Hollywood Sparkling Stars

 Celebrity Engagement Rings
Hollywood Sparkling Stars
One of the world’s most popular favorite pastimes is keeping an eye on the latest trends in
Hollywood. From lifestyles, homes, looks and clothes it’s the famous celebrities who are sure
to wow and intrigue us.
One area where they never disappoint is when it comes down to the serious business of love
and marriage – and most importantly, their engagement rings! Let’s face it! With glitz, glamor
and money to spend we get to see some of the biggest, most dazzling and creative rings ever.
So come on and take a look with us at some of our favorites.
The Cost
How much would you spend on a ring for the love of your life? In Hollywood the rules of “a
couple thousand” don’t seem to apply! Hilary Duff’s 14-carat diamond engagement ring cost
hubby Mike Comrie $1 million. Anna Kournikova’s “mystery ring” from Enrique Inglesias is
said to have cost over $2 million! Mariah Carey wears a unique 17-carat emerald cut diamond
worth $2.5 million. And over $4 million was spent on Paris Hilton’s stunning emerald cut
engagement ring – a 24 carat diamond!
Shapes, Colors and Sizes
Diamonds are not only valued for their splendid sparkle and radiance. They are also a unique
expression of beauty with their gorgeous different shapes – each one with its own unique
blend of cut, style and attitude! And while diamonds largely come in shades of transparent –
white, they rarely appear in wonderful color variations, known as fancy colored diamonds.
The Rich and Famous love to show their individuality and style by choosing some of the most
unique choices of diamond rings out there! So check out some of the star’s best diamond
Round Brilliant Diamonds
Most popular for perfect proportions and sparkle!
Barbra Streisand
Nicole Richie
Natalie Portman
Emerald Shaped Diamonds
Unmatched elegance and old world charm.
Grace Kelly
Elizabeth Taylor
Mariah Carey
Eva Longoria
Cushion Shaped Diamonds
Vintage brought to life in modern day world.
Brooke Shields
Ashley Judd
Ashlee Simpson
Asscher Cut Diamonds
Art deco incorporating cool elegance and clarity.
Gwyneth Paltrow
Reese Witherspoon
Elizabeth Hurley
Kate Hudson
Radiant Cut Diamonds
Glamorous appeal, symmetry and dazzling brilliance.
Jennifer Lopez
Brooke Mueller
Khloe Kardashian
It’s important to note that some of these rings were given by “former”
husbands. We assume they kept the rings!
Oval Shaped Diamonds
Slender, Sophisticated and Stand out from the Crowd.
Toni Braxton
Whitney Houston
Katharine McPhee
Katie Holmes
Salma Hayek
Learn more about the Oval Shaped Diamond
Pear Shaped Diamonds
Delicate and sophisticated, beautiful and fluid.
Jessica Simpson
Katherine Heigl
Elizabeth Taylor (she had a few different shapes)
Learn more about the Pear Shaped Diamond
Other notable mentions: Catherine Zeta-Jones received a 10 carat
marquise shaped diamond from Michael Douglas. Joan Collins received a heart shaped
diamond from Percy Gibson. Dancing with the Stars judge Carrie Ann Inaba got engaged
with a princess cut engagement ring. Don’t forget about the side diamonds that often
accompany these fabulous center stones: baguette cut, trilliant shaped diamond and the
crescent or half moon shaped diamond.
You’ll be hard pressed to find any of these stars wearing stones of less than a couple carats ..
Grace Kellys 12 carats, Khloe Kardashians 9 carats, Kate Hudsons 9 carats and the
famed 24 carat ring of Paris Hilton!
For a splash of color look to Mariah Careys ring – a rare pink diamond, Katharine McPhee’s
ring – an oval cut yellow diamond surrounded by pink pave diamonds, and finally, after her
wedding, Rebecca Romijn’s six-carat yellow diamond engagement ring was stacked with pink
and blue pave bands against it! Saphires are also becoming popular, thanks to Princess Kate.
Check out Elizabeth Hurley’s Engagement Ring for example.
Learn about: natural pink diamonds & natural yellow diamonds. Plus, natural brown
diamonds, natural black diamonds, natural red diamonds , natural blue diamonds.
Hollywood diamond rings are clearly packed with a whole lot of glitz and glamor – the stuff
that movies are made of!
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