User Guide on your Sony Playstation 3 P. 01

User Guide
on your Sony Playstation 3
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Chapter 1: Welcome
Chapter 3: Using Quickflix on your PS3 P. 14
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About Quickflix on Sony PlayStation 3
What you will need to use Quickflix on
your Sony PlayStation 3
Starting Quickflix on your PS3
Browsing movies
Parental control
Chapter 4: Faults and troubleshooting
Chapter 2: Gettiing Started
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Basic troubleshooting
Frequesntly asked questions
PS3 Controller navigation guide
Blu-ray Controller navigation guide
Join Quickflix
Chapter 5: Contact us
Manage your Quickflix account online
Quickflix member Care
Sony PlayStation 3
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Chapter 1: Welcome
About Quickflix on Sony PlayStation 3
Quickflix allows New Zealanders to instantly watch hundreds of movies and TV shows from an ever
changing cataloque from the world’s biggest studios. There’s also news and gossip, A-list interviews and
the latest movie reviews. All for one low monthly fee.
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II. What you will need to use Quickflix on your Sony PlayStation 3
A Sony PlayStation®3console with
a PlayStation®3 Network account
(PSN) account.
An Internet connection with a
minimum speed of 1.5Mbps.
A Quickflix account with
streaming subscription or
introductory offer.
NOTE: Your data consumption is not included in your subscription or introductory
offer. Please consult your Internet Service
Provider to confirm your data download
limits and whether your plan is suitable for
the Quickflix streaming service.
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III. Starting Quickflix on your PS3
Ensure that the PS3 console is connected to the Internet and your TV. You will also need to set up your
PlayStation Network account or login if you have already created one. Set up for your PS3 console can
be found via
a. Press the
on your controller to start the Cross Media Bar (XMB) menu
b. Navigate across to TV/Video Services then down to the Quickflix logo, press
to confirm
c. Overview of the Quickflix menu:
1 Join Quickflix – New members can join Quickflix directly from their PS3. Existing Quickflix Members will need
their account email address and password
Terms & Conditions – Terms and conditions for the Quickflix service can be found at Terms and Conditions are also available at the end of the registration process for new Quickflix Members
3 Browse Movies – features the collection of movie titles available on your PS3
4 Browse TV – features TV series and documentaries
5 Search – you can search for a title by via the title, actor, director or combination thereof
6 More – this function allows you to narrow down your movies search results
7 News & Gossip – a collection of the latest entertainment news, gossip
8 Help – a list of frequently asked questions to help you resolve common issues or questions
9 Parental Controls – displays your parental controls settings for the Quickflix service
Sign In and Sign Out – signing in or out of the Quickflix service (to exit the Quickflix application
press and hold the
button on the controller)
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Chapter 2: Getting Started
PS3 Controller Navigation Guide
P. 06
II. Blu-ray Controller Navigation Guide
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III. Join Quickflix
To subscribe to Quickflix, you must be at least 18 years of age, have a valid credit/debit card account and
an email address.
1. Choose Join Quickflix from the main menu
Enter Username and Password
a.Using the arrow down button, scroll down to the email field and press
, which will provide a popup keyboard. Use the navigation buttons to select the corresponding letters/characters – press enter once you have competed the information for each field
NOTE: Click on the L2 button to switch between lower/upper case and display special characters
P. 08
b.Once you have entered your email address and created a password, scroll down to the
“NEXT” button and press
P. 09
4. Payment Details:
a.Using the pop up keyboard, enter the name of the credit card holder
b.Enter credit card number, do not leave spaces
c.Enter Expiration date in MM / YY format
d.Enter the CCV or CVV code
NOTE: The 3 digits code can be found on signature strip at the back of your credit card (or the 4 digits
on the front of American Express Cards)
e.Navigate down the “JOIN NOW” button and press
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IV. Managing your Quickflix account online
To view your Quickflix account, head to: , login and click on My Account. Here you can manage your subscription, payment details and manage the devices registered
for the streaming service.
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Managing your devices
To manage the devices linked to your streaming subscription, click on the Manage My Devices
icon which will present all the devices registered to your account and allow you to deregister
devices as required.
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You may register up to 5 devices to your Quickflix account. A device may only be registered to one Quickflix Account at a time. Up to three devices may be use at the same time to stream titles. If you exceed this limit your account may be quarantined.
If your account has been quarantined please contact Member Care on 0800 002 098
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Chapter 3: Using Quickflix on your PS3
Browsing movies
You’ll need to register or login to stream movies. If you haven’t registered for the Quickflix service you’ll still
be able to watch trailers and access our News & Gossip pages. Below are pre-programmed shortcuts to
help members browse the service:
To browse titles use the ‘General scrolling’ buttons or scroll a page at a time using the
L1 or R1 buttons
To select a title press the button which will present a synopsis page and trailer (where available)
to start playing the title press the
button or press the
button to return to the Browse movie page
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To use the search function you may search by: title name, actor or director.
1. Choose Search from the main menu
Enter your search criteria by using left/right buttons: Title, Actor, Director or combination thereof.
