Spring at Tokyo Disney Resort

Spring at Tokyo Disney Resort
April 3 through June 30, 2012
URAYASU, CHIBA—Tokyo Disney Resort® will celebrate the spring season with
special events at Tokyo Disneyland® Park and Tokyo DisneySea® Park from April 3
through June 30, 2012. These events will provide a wonderful opportunity for guests to
enjoy the colorful springtime season with their family and friends.
At Tokyo Disneyland Park, guests will be able to enjoy
the event, “Disney’s Easter Wonderland” again this year.
Along the parade route will be the whimsical and colorful
parade, ―Disney’s Easter Wonderland‖ where guests can
make merry with the Disney friends. And for even more fun,
guests can challenge themselves to the ―Egg Hunt in Tokyo
Disneyland‖ program. Participants search for Easter eggs
hidden all around the Park by the Easter Bunny, using a map
with hints on the eggs’ whereabouts.
At Tokyo DisneySea Park, for the first time, Duffy will
join Mickey Mouse as the main character of an event in
―Mickey & Duffy’s Spring Voyage.‖ In this event, Mickey
and Duffy go on a voyage to see how spring is celebrated
around Tokyo DisneySea. They invite Minnie Mouse and
ShellieMay on this voyage, embarking on a cruise from Cape
Cod to see the various ways spring is enjoyed at the different
locations. The four visit the ports of Mediterranean Harbor,
American Waterfront, and Arabian Coast, enjoying the colorful
floral decorations and taking part in a mini show at each
location for a unique celebration of the spring season at each
The photo is a concept image only.
The photo is a concept image only.
The three Disney Hotels – Disney Ambassador® Hotel, Tokyo DisneySea Hotel
MiraCosta® and Tokyo Disneyland® Hotel – will also host events tied to the Parks.
Please see the attachment for more details.
Tokyo Disneyland Special Event “Disney’s Easter Wonderland”
Entertainment Programs
“Disney’s Easter Wonderland” Special Parade
Location: Parade Route and Castle Forecourt
Duration: Approx 40 minutes
Performances: 2 Daily
In ―Disney’s Easter Wonderland,‖ Mickey and his Disney friends don rabbit ears and
Easter bonnets to put on a whimsical Easter party parade, together with the guests. The
parade opens with characters from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland on a float shaped like a
giant Mad Hatter’s hat. The next float, colorfully decked with flowers and Easter eggs, is
jumping with rabbits including Thumper and Miss Bunny, and Donald Duck has joined
their party. The parade continues with floats of Winnie the Pooh and friends frolicking
on an egg-shaped ―Hunny Pot,‖ Stitch and friends celebrating a Hawaiian Easter, Goofy
and Pluto hunting for eggs, and other familiar Disney characters enjoying Easter as only
they can this season. The ninth and final float is shaped like a gorgeous Easter bonnet,
and features Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck and Clarice showing off their beautiful Easter
bonnets. After all the floats have appeared, things get even more exciting when guests
join the performers in doing fun motions and gestures to the chant of ―usa‖ (from usagi
meaning rabbit), ―tama‖ (from tamago meaning egg) and ―bon‖ (from bonnet), kicking
things up for a truly lively Easter party. Another highlight of the parade is the popular
―quick change‖ routine by Mickey. He will make six quick costume changes and run
around the parade route making appearances on many of the floats.
This parade will stop at three locations – between Westernland and Fantasyland, around the
Plaza, and between Toontown and Tomorrowland.
Entertainment programs are subject to change or cancellation due to weather conditions, etc.
Activity Programs
“Egg Hunt in Tokyo Disneyland”
This is a rally-style quiz program in which participants hunt for Easter eggs hidden in
various locations throughout the Park. Guests use a map with hints to find Easter eggs
hidden by the Easter Bunny. For the Standard Course (500 yen), guests search for eggs
decorated with the Disney friends. There’s also an Expert Course (1,000 yen, offered in
Japanese language only) for guests looking for more of a challenge. Guests who succeed
in finding the eggs will receive an original Tokyo Disneyland commemorative item.
