Mail and Customer Retention Letter
April 1, 2015
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SEO Integration
Search Engine Optimization is
vital to any business website.
When customers or clients
search for keywords similar to
your business, you want them
to see yours first on Google.
Executing with great
experience is the only way to
get you more customers.
Social Media
The new and most important
attributes of the marketing mix.
Keep the discussion going with
you customers. Promote your
business with updates,
promotions, and events. Get
your customers to make your
business the “talk of the town.”
Mobile Marketing
Web Design That Builds Traffic
Many business owners have sought simple ways to create their
websites, but are simply just creating a website. There is so much
more to creating a website from build your own from
©, ©, ©, and others. Every
business owner’s goal is increasing sales which do-it-yourself
website companies can’t promise. OC Web Marketing Solutions
professionals can provide more traffic with SEO, E-mail
Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and many other tools to get a
profitable response from your customers or clients.
The most used marketing mix
tool is now bringing local
marketing to you. Over 80% of
searches come from mobile
devices and over 60% of users
are not familiar with your area.
Localizing your business can
increase sales from unique
customers that are not familiar
to your area.
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Generate More Sales
with Brand Awareness
Your company brand is the image
you want customers to see. It is
your objective to make sure your
customers understand and agree
with your brand. The following
tools can be used to show your
customers that you understand
• Competitive Research
• Customer Persona’s
• Content Planning
Competitive research is a vital
component to see what the
competition is doing to bring
them more customers and sales.
Researching website content,
search keywords, and market
Customer persona’s help
understanding your customers
better. Demographics, needs, job
position, interests, and many
other attributes give data that can
attract your customers and keep
them coming back.
Content planning is a gathering
of data from research and can
conclude the best content to
expose to your customers on
your website. Your customers will
trust you to provide them with
content they keep coming back
for, thus converting more sales
with your brand loyalty.
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April 1, 2015
Understanding Your Marketing Budget
Every business might have an expense budget to keep overall
profit maximized. Budgets can and do save businesses from
failing. Most companies budget 10-15% of their sales towards
marketing and advertising. After calculating your marketing
budget, web marketing should have an allocation of 50% from
your marketing budget. Seems like a lot, but in fact, your return
on investment will show an increase in sales. Web marketing is
now the best investment in marketing more than traditional
marketing. For example, an e-mail marketing campaign can raise
300-400% on return because e-mails are virtually free. That is
well worth the investment and rewards a great return.
The Marketing Mix / Traditional vs. Web 2.0
Web marketing is now the most influential business operation
next to traditional marketing. The purchasing power of
traditional marketing is much less than web marketing and the
rate of return is proof. However, lets not take traditional
marketing out of the equation of marketing. The marketing mix
of both traditional and web marketing will provide more
potential sales. For example, holding an event campaign might
have an email along with purchasing a banner, flyers, or standing
cardboard displays reminding your customers that your event is
closer while creating anticipation. Finally, using the marketing
mix brings a maximizing experience which will increasing sales.
Get An Upgrade with OC Web Marketing Solutions
The professionals at OC Web Marketing Solutions have the
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customer loyalty. We understand that marketing can get
expensive, but we would like to work with you using our monthly
payment plans from 6-12 month payments. Let us help you get
your business the potential that it deserves. Contact us today by
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a free consultation and quote. We look forward to working with
you and make your dreams into reality.
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