Navigate down to the text box, press
to enter search terms.
P. 15
A popup keyboard will appear: Use the navigation buttons to select the corresponding letter/character,
to confirm input letter or character. Once you have finish typing the keyword select ENTER on the
onscreen keyboard
Scroll down to “GO” and press
The search results will display in the Browse Movie page
P. 16
The “more” option allows you to filter titles by
1. Movies & TV
Sort via genre
• Press to activate filtering screen
• Select Browse by: Movies press
• Using Right navigation button to genre: select a genre you wish to display and press
• Using Right navigation button to show me: if you do not want to filter further select skip and press
to confirm.
Alternatively you can filter further by selecting either Featured or Most Popular and press
P. 17
Once you have selected a title, press
to play movie
P. 18
The movie controls illustrated below are a guide to play, pause, fast forward or rewind titles
P. 19
V. Parental Controls
All content on the Quickflix service is rated in accordance with government censorship ratings in New Zealand.
1. Select Parental Control from the main menu to display the current parental setting on your PS3 .
To manage the Parental Controls head to then log into My Account
Move the mouse over My Account (top right hand corner of screen) – select Parental Controls
from the drop down list.
P. 20
Check the box corresponding to the classification you wish to block and click on Save Changes
You will be asked to either assign or enter a 4 digit PIN once you’ve clicked Save Changes.
If a user attempts to stream a title with a classification you have restricted, you’ll be prompted to enter your 4 digit PIN.
To create a PIN:
a.Log into My Account online > Click on Parental Controls
b.Check the Tick to restrict access
c.Enter your password and assign a 4 digit PIN
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Chapter 4: Faults and Troubleshooting
Basic Troubleshooting
If you experience difficulties with your Quickflix service we recommend you follow the steps below:
Check if your device is fully functional with other services, check if device is still connected to the internet via settings (Sony Menu Cross Media Bar > Settings > Network Settings > Internet Connection Test)
Make sure your Internet connection is working; try browsing the Internet on your computer or lap
top via the same network your device is connected to
Ensure that you have registered your account correctly with Quickflix
Perform a system reset; turn power OFF and ON from your PS3 console
Try watching a movie on Quickflix after you have performed Step 1 – 4
If your issue is not resolved contact Member Care on 0800 002 098
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II. Frequently Ask Questions
I’ve pressed PLAY but the movie is not playing?
Depending on the speed of your Internet connection, you may need to allow a few minutes for the movie
to buffer before the title starts to play. If the title does not play after 3 – 5 minutes try the troubleshooting
tips set out below:
Check your PS3 is still connected to the Internet
a. Go to the Sony Cross Media Bar (XMB) / Menu > Settings > Network Settings > Internet Connec
tion Test. The test result will appear at the top of the page at the end of the testing process
If there is no connection, you may want to check your router and perform a power OFF/ON. If this does not resolve please contact your Internet service provider.
Overloading on bandwidth. Check to see whether other household members are not downloading large files size or services that will compete for bandwidth on your Internet connection.
Reset Quickflix service. By exiting the Quickflix service on your PS3 then go back into the Quickflix service, play the title again or select a different title
If your issue is not resolved contact Member Care on 0800 002 098
P. 23
How much data will I use when watching a movie or a TV episode?
You can check the file size of each movie via the synopsis page for each title
Each movie may have a different file size, if you are concerned that your download limit may be affected
please contact your Internet service provider and choose the right download planto avoid excess
data charges.
What is the required Internet speed to watch movies on the Quickflix Service?
You will get the most from your service with a minimum connection speed of 1.5Mbps.
For the best viewing experience we highly recommend you limit the use of Internet on other devices while
streaming a movie with Quickflix.
Is there a limit on how much I can watch on the Quickflix Streaming service?
The Quickflix fair use policy applies to our Unlimited Digital Service. Refer to the service Terms and
Conditions on for more information.
Can I record Quickflix movies or TV episodes?
No. Quickflix movies are only available to stream directly to your Quickflix approved registered device and
cannot be downloaded or stored onto any other device
What is the Video format and quality of the streaming?
Movies are streamed at 480P (Standard Definition)
P. 24
What is the Audio format and quality of the streaming?
2 Channels at 128Kbps, the CODEC is AAC Audio.
Why doesn’t my movie have the full surround effect?
The title may not have the full surround effect; this is due to the audio of your movie or TV series being
streamed with only 2 channels.
Are subtitles are available with movies through Quickflix Streaming service?
No, there are no subtitles on movies through the Quickflix streaming service
The overall picture or audio quality of the title is poor, what do I do?
Ensure you are logged into the Quickflix website and click on “Contact Us” to email our Member Care
team or contact Member Care on 0800 002 098 (Monday to Friday between 11am - 12am and Sunday
between 2pm - 12am.
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Chapter 5: Contact Us
Quickflix Member Care
For further assistance head to and if you cannot find what you are looking for please
contact Member Care on:
Member Care contact number:
Web form enquiry via the Help > Contact Us section on our website
0800 002 098
II. Sony PlayStation 3
For further assistance head to
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