Blue Pink Red Blue Purple Burgundy Meg’s Choice
Other**: __________________________________________________________
**Other colors not listed may incur a small additional fee. Also, I can get sports, patterned or themed
fabric if you would like. This may incur an additional fee as well.
Pillow(s): (put quantity next to all that apply)
___ 16”
___ 18”
___ 12” X 16”
($100 deposit is required – check or money order made payable to Meg’s Quilted Memories)
16” - $25.00
12” X 16” - $25.00 18” - $27.50
Checkerboard Style (sizes are approximate – 14” squares)
Lap Quilt – 48” X 48”
(9 shirts): $175
Full – 80” X 90”
(30 shirts): $425
Large Lap – 48” X 64” (12 shirts): $225
Queen – 90” X 105” (42 shirts): $550
Multi-Use – 60” X 75” (20 shirts): $300
King – 100” X 112” (49 shirts): $675
Twin – 60” X 90”
(24 shirts): $390
Mosaic Style (sizes are approximate)
Lap Quilt – 48” X 48” (15-20 shirts):
Large Lap – 52” X 68” (20-30 shirts):
Multi-Use – 60” X 75” (25-35 shirts):
Twin – 60” X 84”
(30-40 shirts):
Full – 84” X 90” (40-50 shirts): $535
Queen – 92” X 100” (50-60 shirts): $600
King – 100” X 112” (60-75 shirts): $735
Please send:
~the first page of the order form,
~deposit and
~your shirts to:
Meg’s Quilted Memories
218 Pennsylvania Ave.
Reading, PA 19606
I will be in contact with you every step of the process. From the time the shirts arrive
to a layout approval process (before any sewing is done), to the final product. You’ll
receive emails from me and you are more than welcomed to contact me at any time.
If we’ve spoken on the phone or via email about any special concern or request you
may have, please print off the email or write on the back of the order form what we
talked about. This way, I’ll have all the information in front of me.
Pre-wash your t-shirts without fabric softener and remove any stains if you can. I do
not wash your shirts.
If there is a part of your shirt that you don’t want used, please put an “X” in masking
tape over that spot. Please note: I can try to avoid it if you’ve chosen the mosaic
quilt option but with the checkerboard design that may not be possible.
Choose your shirts carefully. These quilts last for years and there may be a shirt
that you don’t want your kids or grandchildren to see in the future.
If you have a tshirt that you’d like made into a pillow or pillows, please mark which
tee is to be used for the pillow(s). All my pillows are made envelope style so they will
be able to be removed from the pillow form and washed if necessary.
If you’re sending more than one order in the same box, please print off two separate
order forms and put each order with the corresponding t-shirts in separate plastic
bags. Double check that the right shirts are with the correct order form.
For the mosaic style quilt, if you think you will have too many t-shirts for the size
quilt you’ve chosen, then put a stack of the least favorite shirts in a separate plastic
bag with a note to use only if they are needed.
If you’ve sent more shirts then I can use, please let me know what I should do with
them. Write it on the bottom or back of your order form. I can send them back to
you with your quilt or you can leave them with me for a donation quilt. I take the left
over parts of all the t-shirts (sleeves, sides, un-used backs, etc.) and create colorful
t-shirt quilts for donation to local women/children centers.