Guests can sign up for this program at the event booth in the Plaza.
The goal is at Tomorrowland Hall.
Guests who participate in this program can enjoy exclusive drinks and receive other benefits at
participating restaurants and lounge in the Disney Ambassador Hotel and Tokyo Disneyland Hotel
(separate fee required).
Disney Drawing Class
Located in The Disney Gallery inside World Bazaar, the Disney Drawing Class is a fun
class in which guests can learn how to draw various Disney characters. During
―Disney’s Easter Wonderland,‖ guests will use colored pencils to draw Miss Bunny with
an Easter egg (about 50 minutes for a fee of 1,000 yen, offered in Japanese language
The Plaza in front of Cinderella Castle will be transformed into whimsical photo locations
featuring the Disney friends, Easter Bunnies, and Easter eggs. Mickey paints as he slides
off a giant egg adorned with ribbons, and Donald Duck is found among the bunnies
chasing eggs that are rolling away. Other Disney friends are also found busily and
happily enjoying the Easter festivities. In addition, fun and whimsical Easter eggs will
be found everywhere, filling the Park with the lively fun of this Easter special event.
Special Merchandise
Approximately 160 different types of merchandise, including ―rabbit ear‖ hairbands and
egg-decked bonnets inspired by the ―Disney’s Easter Wonderland‖ parade and costumes,
as well as egg-themed plush toys of the Disney characters and other colorful items will be
available during the Easter special event period.
Note: Special merchandise is only available while supply lasts.
Special Menus
Special menus themed to Easter and featuring eggs will be available at Queen of Hearts
Banquet Hall, Plaza Restaurant and Hungry Bear Restaurant. Also, desserts with
souvenir cups and plates showing the Disney friends preparing for Easter will be available
at the event booths, and two types of popcorn buckets shaped like an egg will also be
Tokyo DisneySea Special Event “Mickey & Duffy’s Spring Voyage”
Entertainment Programs
Lido Isle Welcome to Spring
Location: Lido Isle
Duration: Approx. 20 minutes
Performances: 2 Daily
A show themed to an Italian springtime will be offered at Mediterranean Harbor. In this
lively and festive show, Mickey Mouse, Duffy, Minnie Mouse and ShellieMay will honor
young couples in love. The show opens with Goofy, Chip ’n Dale, and a number of
young couples dancing as guests clap in time to celebrate the coming of spring. They’re
soon joined by Mickey, Duffy, Minnie and ShellieMay, who arrive on a barge. Amidst
the festivities, one timid couple is too shy to even hold hands. Wanting everyone to be
happy, Mickey, Duffy, Minnie and ShellieMay ask for the help of the guests to cheer the
couple on, and finally, the young gentleman brings up the courage to propose to his lady.
And, to the joy of everyone present, a new couple is born. As the area is filled with
happiness and delight, Mickey, Duffy, Minnie and ShellieMay return to their barge and
sail off to their next destination.
Note: The viewing area will be cleared after each show.
Easter in New York
Location: Waterfront Park
Duration: Approx. 25 minutes
Performances: 2-3 Daily
A show themed to Easter will be offered at American Waterfront. A lot of people have
gathered at New York to celebrate Easter. Mickey Mouse and Duffy also take Minnie
Mouse and ShellieMay to New York to enjoy the festivities and tour around the town.
The show begins when the Disney friends, riding on Big City Vehicles festooned with
flowers, arrive at Waterfront Park to the music of a live band. In the shopping street
scene, Clarice donning a fancy Easter bonnet is enjoying shopping, with Chip and Dale
carrying her bags. Downtown, Goofy and Max are wearing cool Easter hats as they
show off their hip hopping skills, with Mickey and Duffy dancing along. The Broadway
scene has Daisy Duck, a musical star, wearing a stylish Easter bonnet as she performs an
engaging dance routine with the show girls. And for the finale, the Disney friends join
the guests in a gracefully delightful celebration of springtime in New York.
Note: The viewing area will be cleared after each show.
