VACATION CARE PROGRAM 2 April 2015 – 20 April 2015

VACATION CARE PROGRAM 2 April 2015 – 20 April 2015 Complete a booking form on the Oaklands Website Hours of operation: 7:00 am – 6:30 pm Contact: 
Phone: 
Email: Cottage – 3896 2285
[email protected]
Vacation Care Staff: 
Kylie Blair ‐ Certified Supervisor,
Kris Shepherd – Certified Supervisor
Taylor Valach,
Other additional staff may be needed for excursions.
Bookings: 
All booking enquiries should be directed to 3891 2016 or [email protected],
Please complete and submit online form for each student requiring a booking.
Cancellation: 
Cancellation of Vacation Care requires 5 days notice or full charges will apply,
Cancellations in writing must be emailed to [email protected] – cancellation by phone will not be
Cost and Payments: 
$45 per day per child,
Excursions incur an additional cost, and will be applied to your account,
A charge of $1.00 per minute applies for students collected after 6:30pm.
What to bring: All meals (although some meals are provided on certain days), wet weather gear, hat, sunscreen and spare clothes. Enclosed shoes must be worn for excursions. Permission for Excursions ‐ within Churchie and external travel outside School grounds: 
Bus travel is through the BCC buses and through Brisbane Bus Lines,
All students booked into a day where there is a programmed excursion must attend that excursion,
When the booking form is submitted, it is automatically accepted that children will be allowed to leave
the premises to partake in scheduled excursions as indicated in the program plan.
Dear Parents, In the interest of our programs being current and reflective of the children’s interest we have planned our major experience/activity for each day and then will be working with the children to plan several smaller experiences based on their preferences on that particular day. If you have any queries please see the OSHC Team Thursday ‐ 02/04/2015
Cost: $2 End of Term BBQ
Let’s celebrate the start of the holidays with a fun sausage sizzle lunch!! The rest of the day is yours to choose from a variety of fun activities, bring along your AWESOME IDEAS! Friday – 03/04/2015 Pubic Holiday ‐ Good Friday Week 1 Monday – 06/04/2015 Tuesday – 07/04/2015 Cost: $16 Time: 10:00 am Wednesday – 08/04/15
No Cost Pubic Holiday – Easter Monday Easter Egg Tie Dye Shirt
Today’s planned activity will be designing an Easter tie dye t‐shirt to take home. This activity will be run by Young Minds Connect, and they will be providing the children with t‐shirts!! Come along for the fun, cool activity. Nature Play Day Today will be exploring the great outdoors and connecting with nature. We will be going on a nature walk around Churchie to explore everything we can find. Thursday – 09/04/2015
Cost: $14 Time: 10:00am Friday – 10/04/2015 Cost: $2.00 Snakes Alive
Today the snakes’ alive company will be coming to teach us all about snakes and their habitat. You will have a professional photo taken holding a snake, which you can collect at the Cottage later. During the day we will also be making our very own sock ‘pet snake’. Sausage Sizzle at Mowbray
Come along for a sausage sizzle and lots of fun in the park. We will be doing fun activities such as soccer, cricket, Frisbee and playing in the popular kid’s playground at Mowbray Park. Week 2 Monday – 13/04/2015
No Cost Mind Blowing Monday
Come along for a mind blowing experience. Show off your skills ‐ we will be doing activities such as: ping pong bowl challenge, balancing balloons on your head challenge and much more. Push yourself to the limit! Tuesday – 14/04/2015 Cost: $17 Day at the Movies
Today we are off to the movies to see one of the latest kid’s films. Wear a red t‐shirt and bring some snacks to have during the movie. After the movie we will be having lunch at a nearby park. Wednesday – 15/04/2015 No Cost Team Building
Come along for some team building activities. We will be doing activities such as 3 leg races, tunnel ball, under and over, relay races and much more. Bring along your great ideas to make it a fun filled day. Thursday – 16/04/2015
Cost: $14 Time: 10:00am Balloon Scientist
Balloon Madness is all about balloons and the potential energy that can be created with them. The activities will include balloon glass lift, balloon powered cars, static balloon salt and pepper, and balloon on a stick. Friday – 17/04/2015 No Cost Oaklands Got Talent Whether it be magic, music or movement … Come along today for Oaklands Talent Show. Who will be the winner for 2015! Week 3 Monday – 20/04/2015 No Cost Oaklands Kids Boot Camp
Let’s get ready to rumble….. ‘cause today it’s Oaklands Kids Boot Camp. Be prepared to get muddy, hot and sweaty. Tug of war your heart out, army crawl your way to freedom and jump through the tyres. Come along for a fun day!
Talent show