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This month we introduce two new products from Youngblood.
Youngblood’s Eye-mazing Liquid Liner Pens come in five
different colours and provide an alternative to both their
eyeliner pencils and gel liners. They are perfect for creating any
look from sleek lines to dramatic strokes. The rich, highly
pigmented colours glide on smoothly and effortlessly for an
intense look that dries quickly and stays put without smudging
for up to 24 hours. Plus, they are water-resistant. (RRP. $39.95)
Their Hydrating Lip Tint SPF15 is available in three different
colour options. They are an ultra-glamorous, multipurpose lip
crème that combines long-lasting moisture with a blend of
Jojoba, Argan, Avovado oils, SPF protection and sheer natural
colour. Formulated with an indulgent scent of lemon verbena
and natural flavour, lips are instantly revitalized on contact. The
Hydrating Lip Tint SPF15 shields lips from everyday aggressors
with broad-spectrum (UVA and UVB) protection. (RRP. $33)
Why shape your brows?
Well-shaped brows define the eyes and refresh your
features. They open your eyes and can make you look
younger! A great brow shaping is the ultimate face lift.
Eyebrows are vital to facial recognition (Google “celebrities without eyebrows”
to have good laugh!). They are often one of the first facial features noticed
and although not often directly identified, can alter the look of the face.
We at Raptcha’u pride ourselves in understanding how important eyebrows are
to the face overall. We thus aim to ensure all brow makeovers are conducted
with face shape, natural lines and the brow bone in mind. We consider
ourselves experts in the field and can help you to achieve your perfect brow!
Friday the 21st of March
was the Saint Francis de
Sales school formal, and
we here at Raptcha’u
had the pleasure of
doing hairstyles,
makeup, nails and spray
tans for many of the
students. We loved
spending the afternoon
with all of the girls and
truly hope they all had
a fantastic night.
Why peel the skin?
Skin is a live organ. Its cells are constantly undergoing a
renewal process and as we age the effectiveness of this
process diminishes, resulting in discolouration,
sagginess, open pores, and dullness. Peeling stimulates
the skin’s renovation and renewal process and
additionally allows optimum transfer of substances (like
serums packed with vitamins and antioxidants) into the
Only $149
What process is used?
The Reveal & Renew facial (alongside) utilises
Iontophoresis which makes use of electric current. When
used on a positive charge, Iontophoresis helps attract
beneficial products deep into the skin. Contrastingly,
when used on a negative charge, Iontophoresis
exfoliates and improves the appearance of uneven skin
Throughout April, you can take advantage of our
Reveal & Renew facial to experience the best facial
care technology on offer. It peels and exfoliates the skin
whilst maintaining hydration and moisture. This
package is perfect for people wanting to both prevent
and reverse the effects of ageing. It includes:
An Environ® Peel facial using Iontophoresis
both on a negative charge to exfoliate and
smooth the skin and on a positive charge to
hydrate the skin
An Environ® Alginate Masque to refresh and
soothe the skin following treatment by
physically obstructing water loss to help
promote hydration
Plus, as an added bonus you will take away a
Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics Artiste Palette,
containing Pressed Blushes and Eyeshadows, valued
at $90. Youngblood Cosmetics are products that are
acceptable to apply on top of recently treated skin, with
no parabens and only mineral ingredients.
With a total value of $200, this package provides a
fantastic saving and is a great way to introduce yourself
to a results-based facial treatment.
Mon 14th – Thurs 17th April: As usual
Raptcha’u is proud to be sponsoring
the Bridge Street Traders’ Open Air Cinema
this month. From 6:45 on April the 12th,
films Despicable Me 2 and The Castle will be playing
at the Murray Bridge Race Course, along with live
music from Sofie Bozzetti. The event is drug and
alcohol free, making it family friendly. Tickets can
be purchased from Venuetix, The Hansen Group or
IGA Fresh Westside, with family passes available.
This event is a great way to support the local
community and local businesses whilst on a fun
night out. Grab your tickets now!
Friday 18th April: CLOSED
Saturday 19th April: CLOSED
Monday 21st April: CLOSED
Tues 22nd – Thurs 24th April: As usual
Friday 25th April: CLOSED
Saturday 26th April: CLOSED
Monday 28th April: Return to normal
A friendly reminder to all our lovely clients: As we are heading into the colder months, we
understand that everybody will be rugging up in their favourite jackets, jumpers and vests (we know we
will!). However, we ask that when headed into the salon for a hair makeover, you ensure you don’t wear
your favourite and most expensive of outer layers and avoid wearing clothing with high collars. While we
try our absolute best to cover clothing and take the utmost of care with the colour product, sometimes the
unfortunate can happen and collars can be rubbed against hair colour (which is extremely difficult to
remove from clothing). Err on the side of caution and we can all assist in avoiding any mishaps!