Springtime Surprise
Location: Arabian Coast Courtyard
Duration: Approx. 25 minutes
Performances: 2-3 Daily
A show themed to a magical festival will be offered at Arabian Coast. Guests will be
treated to an enchanting spring festival with magic tricks by Shaban, Asim and other
magicians, followed by a dramatic show of magic by the Genie himself. Mickey Mouse,
Duffy, Minnie Mouse and ShellieMay are also invited to this unique celebration of spring.
The show begins with magicians, together with Asim, entertaining guests with their magic
tricks. Suddenly, their efforts make Mickey, Duffy, Minnie and ShellieMay magically
appear on stage! When Mickey asks for a lovely springtime celebration to show to
Minnie Mouse, Shaban and his fellow magicians begin showing a number of magic tricks
themed to spring. As Shaban and the other magicians begin a heated battle of magic,
Genie appears all of a sudden and disrupts their scuffle. When the Genie chants a
―magical phrase‖ with Mickey and the guests, flowers of every shape and size bloom on
Thanks to the Genie’s magic, Arabian Coast celebrates a uniquely wonderful
spring filled with flowers. For the finale, everyone sings and dances with Minnie in the
center surrounded by flowers.
Note: Entertainment programs are subject to change or cancellation due to weather conditions, etc.
The three themed ports visited by Mickey Mouse and Duffy will be colorfully decked out
with flowers and greens creating a lovely springtime atmosphere. At Mediterranean
Harbor, the European-style towns will be adorned with gorgeous and artistic decorations,
while in American Waterfront, decorations themed to Easter bonnets will create a lively
Easter atmosphere in the stylish city of New York. Arabian Coast is blooming with
unique flowers shaped like Genie, creating a magical and enchanting world. All three
themed ports will also feature decorations of Duffy created by Minnie Mouse made with
small flowers, adding to the colorful springtime ambience in the Park.
Special Merchandise
Approximately 150 different types of merchandise will be offered. These items include
―Travel Pal‖ neck straps attached with small plush toys of Duffy and ShellieMay, so that
guests can always be together with their favorite Disney friend. Guests can also keep a
record of their fun in the ―Spring Voyage Log,‖ a photo album that comes with a map.
Other available merchandise include items designed with Mickey and Duffy in costumes
from the entertainment program, and other items filled with the fun of a voyage around
Tokyo DisneySea with Duffy and his friends.
Note: Special merchandise is only available while supply lasts.
Special Menus
Three restaurants – Cape Cod Cook-Off, Zambini Brothers’ Ristorante and Casbah Food
Court – will offer colorful springtime dishes that come with a souvenir tray designed with
Mickey and Duffy. There will also be parfaits and other desserts themed to Duffy, as
well as popcorn buckets that come with a small popcorn bucket that is the perfect size to
accompany the Duffy plush toy.
Disney Hotels
Disney Ambassador Hotel and Tokyo Disneyland
Hotel will host the hotel event, ―Disney’s Easter
At the Disney Ambassador Hotel, special Easter
rooms will be offered with decorations of Easter eggs
styled as the Disney friends adorning the bed and
cushions of the room.
Furthermore, both Disney Ambassador Hotel and
Tokyo Disneyland Hotel will offer specially designed
room keys featuring Mickey Mouse and Minnie
Mouse dressed as Easter Bunnies, as well as Easter
eggs in the shape of Mickey and Minnie. At the
restaurants and lounge, guests can enjoy special
menus themed to colorful Easter eggs.
Disney Ambassador Hotel
―Disney’s Easter Wonderland‖ room decoration (image)
Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta will offer the hotel event ―Mickey & Duffy’s Spring
Voyage.‖ During this period, the hotel will offer room keys designed with Mickey
Mouse and Duffy. The restaurants will also offer special menus featuring seasonal
delicacies. Also, guests who book through the Tokyo Disney Resort Vacation Package
will be able to stay in special rooms offering amenities designed with Duffy and
ShellieMay, with chairs placed especially for Duffy and ShellieMay. This Vacation
Package also provides the privilege to view one of the ―Mickey & Duffy’s Spring
Voyage‖ mini shows from an exclusive viewing area.